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New Orleans Night

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I wasn?t impressed with our first walk down Bourbon Street. We were in New Orleans for a four-day vacation and on this, our first night, we?d had dinner at Mr. B?s Bistro and now we were walking arm in arm down Bourbon. My parents had paid for the trip, I think because my mother sensed that I was feeling dowdy and frumpy after three years of being a stay at home mom. Don?t get me wrong, I loved my little boy and being a mom, but it really did play hell with self-image some times. In the first block we passed some strip clubs and I saw a couple of the dancers in the doorways; one of them in an outfit that showed a lot of firm butt. I was trying not to stare as I walked by, but she caught my eye and winked at me, laughing when I smiled back. Dan, walking beside me whispered in my ear, ?See, she thinks you?re sexy. I do to.?

We walked by a few more clubs and then a jazz bar, but there were some really obnoxious black kids in front of one who heckled us for not throwing a dollar in their box after they tapped their bottle cap soled shoes on the pavement. More strip clubs and then some tacky t-shirt and souvenir shops with dirty floors. Every corner had a bar with rows of frozen drink machines and then there was another few strip bars. Dan paused in front of a shop called the Panda Bear which had some sexy lingerie displayed in the window, we looked in through the door and saw rows of boxes behind the counter.

Dan said, ?Maybe we should go in there and see if we can get something that will turn you on.?

I squeezed his arm, and urged him into walking again. I guess he was alluding to the fact that I hadn?t felt much like sex for the last year. I had no idea why my desire had waned but I didn?t think it was a problem. The crowd in the street was growing thicker as we walked and then we came to Pat O?Brien?s. We braved the line and found ourselves sharing a table in the courtyard with another couple that was a little younger than we are, sipping a violently colored hurricane. Jackie and Bill were from Demoines and were here for a quick weekend, not unlike ourselves. They asked if we were with the convention but then became a little shy when we said we weren?t, which I thought was a little strange. Jackie was dressed a little slutty I thought, though my husband seemed to be enjoying the view. I caught his eyes glancing at her big boobs a couple of times and felt a little irritation, but then I relaxed. I figured she was wearing a push up bra and knew that they probably weren?t any bigger than mine.

The hurricane didn?t seem like it had any alcohol at all, which didn?t surprise me since I?d heard about bars on Bourbon St watering their drinks, but after drinking the first one I had to pee, so I left Dan happily sneaking peaks at Jackie?s tits. I was sure Bill had seen the attention Dan was paying, but it didn?t seem to bother him.

When I came out of the stall, I saw myself in the mirror and all of a sudden, I wished I hadn?t worn such a dowdy dress, but then I figured there was a quick solution. I risked a sour look from a girl who had just come into the restroom by quickly ducking back into the stall where I removed my bra and underwear. I hadn?t brought my purse with me so I did something even stranger and just stuffed them in the trashcan on the way out.

Dan saw me across the room and I put a little sway into my hips as I walked towards him and watched his eyes as he saw my tits swinging under the thin fabric of my dress. I could feel my nipples hardening under his gaze and wondered if there in fact had been more liquor in my drink than I?d thought. He was grinning as I sat down. A fresh hurricane was waiting in front of my seat and I sat up and back as I looked at Dan, Bill and Jackie.

?You look a lot more comfortable.? Jackie said. I felt a little flustered, as I wasn?t sure I really wanted Jackie and Bill to notice my tits, but then I thought to myself ?Sure you did.?

I said, ?It?s pretty hot in New Orleans.?

Bill laughed, ?Suddenly a lot hotter?, and we all laughed with him. Bill started paying more attention to me and at one point when Dan was laughing with Jackie; he made eye contact with me that went on for just a second too long. He had nice eyes, deep blue with just a little wrinkling at the corners. I finished my drink, Dan paid the check, and then we were back in the street. Jackie and Bill left at the same time and we all found ourselves walking down the street together. I was glad we were in a group because I found that a lot more men were staring at me now and I shortly regretted losing my bra. We passed back towards the Panda Bear and I said to Jackie, ?Did you look inside this store??

She put her arm through mine and said, ?No sweetie. What do they sell?? When I looked down at her I think there was a twinkle in her eye, but I really liked the feeling of her arm in mine. She?d brushed the side of my breast when she put her arm through mine and it had felt very naughty.

