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No Limits

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I rubbed my crotch as I drove, taking special pleasure as trucks drove by. I didn't have guts yet to expose myself to passing cars ?

yet. All I could think about was what was to happen in the next few hours. I was in that zone ? that zone where sanity is filtered through a gauze of sex ? where I knew I wasn't thinking straight, but didn't care ? because in the zone, all that mattered was sex ?

the more perverted, the better ? the "anything goes" zone.

I pulled into the parking lot ? the neon lights, which were only partly working, read " dult Boo s, Video" , and then "P eview Booths'. It was the "Preview booths" I was headed for. I loved to go in these dark, warm, private booths and watch people on the screen doing the most wonderful things. At first, I liked the beautiful women ? the ones with the silicone tits, the perfect everything ? but as time went on, I started to like the stranger ones better. I would click through the 60 films, looking for the fat ones ? the skinny ones ? the ones with no tits ? the ones that would do anything! Usually, the ones that would do the most bizarre things would be blondes that looked like they had escaped from prison and spoke German. They intrigued me, because they were amazingly uninhibited, and seemed to revel in their depravity. They had no limits. If only I could connect with one of them someday

I walked in, made a perfunctory cruise around the video's, stopping at the amateur section to see if they had any Jan B., (they never did), and then went into the video room. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wad of singles. Now what did she say ? 3rd booth from the left, or third from the right. I couldn't remember ?

shit! I decided to try the third from the right ? I walked to it.

The red light was on, but the door was ajar. I said fuckit to myself, and pulled the door open. There she was. She was stripped down to her thong and bra. Her big tits jutted out over the top of the bra ? a tattoo of a rose showing over the left tit ? her peroxide blonde hair was loose and shoulder length. Her high heels and black stockings complete with a big run up the front completed the story ?

I'm a slut, I've been a slut, I live for sex. It?s all I think about. It directs my every action, my day, my nights ? anything else that I think about or do, is just a distraction to my core ? sex.

The whole booth smelled like pussy. It was totally intoxicating.

When I walked in, she had three fingers going in and out of her pussy. I thought I was on time, but it looked like she had been there a while. There were a couple of small puddles on the floor of the booth. One looked like cum, but the other looked like pee. God, this was going to be great. I looked down at the Glory Hole ? it was a small one, just big enough for a large dick ? but there was an eyeball looking through it right now ? and I thought, keep looking bud ? you'll be glad you did!

The film that was on was Missy, one of my favorites ? she had no boundaries, and loved to eat cum. The words "oh baby" spilled from my mouth, and that was all that I said. She took her left hand, (her right was still in her pussy) and pulled down my pants. I had no underwear on. She popped my dick into her mouth and started sucking on it and licking it. I held the top of her head ? not pushing on it, but just riding it back and forth ? I loved the feel of hair, and the rough, peroxide hair made it even sexier ? what a slut! Her lips made that juicy noise that comes with a great blow job ? lots of spit, dripping on the floor, some on her tits ? this was amazing.

I had found her on the internet ? not in a chat room, but at a porno site ? she had left an ad, and I figured what the fuck, so I E-

mailed her. Her ad just said "no limits". She lived near, and we arranged to meet, at this place, at this time. There was something about her that was familiar ? I figured I?d place her later ? but then she said two words that did it for me ? "oh motherfucker" - it was a porn actress I?d seen before ? lots of times. I didn't know her name, but who cared?. How many times did I jerk off while watching her in action ? 100? 1000? What the fuck was she doing with me? It was surreal ? but then I thought, well, she must really be as horny as she always seemed in those films. I couldn't take my eyes off her ? her tits bounced lewdly as her head bobbed back and forth on my dick, and she made deep grunting noises, too ?

normally, I?d be worried that someone would hear them, but I was pretty far gone.

The eye that was looking through the Glory Hole had now been replaced by a dick - pretty big, and real angry. She quickly took her mouth off my dick and moved to the new meat ? she grabbed my dick with her left hand and stroked it while she sucked off the other guy.

Kept up this way for a few minutes, and I took the time to look at what she had been watching ? it was a film of a guy with a she-male ?

the she male was a good looking blonde with big tits and a real big dick ? I watched for a bit when all of a sudden she started tugging on my arm. I followed her lead and got down on my knees ? she gave me a great tongue kiss, and then steered my head toward the dick sticking through the hole ? she stood higher than me for leverage, grabbed the back of my head, and then hissed through gritted teeth ? "suck it". This was not a power thing, just pure, anything goes sex. "Suck it!" She pushed my head forward.

