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My Wife the Sex Machine - Testing her Limits

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I have a tough time fucking my wife Dana properly. It?s not just that she turns me on every time I see her naked. Hour glass shape, long legs, round ass and great big natural tits, that move beautifully when she walks. She looks good in clothes but she looks great naked, so I guess that?s why guys don?t hit on her constantly

It?s not just the way she looks though, she also just exudes sex. I?ve fucked a fair number of women but I?ve never met someone who enjoys the sex act more. She starts off slow but once she has her first orgasm it?s as though her body takes over, and she gets super wet. Now when you start fucking her she starts grinding her pussy on you and her eyes get glazed. Her breath starts coming really rapidly and her nipples get so hard that you can feel them poking your chest. Her favorite position is doggy, but I can?t do her that way because she arches her back to get it in deeper and I see her great big tits moving. It just stimulates me too much and I cum in a couple of strokes.

So she?s never said anything about my cumming too quickly when I fuck her, but I feel bad especially when she keeps on grinding at me after I?ve cum, trying to get that last little bit of friction against her hard clit. That?s the other thing that drives me crazy about her body. When she gets aroused her clit gets all red and sticks out from her hood about an inch.

I?ve tried using a dildo on her after I?ve fucked her but she says it?s just not the same and I?ve never been able to get her off that way. I?ve tried everything to delay my cumming and usually just to make it last I?m doing engineering equations while I pound her or thinking about something shitty at work, but that pisses me off too; I figure I should be able to just relax and enjoy the sensations.

Anyway I have a high school buddy, Jack, who I?ve kept in touch with and he came through town last week, so I took him out to dinner. He seemed a little down and I finally I asked what was up. He said he thought he was getting a divorce because his wife wouldn?t stop fucking one of his friends. The story when it came out was pretty strange. I?d only met his wife Jeanie once, and she seemed nice enough, cute short girl, short blonde hair, biggish boobs. They like to go fishing in the local lake and one day they?d taken his friend Jim along. They drank a lot of beer and were acting silly when Jim announced he had to pee. Jeanie had told him to pay no never mind and just go off the side of the boat. They got into a silly ?I will if you will? contest and his wife had taken down her shorts and gone over the side, and by the time his friend actually pulled it out he?d gotten semi-hard and his wife started laughing and wanting to see if he could pee out of a hard dick.

She?d taken her top down and shaken her tits at him to stop him from going soft and they were all laughing. My friend said he was a little embarrassed that Jim had a big dick but he got hard from watching all the playing around. When his wife dared him to pull his pants down she?d laughed when he was hard too. She?d wrapped her hands around both their dicks and their hands had been on her titties and then it was on. They?d both fucked her twice before they packed up and went home. The problem came about a month later when my friend out that his wife and Jim had taken to fucking regularly. My friend invited Jim over to the house a few times for another three way, but it got to a point, my friend said, when he didn?t know if she was more attached to his friend than him. He?s asked her to break it off and so far she?d refused.

I told him that maybe he should find someone else to fuck her with him, and I allowed that I often felt my wife was a fuck machine who could wear out a couple of cocks. Maybe Jeanie was the same way. He looked at me and said, ?Have you ever fucked her with another guy??

?No. What was it like??

?Probably the most erotic thing I?ve ever done. I think it was the most erotic thing she?d ever done. She likes it much better when we all do it together. The sex part was great, I just don?t like her falling in love with someone else.?

We talked some more about it, and about other things too but it kind of planted a seed. I told my wife the story when I got home. It?s always amazing how personally women take everything. She said, ?I don?t think you?ve got any friends I?d want to have sex with.?

That night I got out the floppy soft dildo and this time, after I?d licked her to orgasm I had her get on her knees and I slid the long fat dildo inside her and talked dirty to her about whose cock had just filled up her pussy. I said, ?Maybe it?s just some strange cock that we picked up somewhere, just for a one night stand, so we could both use you. Maybe you?ll never see him again.?

