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Newlywed Fun Chapter 8

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Newlywed Fun Chapter 8 When she got back to the living room, she immediately looked for Mark and found him deep into a discussion with the redhead. Janet looked the woman over; trying to decide what it was that attracted Mark to her.

The woman, about 24, was only about five feet tall and couldn't have weighed more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. She was wearing a green satin mini skirt and a white, nearly sheer blouse that plainly showed the nipples of her small, apple-sized tits. Her hair, which was almost the shade of copper, reached all the way down to her waist, and she had the greenest eyes that Janet had ever seen. Combined with the fine, pixie-like features of her face, she was an extremely sensual looking woman.

Janet wondered if the hair on her pussy was the same color as the hair on her head, and wondered what it would be like to nestle her face between the redhead's slender thighs. With that thought in mind and a smile on her face, she walked over to the couch and sat down on the other side of the woman.

"Mind if I join you?" she asked.

"Not at all," answered the redhead.

"I'm Janet, Mark's wife." "Hi. I'm Sherry and I guess I'm the only one here who isn't actually with someone." "Is your husband out of town or something?" "Yeah," Sherry replied with a laugh. "You might say that. You see, he ran off with his secretary more that a couple of months ago. My divorce just became final yesterday." "You don't seem too upset over it," Janet said.

"Oh, I'm not. In fact, she's welcome to him. I'm not sure why I ever married him in the first place." "What do you mean by that?" asked Mark.

"Well, I guess I married him because he was the first man I ever went to bed with. The only one in fact. I got pregnant after the first screw and we got married.

"But, as it turned out, I wasn't pregnant. After that, things were never the same between us again. Sex became an obligation about once a week, and I don't think he was a very good lover." Janet looked at Mark and smiled and for a moment he returned the smile, his anger forgotten.

"Mark," Janet said softly, "would you like to get us all a drink?" "Sure," he replied and headed for the bar.

Janet turned back to Sherry, letting her arm slip round the woman's shoulders. "By your comment," she said, "you sound as if you would be interested in making some men." To her surprise, Sherry blushed. "Well," she replied softly, "I would." "Would you like to get it on with Mark?" Sherry looked up at her and nodded her head. "Yes, but I was afraid." "Of what?" "Well, I've never done it with another man and with the two of you being pretty much newly married and all, I didn't want to cause any problems between you." Mark returned just then and handed each of them a drink and sat back down. "Mark, I know you find Sherry attractive and that you would like to make love to her," she said, watching Mark blush. "But she has never been to bed with anyone beside her husband and is slightly apprehensive. Personally, I think you are the right man, the best man, and I think the two of you should fuck." She saw the look of surprise on Mark's face and smiled. Then she stood up, took Sherry's hand and pulled her to her feet. "Come on, Mark," she said, then led Sherry out of the living room and down the hallway to the first available bedroom she could find.

As the three of them entered, Mark closed the door behind them, his gaze on the two women. Janet held out her free hand to Mark, motioning him forward, and when he stepped towards her, she linked the hands of her husband with those of the redhead. "Go ahead," she told them.

Janet went to a padded chair in the corner, watching the two figures in middle of the room, smiling to herself all the while. She stared as Mark bent to kiss Sherry and the woman responded to his kiss. Her arms locked around his neck as their tongues searched out the insides of one another's mouth. Mark's hands dropped down to her ass, gently pulling her against him. They held the kiss for a moment, but then Mark broke it and slowly began to unbutton her blouse. He slid it off her shoulders and let it drop from her arms. Her pert, small tits stood out proudly on her chest. Janet's mouth watered and her pussy got wet.

Mark knelt in front of Sherry and slowly worked the zipper of her skirt down. He slid it down off her hips and let it drop to the floor around her ankles, revealing a pair of the skimpiest bikini panties Janet had ever seen in her life.

Janet felt her heartbeat quicken as Sherry's body was revealed. She felt an overpowering urge to take Mark's place before her, so to explore every crevice of her pussy with her tongue. But she gripped the arms of the chair and controlled herself, knowing that her chance would come soon enough.

She watched Mark bend slightly, seeing his tongue dart out and then slowly lick along Sherry's slit, and heard the woman's gasp. Sherry held Mark's strong shoulders for support and Mark reached behind her, cupped the firm round globes of her ass and pulled her pussy closer to his mouth.

Mark then stood up and quickly began to tear his own clothing off. Janet knew his cock would be as hard as steel, and, as much as she wanted to feel his prick in her mouth, her pussy, her ass, she knew she had to put aside her desires for the moment.

