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My Wifes First Swinging Experience

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I spent a lot of time talking my wife into going with me to this swinger party one evening where I carefully explained to her that part of the deal was wife-swapping with other couples in the same room with me. I had no idea how many couples would be involved in this ?swinger party? at someone?s house. I told her that I would be in the room with her at all times, so not to worry about her personal safety. Finally, I got tired of her objections and attitude and just demanded that she go along with me to the party. So we went. On the way over there, she finally said she would ?try? but insisted that she could not promise anything about her cooperation. She had made me very angry with her objections about going. Now she just wanted to please me by reluctantly going along without further argument.

We arrived at the house address and approached the front door, where a sign on the door said ?Come on in? so we let ourselves into the house.

As soon as we entered the large foyer, a black couple (large, tall, handsome, muscle-bound guy and his attractive, short, petite wife) greeted us and then showed us the living room where many other couples were gathered. The couples were a mixture of black, white, and Hispanic people of all ages.

My wife kept talking to this black couple as they casually moved her away from me off to one side of the room. The big, black guy winked at me and grinned as he and his wife slowly walked away with my wife between them. I had been told repeatedly before the party that the idea was to mingle with others and share your spouse, or don?t even be there. So I now tried to get used to the idea as I nervously watched the three of them move away from me with my wife being coddled in the middle. It was one thing to talk about wife swapping and another to actually be doing it. My stomach was tied in knots as I watched the three of them slowly move away with the black guy?s big hands on my wife.

I started a conversation with a nearby young Hispanic couple and moved off to another part of the room, still determined to keep my wife in visual sight and monitor her interaction and safety. This was our first time at a swinger party. Even though I wanted to do this, I was not totally comfortable with the idea either. I had been told earlier that the idea was to develop a casual relationship with people before moving into sexual activity for the sake of open-minded, consenting-adult entertainment.

The black couple, who I discovered later, specifically selected my wife and singled her away from me as soon as we entered the house because the tall, muscle-bound, black guy wanted to have sex with a good-looking, trim and blonde, white woman, regardless of her age. My wife apparently exactly fit what he wanted in his sexual fantasies for a swap partner. The big, black guy was grinning from ear to ear as he sweet-talked my wife because she was EXACTLY what he was looking for in a new female sex partner. They wanted a threesome with her. He and his wife huddled around my wife and pampered her as I watched occasionally from another part of the room.

I now talked to this young Hispanic couple. But I was nervously determined to keep an eye on my wife yet try NOT to interfere in any way, watching at a distance. I still could not help my jealousy and kept looking very frequently in her direction, more often than I should at a swinger party like this. I was nervously anxious about this ?wife swapping? thing and not used to ?sharing? my wife with another man. I had prepared myself mentally all I could, but I still tended towards jealously and possessiveness after seeing my wife with another man, especially a muscle-bound black guy.

I could sometimes see some of the people in an adjacent dimly lit room. They were already naked and engaged in sexual activity, so there was no pretense about where this group of consenting adults was headed for our mutual entertainment. Of course, that was what this house party was all about.

The next glance to my wife and this black couple observed her being slowly and casually undressed by both the black guy and his wife. They also began removing their own clothing. The black guy and his wife were both kissing my wife on her face and shoulders as they affectionately moved their hands all over her body. She later told me that she admitted to them that this was her first time as a swinger, so they were helping her undress and get into the action.

The black guy soon had his genitals out of his trousers and slowly pushed my wife to the floor on her knees in front of him to suck his huge and impressive, black penis. Holding his partially-erect penis in her hands, my wife hesitated at first. She glanced in my direction with a nervously submissive expression for my approval and also perhaps hesitating because his penis was so large. After I nodded my head okay, she turned back to his penis, opened her mouth really wide and carefully started to put the head of his swollen penis inside her mouth. I watched carefully as his large, black penis head disappeared inside my wife?s mouth and then part of the shaft as he grabbed the back of my wife?s head and pushed deeper inside her mouth, groaning loudly ?Oh, Babbbby!!!? as he did.

Slowly, she started sucking his penis as they both encouraged her with soft words and affectionate caresses. At that point, I was just glad that she was cooperating and trying to go along with this swinger house party which I had forced her to attend. The black guy continued holding pressure against the back of my wife?s head, trying to get more of his penis inside her mouth. He pumped her mouth carefully by moving his hips forward in a short pumping motion. I watched in utter amazement. Somehow, he gradually managed to get my wife to accept increasingly more of his penis inside her mouth, more than she ever did with my penis. He was telling her what to do not to gag (keep swallowing) and how to lubricate and accept his penis pushing into her throat. Within a few more minutes, my mouth dropped open in shock because he skillfully had his huge penis completely buried inside my wife?s mouth, which meant that he was now deep inside her throat. My wife was doing what he told her and actually deep-throating his black penis, something she had never been able to do for me.

