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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

We?re Ricky and Krissy. You may have read our other stories ?Andy and Julie Show Us the Way,? and ?Deep in Dixie.? From those stories you would have learned how we entered into the lifestyle and of the first two couples that enriched our lives.

We later got involved with an on-premise club in San Diego and developed several good friends from there. Our club scene really didn?t last very long as we found it to be just too large of group with us preferring the home parties of seven to ten couples. One of our very favorite couples, Jack and Karen, moved away to Houston, Texas. Life threw us a surprise and we found ourselves also in Houston, much to the delight of our foursome. About once a month, we would have dinner out followed by an evening of sexual delight as we rotated whose house would host.

Those were delightful evenings. Krissy was a short girl at just less than five foot tall. She had long ago at the encouragement of one of her lovers, Mary, had adopted a bald pussy. Krissy was never bi-aggressive but she and Karen truly enjoyed their activities. Karen was large busted and was starting to develop a little bit of weight in her legs. She attributed that to her home based job, which did not provide much exercise and gave her way too much time to snack.

Karen loved to go down on everyone, boy or girl, and loved being pumped at the same time. Karen was truly a group-grope person. She was instrumental in getting the four of us to relax with each other with more than occasional physical contact. Jack and Ricky got very use to touching and helping each other get placed into a waiting pussy when the action became very acrobatic. Jack was a big man physically but somehow he was just endowed with a normal six plus inch dick. Krissy and Karen both said it was just the right thickness and length to let them ride him easily while one or the other rode his face. As a foursome, we were very happy and comfortable with each other. So it came as no surprise when Karen announced, ?You know guys, we need to get some ?strange stuff? and add to our little group here.?

Everyone nodded an agreement. ?I?d love to add to our fun, but I want to make certain we are careful,? said Krissy. ?I just don?t want to go back to big clubs, not that meeting you two at one hasn?t been wonderful. I just think we enjoyed the way we met our first two couples. It was sort of exciting to discover their desires to swing, or maybe I?m just crazy, ? she mused out loud.

?Hey, our first couple was just like that,? offered Jack, ?only we were the ones that were being chased. You?re right, Krissy, the ?not knowing? factor can really add to the excitement.? Ricky joined in saying, ?I?ll never forget how Krissy discovered that our church pianist and her hubby were closet wannna-be swingers. It was hot.?

?Well then, Karen stated, let?s start thinking about how we might add to our little group.?

The couples were sitting around a coffee table filled with snacks and adult beverages. During the discussion, the foursome would reach for their opposites and massage/stroke dicks and clits in a casual comfortable rhythm that was often broken by reaching for food and drink. The effect was to keep all of them in a constant state of arousal interrupted only by someone needing to leave for the restroom. ?Why don?t we get one of those new style of hot tubs,? asked Ricky to Krissy. ?That way we could have folks over for skinny dipping. We can?t afford a pool, but we could the tub,? he continued.

?I want one too,? chirped Karen as she was stroking both Ricky and Jack. Krissy got up and stood behind Jeanine then reached over and began to stroke her large breasts, pausing to kiss Karen on the neck. Krissy was so short that she was able to be at just the right height for Karen to turn her head and tongue Krissy?s bald pussy. ?Karen, I think you should get a tub as well, uhmmm, that feels good, but I have to go pee.?

?Hey, I don?t do water sports,? said Karen, but, I?ll join you as I could use some relief as well.?

?Guess we?re getting a couple of tubs,? said Ricky as he watched the girls go down the hallway touching and rubbing. Damn, they left us up and ready,? groused Ricky.

?Yeah, I think those two will take awhile,? Jack nodded in the direction the ladies went. ?But, when they come back, I think we will have ?primed? pussies to fuck tonight,? chuckled Jack.

He and Rickey set up a plan to go purchase tubs together hoping that it would result in a savings of scale. After an evening of fucking and sucking, the foursome had breakfast making their shopping plans.

They found the tubs they wanted and even demonstrated to the shocked business owner where the girls wanted the jets to hit their clits. It was a sight to watch the two girls use the tape measure and feel each other to mark the spot on the tub wall. They knew they had the poor shop owner getting hard as they watched his tent grow. Both girls had worn braless sheer tops with very loose baggy shorts and no underwear. The clearly made an effort to exhibit their bald pussies in full view of the shop owner that was desperately trying to stay clinical in his sales services..

They asked the shop owner to get a tape measure while they jumped into a tub shell. ?I want one right here, so I can rest my arms on the side while my pussy gets thumped by the jet,? said Karen. ?None of you are always around, I might need to be taken care of,? she pointed to the trio. ?Krissy, get in her and mark the spot for me, ? she more directed than asked.

Krissy got into the tub with a measuring tape and marker she took from the shop owner. ?I can?t tell where you clit is Karen,? offered Krissy. ?I have to raise your shorts to feel your clit,? she stated as a matter of fact.

Karen said, ?Krissy, I?m resting against this like I want, just find it, make sure, then hold your finger against the tub. I?ll mark it.?

