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Natashas MonthlyTherapy- A dominant with multiple submissives and therapists

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Natasha’s Monthly Therapy

It was a snowy wintry day and tonight was my wife Natasha’s monthly therapy night. It was a very different type of therapy than you might think of. It happened every twenty eight days or so on a Saturday evening. I had arranged this for her as she had an insatiable appetite for certain things and this was the only safe way to satisfy it. Tonight was her gang bang night on the weekend following her peak of her hormonal cycle. The time when she is fully ripe with desire and can think of little else.

I had selected a number of individuals that were of various physiques and personalities to be her playmates each month. They paid me a modest fee in return for their ability to participate. They all had to be screened each month with a blood test and a physical from a physician for any sexual diseases. It would seem this would result in not many willing participants for all the work and cost it entailed but Natasha was such a dish that they were all happily willing to undergo such a rigorous monthly routine..

As I said, the snow was falling outside and we had a fire in the woodstove casting it’s warmth into the room. The incense burned lazily on the coffee table and the scent of it filled the room signaling the special night that it was. It was a scent used only on these evenings and it set the mood. I had set up video cameras in the living room around the bed erected there for her use. The bed was a specially made one that was more like an operating table than a bed in the fact that it was narrow and thus, accessible from all sides and angles but it was plush and very comfortable in it’s padding and satin coverings. Natasha came down the stairs with her drink inhand and dressed for her therapy session “What time are they arriving? Do you think the snow will cause a problem?”

Her concern showed on her face as she spoke.

“Don’t worry baby, they’ll be here soon. The only thing the snow will do is keep the ones here overnight that normally leave. So it should only make things better for ya rather than mess them up.

Natasha smiled and winked as she walked across the room in her white eight inch, strappy, white patent leather high heels that made her legs look long and firm. Well, they were long and firm anyway since she had attained her weight goal of 115 lbs and worked out with light weights daily. Her raven black hair she had shaved off entirely today and the effect was incredible. Her face was so radiant and such a center of attention atop her long thin neck that it was hard not to be enamored by it’s beauty. She had done her makeup in a way that made her lips and eyes look like objects of desire in their own way. Her red red lips were painted full and rich and her eyeshadow matched the color of her specially made prom dress. The hot pink of the satin matched her long fake nails as she ran her hand over her exposed nipple. The dress pushed her 34C breasts up and together with it’s corset like front that ended on her flat stomach. The white lace ruffles edged the opening that went to just above her hairless dripping love canal and followed the edge down and around her feet where it wrapped in a train behind her that flowed on the floor. She sat on the edge of her therapy bed sipping her Martini and caressing her wet dripping slit.

“I was just wondering if I should get stoned yet or wait a few minutes.”

“You can get stoned now if you like. I’m sure they’ll be here soon”

I no sooner said that and the doorbell rang, I went to the door and the first three had arrived.

“Come on in. She’s ready for you go ahead and get changed.”

The three went directly to the changing room as they always did with their overnight bags. As I looked at the snow falling another car pulled in with four more of Natasha’s playmates while two women got out of another car and headed for the house climbing the steps in the deep snow. I closed the door behind them as they all said their hellos and headed to the changing room with their suitcases.

“All accounted for Natasha.” I smiled and brought another Martini to the bald goddess perched atop her satin offering bed as she held her breath as she retained her smoke from the joint she puffed. Her eyes rolled back as she blew the smoke into the air and sighed a sensual moan.

“Ungh, this is good stuff. I love that it holds me at full sensitivity for a full 8 hours.” She took another deep drag and held it as she held my gaze. She hoped off the perch and clicked her heels on the hardwood floor as she came over to me and then kneeled before me. She exhaled as she held the joint in her left hand and with her right hand she pushed aside the front of my robe with her long nails. I felt her scratch me gently as she grabbed my globes with her nails and placed her wet mouth on my cock. She sucked at it voraciously for a few seconds before she inhaled the last of the joint and put it out on the floor.

“Good shit. I’m so hot and my skin tingles like it’s been energized. The room seems to be a place of worship and I am the God they will pay homage to.”

“Yes you are my love. They are here to do so for you as they are each month.”