There was no gradual buildup?it was instant, full tilt head bobbing cocksucking. My head was moving back and forth on the glory hole dick like my life depended on it. Her hands pushing on the back of my head were pushing harder and harder. Soon I was swallowing the whole 9 inches, and my nose was banging against the plywood of the booth. But she didn't care. In fact, she was getting off on the pain she was inflicting. It continued this way for a few minutes, and then I could feel the dick swell just a bit, and heard guttural noises coming from the body attached to the dick. All at once my mouth was filled with cum. A little dripped from my lower lip, but most of it collected in my mouth. I continued to stroke, and she continued to push, but now she was talking to the person in the other booth.

"??cum baby, fill him up, that's it, cum in his mouth, oohh, baby, that's it".

She reached over my shoulder and started to pinch my right nipple. This had never been a turn on for me before, but now???new stuff was working!!!

She grabbed me by the hair, lifted me up by the hair, and turned me around. She licked the cum from the bottom of my chin to my mouth, and then opened my mouth with her hand and her tongue. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and swirled it around, looking for the cum?searching every corner, my teeth, my tongue. She wanted the second hand cum like a cat wants cream?and she found lots of it. I had swallowed a little, but most of it was there?on my tongue, in a little puddle, right in the middle of my tongue. I spit what I had into her mouth?not a forceful lugee, but a gushing that just transferred the stuff to her hungry mouth. She took it all and then swished it through her teeth like a kid with Jello. She did this for a few seconds, adding her own spit, and then a smile crossed her closed lips. She grabbed me by the hair again and pulled my head back, then reinjected it into my waiting mouth. Then she grabbed my nostrils with one hand, and covered my mouth with the other. I knew what she wanted, and I was happy to oblige. I swallowed the whole mess, and then licked my lips. She was on me like a dog on a bone, tongue kissing me to get whatever last drops might be there.

We were so lost in their cumswapping that we didn't even know that there was a new dick sticking through the glory hole. This one was small and white. She looked at me and motioned for me to get on my knees. She grabbed me by the hair again. Same thing again.

But this time, the dick was small enough so she could suck on my ear and whisper while my head was bobbing up and down. And the things she was saying!. It was more of a hiss. "Suck it, motherfucker?suck it baby. You look so hot. I want you to drink his come. Do you like it?. I love it! Suck! Suck that dick!" In between , she'd lick my whole ear, breathe heavy into my ear. I was going crazy!! Soon little dick groaned, spasmed, and came some real thin, watery cum. We shared it again, and then she went down on me. Her knees had to be sopping up the remnants of the puddles, but she sure as hell didn't care.

The night continued like this..It was so nuts, that I felt dizzy?

like I had gotten stoned, or drunk, but I hadn't. Maybe cum and pussy and no limits sex can have that effect on your equilibrium.

But it finally got to a point, about 5 dicks later, that I had to get out of that booth. I said to her "I gotta go, but I want you to come with me. We've just gotta do this again". She responded, "we'll do more than this". MORE THAN THIS! She had to be kidding! What more could you do? Holy shit!

I was ready to give up my job, my family?everything that had come before?..I couldn't imagine where this path was going to take me, where this amazing trollop had been or was going, but I knew that wherever it was, I wanted to be along for the ride.

We left the store. She was incredibly dishevilled, but really sexy as hell. She pulled out a cigarette before we left the store and just put it between her teeth..she didn't light it. I wondered if she just was so oral she had to have something in her mouth at all times, or if she was just a smoker.

She said to me "we're going to a friends house. Where's your car?". I unlocked the door to my Ford and let her in. By the time I went around to the other side and got in, she had hiked her short tight black skirt back up and was fingering her pussy. The second I got in, before I could put the key in the ignition, she grabbed me by the wrist and replaced her hand with my right one ? she pushed my finger into her pussy like her life depended on it. She grabbed my dick through my pants with her left hand. I turned the key with my left hand, and all she said was "when you get out of the lot, make a fucking right". She was so filthy!?this was great!! She could even make driving directions sexy. She kept directing me with single syllable words?"left?.left?right". By the first two minutes she had my dick and balls out, and was playing with them while I had two or three fingers up her twat. Occasionally she would lean down and give me a quick suck, and then would pop up so we didn't miss a turn.

