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My Wife Makes a Backpacking Trip Special

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My wife and I were backpacking in the Sierra Nevada trail system. This was our first backpacking trip together and I didn?t think it was going so well. We were supposed to be hiking with another couple, but the wife of the other couple couldn?t make it for the first part of the trip, so she was driving up to meet us at the trailhead in two days time.

My wife really wasn?t in shape for the trip. I mean she looked good, but she just hadn?t been willing to do the conditioning necessary for a pretty demanding hike. She was lagging and around noon I suggested that we re-distribute her pack between Rob and I.

I checked her feet at our lunch stop and they seemed to be holding out, so I assumed it was just a weight thing. The night?s stop was close to a mud bath and I promised that she could spend a few hours soaking while I made dinner. She seemed to get a burst of energy from having her pack lightened and both Rob and I were conditioned enough to take load. She moved up ahead leaving Rob and I to talk.

I?d known Rob and his wife for a couple of years. His wife was more Jan?s friend than mine, but we?d spent a vacation with them before and had a good time, so we thought it?d be fun. Our relationship has been going through some changes and I would have preferred that we spend some alone time, but she?d made the suggestion so here we were.

Northern California in the fall is a pretty great place. Forest fresh smells and a hint of chill in the air that kept the bugs down. Rob and I caught up on details of the six months since we?d seen each other last.

We arrived at the campsite disappointed to find that someone else was already there. The campsite had been prepared by the Forest Service by clear cutting a space and there was only room enough for two tents at a time. We had a four person tent; really it?s only big enough for three and that at a squeeze, but there was no way we were going to be able to set up both our tents. Jan changed into her swim suit in the tent and Rob and I shucked outside. I couldn?t help but look at his package, since that had been the subject of Jan and my discussions over the past couple of weeks. Not his package in specific but other men in general.

We?d been in bed and she was laying on her side gently stroking me when she asked me if there was a lot of difference in men?s penis?. Jan is what you?d call inexperienced, but she?s also the most honest person I knew. Her question prefaced a difficult discussion about monogamy and curiosity and at the end of it I didn?t really know where we were going.

Jan had a big t-shirt and flip flops on when she emerged. I started dinner by putting the ingredients for a stew together in a covered pot and then we went off down the trail to find the mud hole.

Sharing a camp-site always created the security dilemma; you can?t really lock everything up but at the same time, we?ve been ripped off camping before. I put all of our bags in our tent and locked it, with of our small locks. I took a small folding camp towel and trudged up the narrow trail. I could smell the sulphur in the pool about a hundred yards away.

We rounded the corner to see that our neighbors were a young couple already in the mud pit. It wasn?t a really small space but Jan doesn?t really like crowding so we just called out to them to let them know we were here and sat on some rocks. The girl called out, ?Hi, I?m Delilah and this is Jack. There?s plenty of room if you want to come in, but the mud stains everything so we?re not wearing suits.?

I didn?t think Jan would be OK with that but she said, ?Thanks. We?ll be right in.?

She looked at us and said, ?I guess I don?t mind messing up this suit.? She pulled the t-shirt over her head. I could see the wheels turning in her mind. ?On the other hand, it?s the only one I brought. There?s only about an hour till dark and you know how the bugs come out and I?ve been looking forward to a soak all day.? She reached behind her back and pulled the string on the bikini top and then pulled it over her head. Both nipples were rock hard. She pulled the side string on the bottoms and stepped out of them.

I looked at Rob. He didn?t seem to know where to look. Jan stood there and said, ?Well?? I shucked off my shorts and Rob did the same. The package was definitely increasing in girth. Rob seemed embarrassed and put his hand over it. It didn?t quite cover all of it. When he did that Jan turned and started walking to the pool. Rob and I followed.

Her figure is almost embarrassingly feminine. Really big boobs, thin waist and hips that were very rounded. Her ass was on the largish size but very firm. I think she was a 36-24-36, a classic pinup type body. She?d put her hair up on top of her head and her long neck made her look like a classic statue walking away from us. Her dark hair gives her dark rosy red nipples.

Rob whistled and Jan turned so that we could see the side of one large boob. She said, ?Now you like looking.?

I had to laugh. ?Honey we?re all going to be naked in a mud bath. It would be unnatural for us not to look.?