The first of the nine came into the room and one went to the sound system and put on a pulsing, throbbing, rhythmic tune with sounds of deep voiced, sexually moaning men and women’s shuddering quivering gasps. The women entered the room and came over by Natasha and caressed her head and neck as she sucked my cock. Natasha was now stoned and engulfed in her sensations.

The women were like bookends in their likeness to each other. Both about five foot one, one hundred pounds, blonde and cheerleaderish. They both wore pink strappy satin shoes with 6 inch heels. Their pink sheer stockings attached to light pink garter belts and their matching bras held their breasts on their shelves allowing their hard nipples to point firmly forward. One had a strap on cock about 8 inches long that she held in her tiny hand proudly. Her name was Candice, The other was Kailey. I removed my cock from Natasha’s mouth and she opened her eyes hungrily looking for it. As she did she noticed her visitors had arrived. Candice and Kailey stood her up and walked her to the sex bed where they lied her down and began caressing her. The blonde without the strapon, Kailey, kissed Natasha deeply on her lips and Natasha put her hand into Kailey’s layered, silky and scented hair and pulled it as she kissed her passionately. Kaileys one hand held Natasha’s smooth head and the other squeezed Natasha’s breast and brushed her nipple with her long nails. Candice parted the beds top where Natashas legs lie and separated them so she could get between them. She knelt on the kneeler built into it and put her face into Natasha’s shaved pussy. Natasha responded by placing her long nailed hand on Candice’s head and lifting her hips toward her as Candice’s hard tongue flicked furiously against Natasha’s clit. Natasha was relishing the flavor of Kailey’s mouth as she ran her hands down Kaileys back and pulled her breasts closer to her so she might suckle them. Kailey sensed what Natasha wanted and lovingly offered her nipple to Natasha’s wating lips. Natasha could now smell Kailey’s perfumed flesh as she felt the hard nipple between her lips and bit it tenderly with her teeth while Candice diligently pleased Natasha’s wanting cunt. Natasha motioned for Candice to rise and Candice stood and stepped on the kneeler to allow her to align her cock with Natasha. She slid the tip in and watched Natasha as she pushed back at her to take more in. Candice set up a slow steady motion of entering and exiting Natasha. All the way in then all the way out as Candice now held a bullet vibrator or Natasha clit while she stroked her. Candice held Natasha by the thighs at the top of her stocking as Candice moaned sweetly feeling the pressure of the fake vibrating cock against her own clit.

I had the video camera’s rolling and the rest of Natasha’s playmates were now milling about her watching, drinking, and caressing themselves. They all were patient in their waiting to be able to have a part in satisfying the goddess before them. They all had clean smooth shaven bodies and smelled fresh and clean. They were all colors and types but each was free of fat and had firm musculature. The tallest of the group was a black male by the name of Gerard. He stood 6 foot 6 and his lean form was covered slightly by his unbuttoned white gauze shirt. His firm bare ass stuck out from the shirt showing the cut and strength of his powerful skater like ass. He watched Natasha as she moaned and shuddered under the tiny blondes that worked on her tenderly. Gerard stroked his ten inch uncut cock sliding the forskin over the tip and back with his huge hand wrapped around the one and an half inch diameter rod. His shaved globes were pulled tight against his shaft as he stroked it and moved closer to Natasha. He leaned down and spoke into her ear in his low deep resonating voice.

“Hey baby. You look awesome tonight. I can’t wait to get my cock into your hot body and fill you with my cum. I hope I don’t have to wait too long.”

Natasha’s eyes opened wide as she heard his voice. She looked at him and smile and reached out to caress his cock while Candice stroked her and Kailey made room for Gerard. Kailey put her tiny hand on Gerard’s long hard cock and held it for Natasha to suck while Natasha put one hand on Gerard’s hard ass and the other on Kailey’s soft silky shoulders. Natasha ran her tongue around Gerard’s thick head and flicked at the hole and Gerard moaned in his deep voice as he twitched and shuddered.

“Oh baby you sure do know how to suck a co…..ahhhh…ummmm suck a cock.”

