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My Second Wife and Her Daughter; The Plan

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Shirley kissed me good-bye and as she was walking out the door said, “Don’t oversleep” awakening me. I lay there trying to decide if I should get up for a repeat with the two vixens downstairs or just roll over and go back to sleep. My decision was made for me as I felt the mattress sag and heard giggles as hands slid under the sheet and grasped my dick. I sleep nude and I felt the sheet pulled from my body and tongues began licking my genitals, sucking at my glans, stroking me as the two seemingly insatiable nymphs gleefully said, “Wake up Mr. Dick, it’s breakfast time, time to satisfy the children’s hunger. Momma’s gone and the pussies need feeding!

It didn’t take them long to have Mr. Dick straining its skin, jerking and swaying wildly. Lexi kissed me passionately, her eyes gleaming as she said, “Are you hungry Daddy, Karen and I decided to give you breakfast in bed”, as she straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. The scent of her pussy was like an aphrodisiac and drew me to its wet source. God her pussy is hot I thought as its heat radiated against my face as she pressed her gaped cunt down onto my extended tongue. I watched as her hands cupped her breasts while her hips began hunching, undulating around my probing and licking as I gathered her sweet cunt juice and swallowed them. Her eyes closed as her arousement began growing, evidenced by the increasingly rapid pace of her hunching her pussy down onto my tonguing as she sought relief for the forces driving her. Her thighs spread more widely as she increased the pressure she brought to bear down upon my flailing tongue as she ground roughly against my face.

Fingers grasped my cock and I felt the soft, slick flesh of Karen’s inner labia positioned against the swollen, sensitive skin of my heated glans. An electric like voltage streamed from my tip to roil my entire body as she lowered her pussy down onto my stiff dick. God it felt wonderful and the feel of her moist heat engulfing me elicited a loud moan from my lips that reverberated within Lexi’s pussy as I sucked at her heated juices. My hips rose, buttocks squeezing as my cock extended with a rush of blood that swelled and stiffened me. I heard Karen’s appreciative moan as her hips rammed her pussy down hard onto my stiffly jerking cock before beginning a rough forward and back hunching that had my dick stiffly pivoting within her inner cavity as her clit was mashed tightly to my body.

My mind was feverish as these two young women used me for their pleasure. Lexi reminded me so much of her mother as she labored to orgasm. Like Shirley, she became completely swept away by the sensations and need that enveloped her mind and body; her demeanor adopted an animalistic passion as she savored every streaming sensation my deep tonguing presented her. She would climb to the peak of her arousement and stay there poised at the edge of the abyss loving the feelings wracking her body. She would lift repeatedly, allowing the furor within her to calm before again lowering her pussy to my torrid inner licking and sucking. She repeated this until her need to cum became so great it demanded a choice between relief and insanity. Her thighs spread widely, hips began grinding her pussy forcefully down onto my wildly gyrating tongue, smashing my nose tightly against her clit as she hunched, uncaring of my plight as she smothered me. I loved it, loved knowing she was lost to the sensations I filled her with. I would have died before I would have stopped her, instead choosing to grip her hips with my hands and pull her pussy to my deepest licking and sucking as she screamed her release.

Her hand pressed beneath my head as she held me to her most desperate hunching. I gazed up at her face and saw the torment etched onto her beautiful features as she moaned her anguished release. Her long hair draping down from her head was tossed about wildly as she bucked and jerked with each new expulsion of her cum onto my thirsty tongue. When finally, she sat back, throwing her hair rearward as she sat there gasping for breath; my mouth moved to her clit and I sucked hard while licking it slickly, biting it gently. Her reaction was immediate. Her body tried to jerk from the intense sensations I caused to violently roil her body, but, I held her to my rough sucking and licking until again she was leaning forward roughly hunching her pussy against my face as she cried out, “Oh god no, no more, please….ohhhhhhhhfuckkkkkk…..c.c.cum..cummin….eatme…..oh shit YES!...aarrgghhhhh!”, as her thighs again spread widely and her pussy began riding my face forcefully, hips lurching forward and back as I held her to my intense laving and sucking. Lexi’s head was flailing as if she was trying to fling the insanity she felt from her mind, but both her hands found my head and she pulled me tightly to her hardest hunching and grinding until she collapsed and fell forward on the bed her pussy hunching against the top of my head as her ass squeezed and she ground against my forehead moaning.

Karen was different, she never held back as she used my dick for her pleasure. She would fuck me hard and drive my dick as deep as possible into her body and cum repeatedly, never slowing as one orgasm built into the next as she rode my thick dick relentlessly. This young goddess loved the feel of a stiff dick tormenting and stretching her pussy and she was insatiable in her enjoyment. I was sure she would love to be gang-banged by a large group of hung men. Karen was totally uninhibited. I was laying beneath Lexi panting as I tried to catch my breath when Karen leaned forward and began licking Lexi’s ass crack. Lexi moaned loudly and her ass began lifting, pressing back into her friend’s long tongue as it tried to enter her anus. My hips and balls were soaked with Karen’s expression of joy as she fucked my long dick energetically. Suddenly she stopped, lifted from my dick and said, “Fuck Lexi’s ass! She said last night she wanted to feel you in her asshole. Do it Jack, I want to see you make her cum fucking her ass.

I crawled from beneath Lexi and asked her, “Is that right Lexi, you want to be ass fucked”, I asked her?

“Well, I think Karen wants me ass fucked more than I do but yeah, I’d love to have a guy cum in my ass if it didn’t hurt so fuckin bad”, she responded.

I glanced at the clock and saw that I needed to get ready for work and said, “I have to get ready for work so who wants to make me cum. We’ll work on getting this fat dick up your ass some day when your mom’s not going to be home sweetie.”, I said to Lexi. Both girls descended on my dick and began licking and sucking at me voraciously. Seeing two young beautiful vixens so enraptured by my cock had my arousement soaring and when Karen pressed two thirds of my fat dick down her throat, a feat not many women have accomplished, I exploded choking her. She gagged and coughed but her head never lifted until I had expelled two large loads of ball juice down her throat. Gasping she finally raised her mouth off my dick and pushed it towards Lexi who grabbed it and began sucking frantically on my glans, her tongue gathering each slick expulsion as it spewed from my urethra. My entire body was jerking as her tongue slid slickly around my tip, the sensations so intense that I was trying to push her off my dick. Lexi was not about to give my dick up though and she gripped it tightly, stroking it as she sucked noisily at the fountain erupting my life forces out onto her tongue to slide down her convulsing throat. My hands held her head as I fucked my dick roughly into her eager mouth, straining to enter her throat deeply as my glans swelled each time my balls fired another hot load. I was moaning in one long groan as she sucked and licked at me greedily until my entire body tensed, jerked hard and a shudder ran through me and I fell backwards to the bed as she sat up licking her lips smiling. My body shook, hips jerking as my ass squeezed and another drop of cum oozed from me. Both girls saw it and lowered their heads simultaneously and bumped foreheads before Karen licked it from my tip with a swipe of her long tongue while moaning, mmmmm. They sat there squeezing the dregs of my cum from my balls taking turns sucking from my tip until defeated my dick sagged in their hands and I shrugged and said, “I hate to leave you two beautiful sluts but I have to get to work.”

“Does Shirley like women”, Karen through out there to either or both of us?

“Not that I know of, why”, I asked while gazing at Lexi to see if she would respond also?

“I’d love to eat her pussy, she’s so fuckin hot and her ass is delicious looking. Would either of you care if I had sex with her”, she asked?

Lexi and I looked at each other and shook our heads no and I said, “That might become interesting if you did, maybe we wouldn’t have to sneak around so much. Be nice to include Shirley in this orgy”, I asserted.

“Mmmmm that’s hot thinking of mom watching you fuck me and then you putting your wet dick in her pussy”, Lexi said as her thighs began opening and closing rapidly as her clit throbbed with that vision in her mind.

“Would you eat your mom’s pussy Lexi, I mean if she wanted you to”, Karen asked with her eyes gleaming. I’m sure she enjoyed thinking of Lexi and her mom together and I could almost hear the gears grinding in her head as she began planning how to accomplish that coupling. I showered and dressed and after another quick blowjob I left them on our bed in a 69 position with Karen telling Lexi to pretend she was eating her mom.

“Change the sheets when you two get done if you get them soiled, you here”, I said as I walked out the door. I hated deceiving my wife and not being honest with her and spent most of the day trying to figure a way to have Karen seduce her as a first step to her accepting my fucking her daughter and Karen. Shirley had never expressed an interest in being with a woman and once even called it abnormal sex. Knowing that I figured Karen would find her a harder seduction than I was.

Everything was normal for the next couple of weeks with our sex confined to the weekday mornings. Lexi and I became quite close on the mornings Karen wasn’t there. I loved it that she appreciated making love, slow and intimately, unlike Karen’s wild uninhibited fucking. I learned, surprisingly, that other than the guy that took her virginity, a high school sweetheart, John was her only previous male lover. Karen had been instrumental in that happening just as she had been with myself and Lexi. Lexi had caught John and Karen fucking and threatened to tell her mom so naturally Karen seduced her and amidst her arousement as Karen sucked her inexperienced pussy she had John slide his dick inside her and fuck her for a few hours until she no longer wanted her mom to know about the three of them.