The window stopped us and Jackie said, ?Let?s go inside and see.? When we walked in there wasn?t anyone else in the store other than the two black women behind the counter. I looked up at the wall and realized the whole wall was covered in different vibrators. I felt embarrassed and thrilled at the same time. One of the black women said, ?Can I show you ladies the wildest product we have.? Without pause she continued, reaching under the counter and pulling out a purple vibrator that appeared made out of a soft silicone that dangled in her hand like a soft big cock. She pushed a button and it began a soft purr, rotating around, while a little knob on the top, clear plastic and filled with lots of little balls, vibrated back and forth. ?This feels so good against your clitty it?ll make you scream.?

I?d never heard anyone talk like that and I was so shocked I didn?t know what to say, but Jackie grabbed it and laughed, turning to me, ?It looks pretty wild. What else have you got??

The black woman said, ?Well if that?s a little too high tech there?s always the old standby.? There was a mirror behind the counter and she reached down and pulled up another silicone cock. This one was a little bigger and had a suction cup on the end. It was a little harder too and curved up a little. She whacked it onto the mirror. ?This one drives me crazy. You just back up on this puppy and go to town. If you put it down low and get your legs up close the curve gets my g-spot every time.?

Jackie was looking around and spotted a neon arrow pointing to the next floor. She squealed, ?Clothes. Let?s you and I go upstairs while the boys make the purchase.?

I was so happy to get away. Jackie put her arm through mine and this time I think she had her fingers spread as it brushed by my boob. The hurricanes were really getting to me now. The second floor was full of sex clothing. Black leather bras, shiny plastic halter tops, chaps for men and a bunch of paddles and other sex gear.

I said, ?I?m a little drunk from those hurricanes. Thi stuff is pretty outrageous.?

Jackie said, ?Sit in here and I?ll bring you a couple of things to try on.?

Sitting down seemed like a good idea, but in a second, she was back with a red corset. It looked so pretty. She said, ?Let me help you into this.?

I stood up and felt her fingers at the zipper at the back of my neck. She was a few inches shorter than me and her face was only a few inches from mine and I had the craziest urge to kiss her, but thankfully, it passed. I felt the fabric fall away and remembered too late that I?d taken my underwear off. My dress puddled around my ankles. She stood back and said, ?Wow you have really pretty breasts.?

That made me remember my unkind thoughts about the size of hers under her pushup bra, but then she was reaching around me with the corset and we were cinching it up. I?d felt her dress brushing up against my nipples, which I guess were hard from the air conditioning. There was a mirror outside the room and she pulled the dr*pe open so I could see just as Bill and Dan rounded the corner. I could see Dan?s eyes fly open as he saw me, and my hand quickly flew to cover my bush.

?Doesn?t she look fabulous?? Jackie said, standing back.

I looked like Jessica rabbit, my boobs huge pools above the narrow waist of the corset. I noticed that the areola of one nipple was peaking out. Dan and Bill chorused, ?Yes? and I retreated behind the dr*pe. Jackie stuck her head through. ?Sorry if I embarrassed you. I didn?t hear them on the stairs.?

?It?s OK.? I took off the corset and started to slip my dress back on but she appeared with a leather bra that looked like it was made of leather straps.

?Just try this on and I?ll leave you alone.?

I thought that was a funny thing to say, but I sat down on the chair. I think I dozed off for just a second because when I snapped to I heard Bill?s voice in the next room. ?I think it looks a little gay.?

I looked over and realized I could see him through the fabric walls of the booth. He was standing there wearing nothing on the bottom but a pair of leather chaps. His back was facing me. He had a great butt, and I was just enjoying looking at it when he turned around. Jackie?s hand was wrapped around his cock. When she removed it, I was amazed. Not only was it fat, but also he had no hair around it or his balls. It was also starting to get erect. I was staring at it and then looked up to see him watching me. I felt embarrassed now. I stood up and opened the curtain, forgetting that somehow I?d managed to put on this ridiculous bra. My nipples were poking out through the rings and it provided enough support so that my breasts looked as if they were offered for display. The black woman rounded the corner and said, ?Honey that looks just great. I hope you saw the sign.?

She pointed to the sign on the ?Health rules say, ?If you try it you buy it.? Dan was standing beside her and said, ?I think it looks fabulous.? I realized the drinks had gotten to him too. A few minutes later we were standing on the street with two packages; one was obviously the sex toys and the other the clothes. Bill and Jackie also had two packages. Jackie said, ?Whose idea was it to go in there??

