June 20, 2018
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New Swing House Grand Opening

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Note to the readers: Although some of this is fiction it comes from actual events that I witnessed when I was attending house parties.

I am Jim and my wife is Donna. Her sister is Deanna and her husband is John we are all swingers. We discovered this and were surprised when we attended the same swing house party several months ago. That night we swapped wives and had a great time. It did feel a little strange.

Donna and Deanna are both Bi, but have decided not to play together for now at least.

The four of us decided we would open our own swing house. Our house theme was to be newcomers with Bi curious women, although all interested couples and single women were welcome.

Most houses did not allow single men, however we decided to allow 5 single men after being screened to attend. Our first party was 2 weeks away and we were all excited. We wanted it to be a success. So far we had 30 inquiries with reservations confirmed for 20. The Bi curious theme apparently was a success as many of the ads we had read included Bi curious women. 5 single guys would also be attending and 3 single women. They were all between 20 and 25 for a reason.

The couples began to arrive around 6 pm. They all knew it was about fucking someone you had just met, some for the first time ever. 18 couples actually attended. 4 of the single men showed up and 3 of the single women. 3 of the couples were swinger friends of ours. They would be our leaders, there to show the newcomers the way.

Donna and I as one of the host couples went around and introduced us to each couple and finally selected a young couple to sit with and talk. They were Dave and Suzy, both 24. Suzie was a tiny little thing, with a great figure. Dave looked almost twice her size.

They had had one other experience with another couple several months ago and were anxious to try it again. Suzie was Bi-curious as her and the other woman had done some kissing and it had turned her on at the time. Donna I know, was thinking, I would satisfy that curiosity. Donna was ready to be a very bad girl tonight.

We chatted for a few minutes and I finally asked if they would like to play. Dave said yes but would prefer separate rooms, as they still were nervous about being in the same room together. We all agreed.

Donna offered Dave her hand and they moved toward one of the rooms. I looked at this sweet young thing and asked ready? Suzie took my hand and we went looking for a place to fuck.

Suzie was very pretty and as it turned out was 4’ 11” and weighed 100 pounds. 10 of those pounds must have been her boobs. I was ready to fuck as Donna and I had been celibate for the week to be at the ready for the party.

I moved toward Suzie. We both knew we were going to fuck each other. I kissed her and she was very warm. Her face was flushed and she offered her tongue during our second kiss and I could tell she was ready to fuck. I unbuttoned her top and she did not have a bra on and her and her boobs fell out. Wow what great boobs. I took one than the other in my mouth and sucked on her nipples. She gasped and said “good”.

I put my hands on her butt and pulled her close and she could feel my hard cock pressed against her leg through my pants. I said, that is for you. I moved my hand under her skirt and discovered her hand on her pussy. I kissed her and said humm playing with yourself? May I watch you? She said that she did that for Dave, as he liked to watch her get herself off. I said you are a very bad girl and she smiled and said yes. I said be bad for me.

Suzie lay down on the floor and pulled her skirt up and pulled her panties aside and her fingers disappeared inside her pussy. She than removed her panties and opened wide and finger fucked herself while maintaining eye contact with me. I dropped my pants and shorts and she could see my 8” cock at the ready. I moved over to her as she was finger fucking herself and she took my cock in her hand was doing the same for me.

I looked down at her. Her face was red and she was intensely fingering herself and running her hand up and down my cock. We had eye contact and her face changed and her mouth opened and she shuttered and she was thrusting against her fingers and cried out and as she continued to jerk on my cock had her cum.

I went down on her and licked and sucked on her pussy and she kept climaxing for at least a minute. She was panting and pushing against my face. She was soaking wet.

I was ready to fuck and moved between her legs and went all the way in her pussy. She gasped and whispered so big and grabbed my butt and pulled me all the way in and moved back and forth on my cock, fucking me.

I moved her legs up to my shoulders and went really deep and fucked her hard. Suzie climaxed again whispering so good so good. I rode her and we just fucked and fucked.

