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My Brother My Love

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Marci stirred lazily and pulled the pillow away from her head. The ‘sleep’ was heavy in the corner of her eyes and she rubbed gently to get rid of the irritating scratchy feeling. 'I thought it was so good to be out of school for the summer and not even have to worry about getting up at the crack-of-dawn five days out of the week; that was not counting the time it took to study and prepare outside work though'.

Attending school was just fine this year; I really liked the learning process and I was doing well in my studies. I had just reached my 17th year. Now other things were beginning to interest me; in fact, these other things were consuming a considerable amount of my thoughts these days. Slowly I began to stretch my whole body, raising my arms high in the air and stretching all the way to the tips of my toes; I really felt good this morning and my body seemed to be sort of tingling with anticipation, because this morning I was going to start the plan.

As I relaxed my arms and turned onto my side, I could sense the nipples as they became tense and hard.

Four years earlier, she had started sleeping in the nude and had become acutely aware of the way her body had filled out during this exciting time. In fact she had grown from 4’11” to 5’3,” and her bra size had advanced from an A cup to a slightly loose C cup. At 110 pounds, she enjoyed it when the boys at school told her more than once, ‘what a great body she had.’

She had just completed the 11th grade and during the past year and it had not been unusual for some guy to sneak up from behind to cup both of her breasts for about five seconds—before she would elbow him and cause a great deal of instant pain as she jerked her elbow back. It was not that she did not like the attention, but she had decided almost two years ago that she was not going to get in bed with anyone until she was sure she knew exactly what she was doing within the realm of sexual intercourse and she was anxious to start that learning process this very summer. Moreover, the plan she had for the sexual education was going to start this morning.

Rolling over onto her back, she took each of her nipples between her thumb and forefingers and gently started massaging them. It was wonderful to wake up like this, feeling so good and not having to be concerned about getting up to rush off to school if she did not want to do that.

This was Friday and Dad had left about 20 minutes ago for his office; that was probably what had waked her up. She now had one hand between her legs. Each of her lovely legs moved slightly apart and she was rolling a finger around her pussy in tantalizing circles. Just as she spread her legs a little further apart and as she got more excited, the hall bath made that rushing sound as her brother Scott flushed the commode. She knew he would be brushing his teeth in about 60 seconds and would be standing at the lavatory naked! That was an extremely pleasant thought as she pictured his body and his exciting peter lazily swinging back and forth, as he brushed his teeth.

With a quick movemen she swung her legs over the side of the bed and went to the bathroom door where she just stood there taking in his outstanding body and watched his peter swing back and forth, just as I had pictured it in my mind.

Scott was almost ten months older and he had graduated from high school just this week. Now he would be leaving for college in the fall and so far, he was unaware of the amount of time that I had spent in his bedroom watching while he was jacking off.

Her pussy always felt strange and excited when she was watching him move his hand up and down on his peter , especially when the cum spurted out all over his hand and stomach.

“Hi Scott, are you good and awake?” I smiled at him and placed one hand on my hip and the other arm rested on the doorframe. By doing this, it caused my breasts to sway gently and my pussy appeared in plain sight for him to inspect.

She knew that he liked to do that and she understood the feeling he had, because she felt the same kind of feelings when she looked at him, or when she played with her own pussy while thinking about his cock.

He turned to face her and nodded, still brushing his teeth. ‘Wow,’ he was thinking, ‘what a body his little sister was showing him and how much he would like to play with it. He could feel the blood that was engorging his peter as it began to slowly get hard.’

She was very conscious of his eyes moving from her head down to her nipples and then on down to her pussy

Calmly she stood there, waiting for him to finish while she looked at his enticing peter that was beginning to get larger.

“You going to shower?” she asked.

“Yeah, right now, would you care to take one with me?” he said and his eyes sparkled with anticipation.

“I think I’ll use the other one.” she replied coyly. I moved my shoulders slightly to make each breast sway gently. Then quickly, before he could get to my nipples for a pinch, I pranced on down the hall toward the master bath.

LeAnn, her number one friend and her Mom, was just getting into the shower.

