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My Surprise weekend

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My Surprise Weekend!

Let me begin by saying that we have been in the swinging lifestyle for about a year now. We had no idea what it was like or what to expect when we got into this but would not turn back now for anything. We have learned a lot about each other and most of all about ourselves. It has opened up a whole new world for us. I have also learned that I enjoy not only being with men, but with women too. I have always enjoyed looking at other women but never realized that I could be interested in them ?sexually?. There is something about a woman?s touch that is so very different and just amazing.

It was my birthday and my husband, John, had planned a ?special? night for me. All I was told was that we were going away for the evening and he guaranteed me I would enjoy myself. I had no idea where we were going or what we would be doing. I was not even allowed to pack for myself, which made it all the more intriguing and exciting. John told me that he had packed ?everything? that I would need and no more. It felt weird not having anything to do with getting ready but I just let him do it all. On Saturday afternoon we left our house and headed out.

It turned out that he had made reservations at a hotel not far from one of our favorite swinger clubs. When we checked in to the hotel, it was only about 2:00. He told me we had plenty of time and asked me to go relax in the bath and get ready for the evening while he laid out my clothes. While I was in the tub, all I could think about what he had planned. I assumed we would be going to the club since we were staying so close. We always have a great time there and just thinking about the possibilities, got my juices flowing. I just had to touch myself. I glanced up and noticed that the shower had a massage that could come down. I finished my bath and turned on the shower. I have always enjoyed playing with our shower massage at home and figured this would be about the same. Boy was I wrong. It had a lot more pressure than ours and had me over the edge in no time at all. Between the anticipation of the weekend and the force of the massage I had one of the strongest ?self inflicted? orgasms ever. I could barely stand and leaned against the wall for support. Just then, John came in and caught me. ?Enjoying yourself dear?? he said, ?Make sure you save some of that for later. It?s going to be a long night.? Once I regained my composure, I got out of the tub and dried off.

John told me to get my hair and makeup done before he would show me my outfit for the night. I was dying to see what he had picked out for me to wear. The whole time I was getting ready, I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I could actually feel the juices running down my legs. He came into the bathroom for a moment and ran his hands all around my ass and up my thighs. He began to rub my pussy but stopped just short of making me cum. He gave my ass a quick smack, turned and walked out. ?Are you just going to leave me like this?? I asked. All he said was, ?Yup?.

I finished my hair and makeup and came out of the bathroom to get dressed. When I finally got a look at the outfit on the bed, I realized it was something I had never seen and assumed he must have picked it up for me. It consisted of a very sheer white shirt, short black skirt and 6? ?fuck-me? heels. To call the skirt short is really an understatement; it was more like a wide belt. John told me to get dressed so we could go. I ask where my bra and panties were so I could get dressed and was promptly told there were none. ?I told you I packed everything you will need and nothing extra?, he said. I was a little shocked but agreed to go along with the wardrobe he had selected, although I was a little hesitant. As I was getting dressed I could feel his eyes on me and knew that he approved of what he was seeing. I knew that he would never ask me to do, or wear, anything that would make me feel too uncomfortable. That made it a lot easier for me to be able to wear such a revealing outfit. The shirt was so sheer that there was nothing left to the imagination; the skirt was short enough that my ass cheeks were peeking out without even bending and the shoes just made the whole thing incredibly sexy. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror and had to admit, I looked good!