?Back up a moment from the edge. Easy for you to say Karen, it has to be up for me to find it?. She skillfully pulled up the right leg of the baggy shorts revealing Karen?s bald pussy lips. She reached between Karen?s pussy and the wall deftly moving her tiny hand into Karen?s pussy. ?Hang on while I rub around there a moment,? replied Krissy. ?That sure feels like it. Did I get it,? asked Krissy?

?If you get it anymore, then you will need to finish me off, sweetie,? cooed Karen.

?Okay, I have the line, I?ll mark this one, then you mark mine,? said Krissy.

?Krissy,? as Karen felt her pussy, ?you are already up,? exclaimed Jeanine.

?Then mark it and lets get going or we?re going to have to christen this tub right her, right now,?

The foursome left the shop with two hot tubs deeply discounted and in their dust, one terribly horny shop owner. Ricky was able to get the use of a large flatbed trailer the next Friday afternoon. After dropping Jack and Karen?s tub off at their house, they convoyed over to Krissy and Ricky.

The sight of the very large hot tub arriving at Ricky and Krissy?s house attracted the attention of several of their neighbors; especially Meridith and Ted that lived two houses east of them at the edge of the semi cul-de-sac street.

?Wow,? called Ted to Meridith, ?look at what the neighbors are getting.?

?Ooooh, that looks like a lot of fun,? suggested Meridith. ?Let?s go see if they need help. It looks heavy. With that, the couple walked over to Ricky and Krissy joining them along with Jack, Karen and two other neighbors that also came to see the sight. Introductions went around along with the neighborhood compliments on such an attractive addition to their house. All but Ted and Meridith disappeared when it became time to start unloading the hot tub. Unlike Jack and Karen?s place, there was no easy way to get the tub to the back yard except by brute strength.

Without offering, Ted and Meridith jumped into the foray and began to physically help the foursome move the unit to the back yard. It took nearly an hour in very hot weather to grunt and push the unit back into its new home. Krissy said, ?whew, thanks Meridith, thanks Ted. I don?t think we would have gotten this far without your help. It was so nice of you to help us.?

Ricky offered, ?since everyone else abandoned us when the heavy lifting began, I think you two should be the first to help us christen the new tub. How about it??

?Sounds great,? said Meridith, ?when do you think you will have it installed and ready to use??

?Going to take a while. Jack and Karen have some folks coming over to their place tomorrow to help them, but it will be just Krissy and I here,? replied Ricky.

?Yeah, normally we would help these two, but we have guests coming tomorrow that were planned well in advance and we can?t leave them home alone,? added Karen.

?Can Ted and I help you tomorrow. If we?re going to help you christen the tub, we ought to help you get it ready fully,? offered Meridith.

?The help would be greatly appreciated,? said Ted.

Krissy offered beers for everyone and went back into the house with Karen to retrieve them. Karen eyed Krissy and said, ?well, looks like you have some friendly neighbors and they look like they are eager to get into the tub.?

?We?ll see,? grinned Krissy. ?Join me in explaining the nude-only use of the hot tub, we?ll see just how interested they are in really helping us install this thing, ? she continued. ?And, let?s do a little flirting between the four of us to see if they can ?read between the lines? without getting too far out there. Ricky and I have to live two doors from them, and we don?t want to get ostracized in the neighborhood.?

?No problem,? smiled Karen, ?I?ll be the edgy one and suggest a few things, then we?ll leave so you and they can continue to chat awhile. I?m reading Meridith as someone that would love to party and Ted, well he is a guy, what the hell, they are always ready.? Both of the girls laughed at Karen?s humor and sat about to have some fun with the neighbors. ?Do you have current swinger magazines,? asked Karen?

?They?re in the magazine rack in our bathroom, why,? replied Krissy?

?Well, if the evening goes well and you think they might be somewhat interested, tell them your hallway bath is on the blink or something. With enough beer, one or both of them will eventually have to use the restroom,? winked Karen.

?Ah, sort of how Frank and Mary set us up. I not only found their swinger?s mags, Mary had left her closet and her dildo toy drawer open enough so that I could see. I?ll be right back, I?m going go leave a few clues in our bedroom that shows that Ricky and I are very much into fun sex,? replied Krissy.

?Hey,? called out Karen as to Krissy, ?be sure to leave the double headed dildo where it can be seen in your drawer. That ought to send them over the edge.?

?Ah, refreshment at last,? said Jack as Krissy and Karen offered the beers. ?Sorry Jack, you know the rules, no drinking unless you?re sleeping over. You?ll just have to accept my little Pepsi and a loving kiss in lieu of the beer, said Krissy as she handed Jack his Pepsi and gave him a long, deep passionate kiss.?

?Uhmm,? Jack exhaled as Krissy and he finished the kiss. He took a swallow of his Pepsi and said, ?Just a kiss and a Pepsi, no beer. I dunno, beer sure would have been good after all of that work. Doesn?t seem fair that everyone else gets a beer.?

?Oh for crying out loud,? said Karen. ?You poor baby,? as she got out of her lawn chair and planted an equally strong deep tongue kiss on Jack then reached down with her left hand massaging his balls and dick through his shorts. ?There, now drink your Pepsi and quit complaining.

