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My Wife, Home Alone..... I Thought.

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I just returned home from a two week business trip. As I approached our house I noticed a landscaping truck parked in the driveway. My wife had told me she hired a new company to look after our yard (we have over an acre).I went thru the house looking for my wife. from the kitchen I spotted her laying topless by the pool. I could see at least three young men working in the yard all around her. My wife is 44 and could pass for 28 anyday of the week. she has the nicest figure at 34DD 23 35. As I am watching her lay out topless I see the guys all staring at her tits. My cock wasn't the only one to stir. I was wondering how I would let her know I was home when from out of nowhere came a fucking Adonis with a hard cock going right to my wife. I am only 25 feet away but our windows are tinted so nobody can see inside. As this Adonis walks up to her. She takes off her sunglasses and puts her book down and says something to him. Then just as quickly he turns and leaves. She picks up her book and goes back to reading. Not realizing it but I had a very hard cock thinking my wife was going to service this Adonis of a man. His cock was bigger than my 7 inches by at least an inch in length but quite abit thicker. I decided to pull out my cock and jack off as she lay out teasing the landscapers. I was stroking my cock thinking what this guys cock would do to my wife. I soon shot a huge load of cum all over the kitchen sink.

My wife got up and went to the outside bar and made drinks for our guests. She put the glasses on a tray and in only her bikini bottoms and sandals she walked to each one and gave them a drink. As each guy took his drink thier eyes never left her tits and her pointed nipples. I could tell she was loving teasing these guys. After about 15 minutes the guys were done. Once again the Adonis asked my wife something and she just shook her head yes. Then out of nowhere the other three guys come into the pool area. I have opened the screen so I can hear some of the louder conversations. Before the guys get into the water they all gathered to meet right in front of my kitchen window. They were talking to each other when one guy said I will if you will. the adonis piped in and said put up or shut up. Right then all four of them stripped off thier shorts and dove into the pool naked. All sporting semi erect cocks from looking at my wife's tits. She pretended she did not notice them. She kept her book in her face but I could see her peeking at all the cock in fron of her. She even put a towel over her legs (I think she was playing with her throbbing clit).

