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My Wife Open for Business

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Want to share with you all a night that has forever changed the way I see my wife?.. My wife and I have been happily married now for 15 years. We are both in our early forty?s and up till about four years ago had been in a loving monogamous relationship. Then about four years ago, one of my wife?s coworkers stated to talk to my wife about swinging and before long, she and I joined ?the Lifestyle? and have never looked back. I must say that since we have joined ?the Lifestyle? our openness and communication has gotten much better and our sex life has elevated to heights never thought possible. This past summer, my wife and I experienced something that I thought would have never happened.

First, let me start by saying that my wife, Sandy is your typical MILF ?soccer mom? except that our sons play volleyball instead of soccer?. So I guess that makes her a MILF ?volleyball mom?. Ninety-five percent of the time, she is the typical suburban, minivan diving, PTA mom that would be the last person you ever thought lived the swinger?s life. Sandy is 5 foot 8 tall with shoulder length light brown hair and has these light brown eyes that can make any man melt. Her figure betrays the fact that she?s given birth to our three sons and doesn?t look near her age of 43, in fact she is often mistaken for being in her early thirties. She has these long legs that are to die for and a pair of ass cheeks that are firm and tight. Her mid-section is slender and firm and her breasts are absolutely stunning at a pair of beautifully ?augmented? 34D?s and her pussy is always waxed clean. Needless to say, on most normal days, Sandy is the mom that wears nice clothes, on the conservative side, but allows those who see her to see just how sexy she really is.

Me, my name is Alex, and I am the reason that my wife is a ?volleyball mom?. From my days of my youth, I played volleyball all through college and now I coach a ?club? that our three sons play for. I work as a planner and estimator for a local construction company so between my job and hours of volleyball, I have managed to stay in excellent shape. Since I keep myself in great shape, I also keep myself well groomed ensuring that other than the hair on my head, I am completely hairless below my neck. I manage to keep Sandy happy with the nice sized cock that I was blessed with measuring close to 9 inches long and almost as wide as a Red Bull can.

This past summer, I was taking part in a weekend production reward/training session that my company?s parent corporation held annually. Unlike years before, this year we were allowed to bring our spouses with us so Sandy was all too excited to come along for that weekend. When we got to the resort, we were given the keys to our bungalow and got settled in. That afternoon, I attended the seminars that were scheduled and Sandy went shopping and enjoyed the facilities of the resort. I returned to Sandy later that afternoon and the two of us enjoyed a nice romantic dinner and returned to our bungalow and had some great sex before calling it a night.

The next day, I was part of a group of developers and contactors totaling seven of us. As we went through the seminars for the day, the senior man in the group, Kevin, began talking about having some drinks later that afternoon at his bungalow to allow everyone to get to know each other better. He said that if anyone of us had brought our spouses that they were more than welcome to join in the fun too. During one of the breaks, I called Sandy and asked her if she would be interested in going to a ?party? of sorts that afternoon to which she agreed.

When the day?s activities were completed, I went back to our bungalow and Sandy and I got ready to head over to Kevin?s executive bungalow. Kevin told us that it was a casual thing so don?t come overdressed?.. I wore a pair of Bermuda shorts and a Polo shirt, while Sandy wore a fitted cotton tank-top with a bikini top beneath and a pair of short shorts that showed-off her amazingly sexy legs. When we got to Kevin?s bungalow, there were about ten men there, including me, and four women. At first, Sandy was a bit uncomfortable with the ratio of men to women but she began to feel more comfortable after a couple of drinks. We planned to leave after about an hour. Right about the time we were going to leave, four of the men left leaving the ratio of men to women less intimidating. Sandy began to enjoy herself and soon told me that she was ok with staying there as long as I wanted.