She turned around and saw the amazed look for Ted and Meridith at her actions. ?Sorry, but our rules,? as she pointed to Ricky and Krissy, ?are to never, ever drink and drive. Sex and drive, that?s okay, but never drink and drive. The hostess always offers the first kiss and both of these guys just bitch, bitch, bitch because they can?t drink.?

?Yeah, you would think the consolation would be enough,? chided Krissy.

?I think its smart not to drink and drive,? said Meridith. ?You guys have an unusual way of creating a consolation. I don?t think Ted or I have ever seen such effort to just give a guy a Pepsi,? she chuckled.

?Ted,? asked Karen, ?do you want a beer or a Pepsi?? Ted hesitated and quickly thought about the consolation. Meridith could see his struggle and wondered, is Karen going to kiss him and am I going to have to fondle him in front of my neighbors? Before Ted could respond, Krissy said, ?Give?em a break, Karen. Ted and Meridith each get a beer. Sorry guys, Karen has just come off her period and she is one frisky lady after that.?

Everyone laughed with Karen pulling out even more humor with sexual overtones. Ted and Meridith got use to seeing poor ole Jack get kissed and fondled as the beer and Pepsi kept coming with the evening wearing on. By now Karen and was beginning to spill out of her loose fitting halter top every time she bent down to retrieve her beer bottle from the deck. Ted and Meridith were getting an eyeful that left nothing to imagine. Ted was starting to fight his resistance and a bulge was forming the start of tent shorts. He was so relieved to see nightfall starting to set in and had noticed that Meridith?s red shorts were showing a dark spot in her crotch, which meant she was wetting with sexual attraction. This was turning into becoming a very fun evening.

All of the ladies, Ted and Ricky had a good buzz on. Poor Jack had wished that they had planned a night over, but knew they couldn?t stay much longer. He wanted to get home and fuck Karen?s brains out soon, very soon. Karen had whispered that she and Krissy wanted to see if they could either run the neighbors off or, get them very excited. She told him the next time Krissy wandered over by his chair he was to nonchalantly and naturally place his hand up the rear of her shorts while seeming to be in a routine state of mind massage her buttocks. His cue would come from Krissy and Karen.

Karen had walked behind the chair where Ricky was sitting to look at the tub as it was filling the foot well. She abruptly turned around and reached over Ricky?s shoulder trying to retrieve her beer. Her tits almost erupted from her halter-top as she struggled to get her bottle. Ricky grabbed the bottle and then pulled her right tit to one side sitting the cold beer between her titties saying, ?be careful with those tits, you could put an eye out.?

Karen shrieked at the sudden coldness and said, ?You asshole, that?s cold, here I?ll poke your ear out,? as she feigned stabbing his ear with the breast she poked at his head. She laughed and turned her back to her observing the water flow.

Meridith had to stand. She had seen a lot this evening and was finding herself starting to become very aroused. She got up and walked around to the far side of the tub so she could hide herself as she wiped her cocktail napkin between her legs. This foursome was displaying a lot of friendliness that she had only read about in the magazines she and Ted purchased. I wonder just how friendly this foursome gets, she thought? She already new that Ted was turned on by what had happened. Even in this light, she could see that his tent was starting to form. Wonder what he would have done if I had said he should have a Pepsi?

?So you two are going to help us tomorrow, asked Ricky.?

?Sure, ? was the dual response from Ted and Meridith.

?Better tell them the rules before they work their ass off,? said Jeanine to Krissy.

?Gosh, I guess we are so used to them, I didn?t even think,? said Krissy.

?What rules,? asked Meridith?

?Oh they?re simple. We never allow drugs into our homes, no one does anything they don?t want to do or try, and we never, ever wear anything but our birthday suits when we are in the tub,? offered Karen. ?Tubs can get sudsy from swim suits, t-shirts, or shorts. It?s just better this way. And, we never criticize the poor guys.?

?Criticize the guys,? asked Ted.

?Some guys can?t help it, and sometimes we girls don?t necessarily make it easy for you guys not to get hard ons for whatever reasons you do,? offered Karen ?so, we just take it as a compliment and enjoy our evenings. I mean sometimes, just joking about sex will get my hubby more than nubby and I think he should enjoy not be criticized for being a normal red blooded stud. After all, we girls get nipple rises just thinking about something sexy like you have right now Meridith. We just don?t have a dick that can show our interest. Just like those and mine,? as she pointed first to Meridith and then, rubbed her own nipples through her flimsy shirt.

Meridith looked over at Ted knowing that his cock was probably about to explode over this kind of conversation. She had to admit that the evening already had her wet and her girls were very much at their peak. Krissy had been pretty quite but then she is the neighbor, maybe she means to be that way. Meridith without thinking looked down at her nipples that were in full bloom. She reached up with both hands pinching her nipples up and forward replying with the effect of lifting her breasts into the air saying, ?Guess we girls do show up first. I?m okay with the rules, how about you Ted??

?No problem,? he replied as he was trying to figure out how to squirm his now growing dick into a more comfortable position.