It was about that time that I began learning different aspects of my wife’s sexuality. Karen was at the house one evening and I noticed that she was hanging around Shirley pretty close, laughing and cutting up with her all evening. I was getting a beer out of the refrigerator when I overheard Karen saying how beautiful my wife was and how she had a body to die for. I glanced around the door in time to see Karen place her hand on Shirley’s ass as she said, “Mom, that’s what she called Shirley, can I ask you a personal question? I need to know something and I just can’t ask my mother, I’d be too embarrassed!”

Karen saw me listening and winked at me as Shirley replied, “Sure honey you can ask me anything”.

Karen began stammering, “Er…I….I’m….What I mean is….I keep….oh god I can’t ask you either…I’m sorry it’s just too embarrassing”, and turned and began to walk away.”

Shirley caught her arm and asked, “What is it Karen, don’t be embarrassed just ask me. If I can help you I will.”

“No, I’m sorry, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I was wrong to ask you, especially you.”

“What? You’re like a daughter to me Karen. You can ask me anything, now come on what’s up with you. Spit it out girl, I’m not going to let you leave till you tell me.” Karen had piqued Shirley’s interest now and she wouldn’t let it drop.

“Well, I know you’re gonna think I’m gay or something but ok; It’s just that for a while now I keep having these feelings all the time and I know they’re not normal but I can’t help having them. I’d die if anyone found out and I try to fight it but I just can’t stop. I guess what I want to ask you is, have you ever liked another girl?”

“What do you mean by like sweetie, I like you, I like a lot of women Karen”, she asked with concern on her face?

Karen’s gaze fell to the floor as she said, “No, I mean….you know…like…like you like a boy. Its just that sometimes when I see another girl or even an older woman I….I….f..f..feel like I do when I want to…..oh god….just forget it…I’m just a mess.”, and turned to walk away again.

Again Shirley stopped her and asked her directly, “Karen do you mean you get turned on thinking of a girl or woman sexually sometimes?”

“Yeah, I know I’m really a mess. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just can’t control it and it really makes me confused. Sometimes the only way I can quit thinking about it is to…..t.touch….you know..mast….oh god you think I’m horrible don’t you….some kind of freak. Then her hands flew to her face and she gasped, Oh shit, you’re not gonna want me around Lexi now are you? Please don’t make me stay away, she’s my best friend”, and she began sobbing uncontrollably.

If I hadn’t known, it was all fake, I would have really felt sorry for the conniving little twit. She should pursue an acting career I remember thinking.

Shirley put her arms around her and began consoling her saying,”No, No, I won’t do that sweetie. We all have feelings like that sometimes, its normal”.

Karen gazed into her eyes as her hands fell to Shirley’s ass and asked, “You mean you feel like that too sometimes, have you….I mean did you….oh god no…its happening…you…you feel…so…ohhhh”, and as Shirley gazed into her eyes Karen kissed her. Not a peck kiss but a full lip to lip contact kiss and Shirley seemed to be falling under the little vixens spell before slowly, lips lingering as if torn whether to break off the kiss or not, separating her mouth from Karen’s. Again Karen’s acting was superb as she expressed shocked awe on her face and said, “Oh my god I’m so sorry…I just…I mean your ass…..oh god what did I do….you felt so wonderful…I couldn’t control myself. See, see what I mean…I’m a freak…..oh my god I’m so embarrassed….I’m sorry…I..I”, and then put her hands to her face and turned and ran from the house and jumped in her car and left.

I had been pretending to watch tv and Lexi had gone to the bathroom moments before all that transpired so I tried to look surprised and turned and asked, “Where was Karen going in such a hurry?”

Shirley looked distant as if lost in thought and her tongue was running over her lips as if tasting Karen’s kiss on her mouth. She actually looked dazed as she lied saying, “Oh she remembered something she was supposed to do before she left home”.

“She coming back, I thought she was spending the night”, I asked pretending ignorance.

“I certainly hope so…..I…I mean I planned dinner for four”, she answered with a wistful look upon her face. I was sure she had responded to Karen’s kiss and was examining her feelings towards what she had felt.

A few minutes later the phone rang and Lexi picked it up as she entered the room. “Hello, Karen, where are you? You’re supposed to spend the night tonight; you change your mind? Yeah, she’s right here why? Oh, ok, just a sec. Mom its Karen she wants to talk to you.”

Shirley took the phone and said, “Girl you get back here right now, I fixed dinner for you. No, its fine, it just shocked me, I’m fine. Listen, we’ll talk about it later just get back here for dinner. Sometimes freaky can be a good thing. Yes, now get your cute little butt back here girl!”, and hung up. “She coming back”, I asked? “Yes, she thought I might be mad because she left like that”, she said, lying again.

When Karen got back she came in and immediately sat down beside Lexi and began talking like nothing was wrong. She kept glancing at Shirley and every time she did Shirley was staring back at her. Shirley walked over and sat down beside Karen and placed her hand on her thigh as she asked, “If you’re not talking about anything important would you like to help me set the table sweetie?” I could tell by the look Karen gave her as she placed her own hand over Shirley’s and slightly pulled it higher on her thigh that Karen wanted to be near her also. Shirley quickly gazed at Lexi to see if she had noticed Karen’s action of moving her hand but Lexi was looking away at that moment. I saw Shirley’s thighs squeeze tightly and her hand squeezed Karen’s thigh and I thought, damn if she isn’t turning Shirley on. I knew by the lifting and falling of her chest that Shirley was becoming aroused.

“I’d love to help you mom”, Karen responded as her thighs opened slightly and she again tried to pull Shirley’s hand higher while staring lustfully into her eyes. Karen had opened her thighs enough that from my seat I could see the smoothness of her mons sticking from her cutoff shorts. I saw Shirley glance down at her soft pussy skin and I knew she realized at that moment where Karen was trying to place her hand.

A slight moan began to escape Shirley’s lips and she quickly cut it off by saying, “Get up then girl, the food’s almost done”, as she quickly pulled her hand from Karen’s thigh and stood up. I know Shirley was stunned by Karen’s boldness right in front of everyone but then she didn’t have the knowledge that we were one big fucking family minus one. I’m sure Karen picked up on the nervousness in her voice as easily as I did as she said, “F.F.Food will be on the table as soon as someone gets their…lazy ass off the couch and sets the table….Karen!”

“OK, ok”, Karen laughed as she stood and half ran to the dining room and began setting the table. Once the table was set Karen walked into the kitchen and staring directly at Shirley’s crotch area pronounced, “Hmmmm that looks so delicious, can I taste it?”

Shirley closed her eyes as a shudder gripped her body as she caught the double entendre of Karen’s word’s.

Karen stepped beside her then and placing her hand on her ass asked, “Can I help you with anything mom?”

Shirley turned away quickly saying, “No, Lexi can help me if I need anything else, Thank you sweetie”.

Karen looked dejected as she half whispered, “Not like I want to I bet”, as she passed by Shirley on her way back to the couch. I caught Karen’s glance and winked very obviously at her to let her know I approved of her actions.

I rose and walked up behind Shirley and placed my hands on her hips and began kissing her neck and she jumped and turned quickly and I knew she thought it was Karen. Recovering quickly, she placed her hands on my face and kissed me before saying, “Quit it I’m trying to get this on the table”.

I reached around and squeezed her ass and said, “Hmmm how about we put this on the table instead, I’m kinda craving the taste of you”.

“And what would the girls eat”, she asked smiling?

“I’m willing to share, are you”, I answered giggling.

“Get out of here you pervert, I guess incest turns you on now?”

I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Karen is not related and it might be hot watching you losing it with her beautiful face between your thighs”

She lifted her gaze to my face and asked, “Oh, and just where would you be while I was, how did you put it, oh yeah, losing it on her tongue? Something tells me you’d like to be ramming her forward into my hot little pussy with your dick pounding deep in her beautiful young cunny.”

“Well, she should get something out of pleasing you, so I guess I could, if you wanted me to, place my big dick inside her pussy to show your gratitude to her for mouthing your older pussy. That is if I could get it up, you know it would almost be like fucking a child and I’m not sure if I could even perform.”

With that she completely lost it and began laughing as she pushed me away. She had tears streaming down her face as she whispered in my ear, “I had you all wrong baby. I thought you were staring at her ass all the time thinking of fucking her. I guess you were thinking how perverted it would be for a guy your age to tarnish her young pussy with your hot cum”, and then she burst out laughing again before adding, “I tell you what, If I decide I need her between my thighs I’ll just do it alone with her so as not to embarrass you with your limp dick and inability to perform.”, she continued laughing as she said, “I love your humor but now do something helpful and get the casserole out of the oven and place it on the table on one of those hot plate things, the long one. I opened the oven as she was chuckling and murmuring something about my limp dick and she stopped and stepped to me and squeezed my plainly outlined dick and again laughed and said, “You can’t even keep it down when she’s around, limp dick, yeah, I believe that my ass”, and returned to placing some asparagus on a plate while wiping tears from her eyes.

