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My snowmobiling adventure

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Steve and I went out snowmobiling on the night of my birthday ? it was probably the last time we would go out, since it was March and the weather was supposed to warm up. It was bitter cold out but we were pumped for the ride. We packed a few beers in our pockets, filled our tanks and headed out on the trails. We were cranking, the trails were perfect. And then freakin Steve hit a rock and ripped the runner off of the sled. There wasn?t anything we could do with it on the trail. So we were about to drink a beer and head back on my sled when, up ahead we saw two sets of headlights ? must be two snowmobiles. The sleds stopped to see what the problem was. Turned out that the riders were two hot chicks! There was no fixing the sled tonight. And Steve had cut his leg a bit. So the girls insisted that we go back to their cabin ? up the trail about two miles to clean and bandage Steve?s leg. One of the girls offered her sled to Steve and offered to ride on the back. Steve was shaken up and didn?t want to have a passenger (dumbass!)? so I offered for her to ride with me on my sled. So we took off. It was nice to have a warm body next to me ? it was freakin cold out. We reached their cabin which was all lit up and cozy looking. We went in and I offered to start a fire in the fireplace. The girls introduced themselves ? Tonya and Stacie. Stacie and Tonya started to take off their suits and they each had on satin little tank tops that laced down the front ? Stacie?s was a pink color and Tonya?s was light blue. They caught us staring and explained that their suits were heated and they never wore too much underneath ? I was thinking, we have to go snowmobiling with these girls again! As they continued to take off their suits ? we saw that they only had on the tiniest matching satin shorts too! Tonya went into the bathroom for bandages and antiseptic. I had the fire started and sat down. Stacie brought me a beer and sat next to me on the couch. She said that she had recently broke up with her boyfriend. We continued to talk. We had a few drinks and the four of us started to play cards. Well poker quickly turned into strip poker. The girls easily got us down to our skivvies. Stacie had on her tank but lost her shorts and Tonya still had her tank and shorts on. When Stacie took her empty beer bottle and spun it on the coffee table. It stopped pointing at me. So she leaned in and gave me a deep kiss. Then Tonya spun the bottle and it landed on Stacie ? and they kissed ? but they got into it and Tonya slipped her hand up Stacie?s tank and cupped her breast. Steve went ahead and spun the bottle and it landed on me ? so we high fived. I spun the bottle and it landed right in between the two girls to I leaned forward and Stacie kissed me but Tonya bent down and playfully bit my crotch through my jeans ? I instantly had a rock solid boner. Next Stacie spun the bottle and it landed on Tonya ? she pushed Tonya?s shoulder back and pulled the satin shorts aside ? revealing there wasn?t any underwear underneath and licked her pussy ? sticking her tongue out and starting from the base of her pussy lips up to the top ? It was fucking an awesome sight! Tonya sat up and spun the bottle and it landed on Steve. She knelt down and grabbed his package- massaging through his jeans, he reached down and cupped a breast on the outside of the satin tank. Her nipples were erect and showing nicely through the satin. They were carrying on so, I spun the bottle and before it stopped, Stacie knelt on her knees before me and began massaging my crotch and playfully biting my jeans. Then she undid a button and grabbed the zipper with her teeth and pulled it down. She then nuzzled her nose against my cock through my tighty whities. I was so fucking hard. She continued to bite onto my shaft ? just scraping her teeth around the width. She then pulled it out of my underwear and opened her mouth wide taking it in. She was stroking the base and sucking hard on the tip. While moving her fingers on my sack ? making me wild with passion. She then pulled back and sat back in her chair. She motioned with her finger for me to follow ? I happily did. I got on my knees and nuzzled my face in her cleavage. I love satin ? the soft coolness of it. She grabbed the side of her shirt and pulled it over her head ? I grabbed a nipple in my mouth while squeezing a nipple with the other. She loved her nipples played with. She arched her back and whispered ? harder ?suck it harder.