She dropped her hand and submerged. ?Well, don?t stare.? She seemed to be staring at Rob and I and I took a quick peek at him myself, now that he?d taken his hand away. He was definitely on the plus size.

The mud was pretty hot. We were about five feet away from our neighbors. The girl asked us where we?d come from and told us they were up for a week and going to see her parents at the trailhead. They were both students at Berkeley. We chatted while we soaked. The mud felt really good and I sidled up to Jan and started rubbing her shoulders and then massaging the mud into her back. Delilah asked if we?d ever been to the mud pit before and Jan said no.

?The waterfall is the only way of rinsing off the mud. I?ve been here before. Did you bring a loofah??

We hadn?t and she assured us it would be tough to get the mud off without one.

We looked over at the waterfall. It was obviously warm water, steam was rising off it. There was only one standing ledge under the water, but water was gushing out a crevice in the rock about four feet from the ledge. There was a ledge opposite that was starting to look pretty good to me since the mud was getting uncomfortable. I went over and hoisted myself out. It was pretty hot. Rob said he was boiling and hopped out onto the ledge beside me. Jan joined us a few seconds later, saying she felt like the lobster just before being served. We were all covered in mud, though it didn?t do much to conceal her body, but she seemed to have gotten over her reserve. She seemed to be enjoying chatting to Delilah about the trail and past hikes. Jack would chime in but we three guys seemed to gravitate towards one another.

Delilah and Jack got out on the other side of the pit and we continued talking. Delilah was slim and athletic, with maybe b cup boobs, Rob also looked like an athlete. I figured they were both around 20. Jan said she?d cooled down and was going back in for a last dip and slid off the ledge. I slid off too and she turned around and put her arms around me. I could feel her big boobs sliding against my chest. I grinned at her ?dirty girl.?

She winked at me and whispered, ?I?m feeling very dirty.? I didn?t know what to make of that statement, though I got a little queasy feeling of jealousy in my stomach. I twirled her around and started working my hands over her shoulders. She whispered over her shoulder, ?Mmm this is making me horny.? I worked my hands down her back and under her arms, lifting each heavy breast. I looked over at the ledge and realized all three could see my hands, but I was enjoying the sliding feeling of her tits too much to stop. Her hard nipples slid against my palms.

Delilah slipped back into the water and came close to us. She looked at Jan, ?Can I ask you a question??

I dropped my hands. Jan nodded and she said, ?Are your boobs real??

Jan laughed. ?No. I had them done a couple of years ago. I?ve always been hippy and the baby made them sag.?

Delilah responded, ?I want to get implants when I?m older. Can I feel what they?re like??

Jan said, ?Sure.? Delilah took over where I?d left off, squeezing and lifting.

?Your nipples are still sensitive? I heard that it can take away the feeling.? I saw Delilah pinch and pull her nipples.

?It certainly didn?t with mine.?

?They feel so big and heavy. Thanks that was great. I?m going to shower. I?ve got to warn you about the shower. It can be very intense.?

She climbed out and walked over to the waterfall. We could see the water sluicing the mud off her front, the jet of water from the rock wall coming out from between her legs. She lifted one leg at a time and rinsed the mud off and then she called and said, ?can someone scrub it off my back??

Jan was the first out and took the loofah from her hand to get her back. The sound of the waterfall was loud and we heard some giggling, and then both of them were under the waterfall scrubbing at each other. Delilah squatted down slightly and the water from the rock wall looked as if it were a strong spray of pee. I realized it must be hitting her right on the pussy. Her hand was on Jan?s shoulder and I saw her fingers tighten. After a minute she stood up and Jan took her place. Delilah stood closest to us blocking our view and using the loofah to get the last of the mud off Jan.

Jack said, ?They?re getting off under the water. Delilah does it every time. The water stream hits her right on the clit.? I thought it was impossible that Jan would do that and then I thought of her very large clit being attacked from the rear by the water. I heard her yell, ?Woohoo? and then they both straightened up and moved towards the path.

Jack was next out. It became apparent that you really did have to have some help with getting the mud off your back, so I climbed out. When you turned to the side the water stream hit you right in the cock and when you faced away it came under and shot you in the balls. We scrubbed each other off. We all seemed slightly embarrassed by the erection that Jack sprouted. I kept calm but Rob didn?t. His cock grew hard and turned up towards his navel. It was kind of like a cartoon, the sort of cock that I?d seen on Greek vases, thick and heavy, with a pronounced curve upwards, so I could see the bottom of his helmet. We finished in the shower and walked towards the bushes where the girls were, grabbing towels. Delilah commented on the excitement of Rob and Jack. ?Amazing shower isn?t it??