Natasha pulled him closer and took one of his balls into her mouth and swam it around her mouth with her tongue as Gerard held her head tightly with one huge hand and squeezed her breast with the other huge hard hand. Natasha could feel to courseness of Gerard’s skin from the outdoor work he did on her nipple as he slid the palm over her and then cupped both breasts in his one hand and kneeded them together. The weed she had smoked made her able to literally feel the energy of those caressing her. She could taste Gerard’s precum as she smelled his cologne sprayed on his hard belly. Kailey moved around Natasha and slid her tiny satin feeling hands over Natashas body while Natasha felt the energy of Gerard’s cock enter her body through her mouth tongue and lips. Natasha’s eyes were looking up at Gerard as he moaned low and deep with his head back and his muscles all tensed in his chest and arms. Gerard’s shaved body glistened in the light and his long dangling diamond earring swung with each twitch of his body.

The others had now gotten closer to Natasha and each of them was enthralled with the show she was giving. She paused for a moment to look around at them all as she stroked Gerard’s firm throbbing and now wet and shiney cock. Her eyes landed on each of them one at a time locking into their gazes and smiling her warm sexy smile at them. As she made eye contact with each they would each speed up their stroking and touch he body with their other hand.

A smaller man named Terry about five foot six but very firm and hard of body was now next to Natasha. Natasha motioned for him to climb on her and straddle her chest. He did so and flicked his 5 inch cock against her nipples. Natasha could feel the energy from him penetrate her breasts and chest and enter her torso like a lover. He was sliding his cock between her breasts as he cried out.

“Oh my God you are soooooo hot. I don’t know if…. Ah ah ah oh shit!!” cried Terry as he came in gushes between her breasts. Natasha could feel each gush as a bullet of energy entering her being as Terry stroked between her globes and loaded her breasts with shiney pearlessnce. His body relaxed and he nearly fell off the bed as he kissed Natasha on the forhead and dismounted. Terry moved back from the bed and stroked himself as he started to harden again watching as Kailey now licked the cum from Natasha’s firm globes taking time to suckle each nipple as well.

At the same time Natasha felt a series of ten warm splashes on her belly and felt the energy penetrate her again as she looked and saw Miguel who had tried to enter her while Candice had moved on to massage Natasha’s feet. Miguel had gotten too excited though and couldn’t restrain himself leaving the flood of his hot cum to land on Natashas stomach.

Candice moved in now to kiss the cum off Natasha’s stomach while another suitor took Miguel’s place before Natasha’s dripping womanhood. His name was Valder. Valder was six feet tall with long blonde hair and tan skin. His chiseled features were across his entire body with even his manhood seeming to have rippling muscle tone. He wasn’t overly developed but just firm and hard as was his now oozing cock that he pushed the tip of into Natasha. His ass muscles tensed and tightened as he thrust into her wet tight cunt holding her steady for himself by pinning her thighs back by her shoulders, Natasha’s feet pointed to the ceiling and shook in time with Valder’s thrusts as he moaned and grunted with each push. Natasha was looking straight into his eyes as he did so and his pace quickened as she called out his name.

“Valder, oh yea baby, I’ve been wanting your fast fucking cock to fill me for a month. Fuck me baby fuck me with that hot rod! It feels so fucking good…mmmmmm.”

Valder said nothing but acknowledged her with a wink and sped up fucking her harder and faster. Candice and Kailey helped Natasha and Valder by holding her shoulders so she didn’t slide with one of each of their hands while the other tiny siken hands kneeded her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Natasha felt the energy as it entered her from all contact points including the point inside her where Valders energy raced in and went up her spine. It surged with each thrust and Natasha could feel it as it permeated her body. She parted her lips to let it exit from her tongue as if containing it all would be too much. Valder slid his smooth hands under her ass and slid her closer to the edge. He lifted her bottom up squeezing it as he did to hold tight to her so his thrusts wouldn’t slide her away. He moaned with each push and his face was clenched tight as as thrust into her with his hot velvet rod.

“Natasha, oh God you feel soooo good. Mmmmm ungh.”

Valder rolled his eyes as he looked into Natasha’s as her head bobbed from each thrust. Each push into her he’d grunt with his deep voice and then inhale with each withdrawl. He sounded like a sex machine with his consistent rhythm and focus.