She gave me all she had to give. She held back nothing.

I turned her over and pulled her up to her hands and knees and went in doggie.

I whispered can you handle all my weight and she said yes and I went over the top sitting on her butt and fucking her hard. I could feel my cum rising and she could feel my cock get a little bigger and pushed back against me moving back and forth on my cock and I jerked and said cum and exploded in her pussy and she gasped shuttered and climaxed again with me. We both collapsed to the floor panting and kissing each other passionately.

We lay there quietly for several minutes and finally I said you were wonderful.

She said I came four times. I was a very bad girl and I said no a very good girl. We got dressed and went back to the living room. I looked over and Donna was sitting there with that I just got fucked look with a flushed face and her hair out of place.

Dave looked at Suzie and knew by how she looked that she had just fucked me. She was still breathing fast and her face was very flushed. Donna and I excused ourselves and we went outside for a smoke.

I asked her how it went with Dave? Donna said he really stretched me. His cock is short but wide. He had some trouble getting in me so we had to do doggie and I had to spread wide for him. Once in he fucked my brains out and went on and on and I got off with him twice and when he was ready to cum I went down on him and he exploded in my mouth.

I was a very bad girl and loved it. I thought to myself that is my Donna. We went back in.

Donna was looking for Suzie with intentions.

I decided to look around and see how the other couples were doing. Jack and Jackie our friends were attending and Jack was sitting there alone when I walked in and I asked where is Jackie? He smiled and said she took three of you single guys somewhere. She was feeling sorry for them as the seemed to be having a problem making a connection.

I just laughed and thought good for Jackie.

Out of the side of my eye I could see Donna leading Suzie off by the hand somewhere.

Jack and I decided to look around.

By now all the rooms had couples in them fucking.

In the first room we looked in there was 2 couples and the two women were standing together obviously getting ready to play. I knew one of the couples as I had talked with them on the phone and the girl had never been with another woman but wanted to experiment and so there she was getting ready. I had the impression that the other girl was also a first timer by the way they approached each other. I decided to watch. The two guys joined us to watch as well. They told us that the two girls were friends outside and had been surprised to see each other and find out they were both Bi-curious. This could be exciting to watch.

The two girls moved close and started with a kiss. Both their faces were flushed and it was obvious they were already turned on by what they were about to do by their breathing. They kissed again longer this time and you could see the tongues had become involved. They continued kissing with more and more passion. They were pressed together boob to boob and one of the girls reached around the other and began to play with her butt. Soon they were both kissing and playing with each others butts.

They both stepped back and looked into each others eyes and both could see they were ready. They undressed each other slowly until they were both naked. Than they lay down next to each other kissing and rubbing there naked bodies together. Both were lost in each other hot for each other by this time. Kissing each other.

One of the wives moved her down. Her hand reached the pussy and she rubbed and than slipped her finger inside. The girl gasped and thrust her hips forward and you could hear her say “good”. Both now were fingering each other in a close embrace, kissing passionately and the sounds of their fingers moving in and out of wet pussies filled the room. They were locked together in their passion for each other. Their faces were flushed and their hips were thrusting forward meeting the finger inside.

The pace of the fingering increased and one of the ladies raised her butt off the floor and held on tight and we could hear her say cum and jerked against the finger inside her and cried out and climaxed. They both were quiet for a moment breathing hard and kissing.

The girl who had just climaxed said I want to taste you. She moved down kissing as she went and buried her head between her legs licking and sucking. The other girl lost it and cried out lifted her butt off the floor pushing forward and had her cum.

The two girls now lay face to face kissing. They both knew their relationship had changed forever, from friends to lovers.

Jack and I moved on both turned on by what we had just seen.

We looked into the group room and one of the single girls moved to the center of the room alone. She stretched out waiting inviting. The guys knew what she was waiting for and several of them moved over to her and stood around her cocks at the ready. Her name was Debbie and she got on her knees and they circled her. Debbie moved around the circle sucking each guy in turn.