Krissy walked over to give Jack another Pepsi, but this time she just stood beside his lawn chair with her beer leaning slightly into Jack?s shoulder. Jack took his cue and very casually let his arm dangle along side his chair and then let his hand massage up and under Krissy?s shorts. The lighting was now getting darker, but still sufficient ambient light that gave Meridith a view of the action. Was she seeing things or was the beer and all of this sex talk affecting her? She saw Krissy ever so slightly adjust her stance wider and her leg touched Meridith. ?Oh my word,? thought Meridith, ?he is finger fucking her right beside me.?

Meridith could feel her movements and here Krissy?s breathing change slightly. Krissy moved slightly back towards Jack losing contact with Meridith. Meridith didn?t know why she suddenly felt anxious and a loss at feeling the contact from the action Krissy and Jack were taking. It was getting very dark in their neighbor?s back yard as she stole a glance at Krissy and Jack. The ambient light from the distant streetlight only provided a hazy outline of Krissy and the top of Jack?s head. Krissy was swaying with the rhythm and then suddenly she giggled and walked away heading into her house. ?Damn,? thought Meridith, ?that was disappointing and entertaining.? A soft light came on in the house giving Meridith a better view of the patio. She felt the need to use the restroom. ?I?ll be back,? she said and carefully picked her way to the house.

Meridith walked to the hallway bath and tried the door. ?Sorry, I just plopped down, I?ll be a moment,? called out Krissy.

?Uh, that?s okay, I can run home,? replied Meridith.

?That?s silly, just use our bathroom,? Krissy said through the door. ?Turn on some lights, so you don?t trip over Ted?s clothes. He leaves them all over the place,? added Krissy.

?Okay,? replied Meridith. She knew she would probably not make it home with all the beer that was now demanding relief. Meridith went into the darkened bedroom and found the light switch. She flipped it on and hurried into the master bath turning on its lights as she went while closing the bath door.

She quickly took up her seat just barely making it in time. Feeling comfort she studied the bathroom from her vantage point. It had the largest dual headed shower she had ever seen. It was amazing to see in such a small home. She noticed that her neighbors had requisite magazine rack just like she and her husband and it seemed to hold similar tastes like Penthouse, Playboy, and Forum as she fingered through the titles. Then she found three swinger magazines all of recent publishing dates.

The swinger magazines had circles around some of the ads. One had a marginal note that read, Jack/Karen?s new friends?.Sat, 9/24. The magazine date was current, which meant that this was a date just two weeks from now! ?Wow,? she thought, ?this foursome must be swingers.? The revelation stirred a desire in her. She couldn?t help herself from studying the magazines more, looking for any signs that Ricky and Krissy might be in them. She thought, ?maybe they are just learning of this. That?s probably right,? she thought, ?Karen and Jack seem to be the ?out there couple.? Still, seeing these in their private bathroom made her day dream what it would be like to feel Ricky?s cock in her pussy.

Meridith finished relieving herself and leisurely walked back into the bedroom. As she reached up to turn the bathroom light off, she looked down at their host?s dresser. She had been in such a hurry going into the bathroom that the dresser drawer that was pulled out about four inches had missed her eye.

Visible to her now was a collection of dildoes and other sex toys. Meridith stole a glance to see if she might be observed. She was in the clear. She pulled the drawer open slightly and gasped at the sight of a double-headed dildo. ?Omigosh,? as she quickly inhaled a gasp, ?Krissy and Karen must use this.? Meridith trembled with desire and again looked to see if she was in the clear. Satisfied, she traced the length of the dildo with her finger tips growing more desire in her pussy as she was becoming wet with sensing the toy. Ted is going to love hearing about our ?normal? neighbors she thought. She and Ted had several toys, but they had never had the opportunity to use a double-headed dildo. ?That settled it, she thought, ?Our neighbors must be swingers.? She returned the drawer to its original position and then left to rejoin the party now with a clear vision of her neighbors.

Krissy had waited for Meridith to get to the bathroom. She waited in the living room until she heard Meridith shut the door to the master bathroom. She stole into her bedroom and then pulled her toy drawer slightly open to reveal she, and Ricky?s toys.

During Krissy and Meredith?s absence, Karen had moved over towards Ted while Ricky and Jack had walked over to the tub to discuss merits of the installation. ?Hope you?re having a good time,? offered Karen.

?Yeah, sure am, ? replied Ted. ?I?m almost sorry that I?m not drinking Pepsi seeing the action Jack got,? he chuckled.

?Oh, honey, you don?t have to have Pepsi to get that kind of action,? Karen sad in a very sexy way. ?You just need to know if Meridith would be happy with one of us kissing you,? she continued.

?Wouldn?t want Ricky and Krissy?s neighbors angry with any of us,? continued Karen.

?I don?t think Meridith would complain as long as she gets a Pepsi now and then,? Ted replied.

?From Krissy and I, or the guys,? asked Karen?

?Not sure it would matter,? he answered in a suggestive tone. ?Guess it would be just have to be the right moment.? Karen reached over to Ted?s lap and began rubbing his fully engaged hard on. ?Sorry, it?s not a Pepsi kiss, but after all, you did get several beers?, she said in a sweet tone.

Ted was enjoying this. He and Meridith had talked about trying to meet couples that would enjoy sex with them and now his neighbor?s friends seem to be the ones. Krissy came out the door and walked over to Karen and Ted. She leaned over to Karen and whispered, ?Meridith has to have seen the toys and mags, I?m sure.?

