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New Neighbors Chapter 8

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New Neighbors Chapter 8

This is about new neighbors Jimmy and Dana, a young married couple, who've moved into a swinging condo complex. Jim is a consultant, blonde, tight assed, and ruggedly handsome. Dana is his aerobic instructor wife, well proportioned, with light brown hair and a wicked smile. Let's tune in now, kids, as we see how little Dana has left behind all the inhibitions that once made her a rather boring bedmate.)

There were only a few weeks of summer left, and Jim and Dana put them to good use. Dana started an aerobics class around the pool, and the skimpy outfits that the women wore ensured that a large contingent of males joined in as well. Jim went into the office diligently, but he put in as little overtime as possible to hurry home to his wife who had seemingly become a nymphomaniac. If the weekends were sunny enough they were now both out sunning in thong suits, and both received ample offers from admiring on-lookers from the complex. This led to the following conversation: You know, Jim, Dana began one evening, we made a great choice in coming to live here. That we did, sweet stuff, he heartily agreed.

And we've made the best of friends in Mike and Barbara. Jim thought back on all the sex and friendship they'd shared. He hadn't had another encounter with a man, and although he remained firmly committed to love of the opposite sex, he didn't feel ashamed of that night. I agree with that last statement as well. Dana looked over at him on the couch from behind the breakfast counter, her bared shoulders leading up to her flawless neck and recently curled highlighted locks and continued, but I think it's time we made some more friends. I love Barbara and Mike, but there are so many other nice people around here that it seems to me like we're missing out on other friendships that we could be forming. Jim stretched out on the couch and thought about that for a minute.

Finally he replied, "I guess you're right. And it's not like we haven't had the chance to get to know others. What do you have in mind?" "Well, first, I want to know if it's okay to have friends over during the day while you're away. There are lots of people in my class I could have over for a drink to kind of feel out and see if they might be good candidates for us to become better friends with. What do you think? Come here babe and I'll show you what I think. Dana walked around to where he was stretched out in his cut-off shorts and t-shirt. He pulled her down to him and gave her a deep kiss, the kind that sent shivers of excitement through her taut body. His hand gripped her ass and she could feel his stiffness through the shorts. He rolled them over so that she was now beneath him, lifted her shirt up over her pointing breasts and began tonguing the up thrust breasts. She dropped her head back luxuriating in this kind of treatment, and lifted her one knee enough to make firm contact with his crotch. His hands roamed over her tanned skin and finally dropped down to slide her own short shorts off.

She had given up wearing underwear, and as he slid the black nylon shorts off of her he slid down until he stared directly at her shaven crotch.

Both had continued to keep themselves completely hairless in their pubic areas, and Dana again felt every touch and breath without interference from the dark curly hairs that used to reside there. Jimmy touched the tip of his tongue to the swollen red clit that had no where to hide and her juices began to flow freely. He inserted his middle finger slowly as he licked around her pussy and Dana instinctively arched her back in pleasure. He reached up with his free hand to tightly caress a firm breast as he brought her to climax again and again.

When she had had enough she removed his hand from her swollen nipple and sat up. "Show yourself, you sex machine!" so Jimmy sat up and slipped his cut-offs down to his ankles. Dana moved to sit on the floor and Jimmy leaned back, legs apart, while she dipped down upon his fullmast. Before he could pump her mouth she withdrew and sat up higher so that his cock stood straight up between her breasts. She leaned forward, pushing her tits together trapping him between them, and gave him a chest-fuck until he couldn't hold back anymore. Leaning forward over her head which he clutched tightly, he pumped as hard as he could, drenching her chest and neck in his sticky semen.

When he finally sat back, she used her warm palms to rub the fluid into her skin, smiling up at him. "I think," he said, "we've reached an agreement." "I'll do my best," she smiled back at him, "to find us some more good friends." Jimmy knew exactly what she meant and how she meant to go about finding new friends. "It'll be worth it," he mused as she cuddled up.

The next day dawned overcast, but soon a high front moved in and shooed away all the dark clouds. The humidity was down, unusually so for August, and Dana expected a large group for her aerobics class. She donned her L.A. Gear two piece work-out outfit and headed out to poolside with her boom box.