As the afternoon turned into evening, the crowd had withered down to five of us men and now Sandy was the lone woman remaining. The six of us were sitting around this sunk-in living room all lounging around when one of the men, Todd had made it known that he needed to get another drink. Sandy was on her way back from the bar when she offered to get Todd his drink. When Sandy brought Todd his drink, he reached in his pocket and pulled out a $20 bill and gave it to Sandy. ?Gotta tip the waitress!?, Todd playfully commented. At first Sandy refused to take it but soon realized that Todd was serious and was not going to take his money back. A few minutes later, another of the men there Greg, reached in his pants and pulled out another $20 bill and asked if Sandy would be kind enough to get him a drink. Sandy got up and got Greg his drink. When she got to Greg, she told him to put the bill in her blouse between her tits, to which Greg eagerly did. That kind of set the mood for what was about to happen next. One-by-one, all the men in the room were giving Sandy $20 tips to get them a drink, and every time she returned, the guys were allowed to cop a feel of my wife as they gave her their tip. Every time Sandy got up to get a drink, the guys all stared and my wife as she walked to get the drinks.

Not long after, the next round of drinks were being called for and once again it started with Todd. This time, Todd pulled out a $50 bill and asked Sandy what he would get with a tip like that. Sandy removed her tank-top and said he could put the tip between her tits with his mouth?.. Now I?ve seen sandy get frisky like this before so this was no shock to me. Todd got his drink and got to put his face between Sandy?s tits and everyone seemed to be having a great time, even Sandy was loving all the attention from these men. Mid way thought the second round of Sandy playing waitress, Kevin asked her how much it was going to cost for her to remove her shorts. Sandy replied that it was going to cost $50 which Kevin gladly paid. Sandy was now in a room full of men who were undoubtedly getting hornier by the minute with her in only her bikini.

The third round of drinks began, and once again, Todd started it off, ?Hey Sandy. How much is it gonna cost me to have you get my next drink with your top off?? Sandy looked at me as if to see what my reaction was, I kissed her on her cheek and told her that, ?I was ok, if she was ok!? Sandy replied to Todd, $100 for me to take my top off?.. no sooner did she say that when Kevin chimed in. ?I?ll give you $200 to take it all off!? Sandy looked at me and she kissed me on my lips and told me that she was willing to have some fun?. ?after all, I?m making some good money!? Sandy removed her bikini leaving her in the nude with five strange men all staring at her beautiful naked body. The rest of the third round of drinks that Sandy got she got $100 bills form the men as they got their drinks from my wife. What happened next is what caught me by surprise.

Once again, Todd started the next round, ?Sandy, how much will it cost me to get a chance to lick your nipples?? Sandy replied that it was going to be $200 to lick her nipples. She got his drink and Todd paid her the $200 and lustfully licked and sucked on Sandy?s nipples. This fourth round continued, then when it got to the last two guys, one was Rick and the other Evan, the two whispered in each other?s ears something then Rick made his offer to Sandy, ?We?ll give you $500 to get to do a body shot off your ass!? Sandy agreed. Rick came over and led Sandy by the hand to the table in the middle of the room. He positioned Sandy on her hands and knees as if she were going doggie style then he laid down on his back with his face between Sandy?s legs with his lips right by Sandy?s pussy. Evan took the bottle of whiskey and began to pour it down the crack of my wife?s ass. Rick slurped up the whiskey and I could tell by the look on Sandy?s face that he also gave her pussy a quick lock too. Rick and Evan switched places and once again, there was a man drinking whiskey from my off of my wife?s ass and pussy. Seeing this, Kevin offered her $1000 to let all of the men take a shot of their choice from her ass. Each guy, including me got to take a shot off of Sandy and my wife was getting quick licks from each guy there?.. As each of the guys went to take their shot from Sandy?s ass, I could see that all of the guys, including me were all at full erection. When we were all finished, we all sat back in our chairs and the party continued.