We grabbed out coats and headed out. Luckily I had brought my long coat so I was fairly comfortable leaving the hotel room and heading to the car dressed the way I was. It was a very large hotel and our room as all the way at the far end of the hall away from the elevators. We were also on the 15th floor so it was going to be a long elevator ride to the lobby. I was getting so excited walking through the hotel knowing that I had hardly anything on under my coat. My husband suggested that I let the coat fall open a little. ?Why cover up such a beautiful body?? he said. He knows I enjoy dressing sexy and showing off a little but I never imagined doing it in such a revealing outfit. Just thinking about how daring I could be got my juices flowing again. He made the suggestions but left the rest up to me. While we were walking down the hall we passed a few couples and I did let my coat open some. I got quite a few looks and smiles from men and women, which just added to the excitement. The farther we walked, the braver I got. By the time we got to the elevator, my coat was completely open and I didn?t care. While we were waiting for the elevator, my husband grabbed me and started kissing me passionately and his hands began to wander. He stepped behind me and started nibbling on my ears and neck. At the same time he reached inside my coat and grabbed my tits through the shirt. I was standing there facing the elevator, almost completely exposed. I was oblivious to the elevator doors as they opened. A couple came out of the elevator and just smiled as they walked past. I was a little embarrassed but totally excited at the same time. We entered the elevator and as the doors closed, he continued where he had left off just a moment before. During the ride down to the lobby, I kept wondering?what would I do if the elevator stops? What if someone gets on? I was standing there with my coat completely open and my husband behind me running his hands all over my body. Well, it didn?t take long to find out. We had only gone down about 3 floors when we stopped. ?Oh shit! Stop it!? I yelled. ?No?relax? was all he said. Another couple entered the elevator and just looked at us standing there totally involved with each other. My husband never flinched and continued what he was doing. I was scared and excited at the same time. I wanted him to stop but at the same time I was really enjoying the situation. I couldn?t believe I was letting him do this. I finally relaxed and let him continue without any protest. Not a word was spoken as the other couple just watched my husband rub and kissed all over me. That was the only stop we made on the way down to the lobby. When we reached the lobby, we all exited the elevator and headed our separate ways. The only words that were spoken were ?thank you? from the other couple as they turned and walked away. I was so turned on from the elevator ride that I didn?t even bother to close my coat as we walked across the crowded lobby and headed out to the car. People were watching me as we crossed the lobby and I didn?t even care. I was totally lost in the moment.

I started to go over to where we had our car parked but John stopped me. ?I thought we were leaving?, I said. ?Let?s go this way?, he said as he grabbed my hand and started walking the other direction. We walked all the way to the other end of the building. When we turned the corner of the building, I saw a stretched limo parked there. My heart just melted. I had always wanted to ride in a limo and I was finally getting my chance. There was one other thing I had always wanted to do in a limo?was tonight going to be the night for that too? Time will tell, I thought to myself. The driver came around and opened the door for us. I was a surprised to see that the driver was a gorgeous brunette. She had shoulder length hair and stood about 5?5?. I guessed her to be roughly a size 10-12 with about 36D breasts. It was a little hard to tell because of her uniform but she appeared to be very shapely. She was dressed very professionally but extremely sexy at the same time. She was wearing a man?s white dress shirt that she had unbuttoned just enough to expose the top of her beautiful breasts, a fairly short black skirt with a slit up one side and heels. The uniform was topped off with a chauffeur cap. She introduced herself as Candy. As she opened the door, she looked me up and down and smiled. I realized what she was looking at and got a little embarrassed. I was still so excited from the elevator ride that I forgot all about my coat being completely open and what I had, or didn?t have, on. She noticed my embarrassment and said ?don?t worry, you look fabulous?. She added, ?just relax and we?ll make sure you have a great time?. What did she mean by ?we?ll make sure? I thought.

As we pulled out, I was sure we were going to the club but we turned the other way. ?Where are we going?? I asked. ?This whole weekend is a surprise for you. Nothing you are expecting to happen will happen. You trust me, don?t you?? John replied. ?Of course I trust you. It?s just that the way I?m dressed, I can?t imagine going anywhere but the club,? I said. ?Just relax and have a great time. This is your weekend.? I had to admit, I was having a great time already and after everything that had happened so far, I was game for just about anything he had planned.

We had no sooner pulled out of the hotel parking lot when John started kissing and licking me again. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the dark retractable window that separates the passengers from the driver was going down. Apparently Candy wanted to watch! I have always enjoyed being watched but this time was a little different. In the past it has always been in a club where, if we wanted to, we could close the door. Here there was no door and Candy had the window controls. This was a little scary but very exciting. John continued to kiss and lick me all over me but never touched my pussy. He knew that just the slightest touch would have me cumming all over the place. I tried to watch Candy?s reactions to all this but it was difficult staying focused on anything other than what John was doing to me. I?m sure she was enjoying our little show. Before long, the limo stopped. I was a little disappointed the ride was not longer. John had kept me right on the edge the entire ride but would not allow me to get off. Candy came around to open our doors and I noticed her shirt had a few more buttons undone and her skirt was a little twisted around. I asked her if she enjoyed watching us. She just smiled and helped us out of the car.