I was shocked and stunned as I watched. The black lady continued to slowly undress my wife as he now plunged his rigid, incredibly large penis repeatedly and deeply inside my wife?s mouth and throat. I was not yet to the point of undressing with the couple I was with because of being so distracted watching my wife. And I was doing poorly at conversation with them because I couldn?t stop looking at my wife mouthing this black guy?s huge penis.

I noticed a few other black guys standing nearby and watching this black couple with my wife. The black guy now removed my wife?s blouse and bra. His wife finished undressing her by removing my wife?s skirt and panties. My wife was the first to be totally naked in this group of three.

The black lady then got behind my wife, spread her legs, and put her mouth on my wife?s vulva. She started mouthing my wife?s vulva anxiously as my wife continued to suck and lick her husband?s penis and testicles. I could easily see that my wife was starting to enjoy the oral sex with this woman as she continued to now get into a steady rhythm of plunging her mouth down on this black guy?s penis on her hands and knees doggy style.

My wife was now regularly deep-throating his entire penis inside her mouth. His penis was rigid and VERY IMPRESSIVE for its size. It was obvious at that point that the black guy?s penis was plunging into my wife?s throat by the amount which disappeared inside her mouth with each forward motion. He groaned each time he buried his penis inside my wife?s throat and said a few words of affection and encouragement. I was still stunned that he was able to do that with my wife.

There was nothing for me to do but watch as everything with my wife was progressing without my help. She was blending into this party much better than me even though it was my idea to even be there. I wanted to interfere with the three of them but refrained from bothering them, not having ever seen my wife with another man or handle another man?s penis.

The Hispanic couple finally got tired of my preoccupation and severe distraction in watching my wife and moved away from me, respecting my obvious desire to watch my wife and this black couple work with her sexually.

I was having a harder time than I EVER imagined adjusting to seeing my wife in a sexual situation with another couple, and so far, I was failing at mingling because of it. The black guy?s penis was really huge, hard and ready now as my wife continued to move it in and out of her mouth, occasionally licking the sides of it and sucking his balls also in the process. She was really getting into the mood and obviously doing what she wanted, which was exactly what the black guy expected. My wife seemed okay with it, even excited by the size of his penis. She was NOT being forced to suck or lick the black guy?s penis in any way. It was there right in front of her so she had to respond or be anti-social. And it appeared to me that she was doing a really good job at giving him a blow job.

The black lady continued relentlessly and voraciously mouthing my wife?s vagina from behind with her nose stuck in my wife?s ass crack. I could see my wife was immensely enjoying herself sexually, both deep-throating the black guy?s rigid penis while having her vagina tongued by his wife.

In a few more minutes I saw my wife stop moving, stiffen her body, loudly groan and bow her back. I could hear her sounds as she experienced a tremendous, body-wrenching orgasm. The black guy held the back of her head firmly to keep his penis deep inside her throat, telling my wife to just relax as she came loud and hard during the next several minutes. I thought he might be cuming inside her throat at the same time, but he did not.

I could see the black guy was REALLY happy with his wife causing my wife to cum orally. He was grinning from ear to ear as my wife had her loud orgasm with his penis held deeply inside her throat. He enjoyed the feeling of her orgasmic body-spasms on his rigid penis, which pinned her firmly in position between him and his wife for her to cum.

I was too infatuated with watching from a distance to consider doing anything else with anyone else in the room. As soon as my wife finished her impressive orgasm, the black guy quickly pulled his penis out of her mouth and moved her forward onto the couch, still doggy-style on all fours with her head against the back cushions of the couch. He immediately moved around behind her for intercourse, jerking his rock hard penis in preparation.

My wife looked at me submissively again for my final approval as the black guy moved into position behind her, quickly spread her legs widely open and toyed with the lips of her vagina with his long, black fingers. To the black guy, intercourse was expected at that moment because his wife had just given my wife an oral orgasm, but my wife was still looking to me for approval. I again nodded my head ?yes? that I was still okay with it, nervously wanting her to continue. She turned back facing the couch and lowered her head into the cushions in submission for intercourse. She braced her arms against the couch, anticipating that his huge penis would be somewhat painful entering her vagina.

Within seconds, the black guy had his huge penis lubricated and ready. I expected that he would put on a condom but he did not. I did not want to interrupt him at that moment about wearing a condom. He wasted no time and quickly penetrated my wife from the rear as deeply as possible on his first push. She squealed and groaned with his thrusting his extremely large, rigid penis inside her pussy so deeply and quickly. I watched with my mouth open as this black guy backed out and thrust his large penis a second time even deeper inside my wife. Her head was firmly shoved against the back cushions of the couch. His penis was probably 10? long and it now disappeared almost completely inside my wife as I watched with my mouth open in absolute horror.