Jack said, ?It always makes me hard as a rock.? Jan was getting an eyeful. For some reason I was feeling nervous and wasn?t really hard at all.

We dressed and walked back to the camp. After organizing our camp a little Jan asked if I wanted to get water with her. We took the five-gallon collapsible container and started walking. The water spigot was a few hundred yards away. While we walked Jan took my hand. I could feel she had something she wanted to say, ?The mud baths were pretty great huh??

I agreed. ?It was fun being naked with everyone wasn?t it?? I agreed with that too. ?I got to see two penis in one day. And they both got hard.?

I said, ?Was that good for you??

?It made me very horny.? We?d reached the spigot and she led me over to the picnic table nearby. I sat down and she dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled my shorts down. ?Why didn?t you get hard when the other guys did??

She leaned forward and took me in her mouth and did that amazing thing she does with her tongue on the underside of my penis. I immediately stiffened. She pulled back and looked up at me.

?I guess I just wasn?t aroused. Maybe I was a little nervous about you staring at their cocks.?

?Did I stare?? She lowered her mouth on me and went balls deep and did another amazing thing with her tongue. She pulled back. ?You stared at Delilah. I guess I did stare.?

?I stared at her whole body, which was pretty nice. You were just staring at their cocks.?

?Well it was their cocks I?d have a use for.? That kind of shocked me and I felt myself go limp, but she put me back in her mouth and did more amazing tongue tricks. Now she started to work me in earnest as if she was intent to bring a quick orgasm. I heard voices on the trail and pushed her head away. She sat back and looked over her shoulder.

It was Delilah and Rob. Delilah was in the lead and I could see that she could tell what we?d been doing. She put her fingers to her lips and then motioned us away. Jan pulled me off the top of the table and we knelt down, so you couldn?t really see us if you weren?t looking. We saw her place her container under the spigot and start filling it while chatting with Rob. We couldn?t really hear what they were saying but we did hear her giggle and then she was on her knees and Rob?s pants were around his ankles. Rob was already hard and Delilah grabbed his cock and then hefted his balls. I think she was doing it for Jan?s benefit. Jan reacted by gripping my arm almost painfully. I shifted and managed to step on a dry stick. The crack caused Rob to pull away and pull up his shorts. I made as if I was just rounding the corner and said, ?Hi.? As if nothing was happening. Rob said, ?Hey? and picked up the full container, while Delilah stood up and stuck her tongue out at me. Jan was behind me and said, ?You beat us to the water.?

We filled up and all walked back together. Dinner was stew shared by all and I brought out a bottle of very old sipping rum. We?d all brought out our sleeping bags to fold over and sit on. Delilah brought out a joint and passed it around. I passed it onto Rob, saying ?I?m a pilot. That stuff stays in your system too long.?

Delilah said, ?I know what will make this rum taste better.? She pulled out of her pack a plastic squeeze lime and added a few drops to our mugs, saying to Jan as she added some to mine. ?I?ve got to ask. Are you having sex with both of these guys??

Jan choked on the joint. ?No. Rob is my friend?s husband. She?s meeting us.?

?Mmm. Pity I thought you might share. Two cocks inside at the same time is the best.? She paused and looked at me, ?I think you?d be a better fit than Rob though. He?s a little too thick. Jan?s had a baby so you could definitely fit comfortably with Rob. I?d give it a try though.?

I looked at her as she said this. She was grinning. She smiled at me. ?Don?t look so shocked; it?s not uncommon these days. Men have a fantasy of having two girls but the reality is that a girl can enjoy two men much more.?

This was like my nightmare. I had the feeling that things were slipping away from me. I wanted to get Jan away and tell her I was not ready for this and was not comfortable, but I knew that could really do harm to our relationship. I believed that repressing things was not healthy and that since Jan had given me a lot of signs that she wanted to experience other men I would just have to accept it.

Delilah and Jan started talking about the difference in sex at university; they were fifteen years apart. It sounded as if guys were having more fun now than when I was at school, but maybe it was just Berkeley. Jan had in the past always been pretty conservative about sex, but now she wanted all the details. The joint had obviously relaxed a few inhibitions and she said, ?So how does it work having two guys at once. I don?t see how they?d even fit.?

