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My German Girl Friend

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Miriam lived in America with me for about a year. She was a typical looking beautiful girl. She was tall and had the blond hair and blue eyes. Her legs are long and she has curvy hips, a flat tummy with a belly button ring, her breast are small but always hard,perky eraser sized nipples that point skyward. Miriam is 26 and loves to have sex where ever we went. She had to go back to Germany,her Visa exspired. We keep in touh by phone and have phone sex quite often.

A few weeks ago she called me late in Germany about 1:30. She was horny and couldn't sleep. I asked her what she had on and she told me a tee shirt and her sweat pants not the sexiest attire but she looked good in anything. She lives in a large city in a high-rise apartment on the fifth floor. I asked her to turn all the lights on in the living room and open up the shades. She said yes. She has large windows that almost touch the floor and dr*pes hang down. She turned on the lights and lit her apartment up so anyone could see in she just couldn"t see out. She uses a head set when we are on the phone, sometimes she is typing but not tonight. Her apartment was wide open and lit up. Across from her is another tall building. What she or I didn't know there is a couple of guys that live across from her and tonight as we found out later they were having a few beers with a friend of theirs and his wife.

I asked her to get naked and just causally walk around and loosen up a bit. She did she took her tee off and her breast were free, nipples hard, then she dropped her sweat pants. She was totally naked. She moved about her apartment naked accept for the head set. She told me she was touching her breast, pinching her nipples and I could tell she was moaning softly. Her nipples are real sensitive and sometimes will cum when I played with them. Now she was teasing them a direct root to her pussy. I asked her if she had shaved her pussy lately and she said yes it was smooth and not a hair on it. I was getting horny myself. I would love to be licking that hairless pussy. She had moved directly in front of the window not really looking out but letting anyone look at her. I mentioned she should pull a chair over and get her vibrator. She said what a good idea and she did, as close to the window as she could. She got in the chair and placed her hands on her excited pussy.When she gets horny her pussy opens right up , her lips become puffy and large and her clit gets giant like the tip of a finger and her hole drips abundant juice dowm to her anal openning. She placed her feet high on the window trim, spreading her goodies for anyone to see. She didn't care at this point and neither did I. She spread her pussy open with both hands. Then found the vibrator and rubbed it up and down her sooping gash, lubricatting it for the plunge.Up and down she went with the head and from her breathing she was really quite close to orgasm. Her vibrator she said is quite large, looking like a eal penis.She said it is about the size of her forearm with a big head. She plunged it in spreading her legs wide to accomodate the size, she let out a lou d gasp, and plunged again as her pace quickened her breathing also did.

Then she heard a knock on the door so close to a orgasm, she asked me what to do. She had forgotten where she was in front of the window. Juice was running down her thigh and her bald pussy was red and swollen, her clit was sticking out. I told her to answer the door just like she was another knock. She went to the door and two younger guys about 24 years old were standing there, Miriam said both with bulging pants. She let them in and shestill had the head phone on I told her to drop to her knees and let there cocks free she did. They towered over her as she sucked there cocks> I could plainly hear her slurp and and moan as she deep throated one then the other. The men I could hear talking but in German. Then another knock itwas the couple who decided to come over. Miriam opened the door while still kneeling letting them in. The girl wore a short mini and handed the others her thong. Miriam was helped up off the floor and lead to the couch. Soon she said everyone was naked and she was now kneeling on the couch with the girl eating her soaking wet pussy.Quickly one of the men came over and rammed his cock deep into her,she let out a load gasp. Another went to her front side and she took his large member in her mouth. Soon she was cumming and she said cum was running all over and down her legs.The other girl lapped it up as she got screwed too. The man who stretched Miriams pussy soon shot his wad deep into her and the girl sucked it out swallowing the wads of cum and shareing some with Miriam. Soon all were done and laid on the couch axhausted. More to cum!!

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