Eventually she said "slow down", and then, "make a right into this driveway". It was a very average looking brick two story just out of town. The lights were on inside. We got out of the car, walked up to the door and she knocked. I didn't know what to expect.

Little did I know that I was about to enter a world that I, and you dear reader, have often wondered if it existed.

The door opened, and there stood a short, slightly plump woman with great tits. Her tits were so big that it was impossible to focus on her face. All you could look at were her tits. Normally, you would worry that she might get pissed about staring?.but she was wearing a skin tight spandex boustier, and the smirk on her face said a lot?

including "look all you want, I love it". She said "Rosey, who's your friend?". Apparently the name of my companion was Rose! News to me! Rose grabbed my dick through my pants, and said "I call him Dick". She then leaned in and licked my ear?not a little dab, but a lick..and then I'll be damned if big tits didn't stand on her tip toes and do the same to the other ear, and put her hand on my dick also. Chills, joy, hard on?all at once, in about a second. The door closed behind us. I looked around, and saw that we were in a pretty average living room, except there was a large screen TV, and a couch pit?one of those couch set-ups with lots of cushions, and lots of potential. On the TV was a video of a man and a woman both feasting on an enormous black dick. But something was odd. It looked like they were doing so on the same couch that I was standing next to.

There wasn't anyone else in the room, and angel tits said "lets go upstairs", and led the way, her pumps clicking on the wooden floor.

We climbed the stairs, and as we got to the top, I could hear voices..male and female, saying things like "oh fuck!, oh fuck!" and "that's it, suck it!", stuff like that. At the top of the stairs there was a narrow hallway, and three open doorways. Each doorway led to a bedroom, and every bedroom had people in it. Angel tits grabbed me by the crotch and pulled me into the second room, along with Rose. It took a second for my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting, and it was kind of smoky?I could smell pot. I looked on the bed, and saw a tangle of bodies. There were four people?one tall thin black man, one short pudgy white man, one black woman with nice tits and one white woman with silicone jobs that were just great.

The short white man was on all fours, sucking the black guy's dick, which was very, very big. The white woman was laying between the pudgy guy's legs in a 69, and sucking his dick, which for a short fat guy was very respectable also, and the black woman was standing, fucking the white woman with a black strap on. Angel, without saying a word, pulled down my zipper, pulled out my dick and got on her knees. She hefted my balls for a second. I could feel her breath on my dick, and I was going crazy ?

she muttered something that I couldn't hear, it sounded like fuck or suck, but the feel, the vibration of her voice on my dick was great?

intimate, and hot. Rosey stood behind me; she wrapped her hands around my body?I could feel her tits pressing on my back..she pulled my shirt out of my waist, and started twisting my nipples?hard. She was kissing the back of my neck, sticking her tongue in my ear, and twisting.

Then she started hissing in my ear "you like that? She's a great cock sucker, isn't she? She loves cock. She loves it."

Then she'd lick my ear for a few seconds, then start hissing again "Fuck, my pussy's on fire! I can't wait. I love her pussy. I love her ass. I'm gonna make her pee right in your fucking mouth".

WHAT! I wasn't about to stop things; we'd see where this would go.

I lost my balance and sat down on the carpet. The three of us now were on the floor. Angel was still sucking me, hard. Strings of saliva were dripping from my balls. Rosey had gone around to the front and had two fingers up Angels cunt in a flash. She was pumpimg in and out. Now four fingers. Angel starting going "mmmh, mmmh" in time with Rosie's thrusts, and her moans felt great on my cock. I could hear the squish of her hand, and though it was too dim to see much, it sounded very wet.

The sex was overwhelming. What were these people's lives about.

Just fuck, suck, eat sleep? This was the promised land! As if on cue, Angel and Rosie got up. Angel straddled my chest, cowgirl style, and then scrunched up so her pussy was over my mouth. Then I felt Rosie sucking my dick. Her finger was also rubbing my ass hole.

Angel started rubbing her pussy back and forth on my mouth, real hard. I was poking my tongue up as far as it would go every chance I got. Rosie was sucking hard..making little grunting noises?and then she started getting serious on my ass. I felt her wet finger rubbing, then sticking a little, then sticking a lot; I tried to relax, cause I knew what was coming. Little by little, she got her whole finger up my ass.