I had to laugh. We continued walking down the street. I was thinking that it might be a good time to call it a night. I was a little curious about what Dan had in the dildo bag. We walked down the street towards out hotel. Bill and Jackie stopped outside the Royal Sonesta. Jackie said, ?We?re staying here, but before we go let?s just have a final drink. We can even make it a coffee with Bailey?s? She pointed to the opposite side of the street. A bar seemed to take up a whole building. ?Rick?s Cabaret.?

The other three seemed up for it, so I followed them in. The pace was large and had a good crowd of people, but Bill seemed to know what he was doing and soon we were seated in a VIP section with a view of the stage. A very leggy blonde girl was on stage, dancing under a wild display of colored lights. Smoke came out from around the mirrors at the front of the stage and the music shifted and she did a slow strip tease. I was amazed. As I watched her, I realized that she was really very sexy and leaned across to say so to Jackie.

Her response floored me. ?You?re much sexier.? The waitress was very pretty and was wearing a red corset and her boobs looked almost as overflowing as mine had. She sat on the corner of my chair and started talking to us. I didn?t think that waitresses were usually that friendly, but she?d spotted the bags. ?You just came from Panda Bear didn?t you? Isn?t Denise just crazy?? I looked confused and she said, ?The black woman who owns the place. She says she test drives all the products.? She said, ?Can I see what you chose??

I opened my bag and pulled out the suction cup, the vibrating thing and a long thing that I realized had two cocks, one on each end. In my mind, I couldn?t figure out why you?d do that. The waitress, whose nametag said, ?Katie?, said, ?I tried one of these with my girl-friend last week. It was wild.? She called over to another waitress who was wearing a black corset and who had short brown hair and a pixie face. ?Delilah, does this bring back memories??

Delilah leaned in and kissed her on the neck, ?Yeah of your delicious pussy.?

It took me a second to work it out. Obviously one fitted one end in your who-ha and the other in someone else?s who-ha. What amazed me was how open this girl was talking about sex with another girl and masturbation. New Orleans was a weird town. I think I?d heard more and talked more about sex and masturbation tonight than I?d ever heard.

Jackie said, ?We bought some clothes too. In fact, I think Bella?s corset looks a lot like yours. Jackie pulled it out of the bag and Katie said, ?Pretty close, but this one has a better cinch and it opens from the front. Can I see it on??

It took me a second to realize what she was asking, and I said, a little too primly, ?I don?t think so.?

Katie left, a little upset I thought and I felt bad. I turned to Dan, ?Did that come out wrong. I think I offended her.?

Dan said, ?It?s OK, I understand.?

For some reason that infuriated me. I guess it was the liquor, but the idea that he understood how I felt made me crazy. I leaned over to Jackie and said, ?Unzip me.?

She did but I held my dress up and looked at her. Why is it I?m always the naked one and you don?t keep me company? What did you get for clothing?? I reached to open her bag and found the leather chaps and a paddle and a few pairs of alligator clips. I had no idea what they were for. I said, ?There?s nothing for you to try on.?

She laughed and said, ?Oh yeah?? she unbuttoned her shirt and I saw that her bra was heavily padded but she reached around and unsnapped it. She had the cutest pair of b size buppies. Her nipples were a little hard but she leaned in and said, ?It hurts if I put clamps on before they?re really hard. Will you give them a quick kiss??

I looked over at Dan. He was obviously embarrassed at the sight of Jackie?s boobs because he?d stood up to put some money in the dancer on stage?s underwear. Nobody was looking so I leaned in and touched one nipple with my tongue and then sucked it in deep. A few seconds later I did the same with the other. They were very pink and long. She put the nipple clamps on and said ?The third clamp goes on my clit and then you came tug on me while I get fucked.?

I saw Katie on her way with some drinks on her tray. As she set them down, I let the top of my dress fall. ?Will you help me with the corset??