We were all definitely feeling the effects of the alcohol, some more than others. Todd got up and he looked at me and said, ?I?d like to make one more offer this evening and I hope you?re not offended. I would like to know how much it?ll cost to be able to have sex with your lovely wife!? The room went silent and everything came to a halt?.. Some of the men looked at Todd with an angry look thinking that he had just gone over the edge and was going to cause Sandy and I to leave the party. Sandy looked at me and quietly asked me if it?d be ok if she agreed to have sex with Todd. Once again, I told her that ?if you?re ok?. I?m ok, if you?re not ok?. we can leave!? She looked at Todd and said that it would cost him $1000 to have sex with her! As Todd was reaching in his pants, Kevin stood up and he looked at Sandy and said, ?You are a very gorgeous woman and I?m sure that every guy in here would love to have sex with you. So, I?d like to offer you $10,000 to allow all of us to have sex with you tonight!? My mind was blown, that my wife as on the verge of making more money in one night than I do in an entire month?. the only question was, would she fuck each one of these guys for $10K? She thought for a moment then looked at me and smiled and lipped to me that she wanted to do it?.. I gave her a wink and she announced to the room that she was theirs for the night!

Kevin announced that he was going to get a blanket to lay on the table in the center of the living room and that?s where they were going to fuck my wife. Sandy got up and went one-by-one to each of the guys giving them a huge wet juicy kiss on their lips sliding them some tongue as she reached down between their legs to get a preview of each guys cock. By the time she had completed her round, Kevin had returned with a large blanket which he used to cover the round coffee table and a bunch of towels. By now, half of the men had stripped off their clothes and were standing there with nothing on but a smile and a hard-on. Sandy assumed her place on the center of the table and announced that she was ?open for business!? As the first three guys approached Sandy, Kevin announced that I was going to be the first one to fuck my wife. Then after I was done then they?d each have their turn.

Sandy looked at me with her eyes filled with excitement, anticipation and a bit of apprehensiveness too. She spun herself on the table so that her pussy was facing me and I pulled off my pants exposing my raging hard-on. Sitting up on the table, Sandy pulled me close to her and began to suck on my cock. I looked down at my beautiful wife and realized that soon, she?d be servicing these other men too. I closed my eyes to relish to pleasure of her talented lips and tongue. When I opened my eyes, there were three guys surrounding us stoking their cocks as they enjoyed the show. After several minutes of giving me an amazing blowjob, Sandy laid on her back and opened her legs exposing her beautifully bald and very wet pussy.

I took the head of my cock and placed it at the entrance of her love canal and prepared to fuck my wife. Her pussy was so wet from all of the preceding sexual play that had been going on for the last two hours or so. I slid into her effortlessly and buried my entire shaft deep in my wife. She moaned with pleasure as I began to rhythmically slide my cock in and out of my wife?s pussy. After a few moments, Evan had his cock poised near Sandy?s face hoping that he?d be soon getting his cock sucked by Sandy. Sandy saw the waiting cock and took it right into her mouth and began sucking on it with heated passion. I had seen Sandy like this before, with one cock in her pussy while she was sucking on another, but this time it was different, there were four more cocks surrounding us that were about to get serviced by my Sandy. I continued to fuck Sandy until I was ready to unload my jizz deep in her. Sensing that I was about to cum, Sandy released Evan?s cock from her mouth and put all of her attention on me, ?That?s it honey, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Shoot your load in me, shoot it deep in my pussy!!? With that, I blew my load in my wife trying to deposit my jizz in her as far as I could. When I finished cuming, I collapsed on Sandy and we embraced in a moment for just us two. Sandy kissed me deeply and gave me one last hug before letting me go.

