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New Years Party

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The room was full of people of all ages and sizes. It was to be a New Years orgy.

Sherry and I had been to the house a couple of times before, but never with so many people. There were ay least 50 people inside and another 50+ outside. The hot tub was full.

Sherry was excited and looking forward to the evenings events. I was just as excited. I loved having sex with someone I I was about to meet for the first time. We would be there all night. Sherry had plans to act out her fantasies tonight and I was going to watch her have my own as well. We had plans for a wild night.

Sherry got undressed and put her towel on. She is a beautiful woman with 36D boobs and a terrific rounded butt. She headed for the hot tub alone. I knew what she had planned and moved inside to a window overlooking the tub to watch. She knew I would be watching. She had once told me that her fantasy was having one man after another. She wanted to be gangbanged for her first time and tonight would be the night.

This party was the perfect setting for her fantasy to be realized as the house allowed some single men to attend the party. It was the only night of the year it was allowed.

Sherry approached the hot tub and heads turned as she removed her towel paused for a moment giving the guys a good look and climbed into the tub. She sat down between two guys and smiled and said hello and that started the fantasy.

Several guys were eyeing her as she sat talking. I watched her lean back and could tell one of the guys was using his hands on her and than the other. She looked over to the other guys in the tub and smiled and they got the message and stood up and moved toward her. Several were hard all ready knowing what was happening. Soon she was surrounded by a bunch of young guys.

Sherry stood up and moved to the center, circled by eight guys all at the ready. She moved around the circle giving each guy a kiss and a touch. Finally she leaned forward and began to suck one of them and her butt was in the air and a guy slipped in behind her and went deep. I could see her expression change as he fucked her. She was sucking hard one guy and being fucked hard by another.

Her body humped back and I could see her shutter and knew she had cum. The guy she was sucking thrust forward and jerked and came in her mouth as she climaxed. She kept sucking until he finally pulled out limp. Another guy replaced him in her mouth and she was sucking again. The guy behind her pulled out with out getting off and moved in front of her as another guy replaced him.

As I watched a young girl moved next to me and stood there watching the scene with me. I turned to her and said she is my girlfriend, wild huh? She said yes. I looked at her watching Sherry as she fucked and sucked 8 guys in turn and she was very young, maybe 18 or 19. I said a wild place tonight and she just nodded. I said I am Jim and she said she was Bobbi. We just stood watching for a time and finally I reached over and put my arm around her waist and she moved a little closer to me.

I knew than I was going to fuck her. That is how it happened at the house, people met and minutes later were fucking. I moved my hand down to her butt and she gasped as I felt her and leaned forward a little and put her hands on the windowsill. I moved behind her and pressed against her butt so she could feel my hard cock. She lowered her head waiting, knowing what I was about to do. I slid my hands up and under her skirt and pulled her panties down and off. I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out. I have about 8” and entered her and held still. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she shuttered a little. All she ever said was oh big.

I began fucking Bobbi as we both watched Sherry doing her thing in the tub. Bobbi was hot and was doing what she had come to the house to do. Get fucked. I would not be the only man she would have tonight and maybe a woman as well. There were a lot of women who were Bi and came to the house looking to make a connection.

I was in no hurry and so we slow fucked and I felt her press back and heard her grunt and knew she had cum, but I just kept pumping her. I began to hump her hard and fast, going deep and fucking her hard. I looked out at Sherry and she was panting and being fucked hard and I watched as she got off again. I felt my cum rising and slammed into Bobbi and grabbed her and went ridged and exploded in her pussy pulling out and squirting all over her butt and back. When she felt my hot cum land on her back she shuttered and came again. She fell to the floor panting. Her face flushed with that I just got fucked look on her face. Shortly later she picked up her panties and waved a good by and left.

I watched as Sherry finished the last guy off. She was covered with cum. On her butt ,face and boobs. She collapsed against the side of the tub and with eyes closed was motionless for a time. Finally she climbed out of the tub, grabbed her towel and went over to the outside shower and washed herself off and headed back into the house. We met in the living room. I whispered to her, you were just a very bad girl and she smiled and said yes I was.

It was recovery time for both of us, so we found a corner and a drink and sat talking. I told her about Bobbi and she talked about what it had been like taking on 8 guys. Sherry sold me she had climaxed four times and had a great time. She said her only problem had been that one of the guys was the size of a small pony and was just to big for her so she had to blow him.

I looked around the room filled to capacity with people. All the rooms in the house were full this New Years Eve. There were people doing the wild thing all over the house, even in the living room, which was unusual. There were two couples in one corner with the wives facing each other with their husbands standing behind them. The two women both looked a little nervous and I suspected it probably was going to be their first Bi experience. I was anxious to watch. I motioned to Sherry to watch as I knew she was curious about woman to woman.

