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My sister, Her friends and My virginity, Part ll

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"Wow, bull boy, that was some hard cock" Pattie chirped out. She had just taken my 14 yr old virginity, while her friend Cynthia and my sister Jen had watched. Well I am not sure how much Jen watched, as while we were fucking, she was at the head of the bed masturbating into a loud climax.

"Did you see it, Jen" inquired Cynthia, "or were you to busy bruising you clit?" "Hmmmm, looks like you got that pussy really slick babe. Let me feel" Cynthia ran her fingers the length of my sisters pussy, getting her own fingers as wet as a heavy dew, which it sorta was. " Here boy, this is what a hot pussy smells like", said Cynthia as she ran her fingers under my nose and wiped the wet on my upper lip.

"And here Jen is what your brothers cum smells like" said Pattie as she duck waddled up the side of the bed, inserted a finger in her cum soaked pussy, and wiped in on my sisters upper lip, and into her nose.

" I need a closer look at that pink hot clit you have Jen" said Cynthia. And she moved in and started to lick her wet snatch. Big long licks she gave her as I watched, from her clit to her asshole. And she would twirl her tongue around her ass and stick it deep, as my sister would clench the sheets with her nails and curl her toes at the feel of the warm tongue on her pussy.

" Here, give me your hand, Jen, rub my pussy babe" Pattie told my sister. Her red scarlet pussy hair was wet and matted down from my fucking, and I saw cum running out the toward the crack of her ass." Ohh yes thats very good babe", Pattie told her. I knew she could hardly pay attention, as Cynthia was sucking on my sister's hard clit and twirling her fingers around her nipples, back and forth. "Mmmmmmmmmm, thats good Jen. Pattie murmured as my sister started to finger her cum-laden pussy.Cynthia had risen from her licking, and put her nipples right in front of my sisters face. " suck my tits babe. Suck them good." Cynthia urged her. "Mmmmmmmmmm yes oh good yes soo good suck them Jen'. Cynthia was bent over my outstretched sister, and her ass was in the air, with her open pussy only a foot or so from my face. Having noticed my stair at her Cynthia's open pussy, Pattie teased, " are you ready for another one bully boy?" She kept referring to our lifestyle on the farm as we knew the sex habits of animals, but had yet to put them to use up to now. " Here let me help you get the heifer, " she chided. I moved up to her from the back, and Pattie grabbed my cock and guided it thru the wet hair into Cynthia's open slit. "Ohhhhhh yesssss" Cynthia let out a muffled approval. " Give it to me bull boy" and turning back to my sis she curtly told her" and you cum too lil heifer, or we'll turn the bull loose on you!!" My sister's eyes opened wide at the thought of me and her together. She began shaking her head back and forth, but I could not tell if it was from pleasure or saying no to mating with her 3 yrs younger brother. If the old man found out, he would kill us both, almost literally. his discipline was harsh, and without leiniency. but that must have triggered her, as she started bucking her hips into Cynthia's face, and riding her pussy up to her mouth. "ummmmmmm, ooooohhh,, god, its soooo oh my godddddddd oh myyy goooood, " the flow overtook her and she squealed incessantly while Cynthia tried to hang on onto her pussy as she bucked. The juices flowed over Cynthia's mouth, and down her stretched neck, and into her cleavage. Glistening , Cynthia continued to lap her juices, as I continued to pump her doggy style. " ohh thats good Bull, keep it going, yes harder, oh fuck me harder, oh harder dammit, fuck me like you want to, fuck me Bull boy, Ohh god yes fuckit into me." I was at my hardest ever in all the years of jacking off, in a pussy, and pumping as the July sweat ran down my chest and ass. I fucked her, grabbing her hips and mounting her hard as she pushed back into my cock, slamming her ass into my pelvis. I fucked her in front of my sister, who sat with an open mouth in awe of how I was pounding Cynthia. Jen's nipples were hard and her breathing as short as mine almost as she viewed my pumping her best friend's surging pussy. "I I I I can't stand it", Cynthia squealed, " give it to me, cum for me Bull, come in my heifer cunt. Now, Now" I pulled back one last time, and slammed my cock the length of it into her pussy and flooded her with my cum, all the time gripping her hips right by the flesh, and pumping in all I could feel. My nuts hurt, it was the third time in an hour I had shot my wad, and I was drenched in sweat, juice on my pelvis, and the thoughts of fucking these two older than me girls for the rest of my fucking life. But you know that didn't happen. We went our eventual separate ways. And you are wondering about me and my sister? Weeeellllll, it took some time. but we had a couple intimate times too. And thats another chapter in my sexual enlightenment.

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