" You like that, lover? I know you do. I like doing it. I fucking love doing it. My finger's all the way in, now".

Angel is rubbing her pussy on my mouth harder with every word that Rosie utters. Then she starts talking.

"that's it, Rosie..give it to him?he loves it..fuck his ass..I'm going to pee right in his mouth".

And she does! First it's a little trickle, I can taste it?its not bad, warm and salty, and then she says "fuck" and really lets go. I drink it for all I'm worth?Rosie increases her sucking and fingering, and at the height of Angel's pissing, I come in Rosie's mouth. She captures all of it, stands up and spits it in Angels depraved mouth. Angel gets off my mouth, with some pee still squirting out of her pussy, and leans down and spits the cum and spit cocktail in my mouth. She rubs the front of my neck with her hand?

kind of threatening, but sexy, and whispers, "swallow it, baby". And I do.

I look around and notice that the other four in the room, the black man, the black woman, the pudgy guy with the big dick and the white woman with the big tits are all laying around Angel, Rosie and I?

watching. Not talking, not smiling?no reaction?just watching. I was about to get to know them a lot better.

The atmosphere was electric. It was charged with the electricity that comes from over the top, insane, smoky sex. Man, woman, it didn?t matter. As long as there was a way to get off, to get someone else off, it was more than OK ? it was mandatory!

All four of the observers started to move around, slowly. No conversation, just moving around, and I seemed to be what they were moving around. All at once the black woman grabbed my arms and held them above my head. I was laying down. The black man grabbed me by the ankles, and held them also. Then the pudgy guy swung his leg over my chest. He scrunched up a few inches, and then started to smack me in the face with his dick! Rosie and Angel Tits were groping each others pussy?s, and Rosie started to encourage pudgy. ?That?s it smack him with your big dick, Roger? (I guess his name was Roger!). ?I love watching that ? its sooo hot? ?What are you going to do next?? ?Oh, I hope its what I think it is? ?I can?t wait!!?

?Angel, suck my pussy, I?m going nuts?.

I watched as Angel dove, back first, under Rosies crotch. She grabbed Rosie?s thighs and started to devour Rosie?s pussy. No foreplay here. I could see the underside of Angels tongue going in and out of Rosie?s pussy, and Rosie?s finger strumming her pussy like it was a flamenco guitar. Angels great tits were bouncing like crazy.

Pudgy guy was still smacking his dick all over my face, and rubbing it too. Then he put the head in my mouth. I licked around the cap, and then sucked it in. I heard Rosie:

?Oh look, he?s starting to suck it! I love watching this. See how his mouth makes a perfect circle? This is great. Fuck his mouth, Roger!?

Roger started pumping his dick in and out with gusto. He looked down and started hissing ?suck on it?.use your tongue?oh yeah!? I forgot real quick about Roger?s rather large stomach, and instead became pretty enthusiastic about his rather large penis. I could taste a little cum, it wasn?t bad ? . The great thing was, this was no holds barred sex ? no questions about gender, what was OK, what wasn?t?it was all OK?in fact, ANYTHING was OK?the idea was to get the guys hard, and fill everyone?s holes..all of the holes. GREAT!

I felt a mouth start to suck my dick. I could tell by the size of the mouth and ?well, I don?t know, I could just tell that it was the Black guy. He was devouring my dick like it was the bottom part of a Carvel. Then I felt him grab it, and another, less powerful set of lips descended on my dick. It was the Black woman..I could just make things out past Roger?s thigh. Then they both were double teaming me. Yikes! Unbelievable.

Meanwhile, Roger is pumping, his dick is hard as a rock, and all of a sudden he sighs ?fuck? and starts to cum. It was the same taste as his pre-cum, but thicker and lumpier. I grabbed his dick by the root and stroked it, hard and fast . Rodger blasted his load down my gullet, and I drank every drop?his eyes were sort of bulging in his head, and his breath was kind of short. Then I heard Rosie: ?Motherfucker, he drained his balls, drank every fucken drop?motherfucker?did you see that Angel? (That?s it, keep fingering my pussy?use three?faster and harder, bitch).? ?I gotta stick my tongue down his throat?. With that, I could feel Rosies pussy, with Angels hand still buried in it, (and still strumming), press against the top of my head, and in an instant her tongue was down my throat, licking, sucking, exploring for some of Roger?s cum. Her platinum blonde hair was tented over my face, and the upside down view of her heavily made up face was a little surreal, but very, very sexy.

