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New friends in the Hot Tub

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We had been swimming around in the complex?s pool for a few minutes that night while the hot tub water warmed and circulated. After a while, Sheila moved toward the steps and started up. I admired her butt from the middle of the pool until she turned and asked if I was coming too.

I wasn?t far behind and was to the edge of the sunken tub just as she was lowering herself in, emitting a smile and a long ?aahhhh?. I quickly joined her, and took up a position on the underwater bench that allowed one of the jets to work on a calf muscle, as she bobbed around the middle of the hot tub.

We chatted about how good the hot water felt on our sore muscles, kissed tenderly a few times, sighed and relaxed, both drifting into our own thoughts.

After a period of time just listening to the bubbles, Sheila broke the silence by announcing, ?I?m going to let the girls out?. I opened my eyes to see her lowering the straps off her shoulders and pulling down the top of her two-piece swimsuit. I smiled at her and the thought that her breasts were now exposed under the bubbly surface of the water. We both like to be naked outside whenever possible, but the complex where we were living didn?t afford many opportunities in that regard. The hot tub was screened from view outside the pool area by shrubbery on three sides, and could only be seen by someone entering the pool area through the gate at the opposite end of the clubhouse.

We continued to soak until I looked over to see a young girl ? about 20 ? walking toward us. I nodded in her direction and Sheila leaned forward into the water so that she wasn?t putting on a show for the newcomer. The girl motioned back behind her and asked if a key was required to enter the restrooms. I explained that yes, they were kept locked, and she asked if I had a key and would mind letting her in. I hesitated briefly, and climbed out of the tub and made my way over to our towels and the key to the facilities.

On the way across the pool area, she began thanking me profusely, hurriedly explaining that she and her boyfriend had driven from college a few hours away to visit a friend here, but had arrived to find no one home, and she really needed to use the restroom. I said ?no problem? as we rounded the corner of the clubhouse where her boyfriend was waiting. We nodded a hello to one another as I opened the ladies room door, much to the relief of the somewhat squirming coed.

I decided since I was already out, I might as well visit the men?s room, but first turned and asked her boyfriend if he needed it. He shook his head no, and I went on in.

When I came out, the boyfriend was no longer waiting outside the restrooms. As I retraced my steps back towards the warmth of the hot tub and my girlfriend, I saw that the young man had taken up a position on the side of the hot tub, with his feet dangling into the water. Sheila was looking up and talking to him, and I noticed she was now leaning back in the water again rather than crouching low as she had when we were first disturbed. It wasn?t until I got closer to the hot tub I made note that her bathing suit straps were not back up on her shoulders, meaning that she was still uncovered.

The froth on the water?s surface caused by the bubbles, along with the fact that it was dark out, meant that the boyfriend wasn?t getting a full view of Sheila?s breasts, but I doubt her lack of clothing had escaped his notice. I quickly went from slight anger to happiness to mild arousal that she wasn?t hiding herself from him.

By this point, I had reached the edge of the hot tub and made my way down the steps, passing between Sheila and our visitor. He exclaimed, ?Hey, thanks for letting Nicole use the bathroom. I thought she was going to have an accident when we didn?t find my friend at home. She had been holding off stopping at a gas station or something.? I replied, ?No problem. Glad to help out.? and sunk back down into the water, glancing over at Sheila, whose breasts were just below the surface of the water, which with my entry was sloshing enough to provide even more tantalizing glimpses of their luscious curves.

As I was settling back in, Nicole was making her way over as well, with a look of relief on her face. ?Thank you soo much for letting me use the ladies room?, she stated as she kicked off her shoes and without further hesitation sat down beside Sheila?s new admirer. ?I had to pee so bad, and when Matt and I didn?t find anybody home at our friend?s, and couldn?t get them on their cell phone, I was beginning to worry about where I was going to find somewhere to go.?

?Well, I?m glad we were here and able to help out?, I replied as I stole a look at Nicole?s shape beneath her white tank top, emblazoned with the logo of the popular university on the western side of our state, and her slim legs dangling in the water, exiting out of a very short pair of tight shorts. Matt was too busy to notice as he continued looking at Sheila, no doubt hoping Sheila would rise up out of the water so he could feast on the sight of her much larger boobs.

He didn?t have to wait long. My girlfriend said, ?Glad you came over to the pool. Hi, I?m Sheila.?, and with that moved forward and reached out a hand to Nicole, at the same time rising enough that her beautiful breasts broke the surface, water dripping of her hard nipples, and shook Nicole?s hand. Nicole had a look of surprise as she shook the wet hand being extended in front of her, as she had not realized that Sheila had been topless. ?Hi, I?m Nicole? was all she could muster. All eyes were on the two wet globes now on display, but the surprise was Nicole?s alone. Matt, on the other hand, had been waiting for this moment, and was wasting no time taking in the sight, as Sheila now reached for his hand.