I was amazed to see her respond. I had a great view of her tits and her nipples got hard as small pebbles as I slid the dildo in and out. She started moaning and her pussy got really wet. She was going to town and I told her to hurry up and cum because the next guy was lined up ready to fuck her. She came really noisily and I slipped under her so she could sit on my cock. She was crazy and started a slow grind on me and I told her to lean forward so the second guy could slide into her ass. I was nibbling on those nipples and I reached behind to rim her brown hole.

I was so shocked by her enthusiasm that it actually delayed my cumming until she?d had what was now her third orgasm.

The next week I booked a trip down at a nudist resort in Cancun. It was one of those places catering to couples. She liked it right away and had stripped off her dress bra and panties by the time I?d checked in. I had to wear bathing shorts because I kept on getting hard when I?d see her.

In the evening after the sun went down we?d go to the Jacuzzi. It was big and held about fifty people and there was a bar at one end. When I went to get a drink for her I?d find half a dozen people talking to her when I?d get back. By the second drink she was sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi, her legs apart, her clit peeking out of its hood and her nipples hard, talking to a couple that was older than us by maybe 10 years. They were talking about their sexual experiences and what they?d done. When the woman started talking about doing more than one guy at a time my wife was all ears.

?How do you set it up? I mean I wouldn?t want to do it in our hometown. Too many people know us.?

?Well that?s why this place is so ideal. You don?t know anyone and there?s enough people to pick and choose, though to tell you the truth if you?re just interested in cock its not that important what?s attached to it. It?s easiest if you find some couples where the wives play together cuz usually they?re willing to lend their guys if they?re having some girl time.?

My wife smiled but said, ?Sounds complicated.?

Her new friend reached forward and traced the inside of my wife?s thigh with her fingers and then told her husband to hop up on the side of the Jacuzzi beside my wife. He was fully erect and had a nice sized cock. ?I know Dan has been aching to touch your titties. May he??

My wife nodded her head and arched back to present one boob. I moved a little closer and saw the woman separating my wife?s lips with a finger while her husband lifted and suckled my wife?s nipple. ?Dan she is so wet.?

I handed my wife her drink and she grinned at me. The guy sucking her nipple straightened and stuck out his hand. ?She has beautiful breasts. ?

?Yes she does.? His wife reached down and I felt her fingers wrap around my hard cock. She shook it. ?Pleased to meet you. Isn?t this nice, my finger in your wife and my other hand around your cock??

I had to laugh. The woman let go of my cock and leaned forward to suck my wife?s clit in her mouth. My wife?s stomach contracted and I saw her bite her lip. It only took a minute for her to cum. The woman must have known a technique I hadn?t mastered. As she came she reached over and put her hand around the guys cock. Her fingers didn?t quite meet. The pussy licker backed up and turned to grin at me. ?Would you get me a margarita??

I toddled off. There was a line at the bar so it took me ten minutes. When I got back my wife was in the water and the couple were nowhere to be seen. ?Where did your friends go??

?They went off to fuck. This place is amazing.?

I grinned. ?I?m surprised they didn?t take you with them.?

She didn?t say anything reached her arms around my neck. ?What were you thinking when she licked my pussy and made me cum??

?I was thinking you looked very happy, particularly when you wrapped your hand around his big cock.?

?Mmm. I put his big cock in my mouth after you went for drinks. Is it bad that I?m such a slut??

?No. I love you. Wished I'd seen that.?

?Would you like to watch other men fuck me?? Her hand had reached between us and was now circled around my hard cock. ?I think maybe yes, huh?? She was looking deep in my eyes.

I said, ?You?re such a sex machine. I?d like to see how much you could take.?

She pushed back at arm?s length. ?You?re serious??

I nodded, ?I figured maybe three guys plus me. This is the place to try it.?

She laughed, ?You are such a pervert. That?s why I love you. Maybe we should start off slow.?

I said, ?You don?t think you could handle it? You get so wet and horny from being fucked.?