There were about 2 dozen people from the complex assembling around the pool, including about a half dozen new faces. This was pretty normal since Dana was being paid by the complex management rather than by each student. Anyone in the complex could join in as part of the condo fee, so the group was always a new mix of familiar and new.

Many were in aerobic gear, but some had come to swim and then work-out in their swimsuits. She began the warm-up routine, and got the crowd up to cardiovascular intensity before long.

As she led the class she noticed two faces in particular that she thought she might try to get to know better. The first belonged to a young woman wearing an outdated black one-piece suit. Her make-up was done to perfection, but her taste in clothes was abysmal. The other new face she noticed was a petite sandy haired female. She wore a shimmering gold leotard that was cut high on the hip to accent her long (for her overall size) and shapely legs.

When the class was over she beckoned for the two to meet her by the portable stereo deck. The petite one bounded up and the oriental woman came up more slowly. She asked their names and received back Janie in a southern accent and Miko in staccato. Dana and Janie made some small talk for a little bit until Dana invited them both over to her place for a bite to eat. Both agreed and when they had gathered up their things they headed over to it.

Dana made some tuna salads for them all while they relaxed in the dining room just next to the kitchen. Miko answered questions when she was asked, but in halting English. She seemed glad to be invited in though. Janie, Dana learned, had recently moved to the complex with her husband from Mobile, Alabama. She had a quick sense of humor, and made them all laugh frequently with her witticisms. Sometimes, though, they had to explain to Miko what they were laughing about and why. Dana poured them wine with their meal, and by the end of it they were all giggling.

Miko, it turned out, had come from Japan with her husband in the Japanese owned electronics firm with a factory in the states. She had married him after a family arranged wedding and she loved him enough to want to make the marriage work. She hadn't gone to college, explaining that the entrance requirements were much stiffer in Japan than the U.S. but she liked to arrange flowers, and hoped one day to catch on at flower shop.

Dana marveled to herself at the beauty of Miko's face and figure.

She had large brown eyes that tapered sexily. Her full red lips usually had a slight part when she wasn't speaking, showing a hint of pearly white teeth. The corners of her mouth turned down slightly giving her a bit of a pouting look. She had high cheekbones that were rouged just the right amount, and her hair was pulled back into a pony tail, most likely to keep out of her way during her workout.

She marveled as well at how poorly fit the suit was to her obviously curvaceous figure. It couldn't hide her firm and full breasts nor the small waist and buttocks, but it was cut low on her hips and nearly covered her to her neck.

Janie had long curly dirty blonde hair, a pretty face even if her nose was a little too pointy, and a muscular trim figure. As she noticed before, Janie's legs were long and attractive, and she knew how to show them off.

Eventually the conversation turned to how they liked living in the complex. Janie said, What with moving in and my night job at the post office I haven't really met too many folks here. I like the pool crowd, though, and I've seen quite a few male backsides that I'd love to get a hold of. They all laughed at that. I've noticed, though, she continued, and that a number of folks around here seem to go both ways. Miko looked puzzled and asked, what you mean, go both ways? Janie giggled, gave a knowing look to Dana, and leaned over close to Miko's ear. You know, she whispered when men like men, and women like women. Meaning dawned in her eyes and she started giggling at Janie's mock seriousness. Oh, yes. I know what you mean. Like when they say A/C D/C. I'm right? You all got it, Janie agreed.

Dana pursued the subject, and asked them, what do you think about people who go both ways? Janie thought a minute, and then replied, "I don't know, really. I haven't ever really thought about it. What about you, Miko? It is strictly forbidden in Japan, she replied.

"Yes, but we aren't in Japan, are we?" Dana countered, which brought thoughtful pauses from the other two. Then she changed the subject, and commented on Miko's suit. "It's nice, but you have too nice a figure to be hiding it in that old thing. I have some new suits in the bedroom I think might fit you. Would you like to try one on?" Miko agreed, so all three went back into Dana and Jimmy's bedroom.