?Where are we?? I asked. The building looked to be a restaurant. ?Is it a restaurant?? I asked. ?It can?t be! There is no way I?m going into a restaurant dressed like this!? I protested. ?Just relax and trust me,? John said. I knew John would never force me to do anything I didn?t really want to do even if it wasn?t apparent on the outside. He had a way of reading me and knowing what I ?really? wanted and I allowed him to push my limits. There have been many times that I didn?t know how far I could go but John always seemed to know and pushed me to that point but no further. I had no other choice but to trust him. John told Candy we?d see her later. She got back in the car and we walked away.

We walked up a few steps up to the door of the building. As we entered the building a gentleman dressed in a tux greeted us. I could hear music coming from another room. ?Good evening? he said, ?Would you like to check your coats?? and pointed to a room just off to the side of the entrance. I became very aware of what I was wearing under my coat and let John know I did not want to take my coat off. He assured me that is was ok. I was shaking like a leaf when I took my coat off. It was a combination of being very nervous and very turned on, a hard feeling to explain. The man at the coat check was also dressed in a tux. Our host then asked us to follow him, and guided us into another room and up to a bar. As I scanned the area I quickly noticed that the other customers were dressed in incredibly sexy attire, similar to what I had on. This immediately eased my feelings about how I was dressed. As we approached the bar I realized that the male bartenders wore nothing but shorts and the waitresses wore uniforms that resembled French Maid outfits. ?What kind of place is this?? I asked. ?Is it a swingers club? I?ve never seen a place like this.? We ordered drinks and were guided to yet another room where the music was coming from. All of the women patrons were dressed in very revealing outfits and men were all wearing suit pants and dress shirts. I realized this was an off-premises club that I was not aware of. How John found out about it, I don?t know. We ordered more drinks and then ordered our dinner. Throughout the meal I kept watching the other people to see what was going on. It was actually a very tame place considering what kind of place it was. Of course it was early. I could only assume that things picked up later in the evening. We had a wonderful meal and moved to the bar of one more drink. We finished our drinks and John said it was time to go. ?It?s time to go?? I asked. I was a little confused. I wanted to stay to see how crazy things got. Oh well. We grabbed our coats and headed out. I must admit that being in that environment with all those sexy people had me going and I was ready for more. I don?t know what I was expecting but for some reason I thought there would be more to the place than just dinner and drinks. I was a little disappointed but John was in control.

Candy was waiting for us at the door with the limo when we came out. She asked how dinner was. I replied ?wonderful, but not what I expected.? ?Did you know about this place?? I asked. ?Not until earlier tonight when John and I were talking about the plans for the evening.? she said. ?Some day I?d like to go in.? she added. Candy then opened the door to the limo for us to get in. To my surprise, she followed us in. ?What are you doing back here?? I asked. ?I thought you were driving.? ?No? she said, ?I had a friend come by to drive us around for a while. Is that ok?? To say that was ?ok? was an understatement. I found her to be extremely sexy from the moment we first saw her and I?m sure John felt the same way. The limo was really warm when we got in so I immediately took off my coat. As we pulled away from the restaurant, Candy sat on the seat opposite John and me. I motioned for her to come over and sit on the other side of John. She said, ?I will in a minute, would you like me to fix us all a drink first? We have champagne.? I was never a big fan of champagne but since it was a ?special? night, I said ok. After getting us all some champagne, she came over and sat on the other side of John and we both snuggled up close to him. As she sat, the slit of her skirt opened and gave us quite a view of her long shapely legs. John has always been a ?leg? man so I know he was enjoying the view. For that matter, so was I. John was in his glory sitting between the two of us. He placed a hand on each of our legs and began to gently massage our thighs inching a little higher with each movement. I laid back, closed my eyes and opened my legs a little for him. I glanced over for a second and noticed that Candy had done the same. He just continued working on our thighs but would never go quite high enough to touch our pussies. This was killing me. I wanted so badly to be touched there.