Natasha now had Candice and Kailey both sucking her nipples and was coming steadily as Valder continued his magic. Natasha announced her coming.

“Oh baby….girls this is sooo awesome…..I’m coming like a river it just …ungh…oh my God….ungh keeps flowing…mmmmm. She looked in valders bright blue eyes…..fuck me baby!!!…mmmmm….ungh…yes!!!!”

Valder tensed up and pulled out to the chagrin of Natasha as he came on her stomach.

“What the fuck did you do that for?” Shit!!! Go get hard again!”

Valder moved away stroking his soft cock trying to get it ready again for Natasha. Natasha sat up and pushed everyone aside so she could get off the bed. She threw the padding and satin coverings from the bed to the floor now. She stood and looked about the room with all of them waiting for her to say what to do. She looked at Gerard patiently stroking his cock waiting his turn. She saw the girls as they knelt before her caressing her slender firm legs in their silkiness.

Natasha reached around the back of her gown and undid a few snaps which allowed the train to fall to the floor. She now had a short mini dress that stopped midway down her bottom edged in pink lace. Her breasts were lifted firmly on their shelf and her hard nipples shined from the wetness left on them. Natasha threw the bottom part of her gown to the side. Her stoned gaze looked like a wild animal as she clicked about the room in her heels strutting her gorgeous body for all to see. Each man stroking his cock as he longed to please her. She went about the room touching and teasing them. She stopped at Gerard and felt his hard chest.

He stood there towering above her as she ran her long fingernailed hands over his arms, his shoulders, his neck, his chest, his ass, his thighs and placed her tiny hand on his huge cock. She could feel his energy enter her palm and she placed her other hand beneath his balls and slid them around in their skin. She knelt before him and suckled his cock as he held her head and thrust into her face fucking her while his huge hands squeezed her head tight.

Gerard’s deep voice rumbled out of his chest and Natasha gazed up at him sith his cock in her mouth as he pleaded.

“Baby, I have to fuck you. Please let me fuck you now?”

Natasha shook her head no as she looked up and sucked the energy from his cock feeling the velvety softness of the skin and the firm hardness of the rod itself. She tasted his oozing precum and could imagine having him inside her again as she has many times before. But,she always saved the best for last and this night would not be any different.

Natasha stood again and turned away as Gerard whimpered.

“Oh baby no….”

“Later big boy later.”

Natasha went about the room again and chose another to play with. His name was Daniel and he was a black haired olive skinned Greek God like the David. His firm balanced body presented a six inch cock which he stroked as he gazed at Natasha and saw she was coming to see him. His excitement drew a wide smile from him as he opened his arms to her and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She kissed him deeply on the lips as he raised her up in his arms and slid her cunt onto his cock. She wrapped her silky legs around his hips as he stroked into her wetness. He carried her to the couch and let her bottom rest on the arm while he penetrated her. Natasha layed back onto the couch with her bottom raised on the arm while Daniel held her ass and filled her cunt over and over again. Natasha pushed him back and flipped over on her stomach so Daniel could enter her cunt from behind. She felt his hard cock as it pushed against her g-spot now from the rear entry. He reached in fornt of her and squeezed her breasts while he fucked her from behind.

“Oh Natasha, you are so tight and hot. Mmmmm ungh….”

Natasha looked back to see him as she was fucked and watch his expressions of pure bliss while he slammed hard and fast now into her. The energy ran into her g-spot and up through her insides as if his cock filled her whole body. Natasha felt the cool of the leather couch as it held her in place so she wouldn’t slip. Her feet dangled over the arm and she felt her toes against the wood floor and Daniels bare foot against one of hers. Natasha closed her eyes and relished the sensations she now felt as she came again.