As Mark stripped off his pants, allowing his big, nine-inch cock to spring into view, Janet heard a yelp of surprise from Sherry. As Mark stood up straight, Sherry stepped toward him and reached out a hand to grasp his meat.

"My... my ex had a 6-inch cock. Nothing like this!" she said as her hand moved slowly back and forth along Mark's shaft. "I... I don't know if I can take it." Janet couldn't stand it. She had to get in on the action in some manner. She got up and quickly stripped off her skirt and tube top and walked toward Mark and Sherry, smiling at both at them.

"Mark," she said, "I know you can't wait to get into her sweet little pussy, but she is small and you aren't exactly average size. You are going to have to go slow and be gentle with her at first.

"Sherry, even if you were a virgin, which, in a way, you are, you would still be able to take all of Mark's dong. It might be a little uncomfortable at first, and it will be a tight fit for both of you, but after a while it will feel so good, I promise you. Come here." She took Sherry's hand and led her to the bed.

"Come on, Mark," she urged as she lay down on the bed next to Sherry, and he eagerly joined the two females.

"Mark, do you remember our first time and how patient and gentle you were with me?" "Yes," he replied. "That's how you will have to be with Sherry." Mark leaned over and kissed Sherry, his tongue darting out to flick her lips, allowing her to set the pace. One hand cupped one of her small tits, making the nipple extend all the way. As their kiss became more passionate, he began to massage Sherry's tits a little harder, causing her to moan.

He began kissing her face, her ears, then her neck, scooting down on the bed as he worked his way down to her tits. He licked and sucked first one hard nipple and then the other, sucking her entire tit into his mouth at one point, something he could never do to Janet's large firm boobs.

As Mark began to move down on Sherry, Janet could see the passion Sherry felt.

Mark licked and kissed every square inch of skin till he came to Sherry's navel, and when he jabbed his tongue into it, the woman let out a cry of surprise. Then when Mark reached the rusty colored hair that nestled between her shapely, slender thighs, Sherry began moaning softly, her head tossing back and forth on the pillow. Mark's tongue sought out the opening of her cunt and when his tongue stabbed into her pussy, Sherry arched her hips up off the bed.

Mark placed her slender legs over his shoulders and cupped the firm cheeks of her ass in his hands. Lifting her slightly, he could better lick and suck her cunt. As he began to eat her, Sherry began to thrash around on the bed. She reached up and wrapped her arms around Janet's neck and pulled her to her.

Janet, who was burning up with desire, lowered her head to Sherry's and their lips met. The two women devoured one another's tongues as they kissed. Janet cupped one of Sherry's tits, which only increased the pleasure the woman was experiencing.

As Janet broke the kiss and lowered her head to suck Sherry's tits, her eyes met Mark's. Seeing love in his eyes, she knew that things were going to be okay between the two of them.

She began to please Sherry's tits with her lips and tongue while Mark did the same on the woman's cunt. Sherry was wild with passion and desire and whimpered as an orgasm overwhelmed her, and then a second one.

Janet knew Sherry was ready to get fucked and tapped Mark on the shoulder. She motioned for him to move up on the bed. He did, on his back with his cock sticking up in the air majestically.

As soon as Sherry saw him like that she got on her hands and knees and crawled towards his prick, her eyes glazed with passion. She moved her head to a position over his cock and opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked in the crown.

She moved her head back and forth, trying to take in as much more of him as she could.

Unfortunately, for both of them, Sherry could only manage to get a little less than half of the organ in her mouth, but she attacked that much of it with vigor, sucking and licking for all she was worth.

Janet watched Mark and knew he was doing all he could to keep from cumming, but he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer if Sherry kept it up. Janet wanted his first load to go into Sherry's cunt, so she gently pulled Sherry off his cock and guided her onto her knees, placing a knee on either side of Mark's hips. His cock was in front of her and she knew from experience it would feel absolutely fantastic.

Sherry raised herself up on her knees, both of her hands gripping Mark's cock as she guided it to the entrance of her rusty-haired slit. As the big cock head rubbed her pussy lips Sherry moaned softly. Then she placed the organ at the entrance to her pussy and began to move downwards.

As Mark's cock parted her slit, lips stretching it wide, Sherry's eyes rolled back in her head and she let her body drop all the way down and impaled herself.

