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My Slutty Wife Drinks Too Much and Cant Remember Who Did Her

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We?ve been married for five years and I think we have a pretty good partnership. We?ve a two year old and that?s taken a lot of adjustment, but her parents live close so we?re able to get out occasionally. My wife went back to work after six months and that was a compromise I wasn?t really happy with but her mother has been great about providing some extra support.

My wife works in media in a small firm and she hopes to make partner. She has to entertain a fair bit, mainly client stuff, events and openings. I know the crowd she works with and we get along ok. Last Friday we were baby free and had to go to a dinner with clients of hers. The clients were San Francisco based, hipster kind of guys, a little out of place in San Antonio. We had dinner and finished around ten. I was thinking an early evening, hot bath, slow sex. Not on the agenda apparently. Claudia had been talking to the last client, Rob when the dinner party broke up. He wanted to try a local night spot or two and Claudia agreed to be his wingman.

Now my wife has one little attribute that I?ve had a tough time getting used to. She can?t drink. I mean when she drinks she looks normal and you can?t really tell when she gets wasted but she gets there very quietly and quickly. It?s been embarrassing once or twice because she also loses her inhibitions when she drinks.

Anyway we went to this one bar because it?s kind of known as a meat market and Claudia said she wanted to get Rob laid tonight. I was OK with that, I mean he?s an OK looking kind of guy, well built, nice smile, pretty charming. I figured he wouldn?t really have a problem. I hadn?t realized that Claudia had been drinking wine at dinner, but I knew it when she asked, in the car on the way over, what kind of girl Rob wanted to fuck.

We were in the front seat and he was sitting in the back and she started grilling him for details. How big did her tits have to be, did they have to be real or natural, big aereolas or small, long nipples or fat. Round ass, how tall. Then she started taking about ethnicity and whether he preferred his pussys shaved or hairy. She asked what kind of pussys he?d seen and what lips he preferred.

She was laughing as she went through all the variations and they were both cracking up, but I was a little uncomfortable, though I played along.

We got to the nightclub and Claudia proceeded to order shots and found a booth near the dance floor. She would lean in close to Rob and ask his opinion about a girl. Finally he saw something he said he liked and she was after her like a shot. We saw them dancing on the floor and then Claudia brought her back to the table.

I had stopped drinking because I knew I?d be driving home. Claudia brought this little red head to the table. I thought it was strange because she wasn?t anything like what I thought he?d been describing as his ideal fuck, but then I had the realization that my wife had been the girl he's described as his ideal fuck. That make me feel a little sick.

Her name was Audrey and she was very cute; tiny body and what looked like b sized breasts. We hung out for a while and then Claudia asked Rob if he wanted to dance. That left me alone with Audrey and we chatted away. I liked her a lot. She was a lawyer and had a great sense of humor. Occasionally I?d look over at the dance floor, where Claudia and Rob seemed to be having a good time. Audrey had started to lean a little closer to me, bending so I could see a pink nippled breast down the front of her dress. She caught me looking and smiled and then led me out to the dance floor. She was a great dancer and not hesitant about rubbing her body on me. I found out that she had a really firm tight ass and she found out that she had thoroughly aroused me.

When we returned to the table she said, ?Looks like your friends are having fun with each other. Why don?t you come back to my place for some healthy recreational sex??

I laughed and saw that Rob and Claudia were headed back to the table. I leaned in and said, ?Claudia?s my wife. Rob?s the guy who?s available.?

Audrey leaned in close to me and said, ?Sweetheart either they?re fucking now or they will be soon.?

I was in shock but I managed to say, ?I don?t think so.?

They came to sit at the table. Claudia immediately said, ?It?s really hot out there. You?ll have to excuse me.? She proceeded to take her bra off under her shirt and then giggled as she set it on the table. It was almost a challenge on her part asking for comment. It was a big bra. Even after a year her tits are still a 34 DD, though the shape is pretty amazing, a natural ski slope with the nipples on the top edge. I wondered if Audrey felt it was some kind of comment on her more modest chest. In any event Audrey picked it up and sniffed the cups. She said, ?I love the smell of titties.? She handed it to Rob, ?Don?t you too??

He looked at me and I shrugged. He said, ?That is pretty wonderful.? Claudia looked proud and stuck her chest out. Her tits looked huge under the thin silk dress. Audrey reached over and said, ?Do you mind, they just look so heavy?? She lifted one and said, ?They?re yummy.? She looked at Rob and said, ?Go ahead and lift the other one.?

Just then the waitress came up and Claudia ordered a round of shots. I recognized the glazed look in her eyes. She was fucked up. She looked at Audrey and said, ?Let?s show them to each other.? She looked slyly at both of us ?Now no peeking.?

Her dress had half a dozen buttons, and she had them down in a flash. Audrey had a scoop neck dress. She pulled it off one shoulder. They both looked around and said, "One, two, Three.?

Claudia looked in Rob?s eyes and said, ?don?t you look now,? as she opened her dress. Of course we both looked. Four hard nipples.

