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My First Date

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After 20 years of marriage, my husband just can?t satisfy me anymore. I have a deep-rooted need to be fulfilled by a talented younger man who understands a woman's needs and knows how to satisfy them. I dated very little before meeting my husband, and had sex with only a few men before we married. My husband, G, was surprisingly understanding of my need to try dating outside of our marriage. After talking it over, we agreed I would go on a ?trial? date. I reluctantly accepted several conditions at G?s behest. First, I agreed to go no further than a good night kiss. Second, I agreed to be home by midnight. Third, I agreed to tell my husband everything that happened on the date ? everything! I got a little excited fantasizing about the possibilities as we negotiated the terms. The thought of being with another man really turned me on. Even with the restrictions I'd agreed to, part of me secretly wanted to come home with a pussy full of cum. Another part of me didn't want that at all. Overall, I wasn't sure what I really wanted.

Warren was the first man I dated. My best friend, Anita, had dated him shortly after her divorce, and she said he was a nice guy and an incredible lover. She giggled as she told me how Warren enjoyed dating married women and ?giving them what their husbands can?t.? Anita warned me that Warren?s cock was very large and that he could stay hard for hours. At her suggestion - "Just in case, you decide to have sex." - I prepared my pussy for his much larger cock by practicing with a ten-inch dildo that Anita bought for me. She said, with a smirk, that it was only a little smaller than Warren. I thought she was just teasing me.

Finally, Saturday night arrived. I hadn't told my husband, G I had a date. I didn?t tell him beforehand because I knew he would be pest. At first G was shocked when he answered the door. The contrast between the two of them was quite pronounced. My husband is a 56 years old lawyer, six-feet tall, and out of shape. He weighs around 240 pounds. Warren is a 24 year old college student. He?s 6' 4" and weighs a trim 280 pounds. There?s not an ounce of fat on his lean body. After an awkward introduction, Warren looked at his watch and said that we'd better get going. He stuck out his hand, and my husband shook it and wished us to have a good evening.

G reminded me of our agreement and I promised to honor it. I could swear I saw a momentary look of disappointment cross G's face. I kissed my husband on the cheek, and asked if he wanted me to call him when we got to where we were going. "No," he said, "Don?t worry about me. Have fun." Since we live in a pretty small town, Warren suggested we go somewhere we wouldn?t be recognized. He had reserved a private table at a lakeside supper club and resort about twenty miles out of town. On the way to dinner, he got a phone call. He told the caller about our dinner plans, then said, "Just a minute. I'll ask her." He turned toward me and said, "Anita wants to know if you want to get together after dinner. She?s on date with a friend of mine." I said, "Sure.? I shrugged, ?Whatever. Where does she want to meet?" He talked a bit more and said, "How about we meet in the lobby of the resort hotel? She said she'll get a room and call us."

I thought about my agreement with my husband, and hesitated. I reminded Warren it was a ?trial? date and told him I had promised my husband not to get carried away. "Well,? Warren said, ?Here?s the thing? what your husband says, and what he wants are two different things. I know the look I saw in his eye when I picked you up. He knows what we have planned tonight, and he wants this to go as far as you will let it.? I was stunned. I asked Warren if he was serious. "Yes, I am," he replied. He pulled me close and kissed me thoroughly for several minutes.

My head was spinning when he release me from his arms. "How about we forget about dinner?" I asked him.

Warren?s frank, sexual talk had really gotten me going. My panties were soaked. I ran my hand up Warren?s arm and squeezed his huge, muscular bicep. I put my hand on his knee and moved it up to his crotch where I felt his dick running down his pant leg. I caressed it and felt it stiffen. His breathing became rapid, as did mine. "You look so lovely tonight. I?m lucky to be with you." he said.

"Oh, you're such a smoothie. I?m twenty years older than you!" I protested.

"No, really," he assured me. ?Age ain?t nuthin? but a number. And you are beautiful.?

My knees shook with desire when I saw the way he was looking at me. At Warren?s request, I slid my panties down and off. He took them from me and held them to his face, smelling them. I licked my juices from the gusset and then, with a smile and a win, he put the crotch into his mouth and began to suck it. Warren pulled the car onto a side road and kissed me. I could taste my juices, salty and slick, on his lips. With a moan, I reached down and unzipped his pants.

"I'll need your help," I panted as I tugged on his manhood. Warren pulled it free from his jeans and removed his hand. I took one look and felt a flash of lust. His cock was so fat and long? it was huge! Anita hadn?t exaggerated at all. It was easily an inch or two bigger than my dildo and just as thick. More importantly, it was hot and throbbing with Warren?s need and vitality. I had to have it in my mouth. I used all of the techniques I had practiced with the dildo, licking and sucking and stroking it as Warren groaned his approval. Sooner than I wanted, I felt the warmth of his load as he came in my mouth. I continued to stroke his beautiful penis and sucked it until Warren began to squirm. "Easy, baby. It?s sensitive!" To my surprise, Warren asked me to kiss him. I kissed him with my cum-filled mouth and his tongue penetrated my lips searching for his own seed. "That was great, baby," he said. ?Now play with yourself for me while I drive.? With that he pulled back onto the road and continued toward the resort.

I spread my legs and pulled my dress up so Warren could see. Using my fingers, alternately played with my clit and stroked into my pussy.? "Don't wear it out, baby," Warren laughed, as I began to plunge my fingers in and out of my pussy. "Gimme some of that good juice." I stuck two fingers into my pussy and pulled them out, shiny with my nectar. I put it in his mouth, and climbed onto him and began kissing him. Warren pulled off the road again and I hungrily devoured his mouth. We kissed and kissed, sharing his cum and my juices. I could feel his dick getting hard again ? yep, my hand was all over it! I scrambled back to my seat, kissed his beautiful cock lovingly, then told him to put it away and save it for me.