“Hi Marci, want to take a shower with me?” LeAnn asked as Marci opened the shower door.

“Sure Mom, just let me pee and brush my teeth first,” said Marci and she went quickly to the commode.

“Okay, I’ll get the water started,” LeAnn closed the shower door, started the water running and then adjusted it to the best temperature.

I flushed the commode and moved over to the lavatory to brush my teeth. Then I stepped into the shower and gingerly felt the water. “Ahhhh, that feels just right,” I said.

LeAnn was very conscious of her daughter’s large firm young breasts as Marci squeezed around her to get under the showerhead; she was growing into a beautiful woman. The soap was already in her hand and she reached over to apply it to Marci, running it all over her back. Then she rubbed her soapy back, running her hand all over it, from the shoulders down to her firm, round hips.

“Okay, turn around and I’ll soap your front for you,” said LeAnn as she guided Marci around; the shower was now hitting Marci directly in the middle of her back. “Do you realize how long it has been since we showered together little girl?” she asked her as she grinned and looked into her eyes.

“I sure do, because that was the first time I ever reached a climax, with your help of course. When you showed me what I could do by playing with my very own pussy it seemed that my whole life changed at that time. thank you very much.” Marci told her as she looked directly into her Mom’s eyes.

Some time later they all three lay together for several more minutes as Marci came down from the peak of joy that she had reached. Then LeAnn sat up on the bed and got both their attention.

“Marci, move over and hug your brother for a little while, at least until he comes down from his high. I’ve got to get up and get dressed,” she told them. After dressing, she sat back on the bed with the kids.

“Okay Marci, you and Scott listen closely now, because you are both old enough to understand what I’m going to tell you; it’s not very often that anyone your age has the opportunity to realize the importance of, nor the meaning of sexual fulfillment. It is very important to remember that the sex experience is the most wonderful thing we humans can hope to experience. You know how breathtaking it is and how good the feeling your body has after you reach a climax. Sex is not something you will talk about with anyone but the most trusted and intimate friends you have and with me, if you want to do that. There are some people in this world who would have you believe that having sex, whether you are doing it yourself, or if you are involved with a partner, is a dirty, nasty, unhealthy act. Do not believe anyone who tells you this, because those people probably have demented minds and they do not understand how amazing the feeling you both had just a few minutes ago is. They will never understand that it is just natural both male and female humans to enjoy the wonderful feeling we are capable of creating, by ourselves and with others when the opportunity arises.

My whole purpose in being so honest and open with both of you about these sexual matters is so that you will not only have a good understanding about how breathtaking sexual activity is, but so that you will know how to do these things safely and with a great deal of joy. I want both of you to come to me any time that you have a question, no matter how trivial you might think it is and I will always be available to help you anyway I can.”

“There is one more thing I must tell you. The two of you should never get to the point that Scott puts his peter into you Marci. It is okay for you to play with each other all you want, but you must not, under any circumstance, fuck each other; I know that both of you are aware of what that word means.” She then got up off the bed to leave the bedroom.

“Gosh, Mom, I love you so much. All of this information that you are telling and showing us is just grand,” said Marci.

“Scott, do you have anything you want to say about all that I have just told you?” asked LeAnn.

“I sure hear you Mom, but I can hardly wait to learn more about this sex stuff. I guess you know my peter stays hard almost all the time now and this has been going on ever since I was 12 years old, especially how good it feels,” he told her.

Marci edged closer and took Scott in her arms, pressing her body next to his chest and then kissed him affectionately. This was just what she had been longing to do for the last twelve or eighteen months. Now she was next to him naked just as she had planned and could not fuck him, as she wanted to do.

“Okay you two take a little while longer to hug if you want; then let’s all get dressed and start moving. We have to clean the house today to get ready for the party we are having tonight because John and Doris are coming over to party with us and I want to get the grocery shopping done early; in fact, that’s what I’m going to do first,” she told them as she got up and started dressing.

“Well, I am going to get some sun this morning before it gets too hot. Get us some dip and butter pecan ice cream, will you?” asked Marci as she got up and headed for the patio area outside.

“Okay baby,” said LeAnn. Fifteen minutes later, she was ready to leave and she moved to the patio door.

