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My New Joob

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My New Job My name is Marie and I am writing to tell you about the new job I landed. First I'm 21, 5'8" tall with 36C breasts. I have short blonde hair and a couple nice tattoos - one on my right ankle (a butterfly) and one just above my pubic area (a red rose). I thought about getting my nipples pierced - maybe someday soon but for now I just have my ears pierced.

I've been on my new job about 3 weeks now. I found it when I went to visit a friend of mine, Terry, who lives about 60 miles from my home town. I had been living with my parents about a month after my boyfriend, Frank, broke up with me. We had been living together 4 months and we had a great sex life. He introduced me into swinging, mainly we had a few threesomes with a couple different guys. One of the guys we hit it off with and had gotten with four times over the month since we had met him, basically once a week usually on a Friday or a Saturday evening. We had a great time so when Bob showed up at our place one Thursday around 4:30 in the afternoon I figured why wait for my boyfriend to get home so we got naked and were going at it when my boyfriend got home around 5:30. He had a holy shit fit when he came into our bedroom and I was riding our friend (he had already fucked me and filled me with his cum once already and got me off with his tongue - he has a great tongue). Well Frank almost got into a fist fight with Bob and I packed my stuff up and moved out. I didn't have any place to go so I moved back in with my parents. So I visit Terry and she shows me an ad for a frat looking for a live-in person to do cooking and cleaning. I met all the requirements - I had worked in a couple different restaurants as a grill cook and loved cooking and cleaning didn't bother me, particularly since I had 3 older brothers that I had to do my fair share of cleaning up after.

So I applied and interviewed with the frat president and vice president - basically 2 seniors. They had 10 members and were hoping to recruit 2 more to get to 12 total. They were a frat that required members to also be part of the track or cross country team and were all skinny as rails! But in great shape. I met 3 other frat members on my interview and hit it off with all of them. It probably helped that I dressed for success in shorts and a t-shirt that showed off my figure! The arrangement was I would get a double room to myself (there were 6 other double rooms in the house with two guys to a room except since they were down 2 that left 3 seniors and a junior that had singles). There was a common shower that had two shower stalls in one. They weren't separated. Normally the door to the bathroom would be open but if I went in I was supposed to close it which meant the guys weren't supposed to come in when I was in. I was supposed to clean the common area, dining room and kitchen and the guys cleaned the bedroom hall and shower/commodes which I thought was a great deal! I got free room and board & a small salary in exchange for cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner five days a week and would get a bonus if I cooked on weekends. I agreed to lunch and dinner on Sunday since I liked to party on Friday and Saturday nights myself! I was of course given an open invite to attend their Saturday frat parties. So I moved in on Wednesday and was to start Thursday morning. Breakfast was to be from 7 to 9, lunch 11 to 1 and dinner 5 to 7. But all ended once everyone was out so it could be only an hour or so. During the day I could do what I wanted but it was expected the place would be kept up, particularly the kitchen.

So the next morning I got up, got a shower and headed downstairs and made everyone breakfast. There was lot of teasing and flirting with the guys of course. Every time I visited the bathroom during the day I remembered to close the door and on one occasion I walked in a caught one of the guys about to hop in the shower. He as a nice looking black guy, Jerome, and he said you can join me anytime and flashed me his sizeable endowment. I decided to wander over to him and I grabbed his semi hard cock and told him I just might if this thing got hard at all. I stroked him a few times with one hand and held his balls with the other and asked how much cum was in these things as big as they were. Well he was hard as a rock and I turned around and walked out as he whined hey you can't just get me all turned on and then leave. I stuck my head back in and told him you'll just have to jerk off in the shower like he probably always did!

Well that evening at dinner I dressed in tight shorts and a button down the front top, no bra. I flirted big time with all of them and joked with Jerome so did you get off in the shower? He told the guys what I had done and one of the guys said "she jerked you how many times? Three - man I would have cum buckets by then!" I went over to him, his name was Will, and pressed my boobs into his face and said you poor, poor baby! Three strokes and done! I thought all frat boys were studs and partied all weekend! You tell me you guys don't get laid on weekends! They of course said yeah we do. I said sure! And walked back into the kitchen. There was a lot of joking going on and when I cameback I said so what do you guys want for breakfast in the morning? Jerome said how about you? I said sure thing - you want me with honey or whipped cream? They all laughed and the rest of the dinner was just joking around.