She grinned at me. ?I was afraid I?d offended you. Sure.? She put the tray down and said, ?we should move a little so the manager doesn?t see. They like to keep the nudity on the stage.? She shifted and kneeled in front of me. She reached around me to put the corset on and I felt her face between my breasts. ?Oh these are so perfect. I love having my face between big titties. Before she closed the corset, I felt her mouth close around a nipple and I felt an electric current pass right to my pussy. I suddenly realized I was very wet. Her mouth pulled my nipple out far and I gasped. I saw Dan staring at me, but then he grinned and I knew that he thought I was just playing. Now Katie was lifting a breast and pulling the corset front closed. ?They?re so heavy. I?d like to play with them.? She looked over at Jackie. ?Pull this closed while I lift them.?

Jackie leaned in while Katie took both breasts in her hands and snapped the corset closed. Katie sat back. ?That was fun.? She looked at Jackie. ?I like your clips and I know just where that third one goes.?

It seemed to me that all these people knew a lot more about these things than I did. I said to Dan, ?Don?t you feel as if our education has been neglected??

Jackie leaned forward, I felt her hand brush the bottom of the corset, and then it was burrowing deeper into my dress. I felt her fingers in my bush and then I felt one separating my lips. I breathed deeply and then there was a slight pain on my clit. Her hands withdrew and as she sat back, I saw that the chain linking her nipples descended into my dress. She?s put the third clip on my clit. She lifted herself and leaned towards me. I felt a gentle tug and then her mouth was on mine. She moved as she kissed me and I felt the clip puling and tugging on me and I swear I went to a different place. I lifted my hands to her breasts feeling the tug my clit was putting on her nipples as her tongue and soft lips explored my mouth. It was all too much and I could feel the orgasmic wave washing over me. When I stopped shaking, she unclipped her nipples and sat back.

Katie said, ?That was the most erotic thing I?ve ever seen, but I think my manager isn?t too happy.?

I looked up to see a tall man glaring at our group. Jackie slipped her bra back on, though I took my time unsnapping the corset. She attached the clips to my nipples before putting my dress back on. I reached over and kissed Dan. ?Did I embarrass you??

?God no.? He put my hand down to his lap and I felt his hardness. ?Bill and I enjoyed the show.? I looked at Bill?s lap and saw his cock making a tent in his trousers. Katie brought us the check and said, ?My manager says you have to leave, but listen if you guys are going to play I?m out of here in an hour.?

I saw Jackie lean forward and whisper something in her ear, and a few minutes later, we were in the street. My orgasm had energized me. ?Is there someplace we can go to dance?? Every time I moved, I could feel the clamps on my nipples and clit. Dan said, ?I?d like to go to the hotel.?

Bill said, ?We have a sound system in our suite if you want to come up. There?s also an extra bedroom if you want to crash. It?s pretty huge.?

I looked at Dan. I knew why he wanted to go to the hotel but I wasn?t ready to go to bed yet. I wondered if I could just get him in the bathroom and blow him. I hadn?t done that to him for over a year. Their suite was huge, and nice too. I wondered what Bill did. The moment we got to the room, Bill opened a bottle of champagne. I went to the bathroom and realized I was drunk. When I pee?d I looked at the clit clamp and wished I?d kept my bush better clipped. The girls at the cabaret looked as if they shaved it all off.

I wiped myself off but kept the clip on; it was still arousing me every time I moved. When I returned to the room it looked as if the three of them were discussing something serious. I spun in a circle, ?Whee. How about some music??

Bill put something on; it was slow rather tan fast but that was OK. He opened his arms and I slid in. He was a good dancer. I pushed my boobs into his chest and he said, ?You?ve still got the clips on. Do you like them??

?Umm yes.? I felt his hands lower on my hips and I did the same to him. I had a flash back though of that round and high ass in the chaps. ?I?d like to see you in your chaps.?

I noticed that Bill and Jackie were also dancing, and I saw Jackie?s hands on Bill?s ass. That was OK, but then I saw them kiss and I felt a little jealous, went over, and switched partners. ?Do you want to go?? he asked.

?No.? He stood away from me and pulled the chain and then he unzipped my dress. I shrugged out of the top and tied the arms around my waist. Jackie tapped him on the shoulder and I found myself dancing with her. She was wearing her bra and I unclipped it and then felt her breasts smooshing against mine. I said, ?Let?s get Bill to put on his chaps.?

She laughed, ?Only if Dan gets to try them on too.?

I guess that was fair. Jackie tugged my nipple clips and I felt the tug again on my clit. ?I?d like you to put the clips on me.?