She leaned forward and hissed ?suck my tits?, and I did. The black couple was getting serious working on my dick, and now Roger had joined them?I didn?t know who was doing what, but someone was sucking my balls, someone was sucking my dick, and someone was tickling my ass hole with their finger. I was muffled by a beautiful pair of tits, but I was starting to cum, and for the first time in my life I was getting vocal! I started to yell ?suck it, you fucks?oh fuck, oh fuck, I?m CUMMING. Whoever was sucking my dick speeded up their motion, and I had the greatest orgasm of my life.

Now, I don?t know anything about Tantric sex, or Jung, or anything very erudite regarding cumming?I DO know, though, that cumming transports people?ALL people, to a special place. Its beyond description?but its momentary?but this one lasted. I came and came?.they were drinking it all up, and sharing it, but the orgasm seemed to last for a long, long time?and then, they kept going, AND I STAYED HARD! Amazing!

Angel Tits starts saying to Rosie, ?Look at that fuck, he?s still hard! He?s as horny as we are?Rosie, sit on his face, I?m goin south?. With that Rosie scrunched so that her pussy was crushing hard against my mouth. I stuck my tongue out, and started to lick her pussy, then I felt Angel?s pussy lowering onto my dick. It was loose, and wet and hot. She started lifting up and down, and they were playing with each others tits and talking ?how is it, baby?is his dick real hard?cause his tongue is?. ?I?m rubbing my pussy on his mouth so hard I hope I don?t break his jaw, but it?s so fucken good!?. ?I?m gonna cum, then I?m gonna pee right in his mouth. You pee too! Angel, cum, then pee on his dick!.? ?Oh fuck, I?m cumming!? With that, Rosie started to shake, and I felt some juice flow into my mouth?then a minute later, a trickle, then a strong flow of pee: ?drink it! Its good! You like it, don?t you?Angel, he?s doing it, he?s drinking my piss?I love this guy!!You pee on him too!?. At that, amazingly, with Angel still riding my dick, I felt her strong flow of pee start to land on my thighs. It flowed, then Angel jumped off my dick, and she and Rosie both descended on my mid-section and started to lick as much of the pee as they could get.

What a bunch! I didn?t know what the future would bring, but I knew that I wanted to follow this thread as far as it would take me.

They all started to move around, and then Rosie says, ?come on, lets go hunting?. Rosie and Angel both put on black spandex pants and matching white belly shirts..the kind that only reach just below your tits. Rosie looks good, and her nipples are proudly jutting out through the material?but Angel! Her tits are so huge that you can actually see the bottoms under the bottom of the shirt?and they are jutting out so far! My adolescent fantasies about women with huge tits really just became adult fantasies. I still love big tits; no its more than love, it?s a kind of absolute insane fascination; it?s a trigger, that sends my mind to another place?I can?t stop looking at them, I would die to touch them, to bury my head in them?.I LOVE BIG TITS!

They both complete the package in the bathroom, where they wash their face, (and MAYBE each other?s pussy?s)put on new make-up, and come down the stairs with their fuck-me spike heels clicking on the stairs. They have Roger in tow, and we leave the house and head toward the car. It wouldn?t be very long before I learn what ?hunting? means to this crowd.

We all climb into a Dodge Van. One of those big ones, with no windows. It has a bench seat in front, and the back is fixed up with carpet and pillows ? a kind of ?60?s hippy throwback looking set up, but you just knew this set up had a purpose . Angel drove, with me in the middle and Rosie riding shotgun. Rodger leaned up against some pillows behind us. I got brave and stuck my hand under Angels spandex skirt and started to finger fuck her. Rosie saw what I was doing and leaned into my ear and whispered ?you horny motherfucker ? stick her like that ? she loves it ? she fucken loves it ? stick in another finger ? how many now? ? use three ? three?s just right ? I bet she?s wet as shit!? all the while blowing in my ear and licking it. I notice Roger starting to lean over the seat, and though I can?t see it, I know he?s jerking off. We keep going like this?I?m not watching where we?re going, but Angel is making some turns, and all of a sudden the van stops. I look up to see we?re parked head in at one of those lingerie shops ? the kind that always have a lot of purple lights and paint ? they don?t have viewing booths ? they sell lingerie, lots and lots of dildoes and other incredibly imaginative sex paraphernalia, and video?s. The amazing thing about every one of these places is the number of women and couples they attract. Unlike the video stores with preview booths, that tend to attract all guys that are desperate to get off, these places were filled with women and couples walking through the aisles, picking up big black dildoes and discussing their merits!