The guys all either went to their rooms to study or hit the common area to watch TV. I decided to turn in and got up at 5:30 to get a shower and start breakfast. I went into the bathroom with just a towel on and left the door open instead of closing it and after doing my business got into the shower. I was in the middle of shaving my legs when Jerome came in and started doing his business then he stripped and joined me in the shower. I figured out he didn't realize I was the one in the shower until he walked in and he about had a heart attack. I kept shaving my legs and said its not like I haven't seen that cock of yours before. He started showering and kept watching me shave. I turned and faced him and started shaving my pussy to my ass. Now he was staring and his cock was rock hard. He had a nice 8 inch or so cock and when I finished I asked if he thought I got my pussy and ass smooth enough. I walked up to him and he put his hand on my pussy and said feels real nice to me. I opened my legs and asked are you sure my ass is shaved enough as his fingers moved to my ass hole and then back to my pussy. I had his cock in my hands and was stroking him and turned around and told him to fuck me. He wasted no time sliding his nice cock into me and in about a minute I was cumming as I finger my clit. The warm water was running down my legs and I had both hands on the wall as Jerome pounded me for all he was worth. He tensed up and moaned I'm gonna cum and I told him to fill my pussy with cum. He shot 5 or 6 nice spurts into me and pulled me close and kissed me. As his cock fell out of my pussy I turned around and told him that this was our little secret for a while. I had plans for the rest of the guys and I wanted it to be a surprise for them as much as for him. I kneeled down and kissed his cock and licked it and then went back to washing my hair. I got out of the shower and dried off with him and told him to keep our secret. I asked when his first class was and he said 9 am and I said why don't you come down around 8 am for breakfast with your buds and he said no problem and I headed back to my room to get ready.

I put on red tennis shoes with white socks and an apron and that was it. The apron barely came down below my pussy and my boobs hung out on either side. I headed downstairs and put coffee on and got stuff ready for scrambled eggs, sausage, toast and made orange juice. A few minutes before 7 two of the guys came down to the dining room and I peaked over the two swinging doors that went into the kitchen and told the guys what was for breakfast. They said great and I asked do you want coffee and juice and they said sure. I told them I would be out in a minute and that they should just sit and relax. It took me about 5 minutes to scramble up eggs and I put everything on a tray and carried it out. Their eyes about bugged out when they saw I was totally naked except for the apron. I put their breakfast in front of them and pushed my boob into Karl's face as I poured him coffee and then juice. I said, so you see something else that interests you? He licked my nipple and said I sure do, as his hand slipped to my pussy and stroked it a couple times before I pulled away and went over to Tom. He wasted no time sucking my other nipple and playing with my pussy. I asked so what time is your first class? They both answered 8 at the same time. I said well you better eat up because you can't get any of this, as I showed them my pussy until you finish up breakfast. As they started to eat I went under the table and unzipped Tom's pants and pulled his cock out and stroked it a couple times. He was hard as a rock before I had it out. Then I moved to Karl and did the same thing. I was sucking on Karl's nice 7 inch cock when I felt Tom's hands on my ass. He moved me so he could slide into me doggy style while I sucked Karl under the table. Tom's cock was a modest 6 inches or so but fat and filled my pussy nice. He fucked me for only about a minute and was cumming in me and Karl started filling my throat with his man juice at the same time. After draining Karl's cock, Tom slipped out of my pussy and I backed out as he sat in his chair. I said that was nice and moved to clean his cock off with my tongue. He moaned man that feels good. I said, well you both have class so that's all you get for now. They whined they wanted to do me some more and I said you can have more of me later but that they couldn't say anything to the other guys until they all got a piece of me. They came over while zipping up and hugged and kissed me and Tom said so you weren't joking about letting us have your for breakfast! I said no I wasn't joking! In fact after I said it I almost wanted to start doing you all right then but figured it would be really exciting to serve you "me" for breakfast instead. I shooed them off and headed back to the kitchen with the tray of plates, silverware and cups - and Tom's cum dripping down the inside of my thighs!