The guys were still swimming when she went to the bar and fixed herself a strong margarita. She made a double and downed it and made another and went back into the pool area. She took another big drink and went to the steps of the pool and lower herself in. She waded up to her waist so her boobs were bobbing just above the water line. The Adonis guy swam up to her from under the water and came up to her and splashed water all over her tits. My cock is rock hard again (thats is my fastest recovery time in over 10 years). The Adonis asked my wife if they could have chicken fights in our pool. She told them to be careful. Just then he went under and came up between her legs and she was on his shoulders. Soon two naked guys came over to challenge my wife and her Adonis. My wife loves to wrestle especially with a few drinks in her, which just so happens to make her extremely aroused. As the guy my wife is fighting has his hands up going towards her she tries slapping her hands then he goes right for her tits and has a firm grip on them, when he suddenly lets go and turns red and says he's sorry. Adonis puts her down and tells the guys they have to go now. She says no you don't and with each hand she reached out and grabbed the two closest cocks around her. Semi erect to rock hard in less than 10 seconds. The adonis and the otherone were not far behind and soon all of them had my wife's bikini bottom off and out of the pool. She has her hands shifting from one cock to another as the guys are feasting on her tits and I notice the Adonis has a hand under water. he has hit a nerve as she start bouncing out of the water and her nipples are getting harder by the second she then takes control of the action and steers everyone over to the steps. She has the other three sit on the ledge with throbbing cocks all nice size with one even bigger than Adonis. She has him sit on the bottom step facing away from the others. She steps on his face and puts her mouth on the cock closest to her. Adonis needs no instruction as his face is buried in her cunt.She is going from cock to cock with her mouth and her hands are keeping the ones she is not sucking hard and happy. She is buried to a guys balls when he starts thrusting and he must be exploding his seed in her mouth. While she is swallowing everything he has she is now grinding her cunt into the face of Adonis. She is having her first monster orgasm of the day. The first of many I'm sure. When she comes down from her climax she pulls Adonis up by his hair and says something to him and then swallows another cock. she is using her tongue on this cock as Adonis puts his cock up against her clit from behind. He is fucking her clit with his cock going all the way thru her legs and making a splash as his cockhead pops out of the water every stroke. With her tongue still swirling around a fat cock she is soon rewarded as the cock starts erupting all over her face she clamps down on his cock and catches the rest of his seed. She is meeting the push on her clit from Adonis and is soon into climax number 2. While she is vocally telling Adonis to put his cock in her cunt she swallows the last cock that has yet to cum. This guy was on her left but when Adonis starts to enter her she stops sucking him and savors her cunt being entered and then moves him til he is right in front of her. Her cock sucking proves too much ofr the cock in her mouth as he only lasts about 5 minutes before he shoots streams of cum everywhere. This time she was into the cock pounding her cunt thst she let his cum fly all around and used her tongue to lick it up from his chest and the chest of one of the other guys. Two of the first cocks to cum are pointing to the sky and the guys are all over her tits with thier hand when without missing a beat to the climax building in her from Adonis she positions one of the guys on the second step and soon he is fucking her tits with his hard cock, she leans over to her right and takes the other guys cock in her mouth and in under 30 seconds she has everyone in perfect rythem with her mouth bobbing on the cock she is sucking in exact harmony to Adonis fucking her and he tits are clamped tight around a nice thick piece of meat. Then Adonis tensed his back and said he was about to cum, she buried her cunt on his pole and her body spasmed as he pumped his load into her. She sat on his cock until every squirt came out of it and as he pulled off her the cock in her mouth exploded right as she finished milking him her breasts erupted with thick ropes of cum. The three guys all came with in 3 minutes of each other. She dove into the pool to clean the excess cum off her body and to refresh herself. As she was getting out the guy with the biggest cock was hot on her tail. she had him sit on the chaise lounge and lowered her self onto his huge piece of meat. She told him she would fuck him and he was only to sit back and enjoy it. he lasted about 8 minutes before he impaled himself in her. that brought her to an explosive that only died when Adonis fed her his beauitful cock while still impaled on the big cock that just exploded. She was not letting the huge cock in her cunt move as she sucked Adonis, she moved the big guys hand so he was playing with her clit while his cock was still buried in her cunt. She was in heaven with Adonis getting the blow job of his life and the cock in her cunt quickly regaining full hardness and soon he was telling her its his turn to fuck her. he was pounding her so hard that she had to plant her feet on the ground so she could keep Adonis in her mouth. This has to be the fuck of her 44 years as she is doing everything to keep up with these two studs. her tits a flailing up and down from the pounding in her cunt. She is now so in tune with them that she waves over the other two guys and with each hand she starts beating her tits hard (she loves her tits slapped with my hard cock). I know she has many orgasm from my slapping cock against her tits if the guys get lucky and hit a nipple she will cum right then and there. he hands are now using Adonis's chest for balance as she is still getting pounded from the giant who must be in great shape with all the constant thrusting he his giving her. Just then Adonis grabs her head and pushes his cock to the back of her throat and cries as he floods her mouth with another load of cum. She is milking his cock as the one on her left slapping her tits sprays cum all over her tit as he is slappimg her even while exploding. The giant in her cunt has slowed down abit so she can enjoy her surroundings, when she tells the other guy slapping her other tit that she wants her nipple slapped. she has realized that the fucking has slowed and is soon fucking him as she loves her nipple getting fucked and slapped. When the cock on her tit erupts she holds his cock so all the cum is on her tits and nipples, this causes the giant to watch with wide eyes and when she starts lick her rockhard nipples he has seen it all and pulls her down on his imbedded cock and he fills her to overflowing with his second load in her cunt. When she climbs off him Cum is running down her legs and when she turns towards the kitchen I can see dried cum on her tits and stomach. She has never looked so beauitful. Soon she is being followed by the two guys that have not fucked her, they want thier turn. She tells them her husband is on his way home and she needs to get cleaned up for him. The guy with the throbbing cock asked her if he could fuck her next week when they come back and she told him this was a one time thing as her husband has been gone for over two weeks and she was real horny and she had only planned on teasing these guys and things got carried away. I quickly put my still hard cock back in my pants and quietly drove to my neighborhood bar for a beer while she said good bye and got ready for my homecoming.

I stay for 2 beers and call her and tell her I am on my way home. she says she can't wait to see me. I tell her I want to fuck her long and hard when I get home. She tells me she is on her period and we will have to wait. What up with that? When I get home she tells me she is sorry we can't have sex. she said she had a real vigorous workout a few hours ago and it must have brought on her period. She then got on her knees and gave me a fantastic blow job interrupted by my cock slapping her tits to orgasm. After the fantastic blow job she made a nice dinner while we talked of the last two weeks events. I commented on the way the yard looked and she told me the new company sends a crew of at least four guys and they do a real good job. she told me she makes them lemonade and they seem to like it. I then asked if she was flirting with them the same way she flirted with the A.C. guy last month (when I got home she had a halter top on practically giving him a very nice view of her tits. When he saw me he went back to work. That night when I fucked her I asked her if she knew what her tits did to that poor a.c. guy and that I'll bet right now her wishes he was pounding into her like I was. I told her his cock was probably as hard as mine is she closed her eyes and had a powerful orgasm thinking what might have been. I travel alot I may need to set up a camera system so I can capture her fun and games on DVD. Who Knows this may not be my only post.

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