Steve and Tonya were having a good time on the couch. So I grabbed Stacie;s hand and asked her where we could go to be more private. She nodded to an open door. I was expecting a bed but it was a dining room with another fireplace. She asked me to start a fire ?and she left the room. She came back with a blanket and a bag. I had the fire started and helped her lay the blanket down in front of the fireplace. I was curious as hell ? to find out what was in the bag. She laid down and motioned for me to come closer ? and she began to undress me ? she pulled off my t-shirt and long sleeve. Since my pants were already undone, she pulled those off and then my socks. I?m laying there totally naked and she grabbed for the bag. She pulled out a bottle of Hershey syrup. And drizzled a little on my stomach and then lapped it up. She then drizzled just a bit on the end of the cock and then sucked it off. She said she loves a sweet cock. She then poured some on my sack ? she took it in her mouth sat that the ball went into her mouth and I thought it was all over ? but I held on. Plus she would let out a little humm every time she put my cock in her mouth ? the vibration was fucking awesome. She then poured chocolate on her breasts and she pulled one nipple up to her mouth and reached out her tongue to lick it off. I met her there with my own tongue and finished the job. I then went and took care of the other nipple. She loved it. She said she was so fucking horny and laughed. She said she hadn?t been with anyone since her breakup and she was soooo ready. I laid her back and straddled over her stomach ? still playing with her nipples. She grabbed my butt and pulled me forward ? she told me to fuck her tits. So I moved up and she drizzled more chocolate sauce on the end of my pecker and licked it off while squeezing her breasts around the sides of my cock. I moved back and forth ? loving every minute of it. She loved it too ? oohing and ahhing ? arching her back up into me. When she knew I was ready she begged me to cum all over her. I meant to give her a pearl necklace but instead she reached out her tongue and a spurt went right in her mouth. She kinda pulled me forward and lick and sucked my spent cock. Then she pushed me down and said it was my turn ? she told me to lick and suck her clit ? so I did then she said to add a finger ? so I did. She was moving her hips and quietly saying ? Oh god yes! Oh god that?s it. That is sooo it! I was having a good time and doing obviously a damn good job. All of a sudden her body tensed and she came ? letting out a burst of love juice that I lovingly lapped and drank. She pulled me up to her and I laid with her in my arms. We must have fallen asleep. When I heard a noise and felt something. It was Tonya ? laying down next to us. She was totally naked and laid down behind me. She put her hand on my stomach and trailed downward. I wasn?t sure how Stacie would react ? but next thing I knew Tonya had Stacie?s breast cupped in her hand and Tonya was kissing my neck. Stacie stirred and said ? Tonya is that you? Tonya replied Hmmmmm. And Stacie was then kissing me and grinding against my front while Tonya was holding around both of us ? I could feel her warm boobs against my back and she was grinding against my ass. Next thing I knew I was on my back and the two girls were licking my cock ? which was more awake then I was. They would lick up the sides, have their tongues meet at the top and begin to kiss eachother ? while stroking me. Then Stacie reached for her bag again and came out with a light purple dildo. Tonya ? laughed and laid down next to me. Stacie turned the vibration on and put it in her mouth to make it wet. She then slid it along Tonya?s pussy ? rubbing the purple penis along her pussy ? in slow little circles around her clit. I was watching in fascination. When Tonya was really wet ? she plunged the purple shaft in her ? it would vibrate in waves ? I could hear it get loud and then soft and loud again. Then Stacie took my hand and put it on the purple shlong. She whispered in my ear that Tonya ? likes it fast and hard once she?s primed up. Tonya was definetly primed up. So I was working the dildo and it was really arousing. Stacie was up at Tonya?s breasts ? licking and sucking and I went in and sucked on her clit. When Tonya tensed with her orgasm, Stacie pushed my shoulders back and said fuck me cowboy and she straddled onto my cock before I knew what was happening. And she could move, her breasts bouncing as she rode my cock. Tonya got up on her knees and wiggled in to suck on my balls. Stacie never missed a beat and kept riding me. Then she tensed up with an orgasm and Tonya laid her down and sucked her juices and played with her clit. As I watched ? I said I?m gonna cum ? and they both ? licked me clean.

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