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My wife takes a new job and Lover!!

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A few years ago my wife took a seasonal job at a local Target store. Although I wasn’t too thrilled about the fact that she would be working evenings, the extra bit of cash was enough to persuade me. A few weeks past and we settled into a pretty good routine. I would get home with enough time for us to have dinner together and then she would be off to work. On most nights I would try and stay awake till she got home hoping to find a way into her pants before getting to bed and starting our routine over again the next day.

Now my wife is a very attractive woman. She is about 5ft 3in tall and about 140 lbs. He frame is shapely and she has an ass on her that turns heads. Her eyes are mesmerizing and her smile capturing. She has an incredible pair of DSLs and uses them extremely well in bed. Prior to us meeting she had allowed a few guys to finger her or fondle her naked breasts, but her pussy was virgin. That made our sex life an exciting experience each time as we always tried to expand our repertoire of sexual adventures. She is of Latina decent and loves to dance; especially to music that gets her to move her hips. This has been a huge benefit to me as that has translated to our sex lives. And up until taking the job, our fucking sessions were pretty hot and steamy.

One night while at the house, I decided to surprise my hot wife with an impromptu rendezvous for lunch. Little did I know that she had already made plans for a rendezvous of her own! It never occurred to me why she was getting home later and later each night. Her excuse was usually that she stayed to help with closing because the extra bit of overtime would be nice on her pay check. The actuality of it was that she was getting paid in orgasms.

As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed my wife heading out the front door of the store with another guy. At first I thought it was coincidence, until they stopped at his car for an embrace. As they stood there locked into each other’s arms I noticed his hands slide slowly down her back and then firmly grab her ass. I have done this to her many times and am fully aware that it invokes the dirty little whore in her to come rushing out. This time would be no different as her left hand found the back of his neck and was used to pull his head to hers for a very passionate kiss. I quickly found a parking space not too far from where they were parked. I knew that because employees had to park at the back of the lot that my wife and her lover could play without interruption.

From where I was parked I failed to notice that as her right hand went up to her lovers neck, her right hand had slid down between them where she was rubbing the now growing bulge in the front of his pants. This continued until he reached into his pockets fumbling for what must have been the keys because the lights on the car flashed indicating he had disarmed the alarm and unlocked the doors. He quickly led my wife to the back passenger door and opening it, lifted her onto the back seat. Once seated her hand quickly found his covered cock again and the massaging of it continued. Only now my wife’s lover’s hands had found her voluptuous breasts and were now rubbing them through her thin red uniform shirt. I quickly got out of the car and snuck in closer for a better view. I found a great spot behind a car that was parked underneath a street light that was apparently broken. The darkness offered me the seclusion I needed to continue my voyeuristic spying on my wife and her lover. Standing there my mind was racing with thoughts of “how dare her and him,” and “what the fuck is she thinking?”

But the unmistakable hard on in my pants only reminded me of how much I was enjoying this show. Because of my delight at what I was seeing I slowly reached down and unzipped my own pants and began to slowly jack myself off to what I would like to call “Co-worker Fucks my hot MILF wife.”

As I began to massage my own hard cock I realized that while I was standing there worried about myself, my wife had unzipped her lover’s pants and removed his very large cock. It easily must have been about 9 inches. She stroked that monster from its base to its head over and over. I noticed at one point that she stopped long enough to rub the head of his cock, apparently some of his pre-cum has leaked out. My wife used her finger to wipe it off and then brought her finger to her mouth to taste his juices. The taste must have been delightful because my wife jumped from the backseat of her lovers SUV and quickly changed places with him so that he was now sitting in the backseat. This afforded her the advantage to bend over at the waist and begin giving her boy toy a nice blow job. He must have enjoyed it thoroughly because his hands found the back of her head and slowly guided her head up and down on his enormous shaft. This only served to entice my wife to take even more of his cock deeper into her throat. I knew from experience she couldn’t handle the entire thing and her left hand positioned at the base served to block her from being gagged by this monster of a cock.

The action fueled me to stroke myself even harder. Watching this live porno action between my wife and her lover brought me to the verge of blowing my load onto the side of the car I was hiding behind. Just as my balls began to swell with love juices and explode I heard a loud female voice yelling “you over there!!” A beam of light now illuminated my once private seat for the show I was watching. I tried to stuff my cock back into my pants as I heard the unmistakable sounds of footsteps headed in my direction. Failing to secure my cock back into its refuge, I put my hands up in a defensive “I surrender position.” The woman who had discovered my perch for spying on my wife was the security guard assigned to patrol the parking lot. As she stepped closer I noticed her as the hot female guard that my wife had introduced me to a few weeks prior. She was a rather tall blonde girl with an incredible body. She took the job as a guard to help further her chances for a career in law enforcement.