Finally she stretched out on the floor her legs spread ready and wanting to be fucked. The guys took turns fucking her. One would fuck her while she was sucking the others. Debbie was being gang banged and I had never seen that before. Before it was over she did 6 guys. They came in her pussy and her mouth and finally she put her hand up and said enough. She had climaxed several times and lay there panting. Her face was flushed and her hair was all over the place and she had cum all over her. She got up and disappeared into the house. Later I seen her in the living room and could see how really beautiful she was after she had cleaned up and dressed. I thought maybe later.

Anyway Jack went his own way looking for Jackie and I went back to the living room ready for someone. Sitting in the corner was this lovely young girl by herself. I walked over to her and said hi. She looked a little nervous, but said hi back. I sat next to her and asked how she was doing. Her name was Dee and she said her husband was off doing his thing with another couple that had wanted to do a threesome and had left her a lone. I asked your first time? She said yes. Dee was 22 and had long red hair to her butt. I asked in she was here to play or watch and she said well her husband had told her she could do what she wanted but she was unsure if she wanted.

I looked her in the eyes and said well I am very interested in you. You are beautiful and sexy. She said thanks. We chatted for a while and finally she said I have had sex with only my husband. I understood the situation. I asked did you know what happens at a house like this? Dee said yes I knew before we arrived. I than said lets go somewhere private and you will be safe with me and we can talk about what you would like to do.

She agreed and I took her back to my bedroom and closed the door and we were alone.

I said whatever happens will be between just you and me. The fact we were alone in my bedroom told me she wanted to fuck but wanted it to be a secret between her and her husband. I had seen this before.

I walked up to her and kissed than hugged her and whispered in her ear I am going to do you. She remained quiet, which I took as a yes. We never said another word.

I slowly undressed her and continued to kiss her and she surrendered to the moment. Her face became flushed and her breathing increased as I undressed her than myself.

I moved her to my bed and she lay back waiting. First I went down on her and she was very wet and gasped and shuttered as my tongue worked over her clit.

I stood up in front of her with my 8” cock hard and she looked at me and her eyes widened a little seeing what I was going to use on her. I knew she knew what the house was about and the reason she was there was standing in front of her. Dee just was not sure how her husband would react to her fucking another man even, if he had told her she could do whatever she wanted.

I moved to the bed and her and face to face entered her and went deep. She gasped and climaxed immediately. She rapped her legs around me and I fucked her hard and she surrendered to me completely. I loved that long red hair and after a while I turned her over and pulled her up to her hands and knees and we fucked some more. I reached around and tweaked her nipples and she climaxed again. I rode her hard and took her hair in my hands and pulled back pulling her hair and she said oh yes and pushed back against my cock fucking me back.

I could feel my cum rising and increased my thrusting and she was pushing back on me moving her butt side to side. She had done this before lol. I grunted and grunted again and exploded in her pussy falling forward collapsing next to her. I said wow you are very good.

Finally she said that was good, but you will not tell my husband and I said our secret.

We got dressed and went back to the living room. Her husband was still doing his thing elsewhere. I kissed her and said you were wonderful and she smiled as I moved on. She would not tell her husband what had happened.

Later Donna told me about her and Suzie. I took her hand and said lets go talk. We went into a room and I asked her if she was bi-curious and she answered that Dave wanted her to see if she was and she was willing to explore. I told her she was beautiful and I wanted to eat her up and down. She laughed and said ok. So we started.

I kissed her and she responded and the heat between us went up. I was hot for her. I undressed her than my self. I pushed her down on the floor and buried my head in her pussy and she gasped and spread wide for me. I got lost in that pussy and I went on and on licking as I went. I had my finger in my pussy as I eat her and she went out of control thrusting against my face saying oh that feels so good and than the shuttered and gasped and climaxed on my face flooding my face with her cum. I jerked myself off and came with her.

We stayed quiet for a while and she finally said wow what an experience. I came so hard with you. I moved up her body kissing as I went and we lay there kissing and hugging each other as we came down from the high.