Her scream was loud as Mark's cock stuffed her cunt to the limit. She leaned backwards and might have fallen if Mark hadn't prevented it. Her head was thrown back and her long red hair trailed along his legs.

For a moment none of them moved, but then, slowly, Sherry straightened up, bending forward slightly to place her hands on Mark's muscular chest. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened as she panted for breath. She began to rotate her hips, moving them in circles to allow her cunt to stretch to fit the large rod. Then she began to thrust her hips.

"Sooo good," she whispered.

Janet leaned over to kiss Mark as Sherry began to move up and down on his cock. Just watching another woman ride her husband's cock was driving Janet wild with desire and a idea hit her. She moved on the bed and lifted one leg over Mark's head, and set her own dripping, burning snatch on his face. In that position, she was facing Sherry and she took the woman's head between her hands and drew her closer. She kissed her hotly and Sherry responded instantly, her small hands coming up to grab Janet's tits.

She rode Mark's face, grinding her pussy down on his mouth as she and Sherry licked, sucked, kissed and rubbed one another's tits. She was heating quickly, and then exploded when Mark suddenly pushed one of his fingers between the firm cheeks of her ass and shoved it all the way into her butt.

She arched her back, her mouth opening wide as she cried out, her insides melting like lava as her climax happened. Sherry's mouth sucked one nipple, her fingers were on the other, and Janet began to hump her hips up and down on Mark's face. He continued to saw a finger in and out of her ass while driving his tongue as deeply as he could into her cunt.

As her orgasm gradually subsided, she fell off of Mark. He quickly grabbed Sherry and rolled over, placing her beneath him.

"Yes!" Sherry screamed as Mark slammed his huge cock all the way into her in one quick, thrust. "Oh, yessss!" Sherry cried.

Mark was smashing his hips down on the woman as his cock rammed in and out of her tight cunt. Sherry kept crying out as one climax after another washed over her. Her head whipped back and forth, sending her long hair flying around, and she tried to arch her hips up to meet the rapid thrusts of Mark's cock.

Janet looked up to see Mark arch his back as his cock slammed all the way into Sherry's hole, and she knew that he was getting off. She looked at Sherry and saw the woman's body become rigid and then thrash wildly beneath Mark as his load of hot cum filled her.

He finally pulled his cock from Sherry and rolled over, looking at Janet. "Are you still mad at me?" she asked. But, instead of answering, he reached up and pulled her face to his and kissed her gently, his tongue exploring the inside of her mouth.

As the kiss ended, she looked down at his groin and noticed his cock covered with Sherry's juice. With a wicked grin she moved down his torso, taking his semi-hard cock in one hand as her tongue darted out to lick the head of it.

She opened her mouth wide, taking him in, and slowly began to work her way down, using her lips and tongue to clean him completely, which was also serving to bring life back to his cock again. She could feel it starting to expand and harden, and that pleased her. She was on her hands and knees, intent on sucking Mark's cock when she felt something soft brush her thighs. She stopped what she was doing for just a second and looked between her swaying tits and saw Sherry's face appear between her legs, upturned towards Janet's cunt. She lowered her hips somewhat, allowing Sherry's mouth to come into contact with her pussy and then returned to sucking Mark's cock.

She felt a sense of pride in that she could take all of his meat, which was something a lot of women wouldn't be able to do. And she knew that while Mark loved to have her suck him off and fill her mouth with his cum, there were also times when he liked to shove his cock all the way into her mouth, deep in her throat, and let his cum shoot out.

And she didn't mind. Any way her husband wanted to do it was just fine with her, as each and every way brought her pleasure as well. But then she remembered there was one thing she had denied him.

She pulled his cock from her mouth and moved away from Sherry, but stayed on her hands and knees. "Fuck me," she told Mark. "I want to feel your cock in me, filling me up." Mark moved behind her and, shoving his hips forward, drove his cock into her. She bowed her back as his big prick filled her cunt and slammed her hips back to meet his thrusts. His cock would have to be greased well before she would let him fuck her ass.

Sherry moved on the bed, getting into a position beneath Janet's face, her legs spread wide, exposing her cunt. Janet eagerly lowered her head to the Y between Sherry's legs, her tongue darting out to catch a drop of Mark's cum that seeped from Sherry's slit. Then she began to suck Sherry's pussy.

She was building toward a quick climax and when it struck, she whimpered into Sherry's rusty bush. The heat spread through her lower body and her goo flooded down Mark's cock.