When we finally arrived at the hotel, we found the Anita in the lobby as promised. We went to the room she had reserved and met her date. "Oh, sweetie, she said to me," she said, "These college boys are the best lovers! We're gonna have us some fun." She kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She pulled back and looked in my eyes. She laughed and said, "Hmmmm, it tastes like you've also gotten a ?head? start. That's good. He?ll last longer next time!"

She introduced me to her date, Ryan, a handsome guy who had been a backup quarterback at the college. "Why don't you two get comfortable," Ryan said suggestively.

I was wearing sexy underwear from Victoria?s Secret ? now minus the panties ? and a blue silk dress that clung in all the right places. I quickly took them off and put them in the closet for safekeeping. Warren seemed to rip his suit off, and was naked in seconds. I walked over to him and stepped into his big arms for a hot kiss. The feel of his body against mine had me weak kneed. He was big and muscular with narrow hips and broad shoulders. I loved kissing his full lips and feeling his big strong hands on my ass and breasts. He picked me up like a doll and began to ravage my lips, neck and breasts with kisses and little bites.

Warren laid me on the bed and began to lick my pussy with considerable skill. I could feel my juices practically gushing into his eager mouth. Finally I could stand no more, and I begged him to fuck me. Warren scooted me to the head of the bed, spread my legs and pushed my knees back to my shoulders. He crouched over me began slowly working his long, thick, cock into my dripping pussy. He put his hands next to mine and began stroking in and out, increasing his depth ? little by little ? until he was driving his full length into me on ever thrust. I had never felt anything so good. My pussy felt full to bursting. Warren?s immense size, the angle and the long, measured rhythm of his strokes had me cumming almost immediately, and I just kept cumming and cumming and cumming.

Warren turned me over onto my hands and knees and entered me doggy style. I began to scream: "Oh, God!!! Oh, Yes!!! Yes!!! I was practically incoherent. He was fucking me so deep and hard that I felt like I was going to fly apart. I begged him to keep fucking me? to never stop.

I began to rock my ass up and down, back and forth to match his strokes and hit that special spot inside me that drives me up the wall. The bedspread was already wet from my juices. I built to another orgasm and soon I climaxed over and over. I felt his magnificent cock swell as he got ready to cum. "OHHHH BABY!!!," he shouted. ?FUUCCKKK!?

Warren began to drive his cock into me harder and faster. He punished my willing pussy with strong, deep strokes. I fought to keep pace with him. I squeezed, and felt my pussy grip his dick inside me. He came with a groan and a series of shudders. I was drenched, inside and out. Warren finally stopped thrusting, and his cock began to soften. When he pulled it out, there was a loud plopping noise. We all laughed and laughed. His juices were dripping from me in a milky stream.

I gradually became aware that Anita and her date had watched me begging Warren to fuck me like a crazed animal. Anita smile and came to me. She got on the bed behind me and looked at my pussy. She gave my butt a light kiss. "That looks so beautiful," she said. "You look like you've been properly fucked for the first time in years." I laughed and said "I feel like I've had a freight train drive through me." Anita simply repeated her previous comment. Then, with a very husky, measured, voice she said, "That looks so beautiful. I want some of that." She turned over and, laying beneath me, she began to lick my pussy. She flicked her tongue back and forth across my clit and my pussy lips. Then she started licking and nibbling the cum off my legs and rear. I was shuddering with pleasure when she stuck her tongue in my pussy and started to suck out Warren?s cum. She sucked and swallowed several times, while my body was wracked with tremors of ecstasy. Suddenly I found myself bucking and face fucking my best friend as she drove me to another mind-bending orgasm.

Anita looked at Warren and told him how delicious his cum was. Then, turning to Ryan, she said, "I think she's ready for you, now." I thought, "Oh, my God, no! Not two men!!!" I looked over to see Ryan standing with a gorgeous hard on. It wasn't as large as Warren's but it was bigger than I'd ever imagined I would have. Certainly bigger and harder than G?s had ever been.

Ryan smiled a question at me, and asked, "Do you want this?" I looked at Anita, who just smiled encouragement. I looked at Warren, who was grinning like a fool. Finally, in a small, tentative voice, I answered, "Ooookay!" Ryan wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

It was a wonderful night. Both Anita and I made love with each of our incredible, hot, virile young men until we wore them out. I had each of them twice. Then, Anita and I softly made love with each other as only two women can do. I couldn't believe how sated, how content, I was. It was about 3 a.m. when we decided to head home. When Warren and I drove up to our house, I could see the light on in the living room. Through the front window, we could see G asleep in his favorite chair, oblivious to our arrival.

I smiled at Warren and said, "Thank you for a wonderful evening, Warren. Are you ready for your good night kiss?" He chuckled and said, "Yes Ma?am. I?ve been waiting for it all night!? Warren?s goodnight kiss ended as another blowjob in our driveway as I swallowed his cum once more. I walked into the house with remnants of Warren?s and Ryan?s cum dripping out of my ravaged pussy, and with the inside of my mouth slick with their seed.

G roused a bit when I came in. He looked at the clock blearily, and said, "Oh wow! I must have fallen asleep. How was your date with Warren?"

I paused for just a moment, thinking, ?Let?s see? Home by midnight? Nope. Just a goodnight kiss? Uh-Uh. Tell hubby everything? Hmmm?.?

Smiling innocently, I kissed my husband on the cheek and said, "It was very nice. I had a really good time."

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