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Never before, hopefully again Group

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My neighbor (Tom & Gia) and his wife recently went to Greece and asked me to watch their place while they were gone. When they got back, Gia gave me a gift for watching their house and asked if I would like to see some vacation pictures. "Seriously?" I thought, but what do you say- except? "Of course".

She pulled up her laptop and started showing me some pictures. I will admit that I did not know the Aegean was so beautiful and they did look as though they really had a great time. Then, "the picture" came up... her topless. Wow! She was hot; I mean her tits must 38 C, nice round and well tanned. Here in the states she always wore kind of oversized clothing and so I always knew she was pretty but I didn't her body was so smoking hot. But she just kept going through the pictures as if nothing happened, but I started getting some, "wood." Then it happened again but this time she was totally nude; nice tits, nice dark bush. I inadvertently cleared my throat; she looked at me and giggled, "You Americans". I simply said, "Hey I'm only human". The slideshow ended and she wanted to show me some video of her childhood home when Tom walked in, butt naked and drying off from his shower. Gia screamed and laughed, "Honey Art is here!" "Oops" he said as he covered himself. I'm not gay, but the guy has a great body and a nice set of "tools". We all had a nice laugh and I headed home but before I left they said they were having a get together with her sister later this evening if Jan (my wife) and I were available. I said that we'd see and left to explain to my wife what just happened.

That night Jan and I were sitting on our deck debating whether or not to head on over. We decided to see what was going one and we could see the party over the hedges that divide our property. My initial reaction was, WTF? Gia is nude, her sister, Aellea, is nude; the husbands are nude and "little Tom" Gia & Tom's college age kid was nude. Jan and I looked at each other and I said, "Damn, wish we were Greek!" Well, we got caught. Gia could see us watching and walked up the little path between the bushes and grabbed Jan's hand and said, "Would you like to meet my sister?" The two of them started down the path and I followed with nothing but fantasies running through my mind; but I knew my wife and I knew, no fucking way.

It was awkward sitting clothed among five nude people but that soon changed. Aellea, the sister, wanted to play a game of, "who's got the biggest cock". Tom, little Tom, and the brother-in-law (can't remember his name) stood and I looked at Jan who mouthed, "Why not?" I stood up next to the other guys and dropped my shorts. The only rules were 30 seconds of sucking and jacking then measurement. The brother in law went first, but Gia sucked his cock and started jacking it off. By the way they interacted with each other I knew it wasn't their first time. "6 1'2 inches!" Gia said. Then Aellea started going down on, "Little Tom" while Gia was stroking his dick. It knew it was wrong, but it was also hot and I thought I was going to blow my load just watching. "7 1/4", Aellea said. Gia grabbed her son's rock hard cock and said, "Nice job LT". Gia got on her knees in front of Tom, her husband, getting ready to blow his already stiff dick when Jan said, "Can I do this one?"

I felt a rush of blood to my face as I saw my wife totally nude, walking towards Tom. "When in the hell did she strip?" I wondered. I guess I was so involved in watching the first two guys that I wasn't paying attention to my own wife's activities. Gia said sure and Jan got on her knees and started sucking Tom's dick. He put his hands on her head and started moving back and forth, gently fucking her face. She grabbed his ass and stared moaning. LT got behind my wife and cupped her round 39C tits in his hands and also slid his hands between her thighs and rubbing her clit. Gia looked at me and said, "I think the game's over." And gave me a quick kiss on my lips and got on her knees in front of me.

I'm only about 6 1/2 inches long but I've got a thick head on my cock and Gia had a hard time getting her mouth opened enough, but she finally worked it in. "Fucking hot", I thought to myself. I mean, Gia's giving me great head and I'm watching my wife take on a father-son duo. Aellea got ahold of LT and said, "It's time to give your aunt a fuck" and he did. She got on all fours and he plowed into her. The guy was banging away at her hot, very neatly shaved pussy and banging hard while the brother in law had sat in his chair jacking off. Tom looked at me and said, "Don't you love Greek family gatherings?" I just laughed but it did feel awkward. I mean, Tom's wife is giving me the blow job of a lifetime and he's face fucking my wife!

Jan got off her knees and went to the brother in law and asked if she could ride his 7 inch cock, and she did. Her cunt was soaking wet, he had cunt juice running down his balls, and it was hot. Gia grabbed Tom's rock hard cock and asked him if he was enjoying himself. I didn't care if he was because I was and then... Gia went over to LT slowed him down, bent over and sucked her sister's juices off of her son's cock, and she wouldn't stop. I see Gia doing her son and three feet away my wife is riding a 7 inch dick like she's never been fucked before, wow. Gia stopped sucking LT's cock and said, "You ready?" He said sure and she came over to me and asked if she could sit on my cock. She said she had never seen a cock that thick before, and I just hoped I wouldn't blow my load before she sat on me. I laid down on a towel that Tom had put on the ground for me and Gia sunk that fantastic, wet, hairy pussy on my cock- soaked with precum. Her beautiful tits were hanging there and I just grabbed them and sucked on her nipples. I kept breathing slowly and deeply so that I would cum too early. She laid on top of me and started frenching me. Our tongues were doing all sorts of things to each other and her were tits flattened against my chest. All of a sudden I felt another pair of legs- hairy legs, and another cock getting involved. Gia looked at me and asked, "Mind if I get fucked in the ass while we're at it?" It didn't make any difference what my answer was, her hot little hairy asshole was getting opened by a nice sized cock. I just kept thing, this beautiful babe is getting both holes fucked and we're still sliding our tongues in each other's mouths. I felt my balls starting to cum action when I hear a voice say, "Mom, I'm going to cum!" And LT shoved has dick all the way up his mother's ass; and I lost it. My balls were unloading what felt like buckets of sperm. We're all breathing exceptionally hard and she says, "Now that's a fuck.? I?ll admit that it was a little gross feeling all that sperm running between my legs but I was exhausted and didn't care.

LT gave me a towel so that I could wipe off and I saw my wife getting fucked by Tom while sucking the brother in law. I was sexually wasted but still turned on, Jan had never done anything like that before. Tom had his hands on her hips, her tits were swinging back and forth; you could her has body slapping up against her ass and was driving his cock as deeply as he could into Jan's cunt while she had her hand on the brother in law's cock, jacking it off and trying to lick the tip. Finally he exploded all over her face and Tom crammed his cock into my wife. She grunted because he may have gone a little too deep, but she didn't care. He hit her g-spot and I had never seen her cum so hard before.

After a few minutes, Gia and Aellea said that it was their turn and we all groaned. "Good enough" they said, and disappeared into the house holding hands. We four guys and Jan sat in the chairs totally nude trying to recuperate. Jan looked so beautiful sitting there nude swollen cunt lips, sperm still in her pubic hair, and the girls inside were definitely having fun. Jan said, "I'll be back in a little", Lt said, "me too". Tom, the brother in law and I had a beer.

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