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My First date w-Beth

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My name is Gary and my wife's name is Beth. We first met in high school through mutual friends during her freshman year, I was a year older. Although I found her to be attractive with long brown hair, big brown eyes, a slender build and a great pair of legs, I was dating somebody else as was she and we didn't have the magic to start a relationship then.

We attended a small parochial school in the Midwest where every student knew who everyone else was. Beth and I would always see each other passing in the hallways and we would occasionally stop and visit with each other. She reminded me of the farmer's daughter type, shy, quiet with a nice body and who would probably fuck every animal in the barnyard if she could. We didn't have any classes together until my senior year.

Summer months always go fast it seems and kids grow up and change quite a bit over those few months. On the first day of classes my senior year I was visiting with some friends waiting for our teacher to come into class when I spotted Beth walking into the room. She took my breath away and I think every other boy's as well.

Her body had obviously developed over those summer months with a pair of breasts that had swelled to at least 36C which she was carefully exposing by having the top button of her blouse undone. On top of that she had gotten a golden tan and was wearing her uniform skirt rolled up about 6 inches above her knees with the greatest pair of legs I had seen.

There was a desk open next to mine that I was hoping she would sit in but instead she went to the back of the room to sit with some of her girlfriends. I turned to look around at her thinking what a great ass she had. As she sat down her skirt rose up allowing me to get a glimpse of the white panties between her legs before she crossed them. Then looking up she caught me staring back at her and gave me a coy little smile.

That year we had several classes together but never sat by each other. We continued our casual friendship as we had in previous years saying hi between classes and chit chatting together with friends but that's as far as it ever went. In my best estimate Beth was one of the top 10 girls at school and a lot of guys were trying to hit on her, including myself, but she was dating a boy from another school and wasn't interested in any of our attempts.

In fact when it came to socializing around school Beth never got involved with school activities or events.

Occasionally, if her friends at school really pestered her she would come to a football game or maybe one of the schools monthly dances.

I was on the schools basketball team my senior year, which had its advantages and disadvantages. By the time I was done practicing every night after school I was to tired to hang out so I wasn't going out as often as I used to. But our team was winning which made the players popular with students, especially the girls.

Even Beth seemed to take more notice stopping me to talk more often during school and asking about the team. I wasn't sure if she was interested in basketball or me.

During some of the home games while the team would be warming up, I would see Beth up in the bleachers with a knockout blonde. One day when Beth and I were talking before a class I asked her about her friend. She told me that her name was Connie and she was a senior at another school. I then did something stupid and asked if she would introduce me to her sometime. Beth's reaction was a cold "you bet!" and walked off. We didn't talk any more that day and she ignored me for the next week or so.

A couple of weeks after that incident I was sitting in a booth at a pizza parlor with my friend Tim after a ballgame that we had just lost. We didn't want to go to the normal diner where everybody else was as we were heading over to Tim's house and making plans for the weekend because his parents were out of town. We had originally planned to do some serious partying with our girlfriends but their parents made them go straight home after the game so we were just two horny, lonely guys with nothing to do.

We weren't paying any attention to the people around us until we heard a voice say "well boys life's tough sometimes, win a few lose a few." Looking up standing next to us was Connie with Beth by her side, Connie had been the one talking. I put my best move on her and responded with "what are you two doing here"? Connie just laughed and said they were picking up a pizza and going to her house which apparently was close by.

Tim was on the ball and said that we were doing the same and they could join us at his house to watch some TV or play some games. Before Beth even had an opportunity to say anything Connie said "you guys just got yourself a couple of dates." I looked to see Beth's reaction; she caught me looking at her then turned to Connie and the two of them smiled at each other.

When we got to Tim's' house we took our coats off and the fun began. Connie had long blonde hair that hung past her shoulders, sky blue eyes and a body that had to have been 38-24-36. She stood about 5'5" and was wearing a sweater that hugged her breasts and you could tell immediately that she wasn't wearing a bra by the way they swayed every time she moved as well as her nipples sticking straight out. She wore an ass fitting pair of low cut bell bottoms with peace signs on the pockets. Knowing she had our full attention she said "like what you see boys"? Beth had her back to us as she started unbuttoning her coat but turned towards us as she started taking it off.

As she slid it off her shoulders removing one arm at a time I saw the most gorgeous body ever. Underneath her coat she was wearing a green and red plaid mini skirt with black stockings and a peasant top that hung on her shoulders. The top was cut low revealing the top of her breasts and was drawn tight against her, with the light behind her you could easily see her dark erect nipples.

We sat in a circle on the floor eating pizza and drinking some cold beer, when Tim reached for the last piece Connie hit his hand and said if he wanted it he had to earn it. To this day I remember the dumb look he had on his face, then Connie told him that if he wanted the pizza he would have to run around the outside of the house in his underwear.

He looked at me for some moral support and all I could tell him was that I was full and he could have the last piece if he wanted it. Tim took a big gulp out of the beer he had and started stripping right in front of us.

The girls soon found out why his friends called him "Tiny Tim" as he has a beef stick between his leg that is at least 10" long and as round as his wrist. He claims that when he jacks off it gets bigger than 12" and he can shoot cum almost 5' on the fly.