Once she was within a few feet of me she stopped only to giggle “you enjoying the show your wife is putting on??” Shocked, I responded doesn’t my hard on give it away?? Her flashlight now tilting downward stopped to illuminate my incredible hard on. I thought I heard the unmistakable sounds of her gasp at the sight of my cock standing there at attention. Reaching out she took it into her hand and began to stoke it slowly. Just as I began to put my hands down from their “I am caught” position, my wife and her lover came running up. From the look of embarrassment on my wife’s face I could tell she didn’t have a word to say. She just stood there in silence for what seemed like hours. Finally my security guard friend broke the silence and said out loud to my wife “we can’t leave these two like this now can we??” Alarmed I looked at my wife whose face slowly changed as she looked to me for approval. I gave her a quick shrug of the shoulder and then reached out to quickly fondle my hot security guard through her shirt. My wife also reached down and re-assumed her hand to cock contact on her now extremely excited lover. Now knowing that we were all now in very public view my wife’s lover suggested that as the Assistant Manager on duty he knew exactly where we could continue. I adjusted my pants to fit my raging erection and followed the group to a back security office. I quickly scoped out our new location deciding on a one of the tables in the corner of the office. I immediately led my security guard partner over to the table fondling her and kissing her and we stumbled towards it like two high school teens. As we reached the table I stopped to quickly undress my new fuck partner. Her top was off in seconds revealing an average set of tits with perky nipples pointing towards the ceiling. Taking liberty I bent slightly taking her left one into my mouth. My other hand tugged at her belt and pants that within moments on now around her ankles. I paused and looked back to see that my wife was on her knees continuing the blow job that was interrupted in the parking lot. I turned my attention back to the new soaked g-string that hid the wet pussy behind the thin material. My hand made its way down and pulling the thin string aside I plunged two of my fingers deep into her slippery hole. I fingered her for a few seconds pausing long enough to stop the suckling of her tits and lifted her onto the table. I immediately sat in the chair and positioned it directly in front of her so that I could get a taste of her sweet juices. Bending forward I kept up with my fingering and began using my tongue on her hot, wet, pink cunt. I used my tongue on her now pulsating clit flicking it over and over.

Seconds later I heard my wife moaning. Looking back for a quick look, I noticed that her lover was now servicing her cleanly shaven pussy. She was sitting on a chair and he was knelt in front of her using his tongue to tease her clit. His hand then reached up a penetrated my wife’s pussy. Once he could tell that he had to proper lubricant he pulled it out and began to slowly but firmly rub around the rim of her puckered asshole. This drove my wife insane and she bucked her hips forward grinding them into her lovers face. Within minutes she was moaning to a very intense orgasm.

Feeling ignored, my hot security guard tugged at my chin saying “now it’s my turn.” I didn’t need to be told twice. My face wasted little time getting back between her legs. Using my tongue to probe I found all the sensitive spots on her outer pussy. This was all I needed as I began alternating locations until I could feel her writhing at my every flick of the tongue. She arched her back grabbed the back of my head and screamed “I am coming!!!” I quickly found her hole and began to lick up the sweet flowing juices that we coming out of it. I slowed my pace stopping only to feel a tug at my shoulder. I looked up to a very quick passionate kiss from my wife. She then announced that she wanted to taste a pussy and invited her lover and I to get into position for us to fill her ass and pussy in a Double Penetration. Her lover smiled and raising his hand called dibs on her ass. Not one to want to spoil the fun I turned the chair I was sitting in, scooted down slightly and allowed my wife to straddle me. Our little security guard didn’t waste any time getting in position. She got on all fours and lowered herself pussy to my mouth. As I began licking her pussy again, I felt a familiar tongue assisting me in my sloppy adventure. My wife and I proceeded to drive this poor pussy to three of four quick orgasms.

We must have been a sight to see. My wife’s boy toy was now fucking her now gaping asshole, me fucking my wife in her tight, wet pussy, and both of us licking our security guard pussy to orgasm after orgasm. Our moans and screams filled that tiny office. My wife’s lover and I continued our relentless pounding of both those tight holes. I could tell from my wife’s hip action that she had already cum multiple times and was working us towards our own climax. She didn’t have to wait long. I thrust my dick upward about four more times and then exploded with rope after rope of hot sticky cum!! Her lover didn’t waste time either he quickly pulled out of my wife’s ass with a loud pop. My wife took cue and got into position on the table. I moved out of the way as my wife spread her legs and her lover approached dick in hand. He took one thrust and shoved it all the way to the hilt inside her sending rope after rope of cum inside her pussy to accompany the cum that I had deposited moments earlier. The combination of sweat, cum, and heavy breathing filled that office. We all sat there kissing one another and fondling our sex satisfied bodies. Once we had all caught our breath and dressed we exchanged smiles and agreed that next time was the dressing room. I for one know that I can’t wait.

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