In the store were several couples. One that was college age, a good looking guy with brown hair and a giggly blonde sorority type girl friend. The second couple were Hispanic. He was medium build, and just looked pissed off..she had kind of a nasty face, but a killer body, and her jeans looked like they had been painted on. The third couple looked average ? that?s the only way to describe them. He looked to be about 50?had a moustache, seemed kind of timid. She was quite a bit younger, had short red hair that looked like it had some help from Clairol, and was a little heavy, but with a nice rack. They were walking around and looking at things, mostly video?s, and were whispering to each other. They would occasionally look around to see who might be looking at them.

I saw Rosie walk over to Angel and Roger and nod her head in the direction of the last couple. It looked like they had chosen their ?prey?.

Rosie and Roger walked over to the stand of DVD?s the couple was thumbing through, and stood to the left of the couple. This put them next to the guy. Angel ambled and stood to the right, next to the woman. I stood back and watched.

Rosie started thumbing through the DVD?s and making comments to Roger. ?Rog, look at her tits. Mine are nicer, but her nipples are sticking out so far. Boy, I?d like to suck on them!.- and look at that dick! Its kind of small for a porno, but to tell you the truth, I kind of like the small ones ? they fit in my ass better, and I like sucking them more?. She was saying this stuff just loud enough for the couple to hear. Then, she says ?Jeez, I always get so fucking horny when I look at this stuff,? and she keeps thumbing with her left hand, and starts squeezing Rogers dick through his pants with her right hand.

The wife is standing next to Roger and picking up on the whole thing. She?s still thumbing through the DVD?s, but her eyes are watching Rosie?s hand squeezing Rogers dick the whole time.

Then Angel starts in. She?s standing on the other side, next to the guy. She chuckles, and says, loud enough for all of them to hear, ?Rosie, are you squeezing Rogers dick? I can?t take you two anywhere.? No answer from Roger or Rosie, but Roger starts to quietly breathe heavy. Then Angel starts to talk to the guy. ?I should have known they would do this. They always get nuts when they look at Porn. Actually, I do too, but I don?t have anyone to play with.? Then she says, kind of serious, ?Can I tell you a secret?? He kind of nods and leans down. The womans head snaps to the right, and watches as Rosie wraps her left hand around the back of his head, and pulls it down to her head level. She puts her heavily lipsticked lips up so they?re touching his ear, and starts to whisper. Its incredibly hot watching this, with her giant tits sticking into his chest, and her mouth giving his ear the once over. By now the woman the guy is with is openly staring. The guy with Angels tongue in his ear is grinning like a maniac. Lets face it, everyone that walks into one of these places wants to play, right then and there ? they just don?t know how to get started! This guy must have thought he died and went to heaven. Roger and Rosie have turned and are watching also, but Rosie has accelerated her massage action on Rogers pants. Then Angel steps back, smiles and says ?whoa!? I didn?t realize that you were with this pretty lady. With that, she inserts herself in between the man and woman, and directs her conversation at her. ?Hi honey. I hope you didn?t think I was trying to steal your playmate. I just was telling him a secret. Would you like to hear my secret?? The woman nods her head yes, and Angel starts in the same act ? she wraps her left hand around the womans head, pulls her toward her red lips, and starts to whisper in her ear. Real breathy, you know how sometimes when people whisper you can hear the whisper but not make out the words? That?s what it was like, but I could make out the word ?fuck?. Must be the ?F? sound with the hard ?ck?, but it was definitely ?fuck?. A couple of times! Then Angel stepped back, and she was smiling, and looking at the womans ear, which was covered with lipstick. And the woman was smiling also. Angel says ?Rosie, pick out a DVD and lets boogey. I?m on fire. Get one with some bi action, huh??

Rosie finally removes her hand from Rogers pants, picks a DVD out, and pays. We all walk outside ? me, Roger, Rosie, Angel, and our new friends. We hardly get past the door before Angel turns around, grabs the guy by the back of his head, pulls his head toward her lips ? she tells him to open his mouth, and spits ? hard ? into his mouth. She looks at him and says ? ?we?re gonna have some fun with you two tonight?.