?Karen replied, ?good? as she continued to rub the outline of Ted?s dick through his shorts in full view of Krissy. Krissy took a chair on the other side of Ted and said to him, ?thanks for helping us with tub. I hope you two will enjoy everything tomorrow,? as she reached over and tenderly squeezed his hand. Ted returned the squeeze saying, ?I?m already having a fun time.?

Krissy looked at him and giggled, ?I think Karen is too.?

Meridith started to come out the door when Krissy called out to her, ?Hey Meridith, can you snap off the lights, it attracts too many flying varmints.? Krissy motioned to Karen, ?Meridith might not like seeing Ted being rubbed,? as she added her hand to grabbing Ted?s balls.

?Ted, what do you think, asked Karen?

?Uh, well, we have spoke of getting to know other couples but, we just hadn?t stepped over the edge,? Ted replied.

?Sorry to leave you up like this, but maybe we better wait until you have talked this over with Meridith,? whispered Karen.

?Yeah, I mean, damn this was feeling good, I?ll talk to her,? Ted lamented.

Meridith started back to the foyer to extinguish the light. Earlier, she had slipped unseen to the breakfast nook window and had watched her husband get a dual massage from her Karen and her neighbor. ?Well,? she thought, ?it didn?t take long to recruit him.? She formulated a plan then, returned to the foyer. She got her visual bearings. With a flip of a switch, she transformed the patio area back into darkness save the shallow street light that only offered vague horizon level lighting over the rooftops.

The girls gave Ted encouragement and telling him that only people that really want to have fun, should. They added, no one does anything they don?t want to do and that in their world only couples play, no cheaters.

Meridith walked out with several fresh beers and one Pepsi. ?Geez, it?s dark out here. I can?t see squat. Call out for your beer,? announced Meridith.

?Over here,? said Karen.

?Keep talking,? replied Meridith.

?I?m right here, oooh, that?s cold,? exclaimed Karen as Meridith had squarely placed the beer between Karen?s breasts spilling some of the liquid onto her chest.

?Gosh, I?m clumsy, sorry,? said Meridith as she tenderly feigned wiping the excess away from Karen?s left tit.

?You missed some on the right,? said Karen.

Meridith moved her hand to Karen?s very dry right tit, and lied, ?Oh, I did.?

?Yeah, right there,? replied Karen as she laid her hand on top of Meridith?s. She took control of the movements and pushed Meridith?s fingers on her nipple. Meridith tweaked Karen?s nipple through Karen?s shirt and said. ?Guess I got it now.?

?Yeah,? breathed Karen.

Krissy said, ?Got a beer for us??

Meridith replied, ?You betcha?, as she fumbled the two beers to Ted and Krissy. She then leaned down to Krissy?s face with her cheek touching Krissy and whispered, ?Nice swingers magazines, may we borrow one?

Krissy nodded her head yes, and turned her head left brushing Meridith?s lips, then whispered back, ?Yes, yes.?

Without notice, Meridith reached down to stroke her husband?s cock and in the darkness discovered that Karen was already performing that task. Karen froze. Meridith said, ?Don?t mind me. Hey Karen, okay if I give Jack his Pepsi consolation?? Karen reached under Ted?s shorts taking full hold of his sweaty cock, and said, ?sure, what are friends for, make sure he drinks it all.? Meridith now felt Karen?s hand under Ted?s shorts. She was now dripping with excitement. She squeezed Karen?s hand and said, ?Don?t spill anything,? as she giggled walking towards Ricky and Jack.

?Hey neighbor, here?s you beer. Ricky is that you,? Meridith asked as she bumped into him pushing her tits into his naked chest? Ricky thanked her for the beer and returned to manning the hose that was filling the tub. ?Jack, where are you,? she called out again.

?I?m sitting down here,? he groused, ?wishing I had a beer.?

?Oh you poor baby she cooed bending down to give him is drink, ?all I have is this Pepsi. He grudgingly took it from her hand. She then reached down to his bare chest and begin massaging his right nipple as she leaned in to kiss him deeply with a full tongue. She moved her hand to his crotch and felt his manhood grow as she fondled it to a full hard on. Jack responded by taking his free right hand and reaching up into her soaking wet pussy.

The penetration was exhilarating for Meridith. She squeezed his cock through his shorts and then in whispered pant, said, ?There?s your Pepsi consolation Jack.?

?Best consolation of the evening?, he softly said. ?You okay,? he asked?

?Yeah, but I think I need to be nice to my neighbor,? she offered.

With that, Meridith groped over to the sound of the water being placed into the tub. ?Need some help with the hose, Ricky?, she asked?

?Sure,? he said.

Meridith was now standing with her breasts striking his right upper body. ?Here,? as he started to offer her the garden hose.

?I?ve got it,? she said, as she reached down into his shorts taking hold of his flaccid manhood. ?Doesn?t seem to have much pressure, ah then again maybe it does,? she commented as Ricky?s cock came to life.

?Careful you don?t get too wet from handling this,? Ricky replied.