I stood up and made my way back to where I was sitting earlier when I heard Sandy announce, ?Who?s next?? One of the guys who had a fairly decent sized cock, Greg, got in front of Sandy and slid his cock into my wife. He started banging away and before long, Sandy had Evan?s cock in her mouth sucking it feverishly. Todd was now on the other side of Sandy?s face giving her the chance to suck on two cocks?. She grabbed Todd?s cock and stroked it as she continued to suck on Evan, all the while getting fucked. After a few moments of that, Sandy switched her attention and started to suck on Todd?s cock while she stroked Evan?s saliva covered cock. All three men were in various levels of sexual pleasure. It didn?t take long for Greg to be ready to shoot his load. As his rhythm increased and intensified, she realized that he was about to cum. ?Shoot your cum on my stomach!? she announced. Greg pulled out his cock and quickly removed his condom and finished stroking his cock till he shot his cum all over Sandy?s stomach, his cock seemed to spew a gallon of cum on Sandy?s stomach. She used her free hand to rub the cum all over her midsection using it as lotion as she massaged her stomach.

Alan, one of the other guys waiting for his turn, grabbed one of the face towels Kevin had brought and wiped the cum off of Sandy?s midsection. I was surprised by the manners of these guys that were fucking my wife. After wiping up Sandy?s midsection and pussy area, Alan got between her legs and began to eat Sandy?s pussy. Sandy love to receive oral and she tends to cum fairly quickly when she?s getting licked. It was obvious that Alan knew what he was doing because he had Sandy bucking and screaming wildly from an orgasm?. the first of several that she would be having that night. As Sandy bucked through her orgasm, Alan tried desperately to keep his face between her legs eating her as she came. Sandy slowly began to come down from her orgasm and as soon as she had settled down, Alan positioned himself to enter Sandy. Alan possess an 8 plus inch cock but on the narrower side. He inserted his cock and was now fucking Sandy hard. He was banging Sandy so hard that she struggled to keep Evan?s cock in her mouth. Before long, Alan?s force on Sandy was so intense that she gave up trying to suck on Evan and resorted to stroking off Evan and Todd.

After about ten minutes of banging away when Alan moaned that he was now ready to blow his load. Again, Sandy directed him to shoot his load on her stomach. Alan gave a final few thrusts to Sandy, pulled out his cock and like the first guy, he pulled off his condom and unloaded his wad of cum on my wife?s stomach. Todd took one of the towels and wiped Sandy clean. That was three of the six guys that were there and Sandy showed no signs of slowing down. After wiping Sandy clean, Todd grabbed Sandy by her hips and positioned her on her hand and knees and prepared to enter he doggie-style. She loves doggie-style and hoped that Todd said he was going to fuck her good and hard.

As Sandy got into position for Todd to fuck her, she took a moment to take a drink of water from a bottle that Kevin had put next to her. She got on all fours and looked over her shoulder at Todd and gave him the ?come here? sign with her index finger. Todd has an averaged size cock but it was one of the wider cocks there. Todd positioned himself ready to enter Sandy when she reached back and grabbed his cock and guided him into her wanting hole. With her being freshly fucked by three guys, her pussy was undoubtedly soaking wet and would be easy for Todd to enter her. With Sandy?s help, Todd buried his cock in my wife?s pussy and began his assault on Sandy?s pussy. He began slowly then steadily increased his rhythm then he?d slow his thrusts down then ramp back up again?. He definitely knew how to pleasure a woman ?cause Sandy was moaning in ecstasy with every thrust. As Sandy and Todd got into a rhythm, Evan offered his cock to Sandy to resume her skillful oral pleasures on him. My wife was in a full on ?spit roast? and she was loving it.

It was about that point in the evening that I realized that Kevin still had his shorts on. I asked Alan who was next to me why he wasn?t naked ready to fuck Sandy. Alan?s reply was that when they have these adventures, Kevin is usually the last one to take off his clothes because he?s so big. Other than me, these other guys all work for Kevin and this was one of the ways that he rewards his top performing estimators, planners and senior contractors. Alan had confessed that Kevin usually plans an evening at these reward weekends, but was not planning on it happening this way and especially happening with my Sandy. Alan went on to say that one of the first times they had done this, once the woman had seen the sheer size of Kevin?s cock, the woman left them not wanting to play for fear of Kevin?s size. Since then, Kevin is always the last to take off pants, that way if the woman doesn?t want to continue with Kevin, at least the others got to fuck the woman hired for the night.