The drinks arrived and the titties were put away. I put my drink to the side. Claudia quickly drank it. I asked her to dance and we did, but not very enthusiastically. I said, ?Honey I think we should be heading home soon.?

She pouted. ?I?m having fun.? We went back to the table. Audrey and Rob were gone, and Claudia looked around anxiously. ?I hope she hasn?t taken him off to fuck.?

I said, ?I thought that was the whole point.?

She looked at me as if I was from a different planet. She said, ?I?m still hot.? She did some maneuvering with her dress and her panties appeared in her hands. Audrey and Rob appeared from the edge of the crowd and came back to the table bearing another round of drinks. Claudia tossed hers back and grabbed Rob and said, ?Let?s dance.?

Audrey and I watched them walking away. Audrey said, ?She took her underwear off didn?t she.? I nodded and she said, ?Rob wants to fuck her. He was fascinated by her huge tits.?

I said, ?I guess I should break it up and see if I can get her home.?

We watched them dance and I saw her put his hand on her breast. Her hand was squeezing his package. Audrey laughed in my ear, ?Come on, wait a few minutes and we can watch them fuck. If we do I?ll fuck you.?

I said, ?I don?t think they?re going to do it on the floor.? I felt her hands on my cock through my pants.

She said, ?I figure she?ll find a way.?

Sure enough they came back to the table and Claudia said, ?Can I have the car keys? We?re going to put this stuff in the car.? Audrey reached into my pocket and said, "Here sweetie.?

Rob at least had the decency to look at the ground. We watched them leave. Audrey said, ?Is your car in the far lot??

?No right near the entrance.?

?He?ll move it.?

We gave them a few minutes and then we went to the front. Sure enough we saw my car backing up. We got in Audrey?s car and followed them at a distance. There was a back lot surrounded by trees with almost no cars. They went to the far corner. We actually had a Grand Caravan. I was almost in shock by this point. Audrey parked a distance away and said, ?I?ll bet you have a second key in a magnetic box in a wheel well.?

Of course we did; it was a family car. Audrey said. ?I think you should do a little consolation titty feeling while we?re giving them a head start.? She shucked her dress down. They were really pretty. I kissed each nipple for a few minutes. She was moaning, but then she said, ?You know what would get me really hot??

I looked at her. ?Let?s sneak up and catch them fucking.?

I said ?You like that??

She grinned, ?Actually I want to lick her pussy while she?d being fucked, and then I want both your cocks in me. I figure she?ll pass out before she gets too much.?

She put her dress back on and we walked over to the van. I got the key out and we opened the back doors. The light came on and I saw Claudia, completely naked, her huge tits hanging down as she sucked on Rob?s cock. She looked up, but as Audrey said, she was completely wasted. I wasn?t sure she knew what she was doing. Rob had his hands full of her tits. We climbed in with them. Rob looked a little nervous, but Audrey shucked off her dress, bent over and backed her pussy up to his mouth. I just watched. It didn?t take him long to make Audrey cum. Claudia was still working on his cock, but Audrey pushed her off and sat down on it. Claudia looked at me and crawled over to fumble with my belt. ?Fuck me.?

I got naked, Audrey was now getting pounded from behind and I set Claudia up the same way, close to Audrey, who filled a hand with one of her tits. I grabbed the other and pinched her nipple hard. That set her off and she started thrashing on my cock, cumming hard. Audrey shouted , ?Switch.? And pulled off Rob, pulling Claudia off me and motioning Rob to fuck her. I watched as he lined up a cock larger than mine and plowed into her, grabbing both tits. She went crazy. Audrey pushed me onto my back and started to ride me, her pussy making sloppy sounds. Rob was obviously cumming now, filling my wife with ropes of seed. After he pulled of Claudia collapsed and almost immediately started snoring.

Audrey leaned forward and invited Rob over and then started sucking him while riding me. He was hard pretty quickly. She said, ?OK fuck me from behind. Push in beside his cock.?

A little pressure and he was in, sliding beside me. It was the most perverse feeling ever. She started was sounded like an almost continuous orgasm. I was watching Claudia and she was out cold. We fucked Audrey for about fifteen minutes, and she could sense we were close. She said, ?Pull out I want you to come on her tits and face.?

We did and she rolled Claudia over. Rob let loose on her tits and I got it all over her. I came a lot. Audrey smeared it in and then spent fifteen minute slicking it off, which was amazingly hot. She then went down between her legs and cleaned her pussy. Finally she lifted up her legs and asked Rob to fuck claudia?s ass a little. ?Just so she knows someone?s been in there.? I helped him get in and he plowed it for five minutes before dumping a load. Audrey had me fuck her again and then had Rob in her ass. We both came in her.

Audrey and Rob helped me dress her and then they left together. I managed to get her into the house and upstairs into bed. The next morning she claimed she didn?t remember anything, but when she went to the bathroom, I heard her mutter, ?Is that cum in my ass??


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