Delilah laughed and said, ?Well there are lots of variations. My favorite is the DVP, which stands for double vaginal penetration, but then there?s the plain old DP, which means one in the pussy and one in the ass, and then you can always take one doggy while you?re sucking on the other one. That?s interesting but takes concentration, since the sensations are pretty intense. Well they?re intense with all of them.?

Jan said, ?Wow, who?d have thought.? She looked over at me. ?Have you ever done anything like that??

?Nope.? I was thinking that of the two variations Jan would go for the DVP as she?d never been a fan of anal sex.

She looked at Rob, ?You??

?Well once in college there was a girl my buddy and I had sex with, but it wasn?t really together. I mean she slept between us and we took turns.?

Jan said, ?Did you watch each other??

Rob laughed, ?Well, yeah. I kissed her and played with her boobs while he was doing her.?

Jan looked at me and said, ?Have you ever been tempted to do that??

I said, ?To tell you the truth I?ve never had the opportunity. I guess whenever I?ve thought of a ménage a trois I?ve always thought of two women and one man.?

Delilah said, ?That?s pretty 80s. I?ve done that of course, and it?s great if the women are into each other, but it?s tougher for one man to satisfy two women than it is for two men to satisfy one woman.?

There didn?t seem much response to that, so I said, ?It sounds great but I suspect it?s pretty complicated emotionally.?

I was conscious of the fact that I?d gotten hard hearing Delilah describing the acts so matter of factly. She seemed to approach sex as a sport. Jan stretched her legs and said, ?I can tell I?m going to be sore in the morning. I really should have done more to get ready for this trip.?

I knew what was going to happen before the words were out of Delilah?s mouth. ?Let me massage you. I worked my way through first year giving massages.? A few minutes later Jan was laying down with a sheet over her that didn?t do much to hide her body. Delilah started on her feet, but it didn?t slow down their conversation. Rob and I started talking about foolish stuff, with Jack chiming in every once in a while. He was actually pretty sensible and was interesting to talk to. I wondered if he knew his girl had been blowing Rob earlier.

At a lull in the conversation I looked over at Jan. Delilah was working her quadriceps and had her ass exposed. She had the leg bent at the knee and was standing over her pulling her leg out. When she put it back down she?d spread her legs apart all of us had a pretty good view of her pussy. She stopped working on the one leg and moved to the other.

When she got to her buttocks I watched her kneading them, pulling each cheek apart so we could see both her holes. After she finished with her cheeks she flipped the sheet down, saying ?I don?t want your audience out of control?

Jan lifted her head up. ?Were they staring??

Delilah laughed, ?All three of them. I could feel their dirty thoughts.?

Jan said, ?Good. So do you fuck other guys with Jack??

?Oh yes. He loves it don?t you baby??

Jack smiled, ?I know it seems crazy, but she can cum a lot more times than I can and watching her take it is the biggest turn on.?

We were all silent as Delilah worked her back. She finished and had Jan roll over. She flipped the sheet over her but not before we?d all seen her body, including her stiff nipples. Delilah massaged her arms and then said, ?Can I do your boobs??

Jan looked up and said, ?Will the guys be watching?

I said, ?You betcha.?

Jan laughed, ?Then OK.?

Delilah was wearing a really short skirt that I?d thought was part of her swim suit, but she unclipped the sides and pulled her swim suit bottoms off while keeping the short skirt on. She was behind Jan?s head and reached over to scoop her boobs together. With both hands she could barely hold one breast. We were all concentrating on the site of her hands on my wife?s breasts, but I saw that when she leaned forward she rose up from her knees and that her pussy was right over Jan?s face.

I realized that I was feeling a little woozy and rolled out the sleeping bag and put my head down. I wondered for a second if there had been something in the drops Delilah had put in my drink. Jack and Rob were still talking. I swear that I saw a drop of moisture on Jan?s lip, but then she licked it off. Delilah finally finished with Jan?s boobs and moved to her stomach and legs. The sheet was rearranged, but I couldn?t see much since I was laying down. Delilah started moving her legs around, folding them back to her body. I was sure everyone was getting a good view. I think I drifted off, but then I woke and heard Jan say, ?Show me how they?d fit.?