One of the husbands whispered in his wives ear and she leaned forward and kissed the other woman. The two women stood kissing each other with the guys watching. The kisses got longer and longer and both ladies when they finally parted were flushed and breathing hard. It had become obvious that this was their first in counter. The two women eyed each other for a moment and moved close together. They kissed again and pressed against each other making full body contact, boobs pressed together. I watched as one of them reached around and began some butt play. Soon both were playing with each others butt continuing to kiss. Sherry was watching and I whispered to her looks like fun, she just nodded.

The two ladies were hot for each other by now. They were rubbing against each other and the kisses had gotten wet. They moved to the floor together and stretched out in front of each other. The one lady reached over and unbuttoned the top of the other and put her hands inside feeling her up.

They made eye contact and you could see the lust in their eyes. She pulled her hands back and unbuttoned her top as well exposing her boobs. I heard Sherry take a deep breath watching.

The other lady leaned forward and took one of her boobs in her mouth and sucked. You could hear her gasp from across the room.

I turned to Sherry and asked do you want to do that? She looked at me and said you want me to right? I said oh yes. She said yes I am curious and would like to try it and see.

I said great we would before the night is over. I will find you someone.

We returned to the two ladies across the room just in time to see one of them slip her hand under the skirt of the other. You could see her hand moving up and down her leg and than just up and down. She was rubbing her pussy. Soon they were both rubbing each other and kissing and moaning. Suddenly they realized they were being watched. One whispered to the other and they got up and moved out of the living room looking for a place to finish each other off I am sure.

I said to Sherry so what do you want to do now? The evening was young. She said well do you mind if I just go looking and I said go for it I will too. I said but later lets do something together, she smiled and said yes lets and off she went. Sherry had come here tonight to fuck and that was what she was going to do.

I was going to as well and went looking. I walked around looking in rooms and there was Bobbi being fucked by one guy and blowing another. I watched as she had her cum and the guy she was sucking jerked and exploded in her mouth pulling out squirting all over face and boobs. The guy fucking her grunted and went rigid , jerked, and came in her pussy.

The two guys walked away and I moved over to Bobbi and said hi. She had a towel cleaning herself off and said hi back. I asked having fun and she smiled and said oh yes, but I need a break. I asked do you remember Sherry in the tub? She smiled and said oh yes a beautiful lady. I said she is Bi curious and I was wondering if you were too? I know a lot of women who come her are. I said if you are would you like to meet Sherry? Bobbi looked at me and said I have considered it, after watching some women here. I am a little curious and yes I would love to meet Sherry. I said great we would all meet up a little later.

She said I need a drink see you later than.

I went looking again. I went back to the living room and noticed this beautiful young woman sitting alone. She looked to be about 30 and a great figure. Her name was Julie. I sat down next to her and said hi. She smiled and said hello. She got to the point right away. My husband is off somewhere having his fun. I am waiting for him. I asked how about you? She said no he is real uncomfortable with the idea of me having sex with another man. I would never allow him to see me with another man.

I said oh and felt disappointed. She said he would be a long while. We just got here. He really likes to come here. I just wait for him to get finished and we go home. Do not want to swing I asked? She hesitated and finally said I would like to I think. I am curious what it would be like. I said we could go out to my van.

She remained quiet for a time, and finally said well I guess I could do that, he would not see me and never know. I said yes you could and I would not tell. I could see a slight flush appear on her face as she thought about having sex with me. She looked over in the corner and a couple was having sex in front of everyone. She decided. All she said was ok. I took her hand and led her outside.

As we walked toward my van I noticed her breathing had increased a little. I asked have you ever done anything like this before and she said no never. Like a dummy I said you could change your mind. She said no, I have thought about this over the past year, every time we come her he has his fun, but I never have been allowed to have any fun. I watch other people having sex and know he is off doing someone. No I will not change my mind.

I opened the van and we got inside and we went to the back where there was room to lie down and stretched out next to each other. No more talking. The time for talking had ended and now it was about fucking and I got right at it. I pushed up her skirt and I was very hard and pushed her panties aside and entered her immediately. She gasped as I entered her and I kissed her and she grabbed on as I pushed in deep. She was very wet and I slipped in easily.

I moved in and out and she held on to me tight as I fucked her. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she shuttered and gasped and I felt her cum. He pussy was quivering as she climaxed. I stopped moving and allowed her to come down. We were both still fully dressed and we had been in the van for just a few minutes. After a few minutes she said that felt good. You are very big. I was still inside her still very hard.