Through dinner Karen and her kept locking gazes and Shirley looked uncomfortable, squirming in her chair when Karen would say something about how she loved eating all the different things Shirley fixed. “Your mom is such a good cook Lexi. Everything I eat here I just want to let it linger on my tongue and savor its hot deliciousness. At home we usually have fast food or cold cuts and soup. I’m not saying mom is lazy, she works hard and is just tired and I can’t cook a lick. Maybe you can teach me how to do things mom so my stuff can taste as delicious as yours”.

“It takes a while to become a good cook Karen, my mom spent years teaching me!”

“I got nothing but time. I really want to learn cause all I can do now is heat things up and eat it”, Karen replied as she emphasized her meaning by running her tongue over her lips while gazing directly into Shirley’s eyes.

By now Lexi had figured out what Karen was up to and as I began helping Shirley with clearing the table she said, “Dad can you come down and listen to my car its making a weird noise and I’m afraid it’s going to break” “Wow, when did Jack become dad”, Shirley asked smiling her approval.

“When in Rome do as the Romans do”, Lexi responded flippantly.

Karen spoke then saying, “You do know that the Romans were more well known for their orgies than their family ties, don’t you Lexi”, she said smiling mischieviously?

I thought to myself, “Yes, and let the games begin”, as I walked down the stairs hearing Karen say, “Well I guess its me and you on kitchen duty mom”

I started Lexi’s car and she told me to get out and I did. Immediately she kissed me, a warm passion filled kiss. A kiss that told of her need as much as the way she was rubbing my dick through my pants. She knelt before me and lowered my pants until my dick lurched upwards and then took it in her hands and began pumping it as her tongue performed wonderfully exciting licks all around my swollen glans. God she could suck dick. In a very short time I was holding her head about to blast her throat with a bag full of cum but she stopped and stood quickly and began slithering her shorts down over her hips to her knees and turned facing the car while pleading, “Fuck me, I want to feel you cum in me. Don’t wait on me, just fuck me and cum, I love the way your dick throbs and jerks when your balls fill me up”.

This wasn’t like Lexi, this is more what I’d come to expect from Karen, I think I liked it! I began fucking her, driving my dick further and further up her vaginal chute with each rough thrust of my hips. She fucked her pussy back into my dick like she was incensed and wanting to punish my hard cock. Her rearward thrusts actually hurt as my stiff dick tried to bend as she bottomed it in her pussy. I’d never seen her act this way, she was afire and was trying to stifle her cries as she stretched her pussy with my dick. I was excited, her pussy squeezing me, milking me in a way she had never done before. Soon she had my balls drawing up and I knew I was about to give her what she needed. She must have felt it too because her hips began hunching faster than I would have ever thought possible as she slammed her pussy down on my swelling dick repeatedly as she cried, “Yes, Yes, cum in me, doit, give it to me like you will with momma watching us…ohhhhhhhgoddd I’m…I’m….aaarrggghhhHHHHHHHH……..CUM…PLEASE CUM…..ohhhhhfuck….me…harder…..oh my god YES……I feel it…..oh fuck yes….so hot!......aaiieeeEEEEE ohgod….ohgod…….don’t stop……..aaarrrrggghhHHHHHH……fuck it!.....oh god I love your dick.

I kept glancing over at the stairwell expecting to see Shirley standing there watching because of Lexi’s loud cries and shrill screams. I couldn’t have stopped if she were standing there as just then my dick exploded violently in Lexi’s pussy. God, this young vixen always made me cum this way and today she had me overwhelmed with excitement and when I exploded; my hard thrust lifted her body completely off the floor and I pinned her against the car with her feet off the ground while I force fucked my lava like ball juices deep inside her as she begged me not to stop. Her hands pressed against the car as she held her pussy to my hardest thrusts, hips gyrating rapidly as she cum intensely. I ran my hand around her body and began rolling her clit lightly as animal like sounds erupted from her lips as she ground her deepest flesh against my spewing glans. Her ass cheeks squeezed tightly with every seething blast from my balls making her pussy milk my cock as I filled her with my cum. I felt her pressing my hand against the car as her craving demanded more pressure upon her clit. Her hips alternated between pressing my hand and being thrust back into my roughly grinding cock until she moaned deeply, her entire body tensing, legs straightening downward towards the floor and her body began a slight trembling that grew into a shuddering expression of her plight. I fucked her tightly squeezing pussy hard, fast as she drained the dregs of my cum into her stricken pussy.

Meanwhile upstairs Shirley had decided to confront Karen saying, “Do you really find me that attractive Karen, I mean in a sexual way? You know I’m old enough to be your mother!”

“I..I..I can’t help it,’re just so beautiful, and when I look at you I can’t stop thinking of how it would feel to run my hands all over your smooth skin. Then I think of exciting you, t.t.touching you, my lips on your skin and I want to touch myself like I do now. Then today…..when you hugged me and I felt your butt beneath my hands I felt myself getting wet and when you looked in my eyes I..I thought I saw it in your eyes too and I couldn’t help myself, everything inside of me made me kiss you. But I was wrong and when I knew you didn’t want me too I felt so ashamed and embarrassed, and still do. I thought you felt what I was feeling. I keep telling myself to stop it but every time I look at you it’s all I can think of. It’s like my body controls what I say and do when I’m around you. Haven’t you ever seen a girl you wanted to touch Shirley? Do you think it’s wrong how I feel?”, she asked, her eyes pleading for compassion from the older woman she desired.

“Karen, up until recently I did think it was wrong, I guess I still do but I understand now how a girl or woman can find another girl or woman sexually attractive. When you kissed me today, it took me back a bit, shocked me actually. It was an impulsive thing to do and quite sudden also. I think it was natural for me to pull away…….”

Karen stopped her from speaking as she said, “I’m so sorry, I just, I mean I…….I just never felt such an overwhelming need to do something like I did right then. I wanted to express how I felt, wanted you to feel what I felt inside me. I’d wanted to touch you for so long and when my hands fell to your butt…I..I..I just………..”

Shirley put her finger over Karen’s lips and said, “Shhhhh, you don’t need to be sorry Karen, to be honest I’m not. I believe I learned something about myself I’d never known before and I think I’m feeling some of the same things you are, at least I’m curious about things I’ve never thought about before. I never could understand how a woman could desire another woman….until you kissed me today. Mind you, I’m not saying it’s right for a woman my age to be kissing a girl your age, but I believe I jerked away because I did feel what you felt and I was beginning to enjoy it and I was afraid I was liking it too much and it made me feel weird, like it makes you feel I guess.”

“Y.Y.You liked it, really? I thought you hated me the way you pulled away”.

“Well, you have to remember Karen, you’re so much younger than me, and I’m married and all that complicates things. I mean it’s not like I am single and can just do things without caring about hurting other people. Then there’s Lexi, my god what would she think about me doing something with her best friend. What if she had seen us kissing…? I really feel complimented that you find me so desirable. I’m going to be honest because I feel you have been with me, yeah it kind of turns me on knowing you feel that way about me. And then there’s Jack. If he found out I was doing things with you I know he would want to also. I know you see the way he looks at you.”

“Yeah it kind of makes me wet knowing he’s thinking about fucking me. I’d probably let him if you didn’t care but I’d feel horrible doing it behind your back, I just wouldn’t want to do that.”

That was exactly what Shirley didn’t want to hear, now the ache in her pussy was becoming intense. The scenario Jack had described earlier was a distinct possibility now and everything in her system of values was screaming for her to run, to stop this conversation with this young girl who suddenly seemed much more sexually sophisticated than she herself was. She needed to get away from Karen and sort out these new emotions and feelings that have inhabited her since Karen’s kiss. But Karen was not going to allow that to happen. She stepped close to Shirley and placed her hands on either side of her face and kissed her passionately. This time they were alone and Shirley’s aroused curiosity had her lips parting to allow Karen’s tongue entry into her mouth. Shirley felt herself succumbing to the throbbing building in her body and her tongue entwined with Karen’s as they sucked and licked hungrily at each other.

Shirley’s mind and sensibilities were conflicted, torn between the knowledge Lexi and Jack could return at any second and the overwhelming arousement she had consuming her rapidly. This was all new to her, new and intensely exciting. Feeling Karen’s need of her older body expressed by her mouth sucking at her tongue so passionately had her mind imagining that same mouth attacking her pussy with such zeal. Those thoughts allowed Karen to subjugate her, to control her as she imagined the young beautiful woman fulfilling her own fantasies of her lips and hands exploring her older body. Her own mind and body aided Karen’s seducing her as she succumbed to the sexual curiosity consuming her. She wanted to care, wanted to stop Karen’s hands roaming her body but the aching need their kiss instilled in her pussy wouldn’t allow her to care, much less resist.

A shudder of submission coursed through her as she accepted the fate she knew she wanted. Her mind found a freedom that allowed her to just enjoy the sensations and emotions filling her as her arms wrapped Karen’s body and they molded to each other as their hands began exploring, squeezing, rubbing until both their chests were rising and falling quickly as their arousement heightened. Karen’s hands fell to her ass and their lips again became as one as both their minds fell victim to the throbbing need engulfing their bodies.