Jan was still on her back but her legs were bent and apart. Delilah was between them and I guess had her fingers inside her. I rolled up and Jan?s face turned towards me, ?Hi honey. Delilah is showing me how two cocks would fit. Ummm.?

I leaned forward and then I started to feel really upset. I said, ?I think we should go to sleep baby.? Jan sat up and said, ?OK but you?re going to have to fuck me.?

?Sure.? I got to my feet and stumbled a little as I went to our tent and then I turned around. Jan was kissing Delilah but she broke it off and stood, completely naked. Delilah?s hand was still between her legs. She picked up the sleeping bag and walked towards me and we went into the tent. I said, ?I don?t want to stop you from doing anything you want but I want to make sure this is a good idea.?

She opened the sleeping bag and lay back. ?I just wanted to try it. I only love you. That won?t change.?

All of a sudden everything seemed OK. I stripped off my clothes and lay beside her. The low watt bulb hanging from the top of the tent gave off a dim glow, casting her body into relief. I ran my finger from her mouth down her body. Her nipples were hard and long. ?Delilah sucked them. I?m so horny.? She spread her legs and I could see her clit standing up, the hood pulled back. I leaned forward and took it into my mouth. She arched her back and I licked all around her hard nubbin. She has the largest clit I?ve ever seen. I ran my fingers down her lips. She was very wet and then I curled my index finger and slipped it inside her. It didn?t take her long to cum, and she was pretty noisy about it. This is where normally I?d slip inside her. Her cumming always aroused me so much that I was only good for fifteen or twenty strokes before I erupted. This time she rolled onto her side and said, ?Do you think she?s fucking them both?? We listened and we heard the sound of low conversation and then a low throaty laugh from Delilah.

I said, ?Do you want to watch??

Her eyes were shining. ?It might be our only chance. How often does this sort of thing happen in a life??

I was still hard and she leaned over and took me in her mouth, but she only stayed there for a few seconds before pulling off and saying, ?OK let?s watch and see what happens.?

We walked out of the tent and back to the fire. They had taken their sleeping bags and folded them open. Both Rob and Jack were naked and hard. Jack was lying on his back and Delilah was leaning over his, his cock in her mouth. Jan ran back to the tent and reappeared with our flashlight. ?I want to see it all.?

Delilah leaned back and said, ?You?re here just in time.? She threw a leg over Jack. We moved closer and Delilah turned on the flashlight and pointed it at Jack?s cock. Delilah lifted it and slipped it in. She looked at Rob, ?Come on big boy.?

Rob moved over towards them, on his knees. His cock looked impossibly big.

Jan leaned in close to me, her hand around my erection, ?It looks huge doesn?t it??

We sat down on the edge of the sleeping bags. Jan pointed the flashlight at Delilah?s pussy. Rob was trying to fit his cock in behind Jack?s. It looked like a too tight fit. She lifted up and told Rob to hold his and Jack?s cock together and then she tried to fit them in. ?Umm. This is so frustrating. Rob just fuck me for a while, just to get me used to your size.? Rob let Jack go and we saw his head disappear into her pussy. ?Oh my god, you?re huge.? She leaned forward onto Jack and started kissing him while Rob slowly fucked her. Jack was pinching and pulling her nipples. It was only a few minutes later that Delilah had her first orgasm. Rob hadn?t cum, but she motioned him to pull out.

Jan had never let the flashlight wobble, but I noticed that her fingers were stroking her clit. She saw my glance and said, ?Come here so I can blow you.? Delilah said, ?Why don?t you blow Rob instead, then I can borrow your husband to get what I want.?

I looked at Jan who said, ?I?d like to watch you fuck her.? I looked at Delilah. She was still leaning over Jack, her pussy spread. Jan shine the flashlight on it and I moved towards her. I leaned down and put my fingers in her as I licked her asshole. She was really wet. I moved up and grabbed Jack?s cock in my hand and we slipped in her together. She was very tight. She said, ?Oh yeah, that?s what I want. Now fuck me.?

Jack and I established a rhythm and I slipped a thumb into her anus. I could feel his cock sliding up and down against mine. It was pretty incredible. Once I pulled back a little too far and slipped up her ass, but I didn?t bottom out and went right back inside her pussy. She was making panting noises now, and soon she stated cumming again. This set both of us off and we filled her together.

I pulled out and looked over at Jan. She had Rob on his back and was giving him a slow blowjob while watching us. Now she said, ?Can I fuck him??