I started moving towards them out of concern and to watch more closely, but the black guy?s wife intercepted me a few feet away. She did not want me to interfere with her husband fucking my wife. She grabbed me and quickly unzipped my pants, pulled out my penis and started vigorously working on it with her mouth to distract my attention away from her husband who was now into a rhythm of rapidly pumping my wife doggy-style with her head pinned against the back cushions of couch. She understood that I was having second thoughts about this. But she was intent upon letting her husband please himself with my wife.

In my mind, things were obviously out of my control at that point as I closely watched the black guy rhythmically and quickly ramming his huge penis deeply into my wife from the rear, doggy style. He was thrusting his humongous, black penis hard and fast inside her pussy with each forward motion which created a mixture of pain and pleasure for my wife. It was amazing to watch such a large penis forcing its way into my wife?s petite body. My wife dutifully endured the painful intercourse with him. My intercourse with her was also often painful, so she was somewhat used to pain with intercourse.

The black guy?s wife was very good as sucking and now deep-throating my penis, so I soon was unavoidably distracted with what she was doing to me in spite of my preoccupation with watching my wife and her husband have intercourse with her leaning now over the couch cushions. Or maybe I should say, watching her husband viciously fucking my wife for all she could endure.

His wife noticed my continued anxiety and kept me busy and turned around in her direction so that I was not continually watching her husband fuck my wife. She was intent upon his having his way with my wife and satisfying his sexual fantasy. This black lady was so good at deep-throating my penis that I momentarily forgot my wife being pumped by her big, black husband. Within ten or fifteen minutes I found myself shooting my load as my rigid penis felt fantastic being shoved down her throat. My penis plunged deeply into her throat in rapid motion as I came hard, ejaculating everything I had deep in this bitch?s throat. She kept deep-throating me until I was pumped dry of semen directly down her throat, an amazing feeling I had never before experienced.

After I finished cuming deep inside her throat, I remembered my wife and turned around to watch her again, just in time to see her husband start groaning and cuming inside my wife with his fast thrusting motion inside her body, still in doggy position. My stomach was tied in knots as I watched him groaning and expending himself inside my wife for the next several minutes. His cum slowly started oozing out of her vagina around his still thrusting penis. Then I was forced to focus back on my penis still deep-throating this black guy?s wife. She was draining every ounce of cum from me by her deep-throating action and it felt SOOOO wonderful. I could not complain when it felt SOOOO good with my hard penis down her throat.

A few minutes later I turned around again, only to discover several different black guys gathered around my wife. A different black guy was now pumping my wife from the rear doggy-style and she was again deep-throating the black guy?s rigid penis who had only minutes before been fucking her. He was cleaning his penis by deep-throating my wife again.

A third black guy was standing nearby, hard and ready, hand-jerking his penis and obviously intending to be next in line fucking my wife. As I watched for several minutes, the second black guy soon began to pump his semen inside my wife and then pulled out, letting the third black guy move into position to fuck my wife. Within seconds, the third black guy had plowed into my wife?s vagina and was pumping away at full speed toward his own orgasm. My wife seemed to enjoy the sexual stimulation and appeared to have several orgasms during the pumping by the black guys.

At this point, the black guy?s wife pulled me around again to keep distracting me as I finished cuming deep inside her throat. The feeling was FANTASTIC! I had NEVER deep-throated a woman like she did for me, so I was infatuated with her at that point. She moved my rigid penis down between her legs and toyed with it in front of her vagina. Soon I found myself pumping her for all I was worth as my penis remained hard. Again I forgot about my wife and the black guys nearby as I humped this good-looking, big-breasted black woman on the thick, furry floor mat. Her pussy felt SOOOO GOOD and I banged her hard for ten minutes or so as she wrapped her legs around me and held me close making my hard driving penis feel wonderful inside her body with the way she moved and clamped her pussy down on my penis.

The next time I remembered to look around for my wife, she had been moved over to a couch and two white guys was fucking her, one in her pussy and the other in her mouth. Again I was amazed at the size of their penises as one fat, white guy plowed hard and deep inside my wife?s pussy and she seemed to enjoy it. He was soon pumping my wife on the couch hard and steady and she had her arms wrapped around his neck, kissing him frequently so I did not worry that she was being forced into anything she did not want.

After I came inside the black guy?s wife, a Hispanic woman was standing nearby wanting my dick inside her next. So I moved onto her with my hard dick and began fucking her as hard as I could.

From time to time, I glanced at my wife, who appeared to be in the process of being fucked by every guy in the room on the couch as guys kept a line ready for the next guy to take his turn with her.

After I fucked the big-breasted Hispanic lady, a white woman was standing close by ready to take her turn with me. I continued to be distracted away from my wife, but noticed from time to time that truly every guy in the room was taking his turn fucking my wife on the couch.

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