Before we knew it Tim had opened the door and was running around the house. It was January, with no snow on the ground but it was cold. It didn't take him long until he had come back inside and despite the cold was obviously excited. The tip of his cock was pushing the waistband of his underwear out; disregarding this Tim grabbed his pizza and sat down.

The girls were eyes were glued to his huge cock, while they were sizing Tim up I couldn't help but notice that Connie's nipples looked as though they were sticking right through her sweater. Beth's erect nipples were pressing against her thin top at that moment and all I wanted to do was reach over and pinch them.

As Tim was finishing his pizza Connie asked if he had a deck of cards, which he did. Then Connie said, "Let's see if you boys can turn your luck around. We'll play strip poker with you, if you lose you have to jack off for us, if we lose we'll give each of you a blow job."

I immediately got hard, the way Beth reacted I didn't think she knew Connie was going to suggest that. Tim said that since he was almost naked anyway that he wouldn't have to take anything else off until I was down to my underwear. We all agreed we would play boys against girls. We also agreed that which ever team won a hand then they got to keep dealing until they lost.

Needless to say Tim's and my luck had not changed. We lost 3 straight hands. I was pulling down my jeans and could feel a wet spot where my cock had been leaking pre cum. As soon as I had them off I tried to cover my rather modest bulge compared to Tim's but more so trying to avoid letting the girls see the wet spot.

Connie however saw it and said, "You better save some of that if you want to have some fun later." She then raised her sweater revealing her bare breasts giving us a quick glimpse of them. In the few seconds she had them revealed I saw the biggest pink areoles I had ever seen. They appeared to almost cover the entire front of each breast. Her nipples were as big and round as a Tootsie roll. Even Beth was surprised at what Connie had done. She quickly covered them back up and said, "I hope you boys enjoyed because that's all you will get to see unless Beth shows you hers to."

With that she reached over and tried to pull Beth's top down but Beth pulled back and all Connie did was pull Beth's top down low enough to show us more of the top of her breasts. When she released it Beth's top had been pulled down exposing just the top edge of her brown nipples, looking at herself she didn't try to cover them up but instead gathered the cards and dealt another hand.

Tim and I won this next hand which meant the girls were finally going to have to take some clothes off. Beth shook off her shoes and reaching up underneath her skirt started rolling her stockings off. She had to have practiced this a million times as it was the sexiest show I had ever seen. Her legs were smooth and still lightly tanned. You could see her panties between her legs as she was taking her stockings off.

As she rolled her stockings down to the tip of her toes she stuck her legs straight out and hit me in the head with her stockings. We all laughed and I stuck them between my legs. Connie's show was less entertaining as she kicked off her shoes and pulled off a pair of white bobby socks.

Tim and I finally had our own winning streak start as we also won the next hand. Connie and Beth looked at each other. Connie said she would take off her jeans and Beth said that she would take off her skirt after Connie. As Connie stood up she slowly unbuttoned the front of her bellbottoms. They were tight on her and really hugged her round ass.

She started inching them down and as she got them to where her panties were her panties started coming down at the same time They had come down low enough to expose a tuft of blonde pubic hair before she grabbed the side of them and pulled them back up. Then she continued pulling them down until she stepped out of them. Connie, my blonde goddess was standing in front of me with her mound pressing against her pink panties;

you could easily make out the detail of her cunt lips.

I was about to make a comment about the wet spot I saw on her panties but I didn't as I felt my cock oozing more.

Almost lost in all of this was Beth who still had her skirt on. Connie told her it was her turn and to do it quick because we still have some more game to play. All of our eyes were back to Beth as she slid the zipper down on the side of her skirt and her nervous fingers let her skirt drop to the floor. She was left standing with a pair of white satin panties on.

You could see the outline of the curls of her pubic hair pressing against them. After dropping her skirt she raised her hands cupping her breasts and pinched her nipples, then as though remembering she was standing in front of us she quickly moved her hands back down with her face looking flushed and her nipples begging to be sucked on.

Tim was stroking his huge cock through his underwear when Connie reached over and patted it saying not to cheat her and Beth out of the show, unless he and I just wanted to call the game over and pay our dues. Tim was ready to give in but I wouldn't let him.

Connie was holding the deck of cards and I told her the only way she would get to deal was if she and Beth took off their tops, because it was still Tim's and my turn.

It wasn't but a few seconds until Beth said she felt luckier dealing and started taking her top off. She turned her back to us so we couldn't see and then when it was completely off she turned around with her arms crossed in front of her breasts and one hand holding her top which she let drop to the floor.

Tim mentioned something about it being hard to deal cards with her hands occupied the way they were. Beth said "I'm not going any further until Connie takes hers' off to." Connie didn't act like she was going to but then in a flash reached down and pulled her sweater off over her head exposing those hard pink nipples again. Her long blonde hair was hanging down over her shoulders covering her nipples but the pink tips poked right through. I was oozing a gallon of pre-cum at this point.