As I was lying back in the seat I happened to look up and saw that the limo had a big sunroof and asked if I could open it. I?ve always wanted to ride down the road with my head poking out of the roof of a limo. Candy opened the roof and I immediately stood up. When I stood up, the roof was at about my waste so my entire upper half was exposed to anyone that was out. I just so happened that we were on a very busy downtown street but at this point I didn?t care. I was having too much fun. I felt so free riding down the street like that. I could never have walked down that same street dressed the way I was but being in the limo gave me a feeling of security. I felt I could do just about anything I wanted in there. All of a sudden I felt hands on my legs gently rubbing and working their way higher. Was he finally going to touch my pussy? I certainly hope so, I thought. I didn?t have to wait long for that answer as I felt his hand creep higher and higher with every movement. Finally, he touched me and I almost fell over from the sensation. I was totally drenched from all the excitement of the evening. I looked down and realized it was not John but Candy that was rubbing my legs and pussy. John, in the mean time, was busy doing the same things to her. Here I was, riding down a busy street, hanging out the top of a limo with a beautiful woman getting me off as my husband was getting her off just below me. What more could a girl ask for? I have always enjoyed the touch, smell and taste of another woman but I am not the aggressive type. I think Candy sensed that. I felt her stop rubbing and the next thing I knew she was standing next to me. As I turned to face her, she grabbed my face in her soft hands and gave me one of the deepest, most passionate kisses I have ever had. It seemed to last forever. It was amazing. We broke the kiss for a moment and embraced. As I grabbed her firm ass and pulled her close, I could feel her stiff nipples pressed against mine. I knew at that moment I wanted more of her. We continued to stand there kissing and fondling each other, still in open view, as we drove down the street. A few people on the street and in other cars made some comments and seemed to be cheering us on. This added to the excitement. I always enjoyed being watched but this time it was much more than that. Rather than being in a club, we were really in public! What an incredible feeling. Candy and I finally decided to get back into the car to get more comfortable.

Being so lost in the moment, I totally forgot about John being there. When we got down we both sat next to him as we were before, one of us on each side. I told John I was sorry for just leaving him there all alone. Candy also apologized. All he said was ?Sorry? Are you kidding? I wouldn?t have missed that for the world.? ?Are you guys done?? he added. ?Done? Hell no, we?re just getting started.? I told him. Candy chimed in at that point and asked John if he want to join us or just watch. John thought for a moment and said, ?you girls have fun, I?m fine right here. If you want me to join in, just let me know.? That was all we needed to hear and headed to the other seat across from John.

As soon as we sat down, we continued where we had left off kissing and feeling each other. Candy laid back in the seat and pulled me close. I began kissing and nibbling on her ears and neck, slowly working my way around to her lips. Our lips met and we kissed for what seemed like forever. Her lips were so soft and moist. While we were kissing, she guided my hands to wander over her body. She was so soft! I began rubbing her legs in the same manner she was rubbing mine earlier. Starting just below her knees and working my way up, ever so slowly. I could feel her body moving under my touch. She opened her legs a little and persuaded me to go higher up her thighs. As I got closer to her pussy, I could feel the heat escaping. As I got even higher, I was pleased to find out she had nothing on under her skirt. I just had to feel her. She was soaked! This entire time our lips never separated and as I slid a finger into her pussy, she drove her tongue deep into my mouth. We finally broke our kiss and separated for a minute. I glanced over at John; he was just sitting there watching and smiling.