This was new and exciting to Shirley. Her mind kept trying to intervene, insisting she stop, but her body overwhelmed those thoughts as Karen’s hands and lips instilled such immense cravings it would be impossible for her not to succumb. When Karen whispered to her how badly she wanted to taste her pussy, to make her cum while her tongue was inside her; Shirley’s thighs parted, hips flayed as she tried to pressure her clit against the warm body grinding against her own. This coupling went against every value and moral she had ever believed in and the tabooness of her actions seemed to incite the flames within her into a raging firestorm of emotion and need. A part of her mind wanted to stop, to wait until Jack could be with them, to join her in the pleasure she knew resided in Karen’s young firm body. She was about to suggest that when she felt Karen’s hand clawing at the fabric of her dress until the front was raised exposing her soaked panties. She realized what Karen’s intentions were and felt herself melting against Karen’s body, her pride, her inhibitions flowing from her pussy as wet excitement as Karen’s hand slid under her dress and began rubbing her clit through her panties. Everything good and moral within her begged her to stop Karen but the sensations streaming from her clit as it was rolled and pressured beneath Karen’s fingertips prevented any rational thoughts from forming in her mind. She filled with an excited trepidation as her gaze remained riveted to the stairway leading down to the garage. She felt herself falling into an abyss of depravity that she knew there would be no escape from as she thought of her husband and daughter watching them, Lexi’s gaze burning into her body as her hips undulated her clit against Karen’s hand. Her eyes closed as she felt the added excitement that vision instilled and she knew she was lost. She tried to dispel those thoughts but the fingers sliding through the leg hole of her panties to press into her soaked pussy had her unable to do anything but submit to this precocious young woman’s caressess. She stumbled backwards until her ass pressed against the table as Karen fingered her deeply, roughly.

Kneeling in front of her Karen began lifting one thigh as she said, “Lay back on the table”. Shirley wanted to scream, “No, No, not here..I can’t”, but this girl’s unnatural desire for her pussy caused an inner excitement that assured her submission to anything she asked of her. In that moment she gave herself over to this beautiful goddess like creature by allowing her upper body to lay back on the table. She lay there with her gaze on the stairwell as she felt her panties pulled down her legs and off her feet. Soft hands squeezed the back of her thighs. Moaning, she spread her thighs widely in anticipation of the kiss she had craved since Karen’s lips touched hers the first time. Tears formed in her eyes as she realized her life would never be the same as she embarked on a journey of exploration and pleasure with this blonde haired seductress. She lay there exposed, open and vulnerable to anything this young nymph decided to do to her. She felt so slutty laying there with her legs in the air spread widely feeling the coolness of the air on her exposed body. She wanted this, wanted to be Karen’s slut and she craved her touch, her kiss. The anticipation of Karen’s mouth on her pussy had her writhing, ass hunching cravingly.

“Oh god, no, no, we can’t Karen…my god you’re like my daughter”, she cried in a last desperate effort to retain normalcy in her life. That normality was shattered forever as Karen’s tongue entered her moist honeypot and began a strong circling motion within her depths. Her loud moans accompanied the rapid hunching of her hips as her cries became, “Ohhhhhhh…..oh fuck…..oh my god yes, yes, yes”. Her chest began rising and falling quickly as her stomach sucked in with each deep penetration within her. She gasped loudly as Karen’s tongue slid repeatedly into the wet flesh of her pussy and began a strong licking of her slick inner flesh as she gathered and drank of her copious emissions. Then her tongue slid upwards as her lips closed around Shirley’s swollen taut clit and began a gentle suctioning of it while her tongue slid slickly over its swollen tip. She bit her engorged clit gently evoking a pained cry as Shirley’s hands found her head and began holding her to her now starving pussy.

That was what Lexi and I saw when we quietly crept up the stairs to the sound of Shirley’s moaning and the slurping noises of Karen’s sucking at her flooding pussy. I felt my dick stiffening as I watched Karen subjugating Shirley with her frenzied mouthing. She had her hands behind Shirley’s knees holding them up as her tongue persecuted her pussy with strong internal licking and suctioning of her vaginal cavity. Shirley was obviously cumming as her hands held Karen’s head to her roughly hunching pussy while her head flailed and bobbed, shoulders rising and falling with each intense flood of sensations from her cunt.

It was a very erotic, stimulating sight watching Karen’s blonde head gyrating, licking and sucking at Shirley’s pussy while she writhed in an anguished pleasure that had her seemingly insane with the lust she felt. Lexi unbuttoned her shorts and again wriggled them down her thighs before kneeling on the steps with her pussy wavering in front of me as she watched her mother cumming repeatedly under Karen’s skilled mouth. Her pussy was hot, wet with the cum filling her as I entered her for the second time in minutes. I fucked her slowly as she pressed back into my dick. Lexi knew what her mom was feeling, she had felt Karen’s long tongue tormenting her inner flesh many, many times and it always led to bone wrenching, tensing orgasms like the ones her mom was experiencing now.

We fucked smoothly as we watched. Lexi’s pussy clenched my fat cock tightly with each of her mother’s anguished cries. I needed to cum! Seeing my wife experiencing such intense pleasure was stiffening to me. I knew how aroused she must be as she experienced all the new and various emotions of Karen eating her pussy. I wanted to join her and share her pleasure. I kept stopping to keep from cumming and Lexi would roll her hips around the hardness impaling her, her actions telling of her own arousement. Then her mom began screaming loudly as if she were being tortured. We watched her hips begin hunching insanely, her hands gripping the table edge as she pulled at it, holding her pussy to Karen’s fist as we saw her forearm disappearing into Shirley’s pussy. She was fisting her while her mouth sucked and licked at her clit and I’m not sure which one was more excited by it. Shirley was begging and suddenly lifted her upper body, leaned down and grabbed Karen’s arm and began fucking herself with Karen’s fist wildy. She loved it when Karen began ramming her fist inside her pussy roughly, moving her whole body with the force of her internal blows.

We watched mesmerized, Lexi’s gaze never wavering as she saw her mom’s body begin trembling, then shaking violently and heard her begging Karen to fuck her hard to ram it in her harder as her thighs straightened and tensed, shaking, toes curling for what seemed forever as her back lifted, arched and then fell heavily. Karen was kneeling as she fucked Shirley’s pussy and when Shirley’s thighs closed, legs straightening, tensing, her legs fell until her feet were touching the floor leaving her standing, ass against the table and her arms extended, hands gripping the table edge as her body jarred with each stroke of Karen’s fist. Shirley’s entire body writhed, trembled, shook violently as Karen never missed a stroke as she persecuted Lexi’s mom’s pussy. Shirley was a picture of unrestrained pleasure as she stood, hands squeezing her breasts tightly, head thrown back with her long black hair hanging as Karen fucked her pussy while sucking her clit excitingly.

Lexi moaned, her head fell to her folded arms and I felt a rush of heat in her pussy as she began cumming intensely, flooding me with a veritable flash flood of hot orgasmic juices. Her hips pressed her pussy back into my dick forcibly as she squeezed me tightly with each new spasm that roiled her body. I couldn’t help it, I cum so forcefully I lifted her body from the stairs as I rammed my dick fully inside her. Lexi screamed loudly and I pulled her backwards down the stairs afraid her mom would turn and see us. My feet slipped and my body fell down onto hers pressing her flat as we both slid backwards while both of us strained into the other. When our feet finally hit the landing floor stopping us I fucked her roughly as I emptied my balls into her steaming cunt. Her screams were muffled as her open mouth clamped the edge of the carpeted stairs, biting into it as I continued persecuting her young pussy with every fat inch of my swollen dick until with one last deep plunge into her body I fell atop her gasping while her pussy pressed up gyrating around my deflating dick as she moaned, “God I could never get enough of your dick daddy.

We lay there gasping for breath expecting any second for her mom to walk over and glance down the steps. When it didn’t happen we slowly stood and kissed a warm soul-wrenching kiss until Lexi broke it off and fell to her knees and commenced cleaning my cock with her tongue and lips. God she could drive me crazy with every part of her body. When she was satisfied with her cleaning she stood and pulled her shorts up. I put my cock up and we arranged our clothing and crept back up the steps until we could see them. They were in each other’s arms kissing. I guess Shirley was just as easy to seduce as I was when Karen set her mind to it. Seeing them kissing you knew they were lovers, knew Shirley would want more of what she had just experienced. I motioned for Lexi to go back down the steps and I opened the hood of the car and slammed it roughly making a noise I was sure they would hear upstairs. We walked up the stairs loudly in a very animated way to be sure they knew we were returning. Shirley was filling the dishwasher and Karen was wiping Shirley’s cum from the table with a big grin on her face. Her tongue swept her lips as she made a big production of letting us know it was Shirley’s cum glinting in the light from her face. She winked at us as we sat down on the couch.

“You still cleaning up, god you two are slow. You need me to help with anything mom”, Lexi asked innocently?

“No, we’re about done sweetie. We were just talking”, Shirley answered, not completely lying but leaving out a whole lot of their actions besides talking. “Did you two fix the car”, she asked? I couldn’t help but notice the strain in her voice especially when Karen walked up beside her and placed her hand on her ass asking, “Is there anything else you need taken care of mom? I tell you what, since you fed me so well, maybe later this evening I’ll whip up something for you to snack on, would you like that? God are you hot, I’m soaking wet”, Karen asked. She picked up a towel and began drying her face, she knew Shirley would know exactly what she meant.