Dana rummaged in a drawer looking for just the right thing, while Janie helped Miko slip out of the suit. When Dana chose a deep green maillot for her to try on and turned to give it to her, she knew that her earlier assessment of this girl's figure had been correct. Her breasts were full and round, with small pointed nipples. She had a small bush between her shapely legs which was mostly hidden behind her hands as she stood shyly before them with nothing on. Dana gave her the suit and she turned her back to step into it.

When she had it on she turned back around for their opinions. It fit well enough, showing off her shoulders quite nicely, but it still covered too much of her torso for Dana's taste. She told Miko to slip it back off because she think she knew exactly which suit for her to try on. After a brief search she found it.

As she handed this one to Miko and took back the maillot she noticed that in the cool air-conditioned air and the gazes of herself and Janie that Miko's nipples had stiffened considerably, making the breasts point up. She turned again and slipped on this second suit, but had to get a hand from Janie to figure it out. It was a multi-colored figure-eight suit that wound its way around her body. Starting at the shoulders it followed her contours crossing on her back, around her waist to the front where the two pieces met at the crotch. After barely covering her derriere they wound again her waist to work up and over her breasts back to the shoulders. It was slinky suit that showed a lot of skin and made the most, which was considerable, of Miko's figure. When it was all in place on her she stepped back for their scrutiny and received back longing looks from both. Dana stepped over to her to adjust the fabric over her left breast and then to make sure that the two pieces crossed exactly center between both. She purposely brushed the hard nipple in doing so, and when she had done so looked into Miko's big eyes. A little gasp escaped between the slightly parted wet lips and she couldn't help but lean over and kiss them. Miko stepped back after two seconds of contact and looked a little frightened at what she had just done. But it was just then that Janie stepped up behind her and whispered up into her ear, its okay, sugar. You're a beautiful girl that anyone would desire. You're attracted to Dana, too, or you wouldn't be back here taking your clothes off. You're not in Japan anymore, and its okay." The quiet words had their effect and she tentatively stepped back forward. Dana reached out her arms and she stepped into them, closing her eyes and giving herself over to the heat she felt boiling up inside.

They kissed lightly, then deeper, Dana's tongue searching the warm moistness. She ran her hands up and down Miko's tingling body and then pulled her in closer for a firmer embrace as their kiss lingered.

Finally the two parted, but Dana held her hand and led her to the bed. Miko lay down on the bed and Dana lay down on her side next to her. She leaned over her to again kiss those inviting lips and her hand began caressing one of the up thrust breasts through the fabric. Dana could sense Miko's quickened breathing at the touch and then felt a hand touching her arm gently. Miko stroked the arm of the hand that was stimulating her breast, and then returned Dana's kiss with tongue probes of her own. Dana slipped her hand under the fabric and slid it off of Miko's shoulder.

Janie lay down on the bed on the other side and completed the process of removing Miko's suit. When that was accomplished, she stepped off of the bed and began undressing Dana, first sliding off the bottom and then the top piece of her outfit. She slipped out of her own tight outfit and lay again next to Miko. While Dana continued to kiss her mouth, she started kissing her shoulder and arm. She kissed around where Dana was stroking and rubbing the exposed breast, and when she moved her hand over to the other Janie began sucking and licking the free one near her.

Miko had lived rather solitarily since relocating to the states and was starved for companionship. Her husband worked long and hard hours and was often not home until very late at night. She wanted to fit in this new country, but more than that she was drawn to this American.

She had never considered loving a woman before and was still relatively new at loving a man, but the forbidden thought was possessing her now.

The tenderness of the kisses, the excitement of her nakedness before them, the sensuality of both these women, and the stimulation of their caresses on her body led her to give herself to them.

Soon Janie had kissed her way down to Miko's belly. She kissed her way into the dark patch of hair, but when she did Miko broke away from the kiss to sit up. My husband says that women are dirty down there and that it should not be touched with mouth. Dana gently pushed her back down and assured her most certainly that women were not dirty, and that all of her parts were beautiful and desirable. Miko accepted her words and spread her legs. Janie then kissed her way further south into the musky regions found there.

