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My wife and I have been married well over 30 years, have each known only each other as lovers during our entire marriage. Though, I suspect that before we were married she may have had a lover or two. She has never admitted to it.

Having been married so long, we have done just about everything that two married people could have done together, from having sex on my bosses desk, making love on the side of a busy interstate at night in the back of a 1970 VW bug, daytime sex in a secluded field near an industry and other such exciting experiences.

When I married Brenda, she was just 5'6" tall and under 100 lbs, blonde/blue and a marvelously beautiful young girl. I was sure that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen or met. I felt so pleased to have her as my wife and sex partner when she was only 17 years old and now pregnant with our first child. I was just one year older, physically fit at 5'10" and 180 lbs.

Now it is many years later and we have done about everything that a married couple could possibly do. Our sex life was a little on the stagnant/repetitive side. We started having some bickering between us about sex. I still want it regularly (twice a week or so) and she is a once a month woman.

I decided to get her to one of those on-premise clubs that I had read about on the internet. She was reluctant and said that she would be embarassed now that the children have all matured and left the nest, leaving her with somewhat of a more round figure in the midsection and some extra poundage, nearly twice her weight when we got married. I still find her to be very attractive. That beautiful face is still beautiful, those tits thet were once 34-A are now 40-D with large areolas.

I am not so slim anymore either. I could easily see, by looking in the mirror, how she could perhaps get a little tired of me. My 180 lbs have grown to 250.

So, she reluctantly agreed to visit the club with the understanding that we would leave if at any time she became too uncomfortable. She chose to wear a pull-over tank top that was ribbed and made of thin cotton and almost see-through. Over that she had on a pair of shorts made like bib-overalls, tastefully designed with Winnie-the-Pooh on the front.

When we arrived at the club, we were greeted by the owner, paid our donation and entered to see a small group of mostly men in attendance at the time. The room was somewhat dimly lit, though not dark at all. I chose seats at the bar for us with an empty seat on her left. I saw to it that she was comfortable and left to fix her one of her favorite drinks, a screwdriver with some pineapple juice - her 3rd large tumbler of it over the past 2 hours. She was getting a little loose around the edges!

There were XXX movies playing in every room of this large party house. The atmosphere was festive and sexually charged, to say the least. A man, whose name was Jim, somewhat older than us asked to sit next to her at the bar. We greeted each other and as the time wore on the conversations in the room had turned to sex. I stood up behind Brenda, reached my hands around her and gently cupped her breasts OVER the tank top she was wearing. I notice that when she had gone to the ladies room a few minutes ago, she had removed her bra. A sure sign that she was accepting the atmosphere better and was feeling the effects of the vodka. She cautioned me not to expose her tits in front of "these people". I assured her I would not do that without her permission, then slipped my hands UNDER her tank top to enjoy those luscious mounds as Jim watched with intense interest.

Then,I told her that I wanted to take a walking tour around the building to see what else was happening in the other rooms. She asked me to fix her another drink before I left. I did so and walked away, telling her I would be back soon. She said she was fine with that.

I came back about 15 minutes later, noticed that she and Jim were chatting as if they were old friends with smiles on their faces. I walked around behind her, slipped my right hand under her shirt to feel those great 40-D's again. As I did that, I slipped my left hand under her shirt to feel the left tit and my hand bumped into HIS hand, also under her shirt! I was pleasantly surprised, even shocked, based on her previous concerns. When Jim felt my hand over his, he started to remvoe his hand, when Brenda clamped her left arm over both of our hands. I slowly removed my hand, apologizing for the intrusion on the other side of her chest. She just threw her head back over her right shoulder, grinned brightly at me and asked me if I was o.k. with that! I was MORE than o.k. with that and wanted more to happen.

Jim was a nice man, not pushy, yet expressive in his own way. He wanted more as well. We partied together over the next while and had two other guys join us with Brenda as the focal point of the group. She enjoyed the attention. After a few more minutes and another drink, she even removed the tank top altogether.

Jim suggested that we move to a room upstairs away from some of the other guests. She and I readily accepted. I invited two other guys to join us in the upstairs room, both accepting.

We had a wonderfully exciting time up there with Brenda completely naked in front of the four of us. Two playing with her tits at any given moment and me filling her love hole for all to watch. I could give more details, but my internet service is about to timeout on me. Just remember that sometimes those who say, "NO" can be turned in to "Yesses" with time and a little liquid encouragement.

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