I knelt on the floor in front of Candy and began gently biting and kissing her legs. I eased her skirt up as I proceeded to work my way up her legs but would not get too close to her pussy again. I wanted so bad to touch and taste her but I wouldn?t do it. Not yet! She had to ask for that! When I looked up at her, I could see her nipples trying to poke thru the fabric of her shirt. I kissed each one, through the shirt, and they seemed to get even harder. She told me that her nipples really needed some attention and asked me to undress her. I began to very slowly unbutton her shirt. With each button, I paused and kissed the newly exposed area. I was not opening her shirt any more than an inch or two. I know this was driving her crazy because with each button and kiss, I could hear a subtle gasp. There was no need to rush and I wanted to drive her crazy making her wait. When her shirt was totally unbuttoned, I ran my tongue up and down the exposed area as she squirmed under me. I could also feel her trying to drive her hips up into me but I would not allow it. Not yet! ?Enough!? she said and sat up to remove her shirt. ?I can?t wait any longer,? she said. ?You?re driving me nuts with all this teasing.? As soon as she got her shirt off she demanded that I pinch and suck her nipples. I quickly obliged and took each one in my mouth, licking and biting gently, while softly squeezing the other. She told me to stop teasing her and ?really? bite and pinch her tits. ?I like my tits played with rough? she said. I enjoy having my tits played with roughly too and was glad to see she did also. Candy pulled me up on the seat next to her and removed my shirt. Not that it was really in the way considering how sheer it was, but skin is always better. She began playing with my tits, gently at first and gradually getting rougher as she went on. As I was rubbing, licking, biting and pinching her tits, she reached down and did the same to me. She had both her hands on my tits. One hand was squeezing, pinching and pulling while the other rubbed ever so gently. She would take turns with each one, never letting me enjoy just one sensation. She would also, every so often, bend down and lick or bite my nipples. I have never had my tits played with like this. It was driving me crazy and I told her so. It?s always been soft or rough but never both at the same time. Playing like this kept my nipples so sensitive they almost hurt, not from pain, but from pleasure. Well, maybe a little pain, but good pain. All the attention my tits were getting was also having an effect down below. I could feel my juices flowing! Candy stopped playing with my tits and reached down to my pussy. Finally! I though, as she reached down to feel me. Up to this point she had never touch me there and I was about ready to explode from the anticipation. Needless to say, I was soaked. Candy started rubbing my upper thighs and all around the area, but still wouldn?t give me what I was craving. She was killing me. I looked over at John and motioned for him to come over. ?If Candy won?t touch me there then John was going to!? I thought. As he started to get up, Candy stopped him. ?Give me a few more minutes, will you, John?? she said. John sat back down. With that, Candy FINALLY ran her hand all the way up my thighs to my awaiting pussy. I opened my legs for her so she could feel how wet she had made me. She easily slipped a finger in. It felt incredible. As she slid another finger in, she began rubbing my clit, ever so lightly with her thumb. Candy slid off the seat and got between my legs, never removing her fingers from within me. She began to gently nibble and suck on my clit. That was too much for me, I came!

After Candy and I settled down for a minute, she asked John to get us all some more champagne. He was then welcome to join us if he wanted. ?If he wanted?? I thought. I don?t think anything could have kept him on the other side of the car after watching us. John poured the drinks, came over and knelt on the floor in front of us. Candy and I were now leaning back in the seat, side by side; with our legs partially spread just enjoying the moment. We all settled down for a little while to enjoy our drinks. I?m sure John was enjoying the ?view? from where he was sitting.

I realized that John had been just watching ?us? all evening and now it was going to be ?his? turn. I had no sooner thought about that, that he started rubbing each of our thighs, working his way up, gently forcing our legs open as he went higher and higher. He had both of us at his disposal and I knew he was enjoying every moment of it. He reached both of our pussies at the same time and easily slid a finger in each of us. As soon as he did this, I stopped him. ?Wait!? I said, ?It?s going to be your turn but let?s go back to the hotel.? I suggested.