“Marci, I’m on the way to the grocery store and then I’m going to the cleaners and pick up our clothes. I should be back in about two hours in case anyone calls.” She was looking at Marci’s young perfectly formed body and she knew exactly how Marci felt because she had conceived Scott when she was barely 14 years old. “You had better be careful about the sun little girl, it will burn those beautiful tits if you are not careful,” and then she turned and left for the grocery store, not waiting for an answer. She knew good and well that Marci was anxious to have sex, just as she had felt when she was 14 years old; this should be an interesting weekend and she could hardly wait to tell Doris what had happened.

2 When she heard the car motor start running, Marci jumped up from the lounge chair and headed for the kitchen. She walked over to the refrigerator and on the way there she glanced through the den and saw Scott walking toward the kitchen. Quickly she went to the refrigerator, opened the door and leaned down with her hands on her knees as though she was looking closely for something on the lower shelf.

“Here Marci, let me help you,” he said as he leaned over her and took a breast in each hand, gently massaging the nipples with his fingers.

Marci took her time pretending to look inside the refrigerator while giving him plenty of time to play with her tits and she could feel his peter as it started to get harder and it certainly felt good too as it throbbed against her butt and legs. Then she rose up, turned around to place her body directly on his upper stomach and looked up into his eyes.

“And just what are you going to help with, smarty?” she asked him as she broke into a grin. She could feel his breath-taking peter getting even harder as it pressed against her stomach and her breasts; he was that much taller and it was throbbing against her chest.

“I don’t want to help you, I want YOU to help me,” he told her as he went over to a kitchen chair and sat down.

“I’m going to make some breakfast, do you want some,” she asked him.

“Yeah and I am not talking about breakfast either little girl,” he told her. Then, as she got closer, he took her hand and placed it around his erect peter . “Here, sit on my lap.”

“My, but you are sure a big little boy aren’t you?” she asked as she sat down on his knee holding his peter, the very first time she had been able to actually feel one with her hand and see it so close.

“Well, it’s just as big as Dad’s cock; at least that’s what Mom told me,” he said.

Marci took note of that comment intending to ask him more about it later. This was the very first time she had actually felt a boy’s shaft and she was fascinated by the way it felt in her hand, large and pulsing.

“Well, don’t just look at it little girl, do something with it,” he told her.

“What do you mean?” she innocently asked him.

“Like this,” he said. Then he placed his hand over hers and started the slow up and down motion. “Have you got the idea now?” he was very apprehensive as he wondered if she would do this.

“Gosh, I think so, Scott; I really wanted to play with you when we were in bed earlier, but I didn’t know what Mother would say about it.” The peter she now held in her hand seemed to be throbbing even more as she moved up and down on it a little faster, up and down, up and down. She was remembering when she had peeked at him while he was jacking off and she really knew just how he had been doing it. Suddenly, she was aware of him sucking on her nipple and she almost stopped playing with his peter. “Ohooo, that really feels good Scott.”

“Well what you’re doing feels good too.” He leaned back in the chair, almost ready to cum again. He could hardly believe that he had talked her into jacking him off. It felt fantastic and he had really wanted her to do this for the past four years; he did not even realize that Marci was actually the one who planned this little encounter, nor that she had been dreaming about doing it for the last year and a half. What is this?

“Mmmmm, go faster, faster,” he gritted his teeth as he asked her. He knew his throbbing peter was about to cum again and it felt so good that she was doing this for him that he could hardly stand the titillation that he was experiencing. Finally, he and his sister were doing what he had dreamed of since he was 12 years old.

Marci began moving her hand up and down furiously and after a short time, he began to cum; she could feel the first dribbles of moisture moving over her fingers. Then a strong steady stream of liquid spurted out and landed on her chest, dripping down over her stomach and it was all over her hand and wrist too as she felt his peter begin to loose it’s throbbing power while she continued to gently move up and down.

“Ohh!” suddenly he grabbed her hand to make her stop the up and down movement.

“Marci used her other hand to smear Scott's cum all over her chest and her stomach. This was what babies are made of and she was very excited about smearing it all over her body.