How could I refuse? She threw a leg over him and tossed me the flashlight. ?Watch this big cock stretch my pussy.?

I shined the flashlight and watched her lift his curved cock and then she sank back impaling herself. Delilah scotched over and started to lick Jack?s limp cock. She looked at me and said, ?Clean me up.? She opened her legs. I moved over and placed my fingers inside. She pushed her stomach down and a big glop of cum flooded out. I scooped it up and rubbed it over her breasts and then I leaned down and started licking. Rob had stamina I?ll say that. I?d given Delilah two orgasms, and Jan had cum twice just from being fucked. Jack was hard and Delilah said, ?Go over there and fuck her.?

He did, and apparently had no difficulty getting inside Jan?s pussy along with Rob. Jan?s orgasmic noises increased and I think she started one long orgasm. Delilah in the mean time had turned around and was giving me a very thorough blow job. She could sense I was getting close and said, ?Pull out and go come on her tits.?

I walked over to Jan and as she saw me get close she straightened. Jack was on the bottom now and held up her tits as I bathed them in my cum. Jack and Rob came a few seconds later.

Delilah said, ?Have you noticed how the sight of a guy coming makes other guys come??

Jan rolled over onto her side and looked at me. ?Come hold me.?

I scooted over to her. She kissed me. ?I saw you fucking Delilah. You made her cum lots.? She looked at me, ?How was it watching me have sex??

?It was very sexy. Did you feel very full.?

She laughed. ?Stuffed. Do I look stretched?? She swiveled around and lifted her leg. Her pussy was very pink and I could see cum dripping out of her. She squeezed and huge glop came out. Delilah came over and said, ?Umm let me clean you up.?

I thought she meant a washcloth, but she did it all with her tongue. Jan lay back and said, ?I don?t think I can have another orgasm. I must have had fifteen.? A few minutes later she proved herself wrong. After she?d made Jan cum Delilah moved up over Jan?s chest and squeezed a glop of my cum onto Jan?s tits and then she planted her pussy onto Jan?s face. Jan knew her job and it didn?t take long for Delilah to shudder. I looked over to Rob and Jack and saw that they were both hard again.

Rob lay down beside us and Jan moved over. His cock was soon down her throat. Jack and I got into a rhythm and Delilah started having steady orgasms once a minute. Jan was really enjoying Rob?s cock. The sight of her tracing his bulbous glans with her tongue was too much for me and I lost concentration so that I was pulling our while Delilah was going forward. When she moved back my cock slipped right up her ass. She gave a yalp, ?Oh you dirty bastard.? I made a move to withdraw.?

?Oh no leave it there, fuck my ass.?

Jan looked up and cocked an eyebrow at me, smiling over Rob?s cock. I ploughed her new hole. I was beginning to feel tired. Jan was clearly suffering from lockjaw. She moved so that she could put him inside her and sat in reverse cowgirl, watching me. The sensation of Jack moving against my cock was interesting; he was stroking the underside of me on each thrust. Ten minutes later he came. I was playing with Delilah?s tits when he unloaded and that caused me to cum as well. I filled her again.

This time when I rolled off I went and rinsed myself off with the water bucket. When I came back Jan was still getting pounded. She was doggy again, and she motioned for me to slide under her. I could feel her tits swaying under my palms and I could see Rob sliding in and out of her. I felt her lean down and take me in her mouth, but I didn?t think I could get hard. She took me out of her mouth and said, ?Lick my clit.? I scooted up, now uncomfortably close to Rob?s dick. I moved my face sideways and started licking her. She was completely wet. Rob?s balls slapped against my face. I bit her slightly and was rewarded with a moan. She came noisily and then she leaned down and whispered, ?Make him cum please.?

That idea made me uncomfortable, but I started playing with his balls and then moved so that I could lick the bottom of her pussy and his shaft and he moved out and in. A couple of times he slipped out and I felt him in my mouth, I gave him a good lick. A felt Delilah behind him and saw her finger in his ass. A minute later he shuddered and I felt the big vein pumping his second load.

That made me hard and as soon as he pulled out I slipped in, turning Jan around so her legs were in the air. She looked all fucked out, but I gave her a good short pounding before my third and final orgasm.

We all crawled to our tents. Rob joined us. The next morning I saw that Jan still hadn?t had enough because she was on top of Rob getting fucked again.


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