I looked back at Sandy and Todd was still banging away at Sandy as her moans of pleasure got louder and louder. Evan had his cock in her mouth muffling the sounds of passion coming from my wife. Todd?s thrusts began to intensify which led me to believe that he was ready to blow his load. Todd reared back and readied to release his cum, Sandy broke her oral action and demanded Todd to shoot his load all over her ass. Todd gave her one last thrust before he pulled out his cock, peeled off his condom and shot his goo all over Sandy?s luscious ass cheeks. Todd did something that caught me off guard, unlike the other guys that cleaned up Sandy with a towel, Todd proceeded to lick up his own cum off my wife?s ass and lower back. With his mouth filled with his cum, Sandy took Evan?s cock out of her mouth and spun on the table so she was now facing Todd. She kneeled up high and wrapped her arms around Todd?s neck and gave him a wet juicy kiss on his lips and the two swapped what was left of Todd?s cum?.. damn that was hot. By now, Greg, Alan and I were once again at full erection waiting to get a chance to go at Sandy a second time. What was unknown was would there be anything left of my wife after Kevin had his turn with her.

Evan cleaned off the remnant of Todd?s cum on my wife?s backside when he got into position to get his chance to fuck Sandy. He laid on his back with his cock standing straight up to which Sandy assumed the position on a reverse cowgirl on Evan. I love fucking Sandy like this but had never seen how erotically hot it actually was seeing my wife ride up and down on a cock like that. She impaled herself on Evan?s cock and when she had buried his entire cock in her, she stopped, looked around the room and saw that Kevin still had his shorts on. She called Kevin over to her and when she realized how large his cock was she was taken back. She unzipped Kevin?s shorts and pulled the front down exposing the largest cock I had ever seen?. He was at least 12 inches long and it was almost as wide as a beer can??. HOLY SHIT!

Sandy saw the massive cock still inside of his underwear and she reached in and pulled that massive piece of meat from its cotton restrains and Kevin?s cock semi hard flopped out and half way hung out of his pants. Sandy looked at that snake of a cock and wrapped two hands around it. She began stroking it as she once again resumed her up and down assault on Evan?s cock. After several bounces, Sandy stopped and gave a kiss to the head of Kevin?s massive cock. She desperately tried to get as much of that cock in her mouth but managed to barely get his head in her mouth. Over the next ten to fifteen minutes, Sandy alternated between riding Evan?s cock and desperately trying to get as much of Kevin?s cock in her mouth. When she realized that she would only be able to get a little more than half in her mouth, she resorted to using her hands and her mouth in unison to work Kevin?s massive cock. She worked Kevin and Evan like a master ensuring that both men were pleasured.

Evan was on the verge of having his orgasm and Sandy gave him a few last thrusts to finish him off. With her dictating the fuck session with Evan, she got off his cock and ripped off his rubber and had Evan shoot his cum allover her tits. Evan shot a massive load all over Sandy and she rubbed it all over her tits and stomach, and unlike the others, she even took a finger covered in Evan?s jizz and licked her finger clean. Sandy grabbed a towel, cleaned herself off and grabbed the bottle of water and took several gulps of water. She was perspiring profusely and her shoulder length hair was soaked looking like she had just got out of the shower. She caught her breath and looked at the massive piece of man meat that she was about to get fucked by. She looked around the room and other that Todd and Evan, the other four were again hard and hoping to get a second time with Sandy?.. only thing was I knew I was going to get more!!!

After wiping herself down and getting some much needed water, Sandy asked Kevin how he wanted her. Kevin replied that he would do her anyway that she wanted to. ?I just hope I can take that entire cock in me!? she replied. Kevin, who had been a great host and complete gentleman to Sandy the entire night approached her, stood her up and gave her a juicy kiss on her lips. He reached down to grab a rubber but Sandy said she wanted to feel that massive cock in her skin-to-skin. Now she had never allowed another man to fuck her without a condom so this was a first. ?I want to feel every inch, every vein and every bump of that massive cock in me!? Sandy wrapped her arms around his neck and the two began kissing like long lost lovers. I was so turned on watching my wife and what she had been doing that night. I was even hornier with the thought of watching her get fucked by Kevin?s massive man meat.