?I don?t think I?m going to hold it that long,? she teased. ?I?m just trying to be neighborly,? she offered. Jack had climbed out of his chair and joined in behind Meridith. Meridith felt her shorts being pulled down. She let her shorts fall to her ankles and then stepped out of the left leg opening. She cast a stare over to her husband and his the two ladies. She could not really see what was happening over there, but the conversation had become very muted.

Meridith backed into Jack and she felt his manhood slip between her cheeks. Jack?s pre-cum ooze filled her crack. She bent over slightly tugging Ricky?s shorts down to feel his cock spring free. It too, was very wet from the excitement. She immediately took Ricky into her mouth and began to pull and suck on him. Jack entered her from behind and she felt even more excitement as she adjusted to his thickness. He really was a little too short for this position and her generous size butt. She thought, ?He would be better if I were on my hands and knees. She suddenly let go of Ricky and stood upright popping Jack?s dick from his penetration. She turned around and faced the chairs holding her husband?s trio while leaning back against the filling hot tub.

Meridith took each of the anxious cocks in her left and right hands and begin to stroke them towards ejaculation. Ricky and Jack raised her shirt to take the nearest nipple while they took turns massaging her hairy pussy. Meridith was already starting to cum and she could feel the guys building. She tugged on them turning Ricky and Jack towards the her husband and the wives? chairs.

Jack, who had no alcohol, came first with a grunt and shot a massive load of semen towards the trio. Ricky followed almost immediate suit. They all had been as quiet as they could but knew that tell tale grunts had most likely gave them away. Ricky said, ?Hope Ted was occupied or the next hand I feel might be around my throat.?

?He?ll be fine. You ladies were already playing him to this level. Krissy and Karen only had to get one guy off, I had two.?



?You got to feel a little pussy surrounding your dick since you won?t be helping tomorrow,? stated Meridith, ?but, Ricky here is going to get fucked really good unless Krissy doesn?t approve.? Jack replied, ?Oh, don?t worry, Krissy will approve and approve, and approve.? The trio chuckled at Jack?s comment. Ricky responded, ?You think Ted is going to approve?? ?Oh yeah, shush, listen. I think he is close to approving right now.?

While Meridith had been doing her effort to be neighborly, Krissy could easily see the silhouette of the trio. Karen and she had already been down on their knees sucking on Ted?s cock. She pulled on Karen and said, can you see what she is doing?? Karen looked up towards the sky and saw the same outline, just as Meridith bent over.

?Wow, she?s getting a little fucking by Jack it looks like,? exclaimed Karen. Krissy and Karen had already removed their shorts and placed them onto their lawn chairs. They got up while still stroking Ted?s nicely proportioned cock and returned to the chairs adjacent to his.

?Ted,? Krissy whispered in his ear. ?Can you see your wife in the horizon over there?? Ted looked, and saw a familiar female figure with her head moving up and down in front of one of the men?s waist. He saw the other man was moving in rhythm with her doing her doggy style. ?Damn,? he said.

?What?s wrong,? asked Karen? He whispered, she?s getting fucked and I?m not.? ?No problem,? she offered and she immediately took up a position to sit on his lap. Krissy took hold of his cock and then helped him to push up into Karen?s wet pussy. ?Uhmmm,? said Karen. ?Feels really good,? as she begin to ride him.

?Karen,? she?s up and it looks like she is jacking them off,? announced Krissy.

Karen reluctantly lifted off Ted. She and Krissy begin to pump him hard while they looked towards the opposite trio. Krissy leaned over taking Ted?s manhood in her mouth. She could feel Karen jack him towards final excitement. Krissy grabbed hold of his balls and felt them start to clinch. She sensed he was starting to explode and begin to taste more of his early ejaculate. She let him out of her mouth while she and Karen took a fierce grip of his manhood and pumped him to shoot three large loads. Karen quickly took Ted into her mouth and attempted to suck him dry.

?Where?s mine,? demanded Krissy? Karen looked up and offered her dripping mouth as a reward, which Krissy hungrily engulfed. For Ted, this was more than he had dreamed. He had watched his wife jack off two men, while he was given the same act with two women.

Meridith fully naked by now couldn?t handle it any longer. She had made her way to the porch light and snapped it on. Blinded by the sudden light she asked,?Krissy where are you? ?Over here?, came the reply.

?Krissy, you and Karen don?t need to bother about putting your clothes back on for us. I?ve got two naked guys over here that I just jacked off and from the sounds of coming from Ted, you two have gotten him to heaven already,? she stated with a happiness in her tone.

?I saw the swinger magazines in your bathroom. Ted and I have wanted to make it with another couple, but we didn?t expect to meet two couples. Karen, I sort of felt a little of your man in me, but I didn?t let him come. I think Ted and I are really excited at joining you guys for fun fucking, right Ted,? she asked?

?Absolutely and emphatically,? Ted exclaimed as his voice cracked an octave up.

?You could of let him come, I felt a lot of your man?s cock in me?, retorted Karen. ?But we could see you guys as a silhouette, so I jumped off when you did,? laughed Karen. ?Poor baby had to wait until Krissy and I jacked him off to get some relief,? she teased.

Everyone laughed. Krissy said, ?Well then are we on for tomorrow?? Looking around at all of the naked bodies,

Ted and Meridith grinned and said, ?Oh yeah.?