Then Scott stood up and hugged her. His body was still jerking while he uttered sounds of joy.

“Golly what you did was really great Marci. I’ve wanted to do this with you for the past four years and it’s as nice as I thought it would be,” he told her.

Marci moved back a little and looked down at her hands. Then she felt her tits with both hands, which were now were covered with the amazing liquid that had come from his peter. This was very exciting and she was standing there in a state of wonder at what she had just done; then she got down on her knees and reached over to take Scott’s peter in her hand and looked at it really close, pulling the skin back to see the engorged head of his limp peter. It was remarkable and this was her first time to actually touch and play with a boys peter. She took one finger and placed it in her mouth, tasting Scott in amazement as she looked up at her brother, her eyes as big as saucers and a grin appeared on her face; standing up she then took Scott by the hand, “Come on, I want to get a wash rag and clean myself up a little bit.”

They moved to the hall bath and Scott stood in the doorway and watched Marci wet the rag. She began to run it all over the front of her body, moving the rag over her breasts and then down onto her stomach.

“Scott, what did you mean when you said that Mom told you that your peterwas just as big as Dad’s is?” she wanted to know.

“You won’t believe this,” he told her as he shifted his feet.

“Try me Scott, because after this morning and everything that you and Mom and I have done, I could almost believe anything you could tell me,” she said with a grin on her lips.

“Well, just after my twelfth birthday, when you were only eleven, I had a pimple on my peter. It was not hurting, but it sure was uncomfortable to me. I could not squeeze it by myself, so I got out of bed I went to ask Mom about it. I had been looking at it and had almost raised a hard while I was doing that, trying to squeeze the pimple. Anyway, I went to her bedroom, Mom was naked, and she was sitting on the edge of the bed drying her hair with a towel. I stood there looking in amazement because her breasts were moving back and forth, as she moved the towel around her head and stared at me.”

“She asked me what was going on and I told her about the pimple on my peter. Then she looked down and she took my 14 year old peter in her hand. I thought I would surely come unglued when she did that because that was the first time anyone else had touched my peter; the instant she touched me my peter got very hard; I could actually feel it throbbing while she had it in her hand,” he told her.

“What happened then?” Marci asked, giggling as she looked at him.

“She squeezed the pimple I had on my peter and I yelled big time; in fact I almost jerked away from her because it hurt so bad for just an instant,” he said.

“You mean that’s all that happened,” Marci wanted to know, urging him to tell her more.

“Well, not really, because then she started jacking me off just like you did. I just stood there, like a good little boy, feeling great and scared to death at the same time because of what was happening. That was the first time I reached a climax and when it happened the stuff shot out of my peter all over her tits and then dripped down on her tummy, just as it did on you while we were in the kitchen. You know, she did the same thing that you just did, rubbed my cum all over her nipples and her tummy as if she was in a trance. Then we just sat on the bed and she told me all about sex.”

“Did she let you touch it?” Marci asked with big eyes.

“Well, not exactly. She showed me where her pussy was and then she told me about the way that girls jack off, just by feeling and playing with that magic spot with their finger. After that, she showed me how girls like to rub it so that they can reach a climax. Finally, she hugged me for a little while and after that she jacked me off again and I wasn’t scared at all, the second time and it felt so good I could hardly stand it. I’ve been doing it all by my self ever since all of that happened.”

“Gosh Scott I’m getting funny feelings just listening to you talk about what you did back then, actually you were only 12 years old then; let’s go to your bedroom okay?” She took his hand and they moved to his bed. This was just what she had been planning — to get him onto the bed with her and she was very excited about it as they walked down the hall, especially after what he had just told her; she had been only eleven at that time, just about to start her periods.

When they both fell onto the bed, they were hugging and kissing. Marci was very conscious of his throbbing peter, which rested on her stomach as they hugged; she could feel it begin to get bigger once more. When Scott placed his tongue in her mouth she pressed closer, making sure that her chest moved onto his chest; that was when she felt the wetness on her stomach and she reached down to discover a few drops of cum that had dripped from his peter onto her bare skin. She could hardly wait for him to touch her pearl.