As the two passionately kissed, Kevin reached down to her thighs with his hands and hoisted her up. As Kevin began to ease her down, Sandy took the lead from Kevin and grabbed his massive cock and began guiding it into her pussy. I asked Kevin to turn in such a way that I could watch that enormous cock enter my wife?s pussy. Inch-by-inch, more of Kevin?s massive cock disappeared into Sandy?s pussy. When he had gotten about three-fourths of his cock in her, he eased her down onto the table and mounted her missionary style. Kevin continued his gentle easing of his cock in my wife and after several minutes he had his entire cock in Sandy.

?I?m in you all the way!? Kevin told Sandy. ?Alex, I want to suck on your cock!? Sandy beckoned. I got up and offered my cock to Sandy and she engulfed my raging cock in her mouth and began to suck on me hard. Kevin meanwhile, began to ease his cock in and out of my wife?s pussy. From where I was, I could see her inner lips clinging to Kevin?s cock as he slid in and out of her. She broke her lips from my cock long enough to call for more cock. Greg and Alan offered their cocks to Sandy and she grabbed one cock in each hand then resumed sucking on me. My wife was servicing four cocks at once?. I could not believe what I was seeing. Kevin began to increase the speed and force of his thrusts in Sandy and she began stroking Greg and Alan as she sucked me even harder yet. This went on for about ten or so minutes before Greg started to shoot his load. He unloaded his cum all over Sandy?s tits and no sooner did he finish when Alan added his cum to the pool of cum. Kevin was increasing his pace and I wanted to be the last one to finish, I tried so hard to outlast Kevin but Sandy is oh so good with her mouth that I was almost ready to blow my load.

Just when I was about ready to shoot my load I heard Sandy scream from a second orgasm that she was having as Kevin fucked her. She bucked wildly and knowing how much tighter she can get when my cock is in her when she cums, I hoped that the little extra grip of her pussy would send Kevin over the edge. That did do it?. ?I?m gonna cum Sandy, where do you want it?? Kevin moaned, to which Sandy told him to shoot it all in her! That last request of hers sent Kevin over the edge and he began to shoot his cum deep in my wife. As he came in her, Sandy gripped my cock with her two hands and worked her magic on my cock. Kevin kept thrusting his cum deep in my wife and then I finally gave in, I began to cum too. Getting her first taste of my cum in her mouth, Sandy sucked harder and harder seemingly trying to suck the cum out of my cock. Kevin and I finished depositing our loads in my wife and we both pulled our cocks from Sandy about the same time.

I looked at my wife and she was completely spent. Her face was flushed and her genital area was a rosy color of red from all the pounding that she had just received. She was covered in perspiration from head to toe and exhausted looking like she does following one of her Zumba classes at the gym. I held her hand and eased her to her feet. Kevin offered his shower to us so that Sandy could clean up. We both got to his shower and as we cleaned up, Sandy saw that I was hard yet again. She leaned up against the glass wall of the shower and asked me to come into her from behind. I eased my cock into her and we had one last fuck in Kevin?s bungalow. I slid my cock in Sandy?s still dripping pussy and began to slide in and out of her. Much to my surprise, even after getting fucked by Kevin?s massive cock, my Sandy was still tight.

When we had finished cleaning up, we got back to the living room and the only one remaining was Kevin. He came over and gently kissed Sandy on her cheek and thanked her for a most memorable night. He reached in to a box that was on the counter and gave Sandy a wad of money. We exchanged "goodnights" as we prepared to leave for our bungalow. That was a night that I will never forget!!! Sandy and I still enjoy the pleasures of ?the Lifestyle? but Sandy promised me that what happened there that night was the first and last time that would happen??

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