Dana could tell, while kissing Miko, when Janie found her way into Miko's dark bush with her kisses. Miko nearly sucked her tongue out.

According to her own testimony she had never experienced oral sex before, and her reaction bore her out. Dana finally disengaged herself from the wet mouth and began sucking on the closest breast offered.

Miko hugged her head to her chest in a nearly crushing embrace.

Dana gave her a good tonguing that brought the nipple to a hard point as Miko shivered her pleasure.

Eventually Dana tired of this and moved herself up so that she was kneeling over Miko's face. She looked down as she lowered her shaved pussy upon the red wet lips. She felt herself getting wet as her crack came into contact with a hungry mouth. Miko lifted her arms to grab her thighs and pull her down fully and began to slowly lick her way along and then into the wet crack. Dana had a good view of Miko getting the better part of her twat into her mouth and noticed again that there WAS no dark bush down there. Miko's mouth met no furry resistance for Dana was still shaved. The sight of her bared snatch almost always caught Dana by surprise, but the heightened feelings from its exposure continued to make the daily shavings worth it.

Janie, though, was working her way in and around the dark bush of Miko. She noticed that the musky scent and drippings were slightly different in odor and taste than her own. She stretched her own slim build out next to Miko's with her legs up near Miko's head. Then she had to slide herself away some from Miko because Dana slowly leaned over towards her, all the while keeping her pussy clamped into Miko's mouth.

The result was that they formed a triangle of love, with Janie eating Miko, Miko tonguing Dana, and Dana doing a cunnilingus number on Janie.

The results were also very mutual, for when Janie's lovemaking began to bring Miko to a climax that was translated into Miko eating Dana all the more zestfully, which had the same effect on Dana as she buried her face in Janie's muff. The ecstasy built and was multiplied as it went round and round the threesome until they each thought they would drown in the other's juices. Tongues and jaw muscles gave way long before anyone would have chosen to stop the circle of love, but reality finally set in and they dropped away from each other in exhaustion.

Then they began to share some of their fantasies as they curled up together. Dana shared her fantasy of a romantic evening for two, complete with dinner, dancing, and a cruise ship. It ended with her making love on stage with all the other passengers applauding her golden performance.

Janie's was a little more on the dark side. She shared secret longings that her cousin (whom she'd had a crush on all her life) give her a good spanking for her illicit desire for him, followed by his demand that she go down on him and 2 or 3 of his well-hung friends.

Miko's turn came and she just quietly shared that she didn't know how to go down on a man that she'd always wanted to try, but her husband wouldn't let her because he thought it was a "dirty" thing to do. Both Dana and Janie started to give her advice when "Hey Honey! I'm home. Sal told me to get out of the noisy office and finish this report at home by tomorrow." And they could hear him rummaging around out in the kitchen for a snack.

Dana jumped up, grabbed her robe out of the closet and whispered to them, "Don't move and don't make a sound. I'll take care of this." Miko was frozen solid with fear, and Janie just slowly slid under the covers to cover her nakedness.

They couldn't hear what went on in the next room, but only about a minute later Dana returned, but she was leading Jimmy in by the hand.

Miko glanced up in shame, but noticed that Dana's husband wasn't staring at her because he had a scarf tied around his head covering his eyes.

Dana told them, "This is Jimmy. Jimmy, these are two of my new friends, but I'm not sure that they were expecting to meet you so soon, and in these circumstances." Jim tipped a can of coke back and drank blindly, and said, "Well Dear, you did say that you were going to make some new friends, so I'll give you that. What happens now?" "I was thinking," Dana said coyly, "that you might help one of my friends with a problem she has." "Sure thing, what can I do?" "Just leave that to us," she replied and began loosening his tie.

She pulled it out from under his collar and then helped him slip his jacket off. Turning to Miko and Janie she motioned for them to take over as she sat down on a nearby chair. Janie went for his shirt, forcing Miko, if she was going to help at all, to work on Jim's pants.

He slipped his arms out of the sleeves and then after shucking his shoes stepped out of his pants. The bulge in his bikini briefs barely held him in, giving further evidence of his willingness to help.