“Okay, lay on your back Marci and spread your legs a little; I want to put my finger on your pussy and see if I can make you cum like you did for me,” he said.

“Oh yes, that will be really nice, but I really want you inside of me Scott,” she told him.

“I want to do that too, but we can’t right now because I don’t have a rubber; I really don’t want to get you pregnant Marci,” he frowned because he wanted to do it just as much as she did. “And besides, you remember what Mom told both of us earlier this morning don’t you?”

“Yeah, I remember, but I don’t like it,” she told him.

Slowly he moved his finger up and down the lips of her pussy for the first time; he could feel the wetness of her excitement as he gently eased his finger inside of her portal of joy. Since she had jacked him off, he was going to do what ever it took to make her feel that good too. Then he gently moved his finger onto her pearl and he felt her jerk when he gently touched it.

“Golly, that feels so good Scott.” Then I reached over and kissed him again while his finger moved in and around my pussy; it felt even better than when I did it myself.

Everything was working just right and just the way she had planned it, except for being able to do the real thing; she was very excited and could hardly wait until she could get him to put his peter inside of her — but now she was doubtful about it ever happening after what mother had told them.

“I really want you inside of me Scott, but I guess we will just have to wait a little longer for that to happen, if it ever does. Besides, when I tasted your cum that was on the end of my finger, it was not like anything I have ever tasted before; I want to do it again with you in my mouth so that I can really feel what it is like and I want to taste all of your cum when I do that.”

“That all sounds great to me Marci; you wouldn’t believe how long I have wanted to do all this with you; but at times you acted like I was a nerd or something, even when I just tried to touch your arm.” I told.

“I know, I know Scott, but someway or other my whole body seems to have changed during the past year to eighteen months. I’m sorry about acting like such a bitch to you when I did that, but please believe me when I tell you that I’ll make all of it up to you in just a little while, okay? I’ve been thinking about doing this for several months; I hope that what I do for you now will kind of make up for all of the times that I was mean to you,” I told him.

“Gosh, I am so glad to hear you say that Marci because what we are going through and learning now will be with us the rest of our lives. Isn't it great that we can learn about all of this together, instead of talking to the other kids at school, or even doing it with any of those people we see everyday who do not know as much as we do about it. At least when we find out what this is all about neither of us will act like such dummies when we go to bed with someone else,” he said.

“Oh, it feels so nice too,” she told him as she ran her fingers through the hair on his head. She still could hardly believe that she had gotten him here in bed with her, naked, just the way she had been planning it and thinking about it for the past several months.

Scott ran his finger around her sex nub, flicking it back and forth and he could tell that she was about to cum just by the way she tensed up and moved her hips around with a sudden jerking movement.

“Oh, oh, yes, yes, eeeeahhhh,” she screamed as she slapped her hands on the bed, which helped her to leverage her body so that she could move her pelvis around a little. She wanted to get his finger further inside of her pussy. Finally, she collapsed and her body was shaking and shuddering with ecstasy.

“Oh Scott, that was even better than the way I do it. Come here and hug me honey, oh it was so good.” She squeezed him in another hug, still shivering and threw her leg over his, moving as close to his body as she could.

“Did I do it right Marci?” he wanted to know and there was a questioning sound of wonder in his voice as he felt her breasts moving against his chest.

“Oh yes, Scott that was simply great and I can hardly wait until we can really have sex. It feels so good to be here next to you and hugging while we are both naked. Wait just a little while and I’m going to make you feel good again too,” she said.

“That sounds really exciting to me,” then he drew her into a long lingering kiss, hugging her tightly to his bare chest.

They relaxed like that for another few minutes before Marci reached down to take his peter in her hand. It was completely limp now, but as she squeezed gently, it began to come to life again. Neither of them heard the car as it rolled into the garage because they were so engrossed with what they were doing with each other. They did not even hear the car door as it slammed shut.

LeAnn headed inside to get the kids to help with bringing the groceries in. When she entered the kitchen, she heard a loud ‘yes’ coming from the hall area.