I stuck my hand out to Beth with the deck of cards in it and she finally reached for them revealing her breasts to us for the first time. Where Connie's breasts were big and round, Beth's were more oval shaped and the ends of them turned up just slightly as if begging to be sucked and nibbled on. Her nipples stuck out an inch or more and she had goose bumps all around them.

We were down to the final hand now sitting in our briefs and panties as Beth began dealing the cards. We each asked for a couple of more cards and the girls excited with the hand they had, laid down a pair of aces. Connie rubbing the crease in her panties and Beth was pinching her nipples as they nervously watched as we laid our full house down.

Tim and I jumped up and gave each other a high five then looked at the two girls with big smiles on our faces. Connie said, "Okay boys, you win but you can't get your prize dressed like that."

We had our underwear off in seconds and were standing in front of these two hot girls completely naked and sporting the hardest cocks we had ever had. Although I was a good 6" taller than Tim, his cock was twice the size of mine. Looking at them Connie yanked on Tim's several times and then turned to Beth and told her she could have the big one.

As Connie inched her way over to my cock Tim reminded them they lost and had to get naked also. So as Connie lay on the floor she hooked her thumbs into the waist bands of her panties and began pulling them down. Her blonde pubic hairs were matted from the wetness of her cunt and you could see as she moved how her slit would open and expose the pink bud at the top.

Tim crawled over to Beth and then pulled her panties down for her. She had her pubic hair trimmed so that she only had a narrow strip leading right down to her cunt. Tim ran his finger across its lips separating them for a few seconds and showing us how bright red the inside of it was.

Even though I was about to have my first blow job by Connie, I really wanted to fuck Beth. I lay down on the floor next to where Connie was sitting and she slowly dribbled saliva over my cock and began massaging it, stroking it slowly at first then rapidly increasing her speed. With her other hand she was squeezing my balls and then lowered her head engulfing my stiff cock with her beautiful luscious mouth.

As her head bobbed up and down on my cock, her hand was pumping it. I reached over and touched her pussy then stuck my finger inside massaging her clit while inhaling the aroma of her cunt. She was so wet I quickly pushed 4 fingers into her hot, wet cunt and pumped her as hard and fast as I could.

Just before I was about to shoot my load Connie had a huge orgasm and I could feel her cunt tighten around my fingers before her juices poured out over my hand. I couldn't hold back any longer and shot load after load into her mouth which she swallowed licking her lips.

Some of my cum dribbled out of her mouth onto my belly and she just rolled her finger in it and licked it off.

She continued licking my cock until it was limp.

Beth and Tim were next to us, she was straddling Tim's face while barely getting Tim's purple headed cock head into her mouth. You could see her cheeks bulging each time she moved her head down. Her motion started to increase when Tim arched his back and started to come.

The first load Beth was able to swallow, but as Tim continued coming she had withdrawn her mouth and allowed him to shoot his cum on her face and chest.

He must have shot 10 loads onto her. When he had finished Beth began smearing the cum into her skin and licking it off of her fingers. Connie moved over to where Beth was and began to lick the cum off of her breasts and suck on her nipples. Reaching between Beth's legs she began to finger fuck her as if they had practiced this before. It seemed only seconds until Beth was coming again. As Beth climaxed I crawled over to her and began to suck on her hardened nipples tasting the saltiness of my friends cum.

I must have woken Beth from her orgasm as her eyes opened. She pulled me into her chest smothering me between her breasts. As I continued to suck on her nipples Connie began to play with my balls getting me hard again. Connie then moved aside while Beth rolled over on top of me and began to suck my revived cock I was looking up at Beth's cunt tonguing her clit when Tim came up from behind her and began rubbing his beef monster up and down her wet slit. Before I knew it I had run my tongue up and down his shaft as he began trying to insert it into Beth.

Beth while engulfing my cock with her mouth was beginning to get the fuck of her life. I could feel Beth wrapping her tongue around my shaft and caressing my balls at the same time. I was watching Tim's cock stretch Beth's cunt lips. Beth was so wet that once Tim had managed to sink his cock's head into Beth the rest of his shaft began sliding in as he pushed forward and Beth began pushing backward. I watched as Tim's now slick shaft glistened with Beth's cunt juices, I instinctively continued tonguing Beth's clit and Tim's cock every time he pulled it backwards.

As the motion between Tim and Beth increased I could feel a second mouth between my legs beginning to suck on my balls. Suddenly Tim started grunting and grabbing Beth's ass yanked her into him unleashing a load of cum deep inside of her. Beth then began to have another orgasm herself As Beth climaxed she started sucking harder on my cock and it was my turn to unload into her mouth. Beth was sucking me dry when Tim removed his cock from her cunt which poured out their juices onto my face. I must have swallowed over half of what was pouring out and the rest was running all over my face.

Beth rolled over exhausted when Connie crawled up from between my legs where she had been. I felt her big breasts and hard nipples pressing against my chest as she began to lick my face clean and stick her tongue deep into my mouth.

Afterwards Tim and I lay naked on the floor as the girls finished getting dressed. Beth leaned over to me and gave me a piece of paper, unfolding it she had scribbled a phone number and a message that said "call me."

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