All this time we were just driving around town and I realized that we still had no idea who was driving the car. We didn?t even know if it was a girl or guy. I suppose if the chauffeur was a guy from the beginning, I would have never questioned it but since our ?original? chauffeur was a girl it made me wonder. I tried to see up front but the privacy window was up and too dark to see though. I asked Candy who the driver was. All she said was ?a friend? and left it at that. ?Are we ever going to meet this ?friend?,? I asked. ?Are you sure you want to?? she said. ?OK? I thought, ?now you have my attention?. Candy knocked on the window and it was put down ever so slightly. She told the driver to take us back to the hotel. With that, the window went back up. ?Will we finally meet the driver when we get back?? I asked. I looked over at John with a questioning look. ?What?s going on? I asked. He and Candy just smiled. They knew exactly what was going on. John had planned the entire thing.

Candy and I got our clothes back on and we all finished our drinks. We were back at the hotel in no time. During the short ride back my mind was wandering about who was driving the car. I assumed that the driver knew EVERYTHING that had been going on. Was he able to see us? Was it exciting to watch? Just thinking about it got me wet again. I?ve always had a little exhibitionist in me. I believe most people do. I was about to find out who was driving the car all this time and my heart was racing. I could see the shadow of the driver coming around the car. When the driver got to the door and opened it, I found that it was another girl. She was wearing the same uniform as Candy, cap and all. I looked up as we exited the car. There before us was a beautiful dark skinned girl with straight pitch-black hair. She was about the same size as Candy and every bit as attractive. Candy said ?This is Lynn.? She added ?If you would like her to, she can join us for a while.? and looked at me for approval. I just smiled and we all went inside.

Here we were, all 4 of us, walking into the hotel arm in arm. Luckily, it was pretty late so there were only a few guests in the lobby when we arrived. We must have been quite a site. John was carrying my coat which left hardly anything anyone?s imagination. My tits were almost completely exposed because of the sheer material and my skirt was pulled up high, which left my ass cheeks hanging out in full view. Candy had left her shirt completely unbuttoned and had made no attempt to keep is closed as we crossed the lobby. I, for one, didn?t care. I had totally lost all my inhibitions at this point. John and Lynn were the only ones that still had all their clothes on properly but I was sure that would be taken care of in due time.

When we got to our room John and I fixed our guests and us a drink. John took his drink and sat in the only chair in the room, which left us girls to sit on the bed. When we finished our drinks, John asked if anyone wanted a refill. Lynn said that since she was driving all night and wasn?t able to drink earlier, she would like to have another. John decided to have another too. Lynn followed him over to the table while he fixed the drinks. When they were finished they noticed that Candy and I were getting a little friendly on the bed. Lynn wanted to finish her second drink, and since there was only one chair in the room, ended up sitting on Johns lap. I?m sure he hated that! They sat there and watched as Candy and I played, just a little. Lynn finished her drink and asked if she could join us. Candy said ?sure, the more the merrier!? I agreed. Luckily we had a king size bed in the room. Candy and I made room between us for her to slide in. ?She has way too many clothes on.? Candy said, ?I think we need to do something about that.? Candy began to unbutton her shirt while I leaned over and gave her a deep kiss. Feeling the softness of a woman?s lips on mine gets me going and kissing Lynn was having its effects on me. Candy continued undressing Lynn sliding her skirt down and off. She was now completely naked. Lynn looked at the two of us, ?Why are you two still wearing clothes? That isn?t fair.? she said. Candy replied, ?We?re waiting for you to undress us, sweetheart.? as she looked at me and winked. I just smiled. Lynn sat up and slowly removed Candy?s shirt sliding it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the bed. She leaned over and gave each nipple a little pinch and kiss. She then turned her attention to me and removed my shirt. It felt fantastic as the thin material slowly fell from my body. Lynn started to turn away to continue undressing Candy. When I didn?t get the same nipple ?treatment? as Candy, I pouted and said ?Hey, didn?t you forget something?? Lynn said, ?I?m so sorry.? as she tuned and grabbed both my nipples very gently and then pinched them both very hard. She asked, ?Is that better?? ?Much better!? I answered, catching my breath. I was not expecting her to do that but it did feel good. She bent and gave them both a quick little kiss before turning her attention back to Candy. We were both still wearing our skirts, which needed to go. Lynn, very slowly, ran her hands up the outside of Candy?s legs and up over her skirt. When she reached the waistband she grabbed it and slid the skirt down and off her long legs. She was completely naked now. Lynn ran her hands back up, only this time up the inside of Candy?s fabulous legs. Candy opened her legs as Lynn got higher and higher up her beautiful thighs. Just before she reached her pussy, Lynn stopped. She turned to me and said ?Why don?t you lie down next to Candy so I can get your skirt off too?? I happily did as I was asked. Lynn ran her hands up the outside of my legs the same way she had done to Candy, and slowly slid my tiny skirt down over my legs. She tossed it on the floor in the pile with the rest of our clothes. Lynn, ever so slowly, ran her soft hands up the inside of my legs. As she got to my upper thighs, she stopped and said to Candy ?Kiss her while I do this, will you? I think she?ll like that.? Candy didn?t have to be asked twice and bent over to give me a big wet kiss. I was lost in our kiss, but could feel Lynn starting all over again running her hands up my legs. All this attention was causing me to squirm and I reached up to feel Candy?s tits. Lynn told Candy to get up over my face so I could taste here. She no sooner got on top of me that I felt Lynn lightly tickling my clit with her tongue. There I was licking one beautiful girls pussy while another beautiful girl was licking mine. All the attention I was getting along with imagining the show that John was getting had me cumming all over again.