“Daniel, I’m coming baby keep it up…Don’t stop….Mmmmmmmm yes… “

Natasha had orgasm flow once more and was riding a wave of bliss while Daniel pushed his hot meat in and out of her. She felt her clit as it rubbed against the arm of the couch with each thrust. She closed her eyes and felt the velvet tip as Daniel retracted it all the way out then she felt it as it spread her lips and stretched her as it filled her to the end. He had such control that he never missed even though he pulled out completely each time. It was like having sex for the first time and feeling your first cock enter you when you never felt it before, the absolute delight of that first hot entry. Except that’s what it felt like now with each thrust Daniel made. Each thrust that also slid her clit against the leather. Each thrust that also corresponded to Daniel’s caressing of her nipples and squeezing her breasts. Each thrust that she felt his hot breath and low moaning gasp in her ear as he felt the tip open Natasha’s doors.

“Ungh, yes, ungh, Natasha, ungh, Goddess, Ungh seductress, ungh, my beauty, ungh, my queen, ungh my bliss, ungh my delight, thanks you, ungh for allowing me this, ungh, haaaaaaa, ungh, haaaaa, ungh, haaaaa, ungh, haaaa,”

Natasha was drifting somewhere else now adrift in this energy field. She was one steady orgasm now and felt as if she were nothing but energy itself. She was in full consiousness of Daniels activities and vocalness but was adrift in her bliss. Time was no longer, it was just one long moment. It was then that Daniel pulled out but didn’t go back in. This time her entered her bottom every so slightly and tensed his whole body as he came inside her bottom.

“Oh God!!!! Thank you Natasha! “

He kissed her cheek as he hugged her tight. Natasha’s eyes opened as Daniel helped her up. She felt his energy packets inside of her bottom and now realized what she wanted next. She looked at Daniel and stroked his face with her hand as she turned rom him and looked about the room once more.

There were five more men hat hadn’t come yet, beside myself. Natasha could make them come in an instant though if she wanted to. What Natasha really wanted now was Gerard and me. She called over the 5 men to the couch where she sat with her legs crossed now bouncing her foot.

“Gerard, Michael, Lester, Alexander and Thomas, Come here please, and Candice and Kailey, you too. Oh and of course, Phil. leave the cameras alone and come here too baby.”

We all came over to Natasha as the men all stood stroking themselves excitedly as I myself did as well while we waited for Natasha to speak. Natasha caressed her nipples as she gazed around. She looked at Michael and called him to her with her finger. He stood before her and stroked his cock. She looked into his eyes while he stroked and Natasha touched his tight balls with her long nails while she held out her palm and caught his cum in her hand as he moaned out in delight. Natasha lapped it off her palm as Michael walked away and she called over Lester and Alexander. They stood before her.

“Lester and Alexander. I would like for you to both lie down on the floor here before me in a 69 position.” They did as they were told.

“You are going to please me by pleasing each other so I can watch. Candice and Kailey, you will caress me while I watch them. Lester and Alexander, I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are fucking me while you suck each other.”

Candice and Kailey sat on either side of Natasha and began caressing her skin and kissing her shoulders and arms. Natasha masturbated while she looked at Alexander and Lester suck each others cocks with their eyes closed.

“Yes, that’s it boys. Suck that wonderful cock in your mouth and make it come. Imagine that hot wetness you feel around it is me.”

Lester took Alexander’s cock into his mouth deeply now and Alexander responded in like. They both held each others head and fucked each others faces with their eyes closed and Natasha watching in delight.

“That’s it fuck that face and come in it like you do me. See me coming for you as you do.”

Candice and Kailey caressed Natasha’s legs now as Natasha masturbated. Natasha kissed Candice on her hot pink little lips and tasted her sweetness while she pulled the hair on Candice’s head and Candice responded in like to Natasha and squeezed Natashas smooth head and pulled Natasha’s head back while she stuck her tongue deep into Natasha’s mouth.

Natasha caressed Candice’s firm little round breasts while she kissed her. She could smell Candice’s perfume and hear her whimper at the attention she was getting from Natasha. Natasha slid her hand down to Candice’s tight little wetness and slid her fingers inside pressing against Candice’s G-spot while pressing on her clit with her thumb. Candice responded by thrusting against Natasha’s hand and pulling away from her kiss so she could breath. Candice looked in Natasha’s eyes and whimpered a sticato squeak as Natasha brought her to orgasm.

Candice cried, “Oh yea, go girl, Natasha, ugh, ugh, yes….I’m coming..please don’t stop….oh yes….