We all piled into the van. Rosie says to him ?what?s your name, baby?, and he says ?Fred?. Rosie says ?Great. We?ll call your wife Red ? Red and Fred! I?m going to tell you both something ? we don?t want to know anything else bout you ? nothing ? we just want to play with you ? both of you ? okay?? They both look a little nervous, but say OK in unison.

Rosie starts rubbing Fred?s dick through his pants, and Angel grabs Red by the hair, pulls her down and starts making out with her like a teenager. It goes on like this until we pull into the driveway. We silently all walk into the house, Angel with her arm around Red, and Rosie dragging Fred by the pinnacle of his now tented pants.

When we get to the top of the stairs we are greeted to a sight I will never forget. There, just inside the first bedroom door, is the ultimate Shemale, Nefertiti. I had seen her in a couple of video?s, but they really didn?t do her justice. She is slowly stroking her boner. Now, I don?t know if you?ve ever seen her?but Nefertiti has a great face, magical tits, but her dick?..that is her piece de resistance! It?s about a foot long, beautiful black ? but the truly amazing thing about it is how hard it gets ? and stays ? it is truly a miraculous thing. It looks like a night stick, or a bat, or something inanimate ? even Nefertiti looks at it like she saying to herself ? ?holy shit, look at that thing!?

Rosie says ?Oh Nef, this is a great fucking surprise ? god, I love your dick?. Nef just says ?Hi baby?, and keeps stroking.

Rosie starts to strip, and tells everyone ?lets get this party going?, and when she?s done with her clothes, pulls Fred?s pants down. Then everyone starts to strip ? all eyes are glancing at Red, to see how great her Rack really is, and noone is disappointed. Beautiful, freckled, full ? great, great tits. Angel takes one look at them and grabs Red, locks her mouth on Red?s, and just starts making out ? again! The sight of these four giant tits rubbing together is quite amazing.

Just then, we hear Rosie start talking to Fred as she slowly tugs on his hard dick:

? What do you think of Nefertiti?s dick. Isn?t it just scrumptious? I don?t see how any human can resist it . Look at it! It?s like a big fucking night stick?.

I also notice Angel start whispering into Red?s ear. The next thing I know, Red walks up to Fred and says to him ?Freddy, it really is a beautiful dick. Baby, it would be so hot to see you give it a kiss. I really would love to see you do that baby. Would you do that for me? Nef wouldn?t mind, and I won?t feel right going down on her if you don?t get a chance too. Come on honey?. She wraps her arm around his shoulder, walks him over to Nef who is still just slowly stroking with a little smile ? she coaxes his head down to Nefertiti?s giant member, and he kisses it. Red smiles and says ?That?s it baby ? that looks so hot!!! Would you take it in? I?d love to see that! Wait, let me take a little suck ? and she does! ? then lifts up and starts to push his head down toward the black magic ? he opens his mouth, and there it goes ? right down on it. He?s going up and down slow ? Nef ?s eyes close to a sexy squint ? and Red is pushing on the back of his head with her right hand ? she?s finger fucking herself with her left hand. He starts gagging a little on the massive member, and his wife starts talking ? ?Oh fuck, I love watching you suck her dick ? I swear it looks like it could come out the back of your head ? here, lets see if we can make that happen ? with that, she shoves the back of his head with both hands, his eyes get wide, he makes a gagging sound, but the whole damn dick disappears down his throat ? Red holds his head there ? there?s drool coming from the corners of his mouth, but she holds him down, and she is smiling. She leans back her head and screams ?Fuck ? suck that dick, Fred ? suck it ? do you want it? I know you do, baby. Do you want her come in your mouth? I want to see that ? Nef, come right down his throat, PLEASE!? With that, Nefertiti starts fucking his mouth, grabs her cock by the base, and starts to come. First in his mouth, then, the rest, on his face. Nef says ?Oh fuck, oh fuck?, Red says ?oh fuck, oh fuck, and Fred just swallows. Red starts licking Fred?s face of the come, and lays a lip lock on him, and they start to swap Nefertiti?s cum. Lots of tongue, bubbles and cum is visible to all.

I think to myself ? now how did Rosie and Angel know what these two would be like? Do they have some kind of sex radar? Is everyone a fuck/suck machine waiting for someone to let it unleash? I was confused?and happy?.as hell!

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