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New Neighbors Chapter 5

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New Neighbors "Back From the Ranch" Chapter 5 [Recap: Dana and Jim are new neighbors in a swinging condo complex.

They've met Barb and Mike who have introduced them to new sexual experiences. In Chapter 4 three of them had a tryst in the woods, with an unbeknownst teenage couple watching and screwing nearby. After their woodsy escapade, they headed back...]

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dana, Barbara, and Jim had dismounted their horses and returned them to their caretakers. Dana had to slip into the ladies' room and squeeze the benwa balls from their tiny little hiding place.

The ride back went quickly, the music loud and the laughter long.

Finally they pulled back into the condo parking lot and headed over to Barb's place to see what was up with Mike. They walked in and found Tanya watching TV in the living room.

They shared with her some of their adventures that afternoon, and she told them of hers. "I found out this afternoon how many I can screw at once," she told them proudly.

"What's your record now?" Dana inquired.

"Four! I sat on one, sucked a second, and gave a hand job to two others. I wanted to try for five, but the only one left was Eric, and you know how big he is..." and her eyes grew big as she spoke.

"So I have him tied to the bed back in the "Play Room" and I'm taking him a little bit at a time." Jimmy snuck back to the room mentioned and stole a peek. Sure enough there was the athletically built young black man bound hand and foot, blinders over his eyes and a something stuffed into his mouth.

He appeared to be sleeping.

When he went back into the living room he asked Tanya, "What's he doing in there?" "I don't know. But at the end of each show I watch I go back and screw him until he's just about ready to give it up and then I come back out here. He's such a bully around here; I thought I'd teach him a lesson. I've seen him be merciless on some of the women around the pool, and now I've got him begging for release. I figure I'll do him another couple of shows and then I'll let him go." Barb said she thought her niece was playing with fire, and she hoped she didn't get burned. Then she asked if she could watch.

"Sure," her slim relative replied, "I was just about to go another round when you guys walked in. Let's go!" She led them all back to the "Play Room". She dropped her running shorts but kept on her bikini top. She found a bottle of oil and dripped some on the man's limp cock. The cool oil woke him and he thrashed around on the bed trying to avoid her slippery fingers, but she was not to be denied. Soon his dong began to stiffen up, and once again he reached his full height. His dick was very long and very thick and Tanya had difficulty fitting him into herself as she straddled him. The oil helped though, and soon she was riding him the way the other three had ridden their horses that afternoon. Eric's hands strained against the bonds and he pushed up into her as best he could, but when it looked like he was near to going off she slipped off him and padded back out of the room, leaving him frustrated again.

Barb raised her eyebrows at the huge cock, and then without saying a word, slipped out of her own pants. She repeated the procedure, but since he was awake and already quite stiff it began much quicker. She straddled him backwards, and used her hands to guide him into her.

Again, it was quite a tight squeeze, but Barb was a little more able to accept one his size than her niece had been. Instead of riding him, though, she just sat there and fingered her clit. The lack of movement prevented Eric from coming close to an orgasm, but Barb's finger action stimulated her to one. Soon her eyes were closed and her fingers were moving furiously until she shuddered and lay onto his chest and shivered in delight.

Then she scooted off of him, wiped herself off, and re-clothed.

Jimmy and Dana followed her back out into the living room where Tanya was sitting on the couch still bottomless.

"You didn't finish him off, did you?" Tanya said with a pout.

"No, dear, he's still all yours, and waiting for you." Just then Mike came in the front door, lugging some cameras and some electronic equipment. He greeted them all and stumbled over to the dining room table where he deposited his load.

"Whew! That's an armful!" He looked over at them all and smirked, "But well worth it. Wait 'til you see the video I took today." "What have you been up to, big guy?" Jimmy inquired as he strode over to the table full of stuff.

"Well, Barb told me that you all were heading up into the mountains for a bit of riding. I knew the spot she'd take you to - it's been 'our' spot for a number of months now - so when I got out of work I thought I'd swing on up there. I arrived probably about 15 minutes after you took off, so I packed up the old equipment as best I could and took the shortcut there. Barbara took you on the scenic route, but the spot is really only about 4 miles from the ranch. I took the straight route there and was able to set everything up in a copse of trees just a little ways from where you picnicked. I did have to wait for over an hour for you to finally show up, and the bugs were driving me crazy, but you didn't disappoint me." He gave them a little wink, "In more ways than one." "You didn't!" exclaimed Dana as it dawned on her just what he was getting at.

"Ah, but I did!", and produced his videotape with a flourish from the pile. "Care to see what I got on tape?" Jimmy received the tape from him and took it over to the VCR in the wall unit that held a vast array of electronic gadgetry. "I'd like to see just what you've got here. I hear the male lead is quite good," that over his shoulder to the girls.

"Which one are you talking about?" Mike asked him.

"What do you mean, 'which one?' What other male star have you got in this production - unless you turned the camera on yourself?" "No. I didn't do that, but I did get a bit of a surprise out there, and that's why I'm so anxious for you to see this." The thought of Eric strapped naked to the bed in the "Play Room" left all their minds as they settled comfortably together onto the couch to see what Mike had filmed that afternoon.