Natasha stopped immediately and Candice looked at her in shock and disappointment.

“Candice, Thomas and Michael, come here and fuck Candice on the floor in front of me. Michael I want you to put your cock in her tight little ass and Candice you should suck Thomas’s cock at the same time.”

Candice looked back at Natasha as Michael and Thomas set her on all fours on the floor so Natasha could see. Kailey continued to caress Natasha while Michael entered Candice tight little ass. Thomas put his cock in Candice’s mouth. Candice looked at Natasha around his cock while she started to get into it after her disappointment of having to leave Natasha. Natasha smiled at her and Candice smiled back around the cock now in her little face. Michael and Thomas looked at Natasha exclusively while they used their surrogate Candice to imagine as Natasha while they entered Candice’s ass and mouth.

Both Lester and Alexander now grunted and pushed into each others throats as they deep throated their partner. They both tensed and Natasha watched as they came in each others mouths and their semen leaked around their lips.

Natasha now moved Kailey to the floor between Natasha’s legs. Natasha pulled her by the hair and pushed her mouth onto her hot cunt.

“Masturbate yourself Kailey. I want you to come while you eat me.”

Kailey nodded and moved her tiny hand between her own silken little thighs. She parted her legs and stroked herself in little circles while Natasha held her face in contact with her wetness. Natasha fucked Kailey’s face in thrusts which got Kailey more excited and she began to moan while she played with herself. Natasha was taking turns making eye contact with Michael in Candice’s bottom stroking her, Thomas fucking Candice’s face and Candice moaning as she looked sideways to keep an eye on her goddess Natasha. As Kailey continued to eat Natasha Natasha had another rolling orgasm.

“I’m cumming Kailey keep it going baby…mmmmmm.”

Kailey then came immediately.

“Ummm ungh….uming ooo…”she got out in muffled cries while Natasha fucked her face and Kailey whimpered in delight.

Natasha looked at Thomas then at Candice and locked gazes. Candice came immediately moaning around Thomas’s cock while seeing Natasha cum. Natasha looked at Thomas now and Thomas tensed up and came flooding Candice’s little mouth and slipping out as he splashed the next 8 pumps of cum all over Candice’s little blonde cheerleaders face. Natasha looked at Michael now and locked gazes and Michael tensed up and pushed hard into Candice as he filled her little ass with cum and collapsed on her on the floors.

Gerard and I were standing watching Natasha as she was coming and as she made the others come. Now she looked at us.

Natasha lifted Kailey by her silky blonde hair and kissed her on the lips. Kailey responded passionately but Natasha pushed her back and spoke to her quietly.

“My sweet little bitchy blonde Kailey. Now you must watch me. I’m sure you can enjoy it and continue to come for me can’t you?”

“Yes, Natasha of course.”

Natasha nodded and stood before Gerard and I.

“Philip, go get me the body massage body lotion. The Divine scented one that stays wet and silky.”nh I ran off to get it while Natasha began to caress a moaning Gerard.

“Oh baby, finally, you are such a sweet torture!” He rumbled from his chest.

I returned with the bottle and Natasha took it from me and handed it to Gerard to hold. She then took off her dress and the rest of her clothes putting her shoes back on her now naked body. The 6 inch heels made her perfect legs even more perfect and brought her height to where she could suck Gerards nipples which she did now as he stood there. He moaned in his chest as he pulled her hair and held her to his breast. She moved her face about his body licking and kissing and sucking each bit while she stroked herself. She laid him on the floor on the satin covered padding now as she took the massage lotion from his hand and squirted it in her palm. She massaged it onto his cock and refilled her palm again to get enough to cover it all. She massaged his balls with it and squirted it over his chest. She straddled him and sat on his belly while she massaged it into his hard arms and chest. She slid down and massaged it into his firm abdomen muscles while his big black cock throbbed in the air waiting for her to take it into her. She squirted it over his legs as she slid down him and massage his hard thighs and calves. Natasha stood . She turned to me and covered me in the same manner. Each inch she touched turning to electricity while her tiny long nailed hands squeezed my muscles and my manhood. I was feeling all the electricity she had accumulated this evening. She knelt before me looking up at me as she stroked my cock with the lotion “Thanks so much for all of this baby. I love you so much! Now I want you to enjoy me.”