Shirley kept looking at me and Lexi’s faces as if trying to discern if we had heard or seen anything. She was obviously still aroused and nervous with Karen so near and touching her.

I tried to solace her by saying, ‘No, I almost broke our eardrums racing the motor down there and I couldn’t get it to do what she was talking about. Then she fell on the stairs and knocked us both down to the bottom. I can’t believe you didn’t hear us screaming as we fell.

“I did hear something but I just thought it was you working on the car busting your knuckles and yelling”, she said with obvious relief softening her tensed face. Then turning to Karen she said, “Yes, I am a little warm. I might just go jump in a cool shower. Anyone need anything before I go?”

The three of us looked at each other before I said, “No, we’re fine. I’m too stuffed from that delicious meal to want anything else.”

Karen couldn’t let it pass as she said, “Oh my god, me too. I’ve never ate so much in my life it was sooo delicious. I believe that was the best tasting thing I’ve ever had in my mouth mom”, while licking her lips with her gaze directed directly at Shirley’s crotch area. Shirley’s thighs squeezed and crossed as her gaze met Karen’s. I could tell she was experiencing intense yearnings in her pussy and her clit was throbbing so hard she leaned over the island counter as her ass clenched tightly. Karen’s comments had her reliving the past moments as Karen had enjoyed her pussy not the dinner she pretended to be referring to.

Since Karen kissed her the first time, in her mind she had been envisioning them together on a bed slowly kissing and touching as their arousement built to a crescendo of need. It was a passionate vision of them exploring their emotions and sexuality together slowly as they learned all the particulars of a woman making love to another woman. It was a romantic vision. But it was nothing like what had happened when Karen kissed her this last time. No, that was pure animal sex. Karen had assaulted her senses suddenly, leaving her no choice but to submit as she groped and rubbed her pussy. The whole situation had her unable to resist. It’s taboo nature and the fear of Lexi and Jack discovering them at any second had heightened her arousement until every lick and bite took her on its own pleasurable trip. Karen made her feel alive, special, by her excited mouthing of her pussy.

She didn’t like admitting it but she knew there was a part of her that wanted to be caught, wanted her husband and daughter to see the depths of desire Karen had for her older pussy. For them to see Karen sucking her pussy as she had, so frenziedly, seemed to be an affirmation of her womanhood and her continued ability to seduce others with her body at her age. It would have been impossible for her to stop as Karen fisted her pussy. Her arousement was complete as Karen’s hand kept opening within her and raking her inner flesh with her nails. She had never before experienced such sensations and it turned her on and brought forth such intense orgasms that she was helpless to do anything except react to each new streaming sensation from her stricken pussy. When she thought of them seeing her cumming uncontrollably as they watched Karen fist fucking her pussy so roughly her orgasms found new life and had her fucking up into Karen’s fist even quicker and more forcefully.

Karen made her feel slutty, totally unable to control herself no matter the consequences. She had never felt as wanted or needed as when Karen was devouring her pussy. She felt as if her pussy was driving Karen mad with desire, that the young girl could never get enough of her pussy juices. Now, she was still seemingly wanting more as her every word was meant to remind Shirley of their act and to excite her further. But now she wanted to be the recipient of Shirley’s ardent pussy worship and that thought had her craving to please Karen in any way she wished. Karen had taken her by storm leaving her confused and dazed by the never before felt emotions and feelings of having such a young girl mouthing her pussy so expertly. Lexi and I pretended not to notice the double-entendre’s Karen continuously threw in Shirley’s direction. Shirley’s gaze darted from Lexi’s face to my own still trying to discern if we were picking up the true meaning behind Karen’s remarks.

I felt sorry for Shirley because I knew exactly how she felt. I knew she wanted to be alone with Karen to continue their illicit sexing. I sometimes felt that same kind of anxiety in the morning as I waited for her to leave for work so that I could enjoy her daughter’s passionate love making. Lexi and I continued to get closer and at times we both wanted to tell Shirley and Karen to just leave us alone. I liked to think of our relationship as father and daughter with benefits and our time fucking as bonding.

Shirley finally got her loins under control enough to go take a shower and I was torn by the choice of going with her or going downstairs with the two nympho’s, one of which I was sure needed a good fucking after her performance with Shirley. Karen made the decision for me by stripping her shorts off and laying back on the couch and saying, “My god Lexi eat me! I’m so fucking hot…that was fucking wild…god your mom just kept cummin and cummin….damn she’s hot….you have to suck her pussy Lexi. Oh my god did you see her fuckin my fist, she was beggin me to hurt her pussy…just went crazy…..ohhhh god baby..yes…lick it…..oh fuck I need this so bad….fuck I want her to eat me so bad…want to cum on her tongue like this…aaarrgghhhHHHHH….ohhhhhhh…….ohhhhhhh…oh fuck…….doit…suckit hard…oh my fuckin god..YES!...YES! I could see Lexi was losing it as she tongue fucked Karen with her mom in her mind as she remembered the sight of her mom completely lost to the sensations Karen caused to control her completely.

I stripped nude and quietly slid in the shower with Shirley. She had soap on her eyes and asked, “Who is that, did someone get in here with me?”

I knew she thought it was Karen but I didn’t say anything as I turned her away from me and placed my hand on her back and pressed her into a bent position and began pressing my hard dick into her pussy. She was soaked internally, slick, and my fat cock easily slid into her deeply. Karen had stretched her with her fist and it allowed me to fuck her deeply more easily than normal. She was immediately on fire, fucking back into my cock forcefully as she made loud grunting noises, moaning, “Fuck me, oh god baby I need you to fuck me hard…hurt me….please hurt me!”

I wrapped my hands in her hair and pulled her back onto my dick as I hunched hard, battering her deeply, stretching her as I remembered her fucking Karen’s hand. Her back arched and her hips hunched forcibly back into my cock as she screamed in pain but she never quit fucking my stiff dick as she begged me, “Don’t stop…please don’t stop….I need it…need you to punish me…..doit baby…oh fuck you’re so big….so hard…..god I love you fucking me….aiieeeeEEEE……..aiieeiiiieeeEEE……can’t stop….oh god no….no…..oh god I can’t stop….FUCK ME!.....FUCKMEEEEE!....AAARRRRRGGHHHHHH!

I had to stop and catch my breath and she began fucking me, stroking my dick rapidly as she squeezed my cock with her pussy tightly. I asked her, “Is this how you want me to fuck Karen while she eats your pussy baby?” I immediately felt a warmth engulf my dick and she began moaning as she began fucking me quicker, ramming her pussy back on my dick as she gasped, “Yes…oh god yes…mmmmm I’d like that, I’d like that a lot……..ungh…unghhh……oh yeah…fuck her baby…ram her tongue up my cunt……ungh…ungh….oh god…..oh damn…would you baby…would you really fuck her while she ate my pussy…oh nooooo……fuck her…make her cum…aaiiiieeeee……she’s cummin baby……make her eat me baby….hold her head to my pussy while you fuck her deep…hard….aarrgghhhhHHHHOHGODYESYES….I want it Jack…I do baby…I want you to fuck her…want to lick her clit while you fuck her…aaiiiIIIEEEEEEE!”

“Oh my god jack what’s wrong with me, I can’t stop cummin, I’m so fucking hot”

“Maybe you really do want Karen to eat your pussy honey, does it make you hot thinking about it”, I asked her.

“Will you think I’m some kind of freak if I say yes”, she asked, with her voice wavering with the trepidation she felt at my reply.

“No, but I will think you’re a sexy hot assed woman that needs to explore her sexuality. Are you serious about wanting to watch me fuck Karen”

“Hmmmmm……yeah….it really turns me on thinking about you fucking her deep and hard while you shove her face in my pussy. Knowing the pervert you are I shouldn’t say this but I’d love for you to fuck me hard and shove my face in her pussy too. I think I’m getting kinky in my old age”, she revealed as she slid off my dick and turned to face me.

“You better think it through before we do anything like that. You know we’re talking about seducing Lexi’s best friend. How do you think she’d feel if she found out”, I asked trying not to show my elation at her words?

She placed her arms around my neck and lifted her body and said, “Show me how you’d fuck Karen while I watched.” I placed my dick at her gaped opening and she allowed her weight to press her pussy down until her clit was mashed in the vee formed by my dick and body and as I gazed into her lust filled eyes her hips began undulating and she moaned, “If Lexi were to get too upset I could just get you to fuck her like this and I know she’d be ok with anything we wanted to do honey”.

I was shocked by her saying that and I gasped, “What”

“You know, yesterday I think I would have killed you if I found out you messed with Lexi. Today though, I wonder why it would have upset me so much if she fucked you? I mean, I do love her and I want her to have the best of everything and I know she’d love to feel your fat dick stretching her…..she paused and then added……and It makes me hot thinking about you with her. You two do get along and it’s not like you’re her real dad or anything. Could you, would you like to, I mean with me there watching it”, she asked seeming really curious as to my answer?

“I don’t think I can answer that honey. If I say yes you’re gonna get pissed at me and if I say no you’re not gonna believe me cause you know I would if she wanted me to and you were ok with it. What I will say though is that I will do anything the two of you want me to as long as we do it together and everyone consents to it.”