She hurried through the den and down the hall until she got to Scott’s room and came to a sudden stop in the doorway, Marci was moving her head up and down on Scott’s hard peter and it looked like he was about to achieve a climax. She just stood there watching as Scott roared with ecstasy and reached that peak of joy that everyone searches for constantly.

“There is just one question that I have for both of you, did you two do anything I told you not to do while I was gone?” she wanted to know.

“We wanted to,” Scott said, “but I didn’t have a rubber.”

“That’s really just exactly what I wanted to hear you tell me. I’m proud of both of you for following my instructions. Now what I really need is for you two to get out of this bed, get dressed, then come out and help me get the groceries inside to the kitchen, come on, hop to it,” she told them as she left the room.

LeAnn wanted to give them a chance to get up and get dressed and she hoped they would not be self conscious about what she had just told them. They were just learning about the rest of their life and she was actually excited for them. But she had to discuss this thing about actually having intercourse, since that was supposedly a forbidden act for brother and sister, at least it is in our current society.

“Scott, when did you first start thinking about going to bed with me?” Marci asked him as they started to get dressed.

“Marci it was when I was 12-years-old and when I had learned how to jack off. You were almost at your 12th birthday and had started getting your breasts, although they were still little then. I watched you all the time. But you were such a bitch toward me during that time and I couldn’t understand why you acted that way; in fact I didn’t understand anything that was going on except that it felt so good when I jacked off,” he said.

“I know that I was not very nice to you, but that was because I was just fixing to start my period. I had not discovered what it was like to reach a climax yet either. You won’t believe this but I had been watching you too, but I just did not have much interest about these things during that time. I guess it was all just a part of growing up a little, don’t you think?” she asked him.

“Yeah that’s probably what it was, but we better finish dressing and go help with the groceries,” he told her.

“I know and I feel the same way about you now. Doris and John are coming over to party with Mom and Dad tonight and I bet we will get a great show if we can stay up long enough to peek. Do you want to do that?” she asked him.

“Sure, that sounds like fun. Doris has a great body and I can’t wait to see her naked.”

They were still planning as they walked to the garage to help with the groceries. It didn’t take long to get everything into the kitchen where we put all of it up in the cabinets.

3 Later that afternoon, after everyone had taken a nice nap, LeAnn called the kids to the den for a little pow wow. It was time to set the game plan for the party tonight and she was well aware that both of them had been peeking on all of them while they were making love. She had to make sure that the children saw what ever they wanted to see, but they also had to be careful so that the situation did not get out of hand, at least as far as their Dad was concerned. She was unsure just what he would have to say about what the kids were learning about sex now. They were older today than Doug and I had been when we first started playing with each other’s body back when we were in junior high school. Surely, he wouldn’t be too upset about this after what they had done in the seventh and eighth grade.

“Okay kids, conference time,” LeAnn told them as they all entered the den.

“What’s the deal Mom?” Scott wanted to know.

They all gathered around and LeAnn sat facing the kids who were sitting on the couch.

“You both know that Doris and John are coming over for supper and for a little fun that we all have later on. I hope this won’t surprise either of you, but I’m well aware that both of you have been peeking on your Dad and me when we are naked and fucking. Do not get excited, because I am not at all upset about it. It’s just that I want both of you to be extra careful tonight and get to bed a little early too. That way we can get started on the serious partying by ten o'clock, at least I hope we can,” she told them.

“I also know that you two will probably be peeking on us after the party moves into more serious things that the four of us do when we party. Just don’t let your Dad catch you while we are doing our thing though. We will probably start the party at least by seven, maybe even before that. As you well know, Daddy begins to get a little sleepy after five or six highballs, so keep that in mind. I just want you to be careful so that there won’t be a problem later on when we are all naked and in the process of playing around with each other, okay?” she said with a smile.

“Mom, we’ll be super careful and please don’t worry about us. I can hardly wait to see Doris naked,” Scott said innocently.

“And another thing, if you two are going to get naked, like the four of us do around here when Doris and John come over, make double sure everyone is looking the other way. I’m not certain, but the party could be shut down if you two get careless and we sure don’t want that to happen. Since there will be company in the house, I’m just saying for you two to watch what you are doing; I know that all this is a learning experience and I would not be happy if things got all messed up for you simply because of a little bit of senseless carelessness,” she said.