?Matt. Pleasure to meet you? he managed with a straight face.

Sheila lowered herself back into the water, as I leaned up and shook Matt?s hand. ?Dave.?, was all I said to him as I then reached across him to shake Nicole?s hand. ?Pleasure to meet you Nicole?, as I held her hand just slightly longer than necessary to gauge the response I might get. She smiled and said, ?Thanks, again, Mark. I really appreciate you being so nice.? Her pretty green eyes flashed, and I felt another stir in my cock.

I sunk back into the water and landed closer to Sheila, running my hand down her back and caressed the butt through the lycra shorts that comprised the bottom portion of her less-than-complete swimsuit.

?The water feels great?, Nicole exclaimed as she swung her legs up & down in the hot tub. ?You should get in?, Sheila offered. ?It really does feel great.?

Nicole frowned, and pouted, ?Well, we hadn?t really planned on spending the night with our friends here until after we starting driving, and we got a really late start leaving town. We didn?t think about packing any clothes, and certainly not any swim suits.?

?Who needs a swimsuit??, Sheila teased, and tossed the top half of hers that had been around her waist onto the pool deck as she laughed.

?And we don?t want to ride all that way back in wet clothes if we?re not going to be able to spend the night with Jason and Morgan? Matt stated as he pulled his shirt over his head and stepped back up onto the deck. Sheila admired his six-pack as he pulled his cargo shorts down and dropped them to his ankles, stepping out of them in nothing but a pair of plaid boxers.

?Come on, let?s enjoy it?, he directed Nicole as he stepped back down into the hot water and settled on the bench.

Nicole didn?t pause long as she too climbed up out of the tub and peeled her little shorts off her ass to reveal a black thong. I was glad for the noise of the water, as Sheila couldn?t hear the ?Mmmm? that escaped my throat.

Nicole then turned her back to us all, and in one motion, pulled the tank top and her bra over her head and tossed them onto a nearby lounge chair. She quickly spun around and dropped to the edge of the spa, and then launched herself below the water as fast as she could. Not fast enough that I didn?t get a good look at her pert breasts, capped with pretty little nipples that were hard enough to belie her display of modesty.

Matt laughed, ?Ha! What?s wrong? That looked like you didn?t want any of us seeing you.?

?Well?? Nicole?s voice trailed off as she glanced first at Sheila and then looked across at me.

?Oh, honey,? Sheila chuckled, ?I enjoyed seeing you, and I can guarantee that Dave enjoyed the show?. With that she reached over and grasped my increasingly harder member. ?Oh, yeah. Uh huh!? She cast me a knowing smile while I saw what I thought was a crooked smile on the corner of Nicole?s mouth.

?Turning on an older man? I imagined her thinking to herself, but she said nothing more than, ?Ahh, this feels really good!?

Nicole moved to Matt?s left, which pleased me since that put her in the corner of the hot tub between us. Even though it appeared large enough to hold a dozen or more soaking bodies, depending upon the level of friendship between the members I supposed, the three of us were relatively close in one corner. Close enough that knees and feet were touching.

Many thoughts of Nicole and her tight little body were racing through my head, and the contact, however benign it may be was certainly increasing my heart rate above what the hot water had already accomplished.

Sheila was on her knees on the bottom of the tub, moved in close to the three of us, and started questioning Nicole about school. I and Matt both were engrossed in the level of the water, and how it barely hid the tantalizing view of the four tits and hard nipples just below the surface. I wasn?t paying much attention to the line of conversation between the girls, but couldn?t help but notice as Sheila moved so close that Nicole?s knees were wedged under Sheila?s breast. Sheila?s right arm rested on my leg, and her hand slowly worked its way up the leg of my board shorts until she was able to squeeze the head of my cock.

I lurched slightly and saw the grin on Sheila?s face as she maintained eye contact and the line of questioning with Nicole.

I began to wonder just where Sheila?s left hand was, since Matt?s position on her opposite side was identical to mine. My cock twitched as I realized his boxers most definitely provided even easier access to his young meat and decided my girlfriend most likely had both hands full of stiffening penises.

At this point Sheila released her grip on my manhood and reached under that water in front of her, and shifted her position slightly. Her hand then found its way right back up my shorts and resumed her methodical massaging of my now very hard cock.

Since her hands were obviously busy, I took the opportunity to do a bit of exploring myself, and as nonchalantly and innocently as I could, allowed my right hand to settle onto Nicole?s knee. In order to not receive a negative reaction from Nicole over my advance, I moved my hand forward slowly, as if it were just drifting under the water. It was then that I discovered what adjustment Sheila had made moments before. Nicole?s leg extended under Sheila now, so that Sheila was straddling Nicole?s leg, which was now wedged against Sheila?s crotch.