“I think I’m turning into a real slut. I’m starting to think of things that I would have said were nasty and abnormal a few days ago and now they make me wet to think of them. And what makes it all so bad is that I know how perverted you can be and that you’d let me or hell even help me do every one of them if it made me cum”.

“My god Shirley, now you’ve got me thinking about fucking Lexi while I’m standing here with my dick throbbing in her mother’s pussy and its making me hot as hell.”

She began smiling as she began hunching rapidly down onto my dick. Her eyes gleamed with a heat like I’d never seen in them before as she said, “Hmmm I’d love to lay beside you and her and rub my pussy while I watched you fuck her, hear her cries and sobs as you stretched her pussy painfully like you did to me the first time we fucked in the restaurant. Karen could sit on your face while Lexi rode your dick and I could stand in front of Karen while she sucked my clit…oh god I’m cumming…fuck me..oh god I’d love to do that…ohhhhhhhgod…..fuck…fuck….oh god tell me you’ll fuck Alexia…..shit I’m cumming so good…yeah fuck me….fuck Lexi’s pussy honey…aarrgghhhHHHHH……oh god yes…like that…ohhhhh don’t stop…fuck her…fuck my daughter……oh god Jack hurt me…oh god punish my pussy…..oh fuck I’m such a slut……FUCKIT!......FUCKITHARD!...AAIIEEEEEEEEEARRGGHHHHHH!

Then she collapsed against my chest and cried, sobbed, asking me what had got into her, saying she didn’t know who she was anymore. “My god Jack, I think I could actually do those things even though I’m not sure I could live with myself afterwards.”

Her hips were still moving, pussy still squeezing my dick and suddenly I felt it and grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her down onto my dick as my balls puked forcefully up into her pussy as I rammed fully into her causing her to scream a high pitched scream that brought the girls running as I continued fucking my cum forcibly into her pussy as she tightened her legs around me holding me to her pussy tightly until her body sagged exhausted. The girls were banging on the door yelling wanting to know if everything was ok. Shirley went to the door and cracked it while laughing like a crazed banshee while trying to impart that everything was fine.

When she turned back to me she asked, “Did I really just say I wanted you to fuck my daughter? I can’t believe the thoughts that come into my mind when you’re fucking me. You think I really mean what I say when I’m all excited and horny. I can’t believe I’d ever have sex in front of Lexi much less with her and you. It all seems so normal when I’m hot and bothered but then after I’m cooled off it seems like what it is, incest and totally wrong. And you, you just egg it on. Sometimes I believe you really do want to fuck both Lexi and Karen.

I tried not to smile but it failed miserably as I said, “Yeah I really hate that I’m a man and human and have all those abnormal thoughts of fucking beautiful women, especially when my wife pretends to be one of those beautiful girls and tells me to fuck her while she cums hard on my dick”

“I hate you but I think sometimes I hate myself even more because I have those thoughts. I guess there’s no harm in just thinking about it though. I have to admit that even though it scares me it does turn me on thinking of us and Karen. But she’s so much younger than us”

“Yeah I know and that makes it all that much hotter thinking she would want to fuck us old folks, doesn’t it?”

“You know that’s not what I meant, but yes, it does make me wet thinking she’d want to do things with me at her age”, she said, and I noticed her blushing as she said it.

I pretended not to notice and said, “Yeah I see her looking at your butt a lot and she seems to want to be around you all the time. You do realize that you are a very beautiful passionate woman and that things today aren’t like they were when we were that age. Sex is a lot more permissive today and kids are more willing to explore their sexuality. Besides, she couldn’t find a better sex partner her age. Most twenty year olds today can’t carry a candle next to your natural beauty and no one can drown her like you can with her tongue up inside you when compared to most girls today I bet. Most of them are kinda fat now-a-days also and you’re really hot and sexy. All three of you must have good genes or something.”

“OR, maybe in my case I just have this fat dicked husband that I love to fuck that keeps me thin by letting me burn thousands of calories exercising on his big dick. I’m sure the gallon of cum I emit has to weigh something”, she said. Smiling, she grabbed my dick and said teasingly, “Wonder if I’d gain weight if I began sharing this with Karen? Maybe we should find some big cocked guy to keep me exercising while you’re pumping Karen full of fat hot dick. You wouldn’t want me getting fat would you?”

“Hmmmm Black guys are supposed to have the biggest cocks; it might be hot watching you ride a long thick black cock cumming your thin ass off. How does that sound”, I asked expecting her to possibly cuss me for even suggesting she fuck a black guy. I knew she was kidding and I was trying to throw it back in her face.

She sat there silent as she gazed at my face for long seconds before saying, “I would never have dreamed you’d even consider letting me fuck another guy, much less a black guy. You’re kidding, right?”

“Well to be honest I don’t believe I could possibly fuck somebody else, like Karen say, and then say you couldn’t fuck another guy. As to the guy being black, well, I’d want you to decide who it was no matter their race. If you were going to fuck someone else though I’d like it to be someone with a very large dick, longer than mine anyway and I know black guys have some very large dicks, besides, it kind of turns me on thinking of watching a black cock stretching your pussy, or any white woman’s pussy for that matter.”

She sat there on the toilet with a quizzical look on her face with her legs pumping as if our conversation was arousing her before rising and grabbing my dick and opening the door and pulling me to the bedroom with it. Once inside she was careful to lock the door before crawling up on the bed and sitting with her shoulders against the headboard, thighs open widely with her right hand idly toying with her clit and labia. Her face was cloaked with lust, eyes veiled with arousement as she said, “I would never have dreamed you would admit to being turned on by thinking of a black guy fucking your wife honey. Am I getting this right, you’d let me fuck a black guy in the same bed you and Karen were fucking on?”

I watched her chest begin rising and falling as her breathing quickened. When I said, “Yeah that would be hot watching his long black dick stretch you deeper than you’ve ever been opened up before. I can just imagine how excited you’d be. I bet just knowing you had a black dick in your pussy would have you more aroused than you’ve ever been. You know, if you like thinking of a black guy cumming in you, that is. Do you think you’d like me watching you fuck a black guy, seeing him subjugate you with his long dick, making you cum while you watched me fuck Karen?”

Shirley’s hips were undulating, her fingers rubbing her clit hard as she gasped, “Baby it turns me on more than you’ll ever know. Why don’t you come here and put that hard dick in my pussy while we talk about it.

It was plainly obvious that thinking of fucking a black guy had her highly aroused and I was determined to take full advantage of it. Her fucking a black guy was my favorite fantasy but one I had never revealed to her because I was sure she’d be upset that I was willing to share her, especially with a black man. Thinking it might be possible I decided to see just how far she’d take it. I pulled her hips down to the center of the bed and handed her a pillow for her head and knelt between her raised thighs. I could see her moisture oozing from her pussy and down between her ass cheeks to puddle in her anus and stream on past it. I said, ‘Maybe we could find 4-5 black guys and then you could have black dicks in every hole and jack some off too, I bet Karen would even want in on that action. You know we’re always pretending you’re Karen, why don’t we pretend I’m a black guy tonight’, I asked her?

“Y.Y..You’re sure you want to…I.I.mean…oh god Jack would you still love me if I did that, would you still feel the same after seeing me fucked by a bunch of black guys? You know you’re turning me on, please don’t tease me, not about that”.

She was visibly disturbed and highly aroused, more so than I would have believed she’d be. I began pressing my dick into her and said, “Close your eyes and pretend a black guy is pressing his dick in your pussy with me laying here right next to you.” Her pussy was a swamp of excitement and her moan as I entered her expressed that inner need. Her hips began hunching, pressing into my dick like she craved it.

She began pleading for me to use her pussy, to fuck my black cock fully into her white slut pussy and give her my black babies. I had never seen my wife so utterly lost to what she felt, she was wild in her fucking her pussy up into my cock as she demanded, “Fuck that white pussy hard, make me love you, aarrgghhhHHHYES…YES….thats it…like that…likethat…aaaiieeeeecumMING…oh god it’s been so long…aarrghhHHHHH…so good…so big…hard…BLACK! Own it baby, own it, make it yours baby, cum in me….oh god I can’t stop cummingggggg”.

Seeing her plight I said, “Damn I’ve never seen her cum like that on my dick, that black dick is driving my wife nuts. Give it to the slut, drive that dick in her to your nuts. You love that big dick don’t you baby, yeah you’re gonna want some more of this dick. Can you bring some friends with you next time and give my slut wife all the black cock she can handle. Would you like that baby, having a bunch of black cock to cum in your pussy and every hole you got.

“YES, YES…oh god yes I wanna be fucked like before….aaiieeee.aaiieee…fuck me…..oh god Jack I do want to do it…..oh fuck baby I’ve wanted that for so long…fuck me hard…god fuck me like you want black men to fuck me….aarrgghhh…….arrghh……ohgodyeah……doit……oh god I love you so much”, she screamed.

I wondered what she meant when she said she wanted to be fucked like before so I asked, “Have you fucked black men before baby?”

