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My sister, her friends and my virginity

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Growing up in the mid to late 60's I was as horny as any other 14yr old male, waking up every morning with a hard cock that could drill steel plate, and a desire to see thru every girls clothes and view her pussy and bare tits. My sis and I were raised on a farm, with everyday exposure to cows and bulls, boars and gilts, rabbits, dogs, etc. and their breeding habits. Sex was not a mystery to us, only an exception with human personal experience.

The summer between my sis jr/sr year in high school, she took up to hanging out with a pair of townies(people that lived in the city), Cynthia and Pattie. Cynthie, or Cyn, (how appropriate) was blonde, about 5-4, and nicely endowed with round, firm tits that jiggled, along with her ass sway, whenever she walked. Pattie had red hair, was a little shorter at 5-2 and also had fair skin with freckles on her shoulders and arms, and an infectious laugh. Her tits were firm and perky, with her nipples uplifted and hard alot of the time I saw her. They had become friends with my sis, at the end of their jr year, and they spent alot of the summer together at our farm.

My sis was no slouch at 5-4, with dark hair, and a slender waist, and tits that were not overwhelming, but tho I may be a little biased, my sis was pretty well put together.

It was mid -July and I was fast developing my level of intrigue of these older gals, always sneaking a peek when they were upstairs changing to go outside and sunbathe, or just being around the house with legs pulled up sitting or leaning over, and hoping to get a glimpse of some cleavage or more. Our folks were gone on a sunday afternoon, and my sis and I had promised to do the chores that evening, so they would not have to rush home. It was sunny, very warm, and I knew in the afternoon the girls would put on their swimsuits and play with waterhoses, or rub suntan lotion on and lounge, and I was gonna get my eyeful of their bare legs and tight asses if I could.

i was barefoot, in cutoff tan shorts, and a T-shirt, and trying to get the girls to believe I was going to work in the gerden for Mom, while they fooled around nearby. As I watched them lounge and stretch, my cock got hard thinking of all the fun i would have if I could just see a little bare tit and nipple. Little did I know before the day was over I would be well educated in a lot more. I kept peeking up yet trying to act as if I had no care about them being there, when Pattie started to bring over a chair to lounge in near me. My cock was hard thinking about her, when she turned herself away and placed the chair down, and bent over to adjust the arms. Not 6 feet away from my eyes was her bikini bottoms, pulled tight over her bent over pussy, with her red pubic hair sticking out around it. OMG, I could not believe it, and the sight of her exposed pussy hair to me got me over the top as I stood there. My cock jerked uncontrollably, and I came in my tan shorts as I stood there. My face flushed, and then my sis and Cyn,started to laugh out loud. Pattie stood up and turned to face me, and joined in the laughter, as well as pointed to my pelvic area. I followed her finger pointing to my crotch and saw that a huge wet dark spot was now on the front of my shorts."Look, Sissy, your brother lost it just looking at Patties beaver" Cynthia exclaimed.

" Well my lil brother," my sis stated, "we cant have you walking around like that in front of mom and dad when they get home".

" No,"Pattie chirped in. " We better take him up to your room and clean him up". And with that both the townies gathered my arms to them and marched me into the house to sis' room. they spun me around as my sis came in and shut the bedroom door, and my sis just went to the head of her bed and sat, bringing her legs up and her knees up to rest her chin on as she sat and watched.

" Let me see the mess" Cynthia directed, and she placed the flat of her palm over the wet spot on my shorts. "Hmmmmm, seems to be quite huge' winking at my sis and Pattie. And as she teased me she rubbed the palm of her hand over my now getting damn hard in a hurry cock. "Where did this wet come from"? she continued. My breathing was getting shorter, but much to my surprise" Well I think we had better rub that spot out" said Pattie. And she pulled at my shorts to bring them down, and expose my now ridgid young cock.'Ohhhhh, my thats nice" said Cynthia . " Do you pull that alot, Lil brother?" my sisters voice floated the question over. She was almost glassy eyed at what she saw but more so from her fingers vigorously rubbing her pussy thru the swimsuit. "I think he needs a lesson in how to behave around older girls, don't you think Jen?" Pattie asked my sis. "Like how to keep them happy" added Cynthia. And with that they jerked my shorts off over my ankles, and pulled at my cock back and forth. I could hardly stand my knees were so weak, but I just let them handle me. "He is a farm boy, pattie, i bet he knows how to breed just like the bull does, don't you think? Cynthia questioned. "Oh i am sure he does the redhaired one said. It was all a dream, a twirling dream as I heard them discuss who was gonna be my "heifer" and get the "bull". "Let's let Jen pick his mount," said Cynthia, " and the other will handle his sister". Jen's vision and focus was very tunnel-like as she circled her fingers over her mound and rubbed her now throbbing clit thru her suit. "Ummmm, ahhh, I pick a Pattie."

I could not believe my ears. My sister treating me as a barnyard fixture, as easy as asking for another helping at the dinner table. Niether gal wasted any time, pattie clucking softly as she shed her swimsuit and lay at mys sister's feet on the bed, legs up and knees open exposing her flame red pussy hair and wet slit to all. " Bring the lil bull here Cyn, " she ordered. Cynthia directed me to the bed, and i bent my knees and crawled up to her open lap, my cock a divining rod seeking moisture. She held her arms open and out to me, and pulled me to her, and Cynthia grabbed my shaft and guided my cock into the open scarlet prize. "ooooohhhh, " my head was engulfed by the thought of how warm and surrounding she felt, as I pushed into the first female fuck of my life. Ummmmmm' yes fuck her bull, Cynthia caoched as I began a rythm of pumping her deep. "Ohh he is hard he is sooo hard," squealed Pattie. "Ohh yes " Cynthia had reached in between my cheeks of my ass and placed her middle finger on my button, and as I came back with each stroke she would push her finger into my ass and prod me. ooohhh. ooooooohh" I i what the fuck " I exclaimed.... The cum was rushing out of my engulfed cock as I pumped that raw red pussy with the tits bouncing in my face. " Fuck me bull boy. Breed me like the bull does" Pattie taunted as I pumped her. Put it in boy. I shot load after load into her, and was looking at my sister all the time. her eyes were closed as she had removed her bottoms and was abusing her red swelled clit and then her dries started to whimper thru the room "ooooohhhh yessss nooooowwwwwww" . She bucked into her hand and the fluid ran down her legs. Cynthia bent over to see closer, but that is another story altogether.

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