Dana then began directing their actions referring to Janie and Miko as "J" and "M". "J" was told to show "M" how to begin the process. "J" was obviously familiar with this routine, for she didn't just grab his cock and start sucking. She caressed his stiffness through the fabric while kissing his belly. She rubbed her small breasts across his thighs letting him feel the nipples with each movement. Finally she guided his tool straight up so that it poked out of the top and began giving the tip small wet kisses.

Then she slid his briefs down for him to step out of and took in the sight of his member at full salute right before her eyes as she kneeled before him. Dana did a running commentary for "M"'s sake on "J"'s technique. "J" caressed Jim's balls and licked all over his hairless crotch area leaving a wet trail wherever she'd been. Then she began kissing up and down his shaft, interspersing wet licks along the way.

She made like she was nibbling his balls, but "M" could see that it was with her lips wrapped over her teeth. "J" kissed and licked her way back up and then eased her mouth onto the head. She sucked slightly, but her tongue was doing a furious number as it circled round and round it. Her hand got a good grip on the shaft and stroked downward, forcing the head to swell in her mouth even more. Keeping a firm but not forceful grip on his cock's base, she slowly slid her mouth up and down, taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Dana was urging her on, goading her to go ever farther onto him. Jimmy was slightly above average in length, as opposed to her own husband who was very short but thick in cock size, and she found that she wasn't prepared to take him all the way in.

Instead, she slowly eased up the treatment which she could tell didn't make Jimmy very happy, and when he was extracted from her mouth she squeezed the tip of his penis forcing the blood back out. This had the effect of taking the wind from his sails.

He perked back up a little when he heard his wife say, "Now "M", it's your turn. Try to do it just as "J" did." "J" helped Jim pull his briefs back up, ready for round two.

Tentatively, Miko knelt before him. She reached out and place her open hand on the front of his underwear and felt him stiffen at the contact.

She leaned in close and lightly kissed his belly. She didn't move her hand on his crotch, but gently left it there while she gave ever so slight kisses to his tight abdomen. Her other hand circled around him to caress his buns. Of its own accord his prick now stood out the top of his bikinis and his hands reached down to play with her hair. Her kisses finally found their way to the head of his protruding cock, and she licked it slowly with just the tip of her tongue. Her hand on his crotch pulled the small cotton briefs down and she licked her way down him as he became further exposed. Her other hand slid into the back side of his shorts and pulled them down past his knees where he then stepped out of them.

Miko then grabbed his cock and began to stroke him up and down.

After only the second stroke Jimmy gasped in pain and Dana admonished her for not lubricating him first. She murmured an apology and then gave the wettest licks she could all up and down the shaft. When she finished and grabbed him again it brought feelings of pleasure this time instead of pain. His member stiffened up to its full height, and his fingers intertwined in her hair, assuring him that she would not get far away before she was done. Her one hand was still behind him caressing his smooth cheeks, and as the fingers played in and around his crack he spread his legs for her easier access. She took the hint and poked and probed with her middle finger until it worked its way in slightly.

Jimmy's cock was now aching to be eaten and again she responded. Her wet lips wrapped themselves around his thick poker and both her mouth and her hand worked him up and down. He aided the rhythm with his hands on the back of her head, and soon had her traveling up and down the entire length. When he felt himself reaching the point of no return he released her hair and she sucked and swallowed as fast as she could as he exploded down the back of her throat. She continued to pump and bob and it felt excruciatingly good to him. Her finger had buried itself in his backside as he came, and he was sure she would have to gag on the amount he felt he was shooting into her. But she kept up, and when his spasms subsided, eased her mouth off but continued to palm him gently.

Dana was beside herself with the double pleasure of helping her new found friend have her first "taste" of fellatio, and seeing her man being eaten by a sexy young woman from the east. She led Jim to the bed, still blindfolded, and tucked him under the covers where he curled up and drifted off to sleep. She then helped Miko back into the figure-8 swim suit, brushed her hair back into place, kissed little Janie "thanks" and sent the two of them on their way for the afternoon. She then went back to the bedroom and snuggled in beside her husband and soon had joined him in dreamland.

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