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We got into nudism up in Indiana before we moved to Texas. Many people refer to the parks as "nudist colonies". They're not colonies. Most nudist establishments are well managed parks and recreation centers. And they're not a haven for perverts or sex maniacs. To join a park it is good to be acuainted with someone there. Not necessary, but helps. Single males are screened thoroughly.

We joined and were soon friends with quite a few there. Each year the National association has a convention at one of the many parks in the U.S. At these conventions people are more open and partying is more common. Of course, the women get to see what sort of equipment the men are carrying around. And, the men see some pretty nice breasts as well.

At one of these conventions we met a couple from Cincinatti. He's a damn nice looking guy and is hung like a donkey. In a conversation we learned that they are swingers, only it's just he and she watches, doesn't participate. The conventions are a week long and we wasted no time in arranging a meeting. Mary liked the guy and really enjoyed herself. I got things started by caressing her and he joined in for the fun. We had a very nice 3-some and his wife just watched.

We learn that they have the remnants, 20 acres, of a once good sized farm. They have the house, barn, all the out-buildings and a small pond surrounded by trees. They host a couple of parties a year for their nudist friends. Not all are swinger, just nudists. He even has a few hookups for RV's. We got invited and we went with our RV trailer. That trailer seen a lot of action.

They have closed in a sizeable portion of a level area with tall briar bushes with a sort of a zig-zag entrance, no gate but you couldn't see in there. On Sunday afternoon, a beautiful warm sunny summer day we were all gathering in this area for some nudism. There were probably 15 to 20 couples out there. All had blankets, pillows, coolers with refreshments, mostly alcoholic, and their portable radios.

After a while my wife digs into her duffel bag and gets out her sun tan lotion. She says here, do me will ya, and starts to hand the bottle to me. A fella sittin' near by who had been ogling her grabs the bottle and says let me. He's massaging and oiling her down when another guy puts his hand out and says "gimme some" and some is poured in his hand. Now there's four hands roaming her body and another chap joins in. She's getting the attention that she loves. I know that by her breathing and slightly spreading her legs that she's getting turned on. I'm just watching and getting one hell of an erection as are some of her masseurs. I didn't see it happen or if somebody told her but she was now on her back, totally exposed.

These hungry hands were all over her rubbing her titties, thighs, legs, crotch, and any other exposed area. Then some guy bends down and starts kissing her, another is kissing one titty while another is on the other. Her hips are hunching, she's moaning, groaning, saying yes, yes, oh yes. She's also saying things you can't understand. There's quite a crowd around here now and some people are leaving in disgust, while others are fucking on their blankets. One gal nearby was getting screwed by a well hung guy and almost screaming.

Then I see this guy with his hand at her crotch and it looked like he was trying to fist her. He had to have at least three fingers in there. In the meantime she has reached out on both sides of her and has a cock in each hand. One guy somehow or another got near her face and she's sucking his cock. About this time one of the lady's from this gang crawled up into there and starts sucking on her titties. Mary lets go of one cock and starts to play with this gals titties.

While this gal is on all fours sucking Mary's titty some guy starts fucking her from behind. Now we've got two women moaning and groaning and Mary has a tremendous orgasm from the guy fisting?????her. It's almost impossible to really describe all this. I'm kneeling on one of the neighbors blanket corner and get off a tremendous cum in the grass. One guy that she had hold of came all over her arm. Pretty soon the guy that was fingering her was out of the way and another guy lifts her ass up and puts a pillow under it. Then he puts a prize winning sizeable cock in there. It won't go all the way at first. She now knows she's gettin' fucked by something good and she's looking down to see if she can see it. The one thing I heard her say that I understood was "oh yes, that feels good, don't stop" Pretty soon he has the whole damn thing in there. At this time she just has her mouth wide open and is just gluttering.

The guy that was fucking her must have said something and they both rolled over, now his ass is on the pillow and she is riding that beautiful cock. There's a bunch of hands on her back and her ass. One of them is paying close attention to her rump and is putting that oily lotion all over her crack and anus. This guy is no wee-willy-winkle. He's got a nice sized piece of manhood as well. He's crouched spread-eagled behind them and rubbing his dick up and down the crack of her ass. She seems to enjoy it and this guy puts the head of it in her rosebud. She lets out a slow moan and says careful now, slowly. He slowly puts a good part of it in her ass when she lets out a scream that could probably be heard at the next farm. Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me you bastard, fuck me. I had never heard her talk like that. This must have triggered the guy below cause he could feel her contractions, and pushed up as hard as he could gruntin' and moanin' and has one helluvan orgasm. All of this was turning all the participants of this orgy into one cum'laden crowd. The gal on all fours blew her cylinders again and damn near passed out. The guy in Mary's ass shoves all of 8 or 9 inches in and fills her innards with cum. There were several other women by standers that were fingerin' their own pussy while somebody played with their tits.

Our host who had been elsewhere shows up and says what the fucks goin' on. Too bad I told him, you just missed the fuck-fest of the century and Mary was at the bottom of it all. Now he's got a hard-on too. Mary is layin' there covered with sweat, cum, and probably saliva, and a whole lot of sun tan oil. He gets beside her, grabs a towel and is cleaning her up. She smiles at him and grabs his cock and whispers something. He nods and climbs between her legs. She says give it to me honey and now he's up to his balls in a sloshy pussy. I went to the cooler and got me a cold beer.

A lot of the people left that small field with one helluva story to tell. She tells me that if she could she'd arrange another episode like that. We all know that it's impossible. A few days from now we're just going to be horny as hell again. You figure out if this is a true story or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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