The next group that came down were four of the guys. I again asked then what they wanted and passed out drinks first then went back for their plates of food and silverware. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. I said I told you guys I'd serve you me for breakfast! I again told them they had to finish eating before they could have me though. I watched and stroked my clit while they wolfed down their food and Joey was the first one finished. I moved over to him and told him to take off his pants and underwear. His cock was about 7 inches and I turned my back to him and lowered my pussy on his cock. I rode him and Jason and Matt moved over to suck on my boobs. They were getting their cocks out and Franky was wasting no time getting his out too. He stood to the side stroking his 8 inches while the other two I held in my hands. Jason had a nice 6 incher while Matt had a really big 9 inch cock. Joey didn't last long and was shooting off into me in no time. I lifted off him and told him off to school as I got on my hands and knees and told Jason to sit down so I could suck him off and told Matt to fuck me. Matt's cock felt great - nothing better than a big cock. Matt said man your pussy is tight as he went in for sloppy third's. I love sucking a cock about the size of Jason's since I can deep throat a smaller cock. I licked his shaft then sucked him all the way down to his pubic hair then swirled his cock head. All the while Matt pounded my pussy for all he could. They both lasted about 5 minutes. Jason had nice sweet cum and fired down my throat first. Matt shoved all the way in and held his cock in me deep as he pumped his sticky cream in me. As Matt pulled out Franky moved in. I told Jason to move so I could clean Matt's cock off as Franky fucked me slow and deep. He said he wasn't going to cum in 5 minutes like these two losers and he just slow fucked me for about 10 minutes before unloading into me. Matt of course enjoyed my tongue on his cock and shot off again about the same time. The other two headed upstairs to get ready for class as Franky and Matt used me for a while longer. Matt pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot a nice load on my face and some landed on my hair just after Franky came in me. I was really into being a slut now. Franky came over and stuck his cum covered cock in my face and I turned and licked him clean. I got up and told them the same thing I told the others that they could have more of me later but had to keep it quiet so it could be a surprise for the other four that hadn't had me yet.

Just as I went back into the kitchen with a tray of plates the other four came downstairs. Matt and Franky were still putting their pants back on as the other four asked what was up? They said you'll see soon enough and they headed upstairs. Jerome was one of the guys and he had a smirk. He said you bro's stay right here and I'll go help Marie get our breakfast together. He came into the kitchen started helping me and of course helping himself to my pussy with his hands. He said why not take that apron off so the guys can see that beautiful body of yours. He untied the back and I pulled it over my head. I picked up a tray and he picked up the other and I said after you stud!

The three other guys were the other three black guys in the frat. Their jaws all dropped as they saw me come out totally naked except for my socks and shoes. I said, you can have me for dessert but it's sloppy seconds for all of you as I've already been pretty filled with cum already. I was a sticky mess. Cum was all over my legs and pussy and ass. My hair was matted with cum and a few sticky spots were clearly visible on my face. I told them to get their cocks out while they ate. I asked when they had class. They said 9 am - it was 10 after 8. I got under the table and started sucking Jerome's cock while stroking Mike's. Ron and Will played with my ass and pussy from the other side. They finished in no time and I got out from under the table. I had Jerome lay on the floor and told Mike to get the baby oil from the kitchen counter. He came back as I was already mounting Jerome. I laid on Jerome and told Mike to take that cock of his and oil it up and fuck my ass while Jerome fucked my pussy. The other two kneeled on either side and I alternated stroking one then sucking the other as Jerome and Mike got into a rhythm DP'ing me. I loved doing DP with my boyfriend and our other guys and really got into these guys cocks. I was cumming like crazy as Mike started to cum in my ass. After Mike finished he pulled out and Will took his place. He was about the same size as Mike, all of them were about 8 inches, but Will's was the fattest off all and he felt like a Coke bottle in my ass. As he started to cum I clamped my ass muscles on his cock and he just moaned what a tight ass you white bitch. I said I love that monster cock of yours and when he pulled out I could feel his load pouring out and onto Jerome's balls. Will moved out of the way and Ron entered my well used ass and in a couple minutes he was cumming in me. I was cumming in waves it felt so great. Ron moved out of the way and Jerome started slamming up into my pussy as he pulled me to him. He reached back and slid fingers from both hands into my ass and whispered in my ear what a nice slut I was. I moaned as he called me white trash and a fuck slut and finally he pumped up and filled me for his second time. I rolled off him and just laid there with my legs splayed open, cum running out of my holes as these nice looking black guys stood over me. Mike was hard again and stroking himself and knelt down and shot a nice load on my tits and tummy. Will then moved over my head and unloaded onto my face and hair. Ron was not to be out done and he moved to my pussy and slid in and fucked me about 10 strokes then pulled out and shot on my tummy and pussy. They got their clothes together and walked slowly away and each told me I was a great fuck. I just smiled and stroked my clit to another orgasm. I rolled onto my hands and knees and cleaned up the dining room and kitchen all full and covered in cum. Then I went upstairs, got another hot shower and fell asleep!

I woke up to the feeling of my pussy being licked. I looked down and it was Franky. I got onto my elbows and he looked up from between my thighs and said what's for lunch! I laughed as he went down for more pussy!

Lunch and dinner next!

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