I had no doubt now as to where Sheila?s other hand was, and from the silly grin developing on Matt?s face, my idea was confirmed. The fact the Nicole didn?t seem to be bothered by the fact that Sheila was gripping her leg between her thighs made me realize that she probably learned long before I did that Matt had his hand fondling my girlfriend?s breast below the surface, too.

I decided I needed to join the party at this point, and made no attempt to hide my left hand reaching for Sheila?s closer boob, and slid my right hand over Nicole?s chest, pausing to lightly pinch one, then the other nipple.

All four of us relished in our little group grope, and smiles were passed all around. Matt broke the reverie with ?I?m really glad Jason and Morgan weren?t home, now.? Nicole just giggled and added, ?Yeah.?, as she added one hand to the ones already playing with Sheila?s buoyant breasts, and dr*ped the other across my legs. Sheila immediately grabbed her hand and guided it to where she had momentarily abandoned my hardon, and said, ?Here?s where Dave really wants you to put that.?

?Right??, she challenged me, and without saying what I was really thinking ? namely that I hoped that wasn?t all of Nicole?s that found it?s way to my cock, I just leaned forward and kissed my girlfriend, pushing my tongue between her open lips. I could feel the movement of her tugging on Matt?s cock as we continued our kiss, mixed with the sensation of his girlfriend?s hand fondling my own cock while I squeezed her titties.

I broke the kiss and then looked from Matt to Nicole, who gave me a mischievous smile as she squeezing and stroked me. ?I?m sure glad you guys came down to the pool.? I offered lamely. It was the best I could do under the circumstances. Here I was with two handsful of tits, a strange hand wrapped around my cock, all the while knowing my girlfriend was masturbating some young, horny stud. I grew harder at the thought.

Matt reached up and put his arm around Nicole?s shoulder and pulled her into him for a long deep kiss. She only released her grip on my cock when he continued to pull her up onto his lap, raising her out of the water enough that Sheila and I could see the water dripping off her perky breasts.

I kneeled onto the bottom and pulled Sheila into my own embrace, and our tongues danced as I rubbed her mound and felt her press against my hand. I knew her clit would be very hard at this point, and her horniness would soon take over her judgment. I hoped it would do so completely.

After a few minutes of kissing and groping, Nicole slid back off Matt?s lap, obviously flushed. Matt raised himself out of the water and sat on the edge, exclaiming, ?Whew! I need to cool off a bit!? My eyes went to the same spot that I would have bet my last dollar Sheila?s were, too ? Matt?s crotch. His boxers weren?t particularly long-legged, but the wet cotton was clinging to his hard cock, of which the last couple of inches and the beautiful mushroom head were sticking out well beyond his shorts, for all to see and admire.

I leaned closer to Sheila, and said in a not-to-low voice, ?I think our new friend could use some help.?

Without taking her eyes off his tool, she hissed, ?Not out here. Anyone could walk up!?

I argued back: ?Just a little honey. I want to see you suck him. I know how good your mouth will make him feel.?

She didn?t spend much more time thinking about it beyond glancing over at the entrance to the pool area as she moved to kneel between his legs. One hand pushed a knee to spread his legs further, while the other pushed the boxers further up, exposing more of this young stud?s hard meat. She paused ever so slightly with her mouth open before closing her lips around the head of his cock.

I lean into Nicole to gain a better view of my sexy girlfriend with a strange man?s cock sliding into her mouth.

After watching for several strokes, I sit back up and pull Nicole?s left leg over mine. She raises up and half sits on my lap, which affords two developments. First, her yummy tits are now out of the water, and I quickly lean down to put my lips on her left nipple, while my hand goes for her pussy, now that her legs are spread apart on either side of mine. It is then that I discover the material of her sexy little thong is already pulled to the side, exposing her pussy to the water and my hand. No doubt that was part of the thrashing when she was perched a few moments ago on her boyfriend?s own lap.

Speaking of boyfriend, I look up from her sweet nipple to see Matt?s hand on the back of Sheila?s head, encouraging the pace the she is bobbing up and down on his cock. Two fingers go into Nicole?s slippery pussy as she watches her boyfriend being pleasured by my girlfriend.

I am contemplating pulling this sweet little college student further onto my lap and maneuvering my erection into her when Sheila comes up for air from her oral ministrations and says, ?I think we should move this little party inside.?

Matt and Nicole trade glances, and sensing the questions they are both thinking, I add, ?That makes sense. We can have more fun there, and it?ll give you guys a place to hang out, and you can try your friends again after a while.?

?I?m not sure I want them to come home now?, replies Matt with a grin that tells me he is looking forward to some more fun with my lover.

This is my first attempt at writing - let me know if I should continue. Cheers!

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