The 3 of us settled back on the bed and lay in each other?s arms. After relaxing for a few minutes, Lynn asked, ?John, would you be a dear and get us all another drink?? ?Why certainly, anything you want? he replied. ?Anything?? Candy asked, laughingly. After bringing us our drinks John settled back in the chair and smiled as he gazed at the 3 beautiful, naked women in his bed. Candy looked over at John, ?John, I can?t believe you still have all your clothes on. Don?t you want to join us?? He just looked at us and smiled. I could see the excitement and lust in his eyes. Lynn looked at us and said, ?Girls, I think we need to do something about all those clothes John still has on. What do you think?? We finished our drinks and motioned for John to join us on the bed.

The moment John got close enough to the bed, Candy and Lynn grabbed him and pulled him onto the bed between them. As they did, I got up, fixed myself another drink and took his position in the chair. It was my turn to watch for a while. They first removed his shirt and started playing with his nipples. I told Candy, ?John likes his nipples pinched and bitten as much as I do?. Candy started nibbling on one while Lynn gently rubbed the other. Then they would switch and Lynn would bite or pinch while Candy gently rubbed. ?They?ve done this before? I thought to myself. Candy wanted John to feel the same sensations that I had felt earlier when we were in the limo. I could tell he was enjoying the attention his nipples were getting by the bulge it was causing in his pants. John has always been an ?ass man? and these 2 lovely ladies had perfect asses. He reached around and was able to grab them both, but only for a moment. They move and stopped him from touching. ?Patience, John.? one of them said. The girls started slowly kissing and licking down John?s stomach. When they got to his belt, Candy looked up and Lynn and said ?no hands? and began to undo it with her teeth. Lynn followed by pulling down his zipper with hers. They did have to use their hands briefly to undo the clasp of his pants but that was about it. They were both kneeling on either side of John with their beautiful, round asses near his face and well within reach. John tried again to touch and again was stopped. ?Do we have to tie you up?? asked Lynn as she looked at me with a big smile. The girls were blocking John?s view of me, so I motioned for them to blindfold him. I found a couple of scarves that I had brought and handed them to Lynn, still without John seeing. They each grabbed the waistband of John?s pants with their mouths and began working them off him. When they got his pants to about his knees, they had to get off the bed to pull them from the bottom. Now I was the one that was afforded the view of their shapely butts. With them both bent over right in front of me, I couldn?t resist giving each of them a smack and a kiss on the ass. As they climbed back up to John they immediately grabbed his hands, put them over his head, tied them together and then to the headboard. John protested but to no avail. The second scarf was used to cover his eyes. John couldn?t fool me. I know he loves being tied up. This, however, was the first time there has been more then just us involved.