?Karen,? asked Meridith, ?okay with you if Krissy and I share your double headed dildo?? Krissy and Karen smiled at each other, then they walked over to Meridith.

Each planted a loving kiss on her nipples then Karen said, ?Sorry I?ll miss the fun tomorrow. Jack, let?s go home, I need to fuck!?

As the four neighbors watched Jack and Karen drive off, Ricky offered, ?You know we don?t have to wait until tomorrow, if Ted here can get it back up.?

?I?m good,? said Ted.

?You better be, let?s go shower? said Krissy as she reached out and took the now familiar dick in her hand. ?Wanna cum,? she looked back at Meridith and Ricky?

Meridith said nothing; she just mimicked Krissy leading a very willing Ricky to the shower by his now full engaged hard on. Ricky and Krissy had spent good money to have an oversize shower with dual heads. Krissy and Ted begin soaping each other while kissing deeply. Meridith was enjoying the mutual cleaning she and Ricky were performing. She paid close attention to soaping his cock and suds his ass completely, which seemed to excite Ricky even more.

Meridith enjoyed watching Ted suds up Krissy?s pussy. Krissy rinsed her pussy and said to Ted, ?Hold on, I need to do a little touch up.? She brought out a razor and retraced her entire pussy to rid herself of any traces of stubble. ?I didn?t expect to be fucking my neighbor tonight,? she giggled. ?So, I want to be nice and smooth for you,? she said seductively. ?Does that feel good to you,? she asked Ted.

?Ohhh, yeah,? he responded as he rubbed her pussy.

?Hey, Krissy,? asked Meridith, ?can I borrow your razor??

?Have you shaved your pussy before,? Krissy asked in a qualifying tone?

?No, but then I?ve never fucked my neighbor before, either,? she said with a most sexy voice.

?Let me help you then,? Krissy offered sweetly. With that Krissy moved over to Meridith as the guys stood helplessly to one side watching the Krissy expertly deliver another bald pussy for the foursome.

?Looks and feels great,? said Ricky as he gently massaged Meridith.

?Yeah, this is very nice,? offered Ted, ?I like it.?

?Well, neighbors, let?s go fuck,? Meridith announced.

Meridith and Krissy lay down on the bed, as the guys begin to explore their bodies. Meridith felt her nipples harden under the caress that Ricky was giving. She closed her eyes and let her body ride the waves of pleasure as he pinched her nipples ever so slightly. Soon she felt his tongue begin to trace her navel and then disappear to the upper edges of her now shaven pussy. She was already beginning to rock her pelvis in anticipation of feeling Ricky impale her.

She spread her legs wider to invite more of Ricky?s effort and then grasped his head trying to guide his tongue to her wet pussy. She felt Krissy?s legs intertwine with hers as Krissy was already receiving a tongue fucking from Ted. Krissy?s moans were intoxicating to Meridith and she felt drawn to make Krissy enjoy her husband even more. Meridith reached over and begin to rub Krissy?s nipples, which had an immediate feed back of Krissy adding intensity to her groaning. ?Ride that tongue Krissy, ride it,? Meridith shocked herself at her sudden cry of encouragement. Meridith was enjoying watching her husband bring her neighbor to waves of orgasms.

Suddenly, Ricky?s tongue penetrated Meridith?s pussy lips dancing on her engorge clitoris. ?Ohhhh,? Meridith cried out as she raised her arms above her head. She was dancing on Ricky?s talented tongue and was beginning to feel the start of an orgasm when she felt the bed had started to bounce. ?This was great,? she thought, ?Ted is fucking Krissy.? Meridith felt tiny hands on holding her forearms to the mattress then the delicate touch of Krissy sucking her nipples as Krissy bounced in rhythm of Ted?s fucking.

Meridith opened her eyes and could see that Ted was fucking Krissy doggy style. Meridith could not hold back and immediately started cumming. She was a spurter and hoped that her juices would make Ricky very happy. It seemed to as he increased the rapidness of his tongue fucking causing Meridith to ride multiple waves of orgasms.

Ricky said to Ted, ?Move up there,? pointing to the head of the bed. Ted complied and moved to the head of the bed pivoting Krissy around in parallel with Meridith. Ted was feeling the sweetness of Krissy?s ability to clamp down on him and was worried that he might come to soon. This maneuver gave him a break to reposition. He watched in pleasurable awe as Ricky lifted and pulled Meridith to the foot edge of the bed. Ricky lifted and spread Meredith?s legs as he attempted to place his cock into her pussy. Ted watched with a passion as he saw Meridith take hold of Ricky?s dick and guide it into her waiting and wanting pussy. Meridith let out of groan of pleasure as she relaxed her pussy to fit Ricky?s cock high up into her. Ricky was in an athletic squat-stance pumping Meridith slowly and deliberately much to her screaming delight.

Ted was taken with the show he was witnessing that he had been as thrusted his fingers in and out of Krissy?s pussy. He felt Krissy move forward and then watched as Krissy began to lick both Meridith?s pussy and Ricky?s cock. Krissy lowered herself onto Meridith?s face and Meridith begin to pull her down. Ted?s cock was getting harder and harder as he watched his wife now tonguing their neighbor as she was fucking the neighbor?s husband.