“God yes, yes, I fucked them all. They made me cum and cum and I loved it. They kept cumming in me over and over for hours and I loved it, never wanted them to stop. They made me love their black cocks. More and more black guys kept coming and they all used my pussy, ass, and mouth…..I..I…ohhhhhh fuck…I’m cumming again…don’t..hate..arrghh….me…arggHHHHH..please……..ohgod you’re so fucking bigggg”

Telling me seemed to bring back the memories of that day and she obviously enjoyed those memories the way she kept cumming. Knowing she had been gang-banged by a group of many blacks had my balls twitching as for some reason that knowledge excited and aroused me till I needed to cum and I did. I punished her pussy as I moaned, “Fill her up, shoot your cum in her black cock slut pussy. Squeeze that black dick baby, milk his cum into your married pussy, show him how much you love him coming in my wifes cunt while I watch.”

I pounded her pussy as deeply as possible as she moaned, “Cum in me, show my husband how much you love his wife’s pussy…fuck me…pound your black cum into me…oh fuck it’s yours own my pussy…..oh god I love your dick!” Opening her eyes she moaned, “Oh god baby I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that, It…it..was just so real and good…….”

I cut her off by kissing her as my balls drained the dregs of my cum into her still undulating pussy. When I finally rolled off her she continued to try and apologize but I silenced her and said, “Anything you say while in the throes of dick induced passion doesn’t count. Say anything you feel at the moment even if you know it will humiliate me. All I ask is for the words to reflect your true feelings at the moment you say them.”

“I love you Jack, you’re the most understanding man sexually I’ve ever known. I need you to tell me something though and I really need you to be honest. Now that you know I was gang-r*ped by many, many black boys and men and that I loved it do you feel the same about me?”

Shirley that happened way before I met you. I fell in love with you as you are. Maybe that helped make you the person you are today and that’s why we’re together. I would like to hear the whole story though. She proceded to tell me what happened, how she was r*ped when she was twelve. They had taken her to an abandoned warehouse in a black neighborhood and everybody that wanted to came and fucked her. She said she had been fucked by a cousin of hers a few times so they didn’t hurt her when they first began fucking her and when it did hurt she loved it. She said there must have been over a hundred loads of black ball cum deposited in her pussy ass and mouth. Some of the guys, especially the younger boys fucked her repeatedly over the hours they kept her. She said none of the guys were hugely hung, nine inches being about the longest and the thickest about the size of a toilet paper roll.

She had reached puberty at ten and her doctor had put her on birth control at eleven because of her periods being so irregular. She said she was laughing because a lot of the black guys kept saying how they were going to knock the lil white slut up. She said she didn’t know how long they would have kept her if an old black woman hadn’t found out what they were doing and came and cursed them and had me dress while she dared one of them to try and stop her from taking me out of there. Be the worse goddamn day of yourn life if you fuck wid me you damn punks. Ain’t a one of youse a real man, cause a real man don’t have to force a girl to spread her legs for him. Then she took Shirley to her house and cleaned her up and showed her how to douche her pussy.

Shirley said she had to pretend they forced her to do their will but it was a lie, she had actually been begging for more. Back then any white woman that allowed a black guy to fuck her was looked down upon and ostracized. She asked the woman if she was going to call the police and the old woman said she would if that was what she wanted but she explained how all dem boys are gonna say you asked for it and they didn’t force you and all your family and friends an everyone else gonna know you was fucked by dem boys and men. Missy, she said, you don’t have no bruises or scratches or anything to show you fought dem boys and its gonna look like you’re lying. I’d just go on home and try and forget this ever happened. If’n it was me I wouldn’t want it on the front page of the paper that I had been fucked by that many guys, you know people gonna talk and say you’re just a slut and everthing.

Shirley said that was a relief because she was scared to death if she called the police everyone would find out she loved it and really didn’t want to be “Saved”. She confided that she had never told anyone until right now. She also confided that the memories of all those guys fucking her, cumming in and on her for hours was her favorite masturbation vision ever since that day. She wanted to do it again but it scared her thinking of what could happen to her alone with one or more black guys, how they might threaten to tell people and blackmail her or even physically harm her. Then she looked at me and fluttered her eyelids and said in a low throaty, trying to sound sexy voice, “But if I had my muscular husband there to protect me I could open my thighs and allow a black man or even a group of them to remind me of that day, if he was serious when he said he’d like to see me fucked by big black cocks, was he?”

“More than I actually like to admit honey. I know it would be hot watching you by how aroused you get just thinking about it. Knowing how much you’d love it do you think you’d still feel the same about me?”

“Could you fuck Karen and feel the same about me”, she countered?

“Yeah but fucking Karen isn’t a memory I’ve been masturbating to for most of my life wanting to repeat it. Obviously the interracial aspect of having a black dick inside you excites you without it even being a big cock or anything. I just think you’re gonna go completely nuts if a really huge black cock fills your pussy, especially with me seeing your reaction to it”

“Well I certainly hope I would. You’d want me to enjoy it the best I could wouldn’t you and just thinking about you touching me with another man’s dick stretching my pussy…hmmmmm…god that makes me need to cum so badly..and if it was a black man….I’d probably blister his black cock I’d have such a firestorm raging in my pussy”

“I know a guy, a black guy, black as coal in fact and its rumored among the office women that one of the secretaries said his dick was like a fat black log, extremely long and extremely thick and extremely black. He is also a very nice man and we’ve been friends since his first day. I’m going to need a few days to figure out how to ask him if he’d like to fuck my wife but I believe he would be a great guy for your next black fucking. Are you really sure you want to go down this road? You know once his dick is in your pussy it’s too late to back out then. I’d probably hold you down for him to fuck you at that point I’d be so turned on.”

“Hmmm now that would be hot having my husband hold me so a black guy can r*pe my pussy. The only thing I can think of any hotter than that is if you’d suck his dick hard and put it in my pussy, well, put it in my pussy anyway, I don’t see you sucking his dick that would be too much to ask. Could you hold his dick and press it in my pussy, now that makes me wet thinking about it?”

“Damn, where did my wife disappear to, you know, the woman that was happy with my fat white dick? I think she has been possessed by a nymphomaniac slut that can’t get kinky enough to sate that hungry pussy between her thighs. Worse than that, I believe I like this version of her even more than the other.”

“That’s good because you brought it out of me so now you have to satisfy my carnal urges while I help you fulfill yours. We are in this together my big cocked husband. You think your friends cock is bigger than yours? I’ll have to come by the office sometime and you can introduce me to him and see if I can get a rise out of him.”

“Right now I’m going to sleep before you get all hot and bothered and want to fuck some more”

“I bet if your friend was here fucking me you wouldn’t be sleepy” “Probably could stay awake if Karen was here sucking my dick also but neither of them are here so good night my beautiful slut wife.”

“Slut wife, hmmmm I like that. I’d like black cock slut wife better though honey”

“In time, in time, now be quiet so I can go to sleep”.

“Hmphh I like you too! I’m just gonna go get online and see if I can find some porn of black guys fucking white wives and masturbate while watching them. And I’m gonna do it in the living room so you can’t watch”

I was sure that was an empty threat but I did hear her pick up her laptop and walk out the door closing it behind her. I closed my eyes and went to sleep wondering if she put her robe on?

Shirley was amazed at the number of amateur videos she found of Black men fucking white wives while their husbands joined with them or just watched his wife being taken by one or many Black men. She hadn’t put her robe on thinking the girls were asleep. Her pussy was soaked as she watched the vids imagining it was her and her husband in them. Then she happened across a site that had women with other women and began watching them as she remembered Karen’s eating and fisting of her own pussy. She knew she was going to have Karen fucking her husband while she ate her older pussy. If that was all it took to have a black cock fucking her then it was a done deal as far as she was concerned. She was raptly engrossed in the vids as her fingers made small circles upon her clit. She wanted to eat Karens pussy. Seeing all the women online eating and sucking pussy, licking assholes and fucking each other with strap-ons had her mouth watering to taste her first pussy.

She was so engrossed she didn’t hear Karen walk in the room and slide her robe covered body on a bar stool and open the robe front and idly play with her pussy as she watched Shirley. She opened her thighs widely like she was doing a split and placed each foot on the stools on either side of her leaving her completely open and vulnerable, legs in a straight line with her body. She had both hands framing her pussy when Shirley raised her gaze and saw her. “I fixed you a snack if you’re hungry mom”. Karen saw Shirley’s moist fingers and heard the wet squishing sounds of her fingers plying her soaked labia. Shirley closed her laptop and stared at Karen’s body before kneeling on the floor and beginning to crawl to Karen’s stool. Shirley was aroused enough that she had no inhibitions or pride to restrain her as she gazed deeply into Karen’s eyes and said, “I’m starving and I can’t wait another second to devour you baby”, as her mouth opened widely and she placed it over Karen’s pussy and began sucking her baby smooth shaven cunt while watching her young lover’s face begin contorting, her mouth opening, moaning as Shirley’s tongue found the snack within Karen’s flooding pussy.

Shirley felt Karen’s emissions coating her face as she licked and sucked rapidly, gathering Karens juices and savoring them upon her tongue before swallowing. Her scent was intoxicating and feeling Karens hand cup the back of her head and begin pulling her into her now roughly hunching pussy had Shirley lost to the arousement building in her own body. Karen’s pussy was radiating heat against Shirley’s face but it wasn’t near as hot as the seething within her pussy as Karen began grunting, making loud animal like sounds as her hips began hunching so hard her feet slipped from the adjacent stools and her thighs closed around her older lover’s head and squeezed as she collapsed to the floor pulling Shirley with her. Shirley wound up on her back with Karen astraddle her face hunching wildly down onto her tongue which remained embedded deep inside her clenching walls. Shirley needed Karen to cum, she was desperate for it and her mouthing became frenzied as Karen’s hips began thrusting forward and back as she rubbed her clit against Shirley’s nose as she rode her franticly licking tongue.