The light in the van was low but I could still see her and reached over and unbuttoned her top to reveal a nice set. I could still feel her pussy quivering slightly around my cock. She was now naked to the waist and I took my shirt off and pulled her to me. I felt her boobs against my chest. I began to move in and out of her again. I increased my pace and she kissed me and I fucked her hard. We were head to head and she wrapped her legs around me as I road her. She whispered in my ear yes fuck me hard and I did. She was taking all my 8” and so I was deep in her.

She grabbed my butt and opened wide. She grunted as I fucked her and I felt her cum again and that did it for me and I went rigid exploded in her pussy squirting my cum deep inside her. We were both panting and motionless with me still inside her. She finally said I am glad I met you and I am going to tell my husband what we did and that I will be doing it again if we come to the house again. He can take it or leave it. We put out tops back on and went back into the house. She was a liberated woman.

I went looking for Sherry and found her talking to a guy. She had that I just got fucked look. Her face was flushed and her hair out of place. She left the guy and joined me. We found a quiet corner and spent some time both recovering. I said you have been a bad girl tonight I can tell. She smiled and said yes very bad. I told her about Bobbi and that she was only 19. Sherry is 30.

Sherry said well I came here for a wild night. Lets go meet her and see what happens. I am a little nervous though. I said you will be fine. Just do what feels right. She said ok.

I found Bobbi outside sitting next to the hot tub and introduced her to Sherry. They eyed each other both knowing what might happen between them. Sherry said she is beautiful. Bobbi said you are too. Off to a good start I thought. Sherry said I have never been with a woman. Bobbi said me either. What do we do Sherry asked?

Bobbi said I have watched women here before and know what they do to each other. Sherry said me too. The thing they seem to like the most is tasting each other. What do you think about doing that? Bobbi said well if you and I are going to have sex I guess we will. Are you willing to do that with me, I am willing if you are? Sherry said well looks like that is what we are going to do if we do this.

The two women were holding hands by now as they talked. Sherry and Bobbi made eye contact and kissed each other. Sherry said that was nice. She than said I have decided I want to do you. Bobbi said I want to do you too. We all moved inside to find a place.

Finding a place not crowded with people was tough. We went to the group room and it was full of people fucking all over the place. There were build outs along the side of the group room that allowed for some privacy, but they all looked full. Than a couple climbed out of one and I grabbed it and motioned for the girls to join me. We all climbed up and in. We looked out the small door at the group room floor and it was a wild scene. Tonight was the night for everything to happen. The room was filled with the sounds of people fucking each other.

Bobbi and Sherry were focused on two women getting it on. The girls were in a 69 on their sides and their husbands were each fucking the wife of the other, I am sure, as they licked and sucked on each other.

Sherry looked at Bobbi and said well there we are you and I. Are you ready for that? Bobbi said if you are I am. They kissed each other again, a longer kiss this time. There was intrigue and excitement between them. They were ready for each other.

Their kissing became more intense, and passionate. They began to undress each other. When they were naked they moved in close. They continued kissing rubbing against each other boob to boob. Than hands moved to their pussies and they continued kissing and fingering each other. Bobbi jerked and said oh that feels so good. Sherry thrust against the finger inside her and said oh yes. They finger fucked each other for a time and than Bobbi cried out and had a cum with Sherry fingering her very fast. Bobbi held on to Sherry tight through her cum.

Slowly they moved down licking as they went. First boobs and than lower. Soon they were poised over each others pussy. Bobbi lowered her head, first and had her first taste.

At her touch Sherry gasped and shuttered and climaxed on her face and than had her first taste as she climaxing. They than began to lick and suck each other in earnest completely lost in the sensations they both felt.

I had undressed and was up and ready and moved over to them. They moved so they were on their sides and I slipped into Sherry. She moaned as I entered her and her head moved faster on Bobbi. So we were three. I looked down at Bobbi licking Sherry and thought wow. I could see the lust on her face and she looked up at me and I pulled out of Sherry and Bobbi took me in her mouth and sucked me.

I moved around and entered Bobbi for the second time that night. She was young and tight. I moved back and forth between the two women for a time. I was being fucked and sucked by both.

I pulled back and watched the two women doing each other. Sherry shuttered and was breathing hard as she sucked on Bobbi. She said cum and Bobbi said wait for me and they continued until Bobbi said I want to cum and the two women grabbed each others butt and held on thrusting and grunting and climaxed on each others face, both jerking and grinding and moaning as they came. They fell a part panting.

Sherry finally said that was incredible. Bobbi said, I feel wonderful, I came so hard.

Sherry said me too. I said how about me and they laughed and said poor baby and than I got a double blowjob as a reward.

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