The tape began with some pictures of the "spot" before they arrived and Mike talking about what he hoped to do from his hiding place near the glade. Then it showed the three of them cantering up on their horses and then picnicking. Mike hadn't filmed the entire meal, and the picture picked up again as Barbara shed her clothes there in the woods and bounded off to the creek. Jimmy followed suit, but Dana didn't strip all the way.

When the three of them had vacated the scene, the film picked up once again as they re-emerged from the trees, wet and excited.

The three of them fell to the love-making they remembered from that afternoon, and it was interesting to see from a different angle.

They were just getting into watching themselves suck, lick, and probe when the camera swung left and pointed into the trees, up a slight rise, about 20 yards from- where the three had been.

Immediately they picked out a neon green piece of clothing, but from a distance it was difficult to make out who was in it. The lens zoomed in, and they could see that it was a cute little teenaged blonde peeking around a large oak tree. She was obviously mesmerized by the scene as she leaned around and stared in the direction of the three adults making love. She wore a midriff length green t-shirt that barely covered two pert breasts, and a tight and very short cotton skirt.

"The little voyeur!" Barbara commented.

"Voyeurette," corrected Jimmy.

Dana snuggled into his lap and pulled his arms around her.

"Watch this," Mike added, and they saw a teenaged boy lean over her shoulder whisper to her. "There's our other star." The camera was not too steady at this distance, but it was able to fairly well show the boy lean out of the picture and takes his place directly behind the little blonde. Tanya then began to squirm a little on the couch as she saw him drop his pants, hike her skirt up and over her ass, and begin to caress her privates with his right hand. The girl turned her head and said something sharp to him, but his other hand reached around her and slid its way up under her shirt.

She must not have been perturbed enough, or the scene held her in place, for soon she was backing into his hand and spreading her legs for more, which she promptly got. They saw her reach back and hand him something, the something turning out to be a condom, and he quickly slipped it over his stiff dick and moved back towards her.

They could see her outthrust ass atop well-muscled legs. Her tan lines were easily distinguishable, and they made her cute little cheeks stand out in the dimming light. His cock found its way in just under those cheeks, and he slowly worked it in deeper and deeper. The blonde closed her eyes and gripped the tree tighter, but held on and began to give him a good ride. She arched her back and bit her lip, and they could see that it was a good experience for her.

The young man didn't have much staying power and soon was holding her hips up against his tightly as his spasms started. A very intense look crossed his face for a few moments and then he looked down at her and seemed to be taking the whole scene in. The four onlookers broke out in a spontaneous cheer at the scene's climax.

"Hey, this is kinda neat watching our watchers," Jim observed.

"And the show isn?t over yet," Mike added.

The scene panned over to the three in the open who were engaging in an oral chain. Then it panned back, and found the two young teens lying together, with the blonde kissing her way down his body.

She kissed his nipples, then his lower belly, and finally found his renewed enthusiasm. From their vantage point they couldn't see her sucking him off, but they could tell by the bobbing of her head how well she was doing it. Then she stepped over him and they could see between her legs that he was eating her with equal gusto.

This scene lasted a little longer than the last, and both gave as well as they got. Her position now made it easy to see her slipping his meat in and out of her mouth, and Dana found herself sliding her hand onto Jim's bulging crotch. He accommodated her by dropping his fly, so she reached into his pants and slowly squeezed his own stiff cock.

Dana's eyes, though, were not so much on the teenage boy as they were on the blonde-haired girl. She reminded her of Tanya at an earlier age and what she must have been like just into her puberty.

Tanya had shown her some love-making tricks already, some of which were for the pleasuring those of the same sex. And pleasing Tanya had been a real turn-on to her in itself.

She imagined having as tight a twat as the little teenager on the screen.

Jimmy was on her one side, leaning in against her, but Tanya was still sitting bottom-less on her other, so she in turn leaned over next to her. Tanya took the hint and began playing with her hair, and interspersed a few kisses into her ear. This treatment warmed her and then began getting her hot. On screen two young people were love-making for the first time, she was gripping her husband's tool of pleasure (which was now liberated from its hideaway), and she was being kissed and caressed by a beautiful girl whose own genitalia was easily accessible. She turned her head and accepted a deep and lingering kiss, feeling quite trapped within her clothes. While the kiss continued she felt a warm hand reach into her blouse and inside her bra. Her breasts were now heaving in anticipation, and Jimmy did a quarter turn in order to unbutton her pants and help her shimmy out of them. His fingers danced up and down her legs, which she spread hoping that someone on either side of her would take an interest in the place where they met.

Tanya withdrew her tongue from Dana's mouth and moved in the right direction. She let Jimmy lean his head over and work on her tits, and moved on down quickly to more southern regions.

Tanya kissed her way down to the soft fuzz of Dana's smooth belly.

Her hot breath came quicker as she anticipated a wet meal of musky juices. She scooted back farther on the couch so that she could stretch out with her head at Dana's crotch and her dark tanned body at right angles to Dana's. She was not in close proximity to Jimmy's up-thrust stick, which Dana was giving a slow hand-job. She tossed her golden hair over her one shoulder so that it wouldn't interfere, and began probing Dana's dark mound with her tongue in search of a treasure. Soon she was marking the spot with wet X's, and lapping at the moisture exuding from Dana's slippery slit.