Karen tore her robe off and flung it away as she fucked Shirley’s face crying out, “Oh god mom, you’re so good…eat it….arghh….arghh….oh fuck yeah…god I need to cum…aieeee….fuck..fuck…. ahhhhhhhrrgghhhh…..oh Christ I’m…I’m…aaiieeeEEEEEEYESYES! LICKMEEEE! Ohhhhhbaby… my pussy…’re so fuckin good…awwww shit…arghh….arghhh……ohhhhhhhhh fuck…damn that was one fucking awesome cum mom! You can suck my pussy anytime…I love it!”

Shirley remembered Karen’s sucking her clit as she thought she was done and the effect it had on her own pussy and her lips locked around Karen’s bud and began sucking hard. Karen’s reaction was similar to her own and her scream was loud and long as Shirley began tormenting the tip of her sensitive clit with rapid gentle flicks of her tongue. Shirley couldn’t see me or Lexi watching her subjugate Karen’s pussy to her every desire. Shirley was overwhelmed by this new experience, her hands found Karen’s hips and began pulling her down onto her face while roughly pulling and pushing her pussy over her ferocious mouthing. Karen’s hands reached down to pull at Shirley’s head as she began hunching wildly, unable to stop as she smothered Shirley with her pussy.

Karen’s body jerked, her thighs closing tightly and then opening widely as she resumed fucking her pussy down onto her lovers rapidly gyrating tongue. Karen shuddered, her arms pulled in to her sides, thighs opening even more as her pussy settled down onto Shirley’s maniacal sucking and licking and her body began shaking, her head flailed, hair flying as she seemed completely lost to the orgasm gripping her body. She tried to lean forward and pull her pussy from the mouthing that was driving her insane but Shirley held her, kept her pussy tightly sealed to her hard sucking as her tongue moved rapidly within her. Karen lost it, her hips lifting and slamming down onto the tormenting mouth beneath her as she ground forcefully into the tongue causing the flood within her to choke Shirley. We watched as Shirley’s hips lifted, feet flat on the floor as her hips gyrated a foot off the floor as her body cried out to be fucked, r*ped as Karen’s bucking and screaming finally dislodged the tormenting mouth and she fell forward hunching her clit against the carpet as she clawed at the floor still experiencing the orgasm that wouldn’t stop coursing through her. Karen had never been subjected to such an animalistic eating of her pussy and it had left her unable to shed the arousement coursing through her.

Shirley lay there panting with her face revealed and Lexi and I retreated to our bedrooms so as not to disrupt Karen’s plan to bring us all together in one bed. It seemed to be working whatever she had planned. I kept peeking out the door watching them. I was amazed to see my wife roll over on her stomach and place her hands on Karen’s ass cheeks and spread them before licking along her ass crack. The more she licked the more excited it appeared she got. Soon Karen was moaning, lifting her ass up and back into the salacious laving my wife was applying to her anus. I watched stunned as Shirley began fingering Karen’s pussy, first two fingers, then three and then four as Karen’s cries became filled with pain. Then with a final hard push her fist was embedded within Karen’s pussy and she began fucking her slowly as her mouth sucked at her ass cheeks, bit them hard leaving teeth marks in her ass flesh while Karen’s hips began rolling, pressing back into my wife’s thrusting fist. Karen’s moans were anguished but she never tried to dislodge the impaling fist within her, instead her pleas for Shirley to fuck her harder were easily heard. Shirley teased her, withholding the pain she seemed to crave until Shirley held her fist still and Karen began fucking back forcefully, fucking herself with my wife’s arm and fist. Karen was overwhelmed with the sensations of her stretched pussy being rammed back on Shirley’s unyielding fist. She couldn’t get enough it seemed and soon she was up on her feet with her hands flat on the floor slamming her pussy down onto Shirley’s fist as she knelt behind her.

I was stroking my dick now. Seeing Karen’s beautiful face contorted with pain, her beautiful blonde hair hanging around her head, ass in the air ramming her pussy down onto my beautiful wife’s fist was exciting, arousing like nothing I had ever seen before. When Shirley turned her fist inside Karen’s pussy and leaned forward and again began sucking at her asshole Karen’s body began shaking as she sighed “Ohhhhhhhhhgod I want you to fuck my asshole.” Shirley’s head lifted and she pressed two fingers of her left hand into her moist asshole and began twisting and thrusting in and out of it and Karen’s ass began vibrating, her legs straightened out behind her as another intense orgasm gripped her. She was on her toes as Shirley began fucking her fist into her deeply as she held her fingers up her asshole. “Ohhhhhhgod no……fuckme…..oh shit you’re hurting my pussy so good….aaiieeEEEEEE.”

Then her body collapsed and Shirley’s fingers slid from her ass but she lay on Karen’s body and fucked her fast and deep with her fist until Karen’s pussy began lifting, rolling, pressing back into the exquisite pain resulting from the fist stretching her deeply. With one last furious hunching of her hips as Shirley held her fist pressing hard against her deepest flesh she cum violently, hips rolling her pussy around Shirley’s unrelenting fist, grinding against the hard knuckles ripping her, thighs squeezing tightly as her pussy clenched hard, then she screamed and her body relaxed and molded to the carpet leaving her gasping for air as she lay there unmoving, exhausted and totally spent. They both lay there panting until Shirley removed her fist from Karen’s body and moved up alongside her and rolled her over on her side and kissed her passionately.

“That was delicious baby. You can fix me a snack every night if you want to. Shirley lay there running her hand over Karen’s hair and then her back as she caressed the young woman that had initiated her to this new form of lovemaking. Karen moved her face to Shirley’s breast and began a slow sucking and licking, gently biting her nipples as Shirley moaned her pleasure. She pressed Shirley down flat on the floor and began a slow tantalizing journey down her older lovers body, amazed by her softness as she sucked and lightly licked at her skin. Shirley was writhing, moaning as the arousement she felt while eating Karen’s pussy returned to course through her like a brushfire. Karen’s mouth instilled a hunger like none she had ever felt. Her mind was delirious with need as she felt her tongue lick alongside her clit, mouth sucking hard on the skin adjoining her swollen orb. Every cell of her body seemed to scream its individual need. Her clit felt an anguished craving to be sucked like the skin beside it. Shirley’s hands touched her head as she tried to guide her to the throbbing need tormenting her clit.

Karen blew her breath over Shirley’s pulsating need causing her hips to lift, ass squeezing as she begged, “Oh god baby suck it, lick it….please make me cum”, while Karen’s fingertip lightly circled her engorged clit. Then without warning Karen sucked hard directly on her clit and Shirley’s back arched, hips out-turned and her entire body seemed to explode in orgasm. Her shoulders jerked up, her head bobbing with each coursing wave of pleasure that thrilled her. Her ass cheeks squeezed tightly with each voltage like spasm that gripped her in its trembling embrace. Karen licked and sucked at her sanity as her body jerked and shook. Shirley knew her life forces were being sucked from her body as Karen mouthed her frantically. Her head flailed wildly and when Karen began finger fucking her pussy she screamed, tensed and her lungs seemed to tighten and she couldn’t make a sound as her body jerked and trembled violently. Then Karen withdrew her hand and kissed her clit hard and crawled back up to kiss Shirley’s lips again. Shirley wanted to tell her young lover that she loved her but she was afraid it would just be her lust speaking. They kissed and suckled each other’s tongues for long minutes while their hands roamed and learned each other’s bodies.

Shirley remembered the time and said, “As much as I would love to lay here in your arms forever I need to get some sleep. I have to work tomorrow. Shirley couldn’t believe no one had heard their screams and cries as she stood gazing around. Her thighs were soaked, body covered with perspiration. They kissed good night and she knew Karen was as reluctant to leave her as she was Karen. She had to have her in their bed permanently but she couldn’t see how that could happen unless she was willing to have Jack fuck Lexi also. She took a quick shower while pondering the dilemma of Lexi. Then there was the black cocks she craved. Knowing she could have them with no repercussions from her husband had her craving to do it quickly. How would Karen and Lexi feel about that she wondered. She decided she needed to find that out first, before anything else. She got into bed and scooted close to her husband and he groaned and turned to face her saying, “Damn, I’ve been dreaming of you fucking a bunch of black guys and you were screaming as they fucked you and it has my dick hard as steel. God it was so lifelike I thought you were actually laying here fucking some guy screaming your ass off.

Shirley smiled knowing that he was hearing her screams right here in the house, Karen’s too she was sure. She wasn’t sure if it was guilt or need that had her climb up on his hard dick and begin fucking it rapidly until her pussy began quivering and she felt his glans swelling hotly inside her and they both groaned and began cumming, slamming together as they joined in heaven together but separately. Her fucking a huge black dick and him expelling his hot cum in Karen’s smooth pussy. Laying down atop her husband they remained in each other’s arms as they kissed and closed their eyes while they both fell asleep with their own lovers in their minds.

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