I noticed that there was a young couple standing beside us listening. I smiled at them, and she said, ?You guys are so cool talking about this. We came here just because we?re kind of curious.?

She was tall and thin with perhaps b cups and a pretty face. Her little pink nipples were hard. He was the same height and was athletic looking. He was tall enough so that the tip of his cock was sticking up above the Jacuzzi water like a periscope. It had a curve to it. Did everyone here have a cock that was bigger than mine?

I shook his hand and we introduced ourselves. She said, ?I don?t even know where we?d start. We?ve been here three days and you?re the only couple we?ve talked to. I?ll be disappointed if we go home and we haven?t done anything.?

I didn?t know how to respond to that and said, ?We just got here a couple of hours ago.?

He said, ?The two of you must be very experienced.?

I had to laugh. ?No. I just have this very fuckable wife who inspires lust when she?s naked. We were just talking about whether we should see if we can arrange for some guys to fuck her.?

Steve, the guy said, ?You won?t be jealous??

?I don?t think so. I mean I guess it wouldn?t work if she fell in love with some guy, but I don?t think that?s going to happen.? I had a moment of truth-in-liquor. ?Sometimes after we?ve had sex I feel as if she hasn?t had enough. All that wet pussy just going to waste. Guess I just want to see if she really can take more.?

Sally said, ?I can understand that. One is enough for me though.? She blushed, a pretty red color that dappled her breasts. ?I cum really hard. But.? She said, ?I?ve always wanted to get my ass fucked and he?s? she grabbed his cock, ?too big.?

Now my wife laughed, ?Wow. You like that??

She grinned, ?Oh I love to have it rimmed and fingered. I just want to feel it. So, are you guys up for it??

My wife looked at Steve and said, ?Look, I?ve got to tell you that I want a nice long fucking, so if you?re a quick cummer then that doesn?t work. Tell you what.? She looked at him. ?Hop up here. I?ll blow you and if you last five minutes then you can come fuck me.?

Steve hopped up and Dana went to work. She gives a world class blowjob, but I don?t really enjoy it that much because it really makes me cum fast. I watched her working his cock, sliding it in and out, licking up under the head, swirling it round before sucking it deep. Sally backed up against me while we watched and I played with her titties and stroked her bottom. Five minutes and he was still hard, so we followed them up to their room, stopping on the way so they could look at our safe sex certificates. We checked theirs and then got to it. Both Sally and Steve wanted to lick her pussy and I kissed her and stroked her boobies while they had their way. She orgasmed pretty quickly and then Steve was between her legs, his pole teasing her slit before she took him inside. Sally and I kissed each other and then she went down on me while we watched her husband doing a good job of pounding Dana. In no time he had her on her knees, hitting it doggy. Her big tits were flying everywhere. Sally was really good. She?d sense when I was close to cumming and back off, putting her hand around my nutsack and squeezing. She did it seven times before she announced it was her turn. She got out a tube of anal ease and said, ?First rim me.?

It was the prettiest little pink pucker I?d ever seen. She started moaning as soon as my tongue touched her. I licked it all around and then inserted a spit finger inside gently. Then I used the anal ease and stretched it using one finger, then two, and finally I put my cockhead to the entrance. I reached below to her pussy and was delighted to find it completely drenched. One smooth gentle push and I was balls deep in virgin ass. My lord she was tight. Her language had gotten incredibly foul the moment my cock had entered her and now she was shouting at her boyfriend telling him to fuck that bitch as hard as she was getting fucked. I had been going slowly but she started shouting to fucking nail her ass, to fuck that ass, pound that ass.

I obliged and she put her hands down on the bed and I went to it with a will. Every few stokes I?s slowly pull it back so my head would just about pop out and I?d see the little brown hole squeezing my cockhead. It was incredibly sexy. Then I?d slide it back in and do it fast. After fifteen minutes she started thrashing around and her heels started drumming on the bed. When she came it was like a tidal wave and afterwards she was like a limp rag doll. I still hadn?t cum. I washed up to come out and find my wife in her umpteenth orgasm . Now she had mounted him and I could see him sliding in and out and I had an idea. I kneeled between his legs and put my cockhead at the back of her slip. The next time she rode up I put my hand around both our cocks and let them slide in. They both gave a gasp and my wife said, ?Oh my god, I?m so full.? I felt his cock hard against mine and I guess the extra stimulation was all we needed because we all started cumming, filling her with more cum than I?d ever seen.