She went over to the sofa and slipped off her trousers. She was wearing a tiny thong and she lay back on the sofa. I shrugged out of my dress and unclipped myself. The clip was wet with my juice and I said, ?Let me wash it off.?

?Oh no.? Jackie responded and took the clip from my fingers, putting it in her mouth. That made me shiver and I felt a tingle from my nipples to my pussy. She handed the clip back and parted her legs. I slipped the thong to the side. I?d expected her to be tucked in but she had quite large lips. Her clit was big too and the hood was nearly all the way retracted. It was much different looking than mine. I pinched it and heard her draw in her breath and then I opened the clip as far and I could and clamped down. She moaned. I tugged gently on the clip and then reached up and attached the two nipple clips and then I sat back on my heels and started tugging. I looked at Dan and Bill and saw that they were both staring. ?We want to see you both try on the chaps.? I continued my gentle tugs while the men stripped. They both turned away from us, and I was sort of surprised that Dan?s butt was every bit as nice as Bill?s. I guess I hadn?t been looking.

I was still tugging at Jackie while the men were doing their thing. When it was Dan?s turn she moaned, ?Turn around.?

I guess I was shocked to see Dan fully erect; though I don?t know why. I shouted to Bill to turn around; he was fully erect and he was much shorter than Dan but fat and he curved up. Jackie said, ?Get out the toys.?

The boys had batteries in the vibrators within seconds. I?d drunk my second glass of champagne because I knew what was coming. Jackie said to Dan, ?Put it in me and turn it on.? I watched as he rubbed the tip up and down her slit. I was proud that he didn?t just shove it in. In the meantime, I felt Bill behind me and I felt my vibrator sliding up and down my lips. I was so busy watching Dan that it took me a second to realize it was inside me. God it was big. I waited for him to turn it on and then I realized with a shock that the vibrator was in his hand and that it was his cock that was inside me. For a second I was embarrassed. What would Dan say when he saw Bill?s cock in me?

Then he started moving and I felt his head sliding in and out of my lips and I started cumming. It was then that I felt the vibrator at the entrance of my ass. It hummed and then started slowly penetrating me. Maybe Dan would think it was just the vibrator inside me. Dan was now rotating the vibrator in Jackie?s pussy and she was moaning. I saw her reach out and grab his cock. I had a moment?s jealousy and then I realized the ridiculousness of that emotion. She pulled Dan by his cock and I saw her mouth close around him. Bill in the meantime was continuing to fuck me. My tits were bouncing all over the place and I was afraid that any second Dan would see and just come unglued.

Bill was really fucking me now and the vibrator was doing amazing things to my ass. I felt Jackie?s hands on my breasts and moved to give her better access. Dan had left the vibrator alone in her pussy while he moved to get his cock in her mouth and I moved slightly to take over. Her clit was still attached to the clip and I pulled on it but she yipped with pain I think s I took it off. It seemed natural to kiss it better, so I closed my mouth around it and sucked gently. I could feel her start to cum, and then I felt Bill?s thrusts increase and then I felt him start to fill me. I still didn?t know if Dan knew I?d been fucked behind his back, but I saw his butt clench and I knew he was Cuming. That set me off again and we all collapsed in a heap.

Thankfully, when Dan turned around Bill?s cock was no longer in my pussy and the vibrator was lying on the carpet beside me, humming softly. Dan leaned over and kissed me. I knew he must taste Jackie?s pussy on my lips.

Jackie said, ?Whew, that was quite unexpected. Very nice though.? She moved down towards her husband. ?Umm, you taste good.?

I watched as she licked him clean. I looked at Dan and reached for his cock, moving around to put him in my mouth. I was amazed to feel him start to harden. He shifted and I felt his hands on my legs, and before I could stop him, he had his face buried in my cunt. I tried to squeeze to keeps Bill?s jism inside, but then I felt his tongue lapping at me and I realized he was cleaning me up. His cock was completely hard and I was slowly jerking him off when I felt Jackie?s legs straddle him and felt her cunt lower onto his cock.

There was a ring at the door and Bill went to open it. What a spectacle we must have made. Katie the waitress and her girlfriend came in, shed their clothes, had a shower and came to join the pile. By the next morning I had been fucked to five orgasms, licked to a lot more and had eaten three girls pussies and watched my husband fuck them all. And that was on the first night of our New Orleans vacation.

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