"Mark," she whispered as she lifted her face from Sherry's cunt. "My ass. Fuck my ass, please!" "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes! I've never let you before, but now I want you to. Just go slow, that's all I ask." Mark jerked his cock out of her cunt as she lowered her head back down to Sherry's hole. She could feel him using his fingers to spread some of her cunt juices around the tightly clenched ring of her anus, working a finger slowly in and out to loosen her up a bit first.

He put his cock at the opening of her ass and pushed forward. His huge cock began to force the ass muscles apart. And, despite her pleas for him to go slowly, she grit her teeth and took a deep breath, held it, and she shoved her hips backward. His cock went halfway up into her.

"Do it!" she cried. "Shove that big beautiful cock up my ass! I want to feel all of you inside of me!" Mark grabbed the cheeks of her ass in her hands and withdrew his cock till just the head of it was still trapped within the ring of muscles, and then with a lunge of his hips, he sent his cock plowing back into her ass, the head of it spreading the walls of her rectal canal wider apart than she thought possible.

Janet screamed, but the sound was muffled somewhat as her face was buried in Sherry's cunt. As he started to pull back, she clamped down around the base of his cock, trapping him there within her. When she relaxed, he pulled his cock back slowly, and then started to drive her wild within seconds. She concentrated on eating Sherry, trying to bring the woman off first, because she wanted this ass fuck to last as long as possible.

But her intention and her reactions were two different things. As the pleasure of his cock sliding in and out of her ass increased, she knew that she was going to climax. Her head dropped down to Sherry's cunt and she was lost in her own pleasure.

But then Sherry did something that took her completely by surprise. She turned her body around and began to scoot beneath Janet. She took Janet's nipple between her lips and sucked it while she massaged and caressed her tits. This action sent new sparks of passion shooting through Janet and she experienced a small orgasm.

Sherry left Janet's tits and continued to scoot along the bed beneath her. Janet wasn't sure what she was up to until she felt Sherry's tongue run along the length of her cunt. Her eyes flew open and she looked down to find Sherry's pussy below her again. She realized with a start that Sherry had placed herself in a sixty-nine position. She began sucking Janet's cunt as Mark's cock continued to ream out her ass.

She quickly attacked Sherry's cunt, feeling heat spreading throughout her body. She knew that when she finally climaxed it was going to blow her mind Sherry's tongue whipped around inside her cunt, and then withdrew to lick her clit. Janet did the same to her, and all the while Mark's cock continued to move slowly in and out of her ass. He was starting to pick up speed, starting to fuck her faster and harder, and she loved it! She began to move her hips back to meet his thrusts, but that action kept Sherry's lips and tongue from her cunt, and she didn't want that. But Mark seemed to pick up on her desires and wants, and he began to slam his hips back and forth faster, driving his cock into her hard. He leaned over her and cupped her large tits and squeezed the nipples between his fingers.

Janet was in heaven. She felt as if she could stay like that forever a cunt against her mouth, a mouth sucking her cunt, and her husband's beautiful cock filling her ass.

She felt Sherry starting to jerk and twitch beneath her and knew she was having another orgasm. She could hear Mark starting to pant and grunt as he drove his cock relentlessly.

"Yes, yessss, do it!" she cried. "Fuck my ass, Mark." Mark released her tits and raised himself back up, grabbing her by the hips. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her, holding it there for a moment, and then slammed it back into her with such force that it drove her forward, shoving her head away from Sherry's cunt and into the pillow.

She was still on her knees, but now the upper portion of her body was resting on her shoulders and chest as her arms reached above her head to grab the headboard. Mark's cock pounded into her, causing cries to escape her lips each time his hips ground against her ass.

She was building higher and higher and knew it was going to happen any second. Then Mark slammed his cock all the way into her ass and ground against her. Then his cum erupted from his cock like molten lava exploding from in a volcano.

As the first spurt of it shot out to sear her insides, Janet became rigid. Every muscle seemed to contract at the same time, and then she peaked.

Her mind reeled and the sensations in her ass and cunt overwhelmed every other feeling and thought. Over and over her body jerked and thrashed as climax after climax seemed to explode within her. Gradually she began to come down from the cloud of ecstasy she had been on. She was lying on her side, Mark's cock still embedded in her ass, with Sherry lying beside her, their lips only inches apart.

"That was something to see," she heard a female voice say from somewhere out of her line of vision. She turned her head, looked over her shoulder and saw Laura and Bob enter the room. "But now I think it's time to get down to some serious fucking," Laura said with a grin, and she climbed onto the bed.

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