We left and slept for a chunk of the afternoon. At dinner that night we saw the older couple, and joined their table and met some of their friends. Dana was wearing a dress that she could only wear here with so much titty hanging out that occasionally the edge of a nipple would pop out. I caught every man at the table was staring at them. We all had a lot of wine to drink and I had some pretty good conversations with some of the women near me, but having Dana at the table was like dining with a rock star. I told you she just exuded sex. Anyway once I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back both breasts had been released from her top and one of the men was sitting in my seat playing with a nipple while the woman in the other seat was doing likewise. I sat in the guy?s seat and watched. His wife leaned over and put her hand in my lap. ?I hear you like watching her being pleasured.?

The waiter came over and they put Dana?s breasts away but then Julie, the wife from this afternoon clinked her glass and said, ?Dana is going to be the fuck of the evening, so we?ll excuse the wives while we go service her. We?ll meet up again at 11 at the nightclub.?

We made a strange procession as we trooped to the room. Everyone was naked in a flash. There was a good selection of cock sizes, finally I wasn?t the smallest. Julie wanted to lick her first and she then insisted that I get behind her and lay down so I could support her back and watch her get penetrated. She announced that Dana was dripping wet in anticipation and I got to watch the first guy walk up and rub his cock up and down her slit before sliding in. He had a big purple mushroom head that certainly seemed to make an impression. I squeezed her big tits from the side to offer up her nipples to his mouth. She came after the first five minutes; he lasted longer than I usually did, but he?d filled her after about ten minutes of pumping. The second guy took his place without any hesitation. I looked around the room. Julie was acting as a fluffer, sucking all the guys hard, not that they seemed to need it. By the time the second guy had filled her I wormed out from under. She quickly flipped over to take the third guy doggie and everyone commented on how luscious her tits looked, swinging like low fruit. A couple of the guys went to the sides of the bed to cop a feel and Julie couldn?t resist taking their cocks in her mouth. That seemed to the signal for everyone to get a little wild. Dana was cumming regularly, and now one guy had crawled under her to lift his head up to lick clit and of course she had his cock in her mouth. After the next guy had cum he squirmed around so she could sit on him and I decided to join him in her pussy. Julie said, ?No you get sloppy sixths?, but took pity on me and down beside Dana, pulling my cock inside. I fucked her as long as I could, but she was squeezing me like a vise and soon I emptied my balls in her. One of the other guys had taken my idea though and Dana was now being double teamed. I thought at first that they were both in her vagina but after he came and pulled out I saw that he?d used her ass. Normally she doesn?t like that but she was out of control now. She seemed to be coming continuously. After seven guys she indicated she was done by flopping over, but the guys weren?t finished with her. She lay there with a happy grin on her face, cum oozing from both holes as they stood over her and jerked themselves off on her face and tits. Julie was busy rubbing the cum into her tits, but soon she was just a gooey mess.

The guys all left and soon Julie Dana and I were there. Julie said, ?OK now you can fuck her. I?ll help.?

I didn?t know what she meant, but the truth was there was so much cum in her pussy that I couldn?t get any traction. I fucked her for fifteen minutes and I was just about to give up when I felt Julie?s tongue up my ass. That was such a weird and intense feeling that it only took a few minutes before I pulled out and added the last stream of cum to my wife?s tits. She was a gooey exhausted mess. Julie said she wanted the last act and I watched her clean up all around my wife?s clit with her tongue and then she did some magic with her finger on a spot that produced a last, wailing orgasm. Julie waved good-bye and I carried Dana to the shower.

And that was just the first day?

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