“I love you too baby.” I responded.

She stood in all her beauty and layed down atop Gerards hard body. She slipped and slid herself up and down him feeling his hard cock as it slid over her belly and breasts. Against her legs. Against her clit. Natasha looked back at me and out out her hand.

“Lie on top of me. Let’s make a Natasha sandwich.”

The rest of the room was watching us now. Some were spent but others were excited by her and stroking their cocks once more. The girls were now kissing and playing with each other while they watched. Natasha looked around the room and smiled and laid back down on Gerard and I laid my body on hers. I slid against her satin skin and my cock slid against her legs and between her cheeks. The feeling was excruciatingly pleasant. It was better than an orgasm. It was my whole body. I felt Natasha beneath me as she positioned herself sliding against Gerard. The smell of the Divine lotion filled my senses as I heard Natasha gasp and groan as she slid Gerard’s cock into her. She went slowly to allow herself time to stretch and fill with him. I slid off her back to give her a chance to ride him for a while. She raised her back and sat on Gerard’s cock holding onto his hard thighs as he lie there looking at her riding him. She’d take him all the way out and then let the tip force it’s way back in as she lowered herself onto it. I could see the depth that she filled herself now with it and it seemed it would be up past her stomach when she had it all the way in. She lifted herself and rode him now as fully as she could taking him all the way in. I could tell she used her kegles on him as Gerard commented in his ddep reverberating voice.

“Oh baby you make yourself soooo tight. Squeeeze me baby ….ride me. Ungh ungh ungh ungh”

His big hands covered her breasts and slid over her well lubricated nipple. As she lifted herself then impalled herself over and over. Her hair flying up and down while she moaned in ecstacy.

“Oh Gerard, I’m coming baby….mmmmm fuck me with that black cock.!!”

“Gerard lifted his hips to meet her drops and held her by the waist with his huge hands and long fingers wrapping all the way around to meet as he lifted her and drove into her. Natasha looked behind her now at me and put her hand on her ass calling me over. She looked around the room at everyone standing masturbating watching her fuck this huge black dick. As she made eye contact with a couple of them they came again watching her.

“Philip, I want you to fuck my ass now while I ride Gerard. Okay baby?”

“Love to.”

Natasha now layed her head against Gerard’s chest as she slid his cock all the way in. She parted her thighs straddling him so I could enter her. I slipped in easily and felt the wetness inside her from the cum that remained. I stroked her and felt Gerard as he lifted and stroked his cock inside Natasha. I could feel his cock through the membrane of her anus as I sped up now. Natasha looked back at me. Her eyes showing her pleasure.

“Oh baby that feels awesome. I’m still coming and it’s getting stronger. It just keeps rolling now. I can feel all the energy filling me now. I want you both to cum at the same time.”

Gerard heard her and grunted a growl of a response He sped up now as well.

“Fuck me boys!!! Bang me hard!!! Make me sore so I remember this for a month! I want to be able to come by myself on this memory while I wait for next month.”

I could feel Gerard as he lifted both of us with his hips as I rammed my cock into Natasha’s sweet tight ass and pounded her. My hand touched Gerard’s as we both held onto Natasha’s waist and fucked her violently. I looked around the room as Natasha did as well and saw the others. Natasha had two more men spray their come on her back as they watched her. Another two couldn’t hold back and splashed her hair. Some of it got on my face as I concentrated on looking at Natasha’s beautiful ass and seeing my cock go in and out right above Gerard’s hard thick black meat.

“Cum for me now boys…..I can’t take it anymore. This orgasm is lasting too long and I can’t breath!!!”

I brought all of my energy and strength to the process of fucking her ass as did Gerard fucking her kegle cunt and we both filled her with cum as I heard him moan his low deep growl of satisfaction as he pounded into her. I felt his cock throb inside her and fill her as she tensed and then collapsed onto his chest like a limp rag. I fell atop her and felt my cock soften against Gerard’s in her other hole. We must have fallen asleep then. When I awoke the sun was shining.

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