Barbara and Mike had shifted into a doggie style screw on the other end of the couch, with Barb facing into the middle, and Mike looking over her down sloping back at the rest of the action going on the cushions. He ran his hands up and down Barb's back as she spread her knees and opened her thighs to allow his aching cock entry into her fairly dry pussy. She had been going at it for much of the day, and needed more stimulation to get wet. Mike, though, had been watching most of the day and needed relief quickly, so he pushed and squeezed his way on in. Soon she became slicker and he was able to rock in and out as he held onto her tiny waist.

Barbara was now in close proximity to Jimmy's hand-job from the other side, so she reached a hand under one of his legs and played with his balls. She was able to lean her head onto his firm stomach and kiss his hairy navel. She then kissed her way down Dana's arm all the way to her grip on Jim's poker, which was too long for Dana to completely grasp. Barb kissed and licked him where he showed around Dana's fingers, which was mostly at the base.

Dana slipped her fingers down lower and allowed his head to thrust up through her hand. Barb locked her mouth onto it and gave it a good sucking.

Jimmy opened his eyes from tonguing his wife's stiff nipples and saw that both he and she were being eaten simultaneously. A teenaged blonde head was buried in his wife's nest and a dark brown head was latched onto him. The sight was delicious, and he allowed it to burn into his memory.

He began to hear Dana making little pleading noises, which startled him a bit. As long as they had been making love she had never made a sound. Now, with her eyes closed, she was begging for it harder, and her words were coming out louder and more clearly.

"Yes. Yes. Ooooh, that's so good. Eat me more. Ooooh, yes.

Deeper and deeper. You're so beautiful. Your tongue is on fire.

Eat me more. Oooh yes." Her breathing was deep and quick, her chest rising and falling. She released Jimmy's cock and used both her hands to grip her breasts. She pulled them up to her mouth and licked the tips and then began squeezing them to the rhythm of her breathing which continued to quicken.

Soon she was nearly bucking on the wall-length couch and letting out short shouts of ecstasy. Jimmy couldn't believe that it was his wife making so much noise, and then he saw her grab Tanya's head and practically smash it into her crotch, screaming out, "Oh God, yes! I'm coming! I'm coming! Don't stop! Oh yes!" He glanced over and saw that Mike was climaxing at the same time, and was pumping into Barbara for all he worth. His own sensations in his dick were building to a crescendo, but he held back a bit watching those around him in the throes of passion. He looked up to the TV screen and saw the teenaged boy removing himself from the girl's mouth and swing around to pump his jism onto her belly. That inspired him to give it up and he began to unload into Barbara's juicy mouth, between her encircling lips.

The five of them collapsed, just as there was a knock at the door.

Everyone grabbed something to make themselves a little more decent, except Tanya who just stretched out on the floor still exposed from the waist down. She propped herself up on a pillow and watched the rest of the video Mike had secretly shot of the teenaged couple that afternoon, where the boy began giving her an oral job that was amateurish, but obviously pleasing.

Mike pulled on a pair of pants quickly and opened the door to see the knock-out red head Sigourney standing there.

"Well, come in, come in," and beckoned her inside. She wore a one piece bathing suit that was white with colored stripes, and as she came in he appreciated the view from the back seeing that it had a thong cut.

"Has anyone seen Eric? A couple of guys told me that they'd seen him come in here with a blonde, but that was hours ago." Tanya hopped up and seemed oblivious to the fact that she wore nothing on her bottom half.

"I know where he is, but you have to promise not to let him know it was me." Sigourney agreed and they went together back to the playroom.

Tanya again went through her "wake-up" procedure and soon had Eric slicked up and stiff, but this time she urged Sigourney atop the mammoth sized dick. The redhead slipped off her suit and handed it to Tanya. She then stretched a leg over his body and stood kneeling over his king sized dong. She lowered herself onto him and then began going up and down as fast and as hard as she could. It didn't take long before his worn out meat shot his load inside of her. She lay down on top of him and rode him until he was flaccid. Then she pushed up his blindfold and took his gag of him.

"It's you!" he exclaimed in disbelief. "Has it been you all along? I thought it was that blonde minx over there," and he nodded in Tanya's direction.

Sigourney undid his hands, and while he rubbed feeling back into his hands she undid his feet. Tanya left the room, but heard them talking as she left. Sigourney was saying something about hoping he had learned a lesson.

Soon the two came out holding hands, Eric wearing clothes, but Sigourney still in the buff. She was wider at the hips than any other woman in the room, but she was still in good proportion, and her full breasts showed off her large aureole. Tanya gave her back her suit which she slid into, pulling the thong in the back up between her cheeks.

Eric apologized to them all, and explained that he would be much nicer around the pool from now on, especially if they kept the blonde away from him. Mike mixed up some drinks, rewound the cassette, and they all watched the afternoon again.

Dana reflected on the day and decided it had been a good one, with one exception. I wonder what it would be like to sit on a cock the size of Eric?s.

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