Now that John couldn?t move or see, I went over to the bed and whispered in his ear ?are you enjoying this? There?s plenty more to cum.? and gave him a kiss. The 3 of us decided to leave John alone for a short time and went over to fix another drink, leaving him wondering what we were up to. Lynn walked over to the edge of the bed and removed an ice cube from her drink. She then held it over John. When it dripped, it caused John to jump. She continued this ?torture? moving around the bed letting the cube drip in a different place each time. When the ice was gone she walked back over to us, leaving him there, hard as a rock, waiting to see what was next. We started kissing each other, making sure John knew exactly what we were doing (or so he thought). I sat back down and Lynn and Candy got back on the bed, never touching John. They began to play with each other right next to him but never touching him at all. I could just imagine what he must have been thinking listening to all the noises surrounding him. All this kept his cock standing at attention and twitching every so often. I noticed that he was getting extremely wet and pointed this out to the other girls. It was then that they got on either side of him, straddling his legs to keep them apart. I?m sure he could feel the heat and wetness from their pussies all over his legs. They began licking up and down the sides of his throbbing cock. When they reached the tip, they would lick up the wetness and give each other a big wet kiss. Then they would make their way all the way back down the shaft to the base. This routine continued for quite a while. Every once in a while one of them would lick or nibble on his balls. I don?t know how he was able to hold out with out cumming but he did. At the same time they were doing that to John, I got up and was busy rubbing their pussies and asses. It felt great having one of them in each hand. It was time for me to get in on this fun so joined them on the bed. There was John, tied up and blindfolded, with 3 naked girls on the bed ready to please him in every way they knew how. Since we all had similar builds, John had no idea who was who. I had larger tits than the other girls and made sure to keep them away from him. I didn?t want anything to give away who was doing what to him. I straddled my husbands face while Candy sat down on his rock hard cock. As she slowly lowered herself, I could feel his tongue dart into my soaked pussy. Candy leaned forward and met me in a deep kiss. From the passion in the kiss and what John was doing to my pussy, I came all over his face. He never missed a drop and continued to clean me up. Lynn was sitting on the edge of the bed watching us. I leaned over and whispered to her ?let?s switch. Where do you want to be?? Lynn pointed to where Candy was. I got off his face and Candy took my position. Lynn then lowered herself on his now throbbing shaft. I thought that John was doing the same thing to Candy as he had done to me. It wasn?t long before I knew for sure. I could see from Candy?s face that she was cumming and John was getting it all. John loves pussy! There is no other way to put it. He can go for hours doing nothing but licking and sucking on pussy. After Candy came, we switched again. Now it was my turn to ride him and Lynn was going to get ride of her life on his face. As I slid my drenched pussy down over his cock, Lynn lowered herself onto John?s face. We too met in a deep wet kiss. As we were kissing, I could tell she was getting close to cumming. All of a sudden she grabbed me and held me tight as her whole body shook and she had an incredible orgasm that seemed to last forever. There was no way John was gong to be able to lick up all that. Up to this point, John still hadn?t cum. It was time for us to take care of that. I wanted John to see what we were doing to him and took the blindfold off. His hands remained tied. All 3 of us started to go down on John at the same time licking, sucking, biting and kissing all over his cock ? and each other. Seeing and feeling this was too much for him to handle and he shot load after load of cum all over our faces. When he settled down, I got up to get a towel but the other girls stopped me. ?We?ll clean up this mess?, Candy said. I have never really liked the taste of cum but the other girls had no problem with it and cleaned up every drop from him, and me. I reach over and untied John?s hands. As he sat up the 3 of us noticed just how much we had all cum on him. His hair was soaked and there was a huge wet spot on the bed. I asked John to get us all one more drink but he said ?my legs are still a little shaky, could you do it? We all just laughed.

I got up and fixed us all one more drink while Candy and Lynn got dressed. After we finished our drinks, Candy and Lynn each gave John and I a big hug and kiss. Followed by a ?Happy Birthday, sweetheart!? They added, ?We should do this again next year? as they closed the door behind them.

This was one of the best birthday surprises I could have ever imagined!

I can?t wait until next year to see how he?s going to top this!

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