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New Neighbors

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It was our first weekend in our new house. We moved out into a nice development but we hadn't met any neighbors yet. I was inside putting away dishes. When our boxes arrived from the movers, everything was dusty. I ran everything kitchen related through the new dishwasher and put it away. My husband, Trent, was mowing the yard and trimming bushes. Every now and then he'd knock on the window to check in on me.

About an hour later he finished and invited me out to the pool. I protested since I still had a bunch to put away, but he promised to help me. So, I went in and found my swimsuits. I put on my hot pink suit. It was a one piece, but it had cut outs on the side, and it was high cut at the legs. When I went outside, Trent whistled. He approached me and started to rub sunscreen on my arms, neck and chest. He started to untie my halter strings, but I pulled away playfully and jumped in the water. I knew he was horny, but I wanted him to tease him a little.

In the water, he pulled me to him and kissed me. He tried again to untie my halter. I pulled his hands away and he pulled me closer to him. His cock was so hard. I found myself grinding into him, and letting him untie my top. After he pulled it away, I pressed into his chest.

We were just starting to play heavily when we heard someone clearing their throat. Trent looked up and the neighbors were leaning over the fence. They were an attractive couple. Trent told them to come around and he'd open the gate. While he did that retied my halter strings and dipped into the cold water to cool down a bit.

When they got back around with Trent, he introduced them. Their names were Denise and Kyle. They were the same age as Trent and I. I asked if they had kids, and Denise said they had two girls, who were with their grandma for the weekend. We told them our family would be starting soon, since we were in a house rather than an apartment. When we asked how they were using their kid free weekend, they looked at each other and smiled.

Trent brought out some chips, dip and beer. We spent about an hour together talking and laughing. Denise and Kyle were going to be good neighbors. We got back in the pool and fooled around a little. Then we went inside and unpacked one more box. We were worn out so we turned on a tv movie and fell asleep on the couch. We woke up to Trent's phone ringing.

It was Kyle. He and Denise invited us over for a barbeque. He told Trent there'd be one other couple there. I had gone to the grocery store, so I made up a quick dip and crackers plate with some cheese and olives. We showered and changed into our better suits and some cover up clothes.

As usual, the men grouped together and the women grouped together. We all talked. The other couple was Michelle and Dave. They were also attractive. Michelle was also a teacher, so we talked a lot about that. Michelle taught kindergarten, while I taught middle school math.

Kyle came in with a plate of hotdogs, hamburgers and chicken cutlets. We helped ourselves to burgers, potato salad and other delicacies. The burgers were fabulous, and everyone seemed to enjoy my dip. We got a little tipsy on beer and wine coolers. After we'd cleaned up Kyle announced it was time for the pool. I think everyone in our neighborhood had one, and some had hot tubs as well.

I got in the pool and stood in front of Trent. He pulled me close to him as we talked with the other couples. He brushed my hair behind my ears and gave me a kiss. Kyle teased us to get a room. Trent reminded him we had one next door. Dave told us we didn't have to wait. He then pulled Michelled close and kissed her as he played with her tits. I reached down and felt Trent get rock hard again. I moved a little to the left and back a little. Next thing I know, he was kissing my neck.

When I looked up the other two couples were also enjoying some intimate interaction. I was growing more horny by the second. When Trent removed my top, I didn't fight him. Before long he was kneading my tits and pulling on my stiff nipples. While I wasn't extremely large breasted, I had enough to make Trent happy.

I reached down in front of me and down Trent's trunks. His cock was hard and thick. I started to stroke it gently. I felt his hand on my naked pussy. I'd recently started getting it completely waxxed. Trent loved it. I loved the attention he gave it. I'd lost myself in the attention. When I did look up, I saw something I never expected. Dave was outside the pool and Denise was sucking his cock. Kyle was eating Michelle's pussy. I tapped Trent and he looked at the group. I sat up on the side of the pool and removed my bikini shorts. Trent pulled my legs up over his shoulders.

He first teased my clit with his fingers. Then he bent down and began to kiss and lick my smooth mound. It wasn't long before the whole back yard was full of panting and moaning. Everyone was naked by then. I squealed when I felt Trent's lips lock around my clit and his tongue make circles. I came and came hard, and again when I felt Trent's tongue lick my juices. I pushed him up long enough to lie down and turn, and take Trent's thick cock into my mouth.

By the time we were done with our 69, the couples had surrounded us. Trent moved around me and started to massage my shoulders and my breasts. I had forgotten my legs were still up and wide open until I felt another tongue on my pussy, which was still horny and ready to go a couple more sexual rounds. When I looked down, it was Michelle's head between my thighs.

I wanted to stop her, I had never had a thing for girls, but my God she was so good. I looked up at Trent and he had a smile, so he approved. Kyle was sucking on my left nipple. Michelle was literally fucking me with her tongue. Her tongue was darting in and out of my horny hole. I knew I was moaning again. Denise was sucking Trent's cock. Normally I'd protest but I was so wrapped up in my own lust that I couldn't.

Dave was fucking Michelle from behind. The whole scene was just hot. This sexual escapade changed positions and directions about six more times throughout the evening until we all passed out on the lawn. I loved our new neighbors and their friends. I think we were all extremely compatible.

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