Finally she asked do you want me to do the same for you? I paused for a moment because I certainly did, but said only if “you” want too. She said I never have and I said I know.

So we lay there kissing each other, her face became flushed again and she was turned on again and said I want to do you. I spread my legs and she moved down my body kissing as she went and when she reached my pussy she paused looking at my pussy than up to me and we made eye contact. I could see the lust in her eyes and she was breathing hard and finally she buried her face in my pussy. Now that she was there she knew what to do and she worked me over the way I had her. She lost any doubt and went for it, totally lost in my pussy and the moment.

I pulled away and turned her over and sat on her face. I looked down at her flushed face and said I am going to fuck you and lifted her head up and held it against my pussy and fucked her face and tongue that was inside me. I reached behind me and fingered her.

I was so hot I lost all control and just thrust against her face as she licked and sucked me off. I came hard and flooded her face with my cum and she jerked against my fingers and climaxed with me. I moved so we were side by side again and we continued kissing until our breathing quieted. Finally she said I am no longer Bi-curious and laughed. I laughed with her and said nope you are not. You were wonderful.

What a great time everyone seemed to be having on our opening night. So many things were happening at the same time. The 5 single guys had all gotten laid at least once and the single girls had no trouble getting laid as well. Several times In fact. The three single girls had all expressed an interest in exploring being Bi when we talked with them, as that was the house theme.

The three singles were sitting together talking about their experiences. Debbie was telling them about her gangbang, which had been one of her fantasies.

These were very bad girls and had come to the house to be bad. They had been very clear about what to expect for the night when we had talked to them.

I walked up to them and asked having fun? They all said yes a lot of fun.

I said so what is next? They looked at each other and said we are just waiting to see.

I said well you could play with each other. Here is your chance to explore.

They all looked at each other and smiled and obviously a little nervous. Finally Debbie said well I am willing. The other girl Joyce said ok if you are I am too. The third girl Lynn said well we all said we were willing to try it so count me in.

I wanted to watch this team play. This would be the blind leading the blind and I was willing to help. Lol

We all moved to an unoccupied room. The three girls stood looking at each other knowing they were about to do something sexy with each other. I said I could direct and they all laughed. Finally Debbie said ok Jim go for it. The other two just looked at me so I said ok. I said some kissing would be a nice way to start. They moved together and did some kissing and their faces began to get a flush in anticipation.

I said you could feel each other up. Debbie was first and played with the boobs of Joyce and Lynn. She seemed to be enjoying herself as she was smiling. Joyce and Lynn s breathing increased and their faces were more flushed as they were getting turned on.

Joyce and Lynn than played with Debbie and her nipples got hard through her blouse.

I said Debbie undress Joyce and Lynn. Debbie slowly undressed them both and they stood there naked. Joyce and Lynn than undressed Debbie.

The three girls stood there naked and I said you know what to do, so do it.

They moved together and played. Debbie made the first move and sucked on Joyce. Her nipples got hard and stood out. So the girls sucked on each others boobs for a while and did some kissing and were all turned on.

Debbie took the lead and decided to do the wild thing. She pulled Lynn down to the floor and moved her hand down and slipped two fingers in her pussy. Again the three girls followed and soon were all fingering each other.

All hot and their faces had that lustful look and they were into each other. Finger fucking and Lynn was first to cum. She jerked and cried out and thrust against fingers in her and climaxed. Debbie lost all control and went down on Lynn and extended her cum, her face wet from Lynn.

Soon all three girls were in a daisy chain eating each other, lost in the moment and doing whatever felt good in the moment. They all had a cum with each other and when it was over they all lay there looking surprised at what had just happened faces flushed breathing hard and faces wet from each other.

Debbie said that was wild. Lynn said unbelievable and Joyce said loved it.

I said well no one is Bi-curious anymore and they all laughed and said except you and I laughed and said not in this lifetime, but I could use a blowjob and they all moved toward me.

The end with more stories to tell later.

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