Meridith was enjoying eating Krissy?s pussy. She was having an intense orgasm that seemed to last forever. Feeling Ricky?s hot cock being pushed deeply and slowly in and out of her was driving her to new levels of excitement. When Krissy licked her nipples and then traced down to her pussy, Meridth instantly responded by grabbing Krissy?s ass pulling her down on her face. As a woman, Meridith knew exactly what another woman would want and she provided it.

Meridith felt Ted?s fingers moving in sync with the pulsating pelvis of Krissy. Without a word, Meridith reached up and took hold of Ted?s dick pulling it towards Krissy. She guided Ted?s dick into Krissy who gasped at the insertion. Ted was a little longer than Ricky, but thin. His member easily slid into Krissy who began to moan into Meridith?s pussy.

?Fuck me, fuck me,? cried out Krissy as she began to squirm on Ted?s dick.

Meridith didn?t even realize that she was screaming, ?Now, now, now, slam that cock in me, fuck that pussy, fuck it.? Meridith came in a sudden rush that bucked Krissy hard. With that Krissy who had already came several times dismounted Ted and demanded, ?Get on your back, I?m going to ride your bull cock!? Krissy straddled Ted whose head was now lying at the foot of the bed. Krissy was a short girl, but his doggy style had already made her comfortable pulling in his long thin dick. She carefully eased her wet pussy down on him and began to ride him slowly. Krissy had great muscle control. She and Karen would often have games seeing who could squeeze the vaginal exercisers the longest. Krissy was legendary and she knew it.

Ricky pulled out of Meridith knowing that she had come several times. Meridith pulled him onto the bed saying, ?Let me do some of the work. Damn you fuck good.? Ricky knew that Krissy would want some more action so he laid on his back in opposite position of Ted. This placed Meridith and Krissy facing each other. He hoped Ted wouldn?t mind as he lay with some of his body touching Ted. To Ricky, this gave him the feel of Krissy?s gyrations as she rode Ted?s cock.

Meridith was super wet and had a larger canal that Krissy. She easily and hungrily impaled herself on Ricky?s hard on. She clamped down and rode him like a belly dancer all the while as she was pinching his nipples. Both girls? legs were touching each other and soon they began to fondle each other?s breasts and nipples. Reaching behind herself, Meridith took hold of Ricky?s balls and massaged them sending additional grunts and thrusts up into her from Ricky.

Krissy and Meridith began to kiss and moan. They traded suckling acts on each other?s nipples and soon began to start riding their own orgasms again. They cried out for their charges to fuck them and to cum.

Meridith cried out, ?Fuck me Ricky, cum in me, I want to feel your load deep in me.?

Krissy couldn?t hold up any longer, her legs were giving out, ?She laid out on top of Ted and said, ?Roll me over and have your way, I?m your fucking neighbor and I want you to cum, cum, cum.?

Ted couldn?t handle it, he was about three strokes away from losing his load. He quickly rolled Krissy over into the missionary position. Krissy wrapped her tiny legs high up on his ass and begin to clamp down hard screaming with delight saying, ?Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh oh oh oh fuck meeeee? in a loud scream. Ted shot his load, which seemed to spurt and spurt. He hadn?t felt that level of clamping ever. This neighbor was wonderful.

He continued to thrust until he was spent. He started to rise when Krissy pulled him back down tightly as she deeply kissed him over and over. Krissy whispered, ?Leave it in me, I?ll let it go when I?m ready.? Ted felt her clamping action. ?I?ll strip it good so all of your delicious cum is in me. Ted was happy to comply.

At the sounds and sight of Ted and Krissy making love, Meridith found herself becoming even more energetic. She placed her hands squarely on Ricky?s tits and began to thrust rapidly driving her pubic bone into his. About every three strokes she would stay deep on him grinding her pelvis into his. She felt him begin to stiffen and his groaning was matching hers. All of her inhibitions were long gone and she shouted, ?fuck it deep, fuck it deep.? She let go of his chest and moved her hands to grab hold of the top of his shoulders pulling him deeper as she squeezed his legs together.

She started thrusting even faster now and then groaned in his ear as she felt beads of sweat fall off her forehead onto Ricky, ?fuck me now, cum you bastard, fuck me hard, I want it all, fuck me!? She sensed him grow larger; much larger as his chubby dick seemed to grow in circumference. ?Omigod, you?re getting bigger,? she howled as she started yet another massive orgasm. Ricky came with a mighty thrust that nearly through her head over heels. Meridith clamped down hard on him and milked him for his entire load. Totally satisfied, Meridith kissed Ricky deeply and then snuggled into his neck while still atop his body. She continued to hold onto his dick with her pussy until he was completely flaccid.

She rolled off his body to the center of the bed and assumed a spooning position while facing Krissy who was laying in similar fashion with Ted. Meridith traced the curves of of Krissy?s titties saying, ?thanks for being a nice neighbor.?

Krissy responded with, ?No, thank you. It?s all about neighbors helping neighbors. The foursome fell asleep and awoke the next morning repeating yet another wild fucking session foretelling many more to come in the neighborhood.

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