“Okay Mom, we’ll be very careful, but I can hardly wait to get a look at Doris; she is a great looking red head and I like looking at her,” said Scott.

“Let me tell you a story about Doris and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind my telling you this either. When we were in junior high school, your Dad was dating her and the first time he got a look at her pussy, he almost lost his cool because the hair between her legs is just as red as the hair on her head. He lost his hard-on because he was so surprised when he saw her pussy the first time; Doris was only 14 then. She really got embarrassed by his reaction and then she got mad at Daddy.”

“Well, what happened after that,” Marci wanted to know. Her eyes bulged and she sort of giggled a little while she watched Scott closely.

“Your Dad settled down real quick when Doris started sucking his peter and they ended up making love right in the front seat of the car.”

“How did you know all this,” asked Scott.

“Well, it just so happened that John and I were dating then and we were in the back seat naked; we almost couldn’t have sex because we were laughing so hard about what had happened,” LeAnn told them as she smiled about that long ago incident that she could still remember with amazing clarity.

“That sounds like a lot of fun to me,” said Marci.

“It was great fun; the four of us had more good times during school than any of the other kids in our graduating class. We also had enough sense to take plenty of precautions so that neither Doris nor I would get pregnant at the time. Naturally, I clued Doris in on everything she should know and she and I discussed things before every date that we had. That was to make sure about our periods and to understand whether we had to be sure the boys used rubbers when we had intercourse. If our periods were just right, we could actually have intercourse without the rubbers and fucking that way is much, much better, believe me. Since Doris was only 14 back then, I was extra careful though, that she learned everything she needed to know to keep from getting pregnant and we have been best of friends ever since that time. All of that was after I got pregnant with Scott at age 14, so I had to go through all of that and believe me, between the doctor, mother and Doris, I learned everything a girl should know. They didn’t treat me to nicely at school, during that time either, especially the other girls.

LeAnn looked at her watch. “Well, I’ve got to get busy in the kitchen. It’s almost six o’clock and Doris and John should be here any time now. If you two want to get started, there is sandwich stuff in the kitchen and plenty of dips and chips; you can eat in the den if you want and I did get the butter pecan ice cream Marci, along with a surprise. There is a movie on top of the television that I thought both of you might like, one that will kind of give you something to do while we get our party started in the kitchen.”

“Make me a sandwich Marci and I’ll get the movie set up so we can get started,” said Scott as he walked toward the television set.

Marci raced to the kitchen to make the sandwiches and to get the chips and the dip. It took a little while to get it all organized and Scott helped with everything after he got the movie set up to run. They finally got to the couch where he leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“The movie is the Blue Lagoon,” he told her. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to go thank Mom,” he rushed into the kitchen to LeAnn and his peter was beginning to get a little hard just thinking about the movie, one that he had been anxious to see for some time. All the guys at school had been talking about it, about the almost naked girl that they all wanted to fuck as they watched her move through the shimmering blue water.

“Golly, thanks Mom,” he told her as he gave her a good hug; that movie is going to be great and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate it. Blue Lagoon is supposed to be really good, at least I heard it was at school,” he told her as he gave her a nice hug.

Doris walked in just then. “Hey, can I have one of those too?” she asked as she moved right next to LeAnn.

Scott turned with a startled look and Doris put her arms around him drawing him to her body and pressed her breasts against him. Then she planted a big kiss on him and it wasn’t a hello kiss either. She rubbed her body against him for a couple of seconds, pressed one leg between his, then rubbed her pelvis area right on his peter . She could tell from the feeling she got that it was semi hard and Scott turned red as a beet when she did this.

“My, aren’t you growing up Scott,” Doris said as she held him out at arms length and grinned at him with a mischievous look on her face.

“Hi Doris,” Scott laughed. Then he hurried back to the den and the movie that was starting to run the credits.

“He really has grown a lot,” said Doris as she looked at LeAnn with raised eyebrows. “What happened, it really felt like he had a hard on when I kissed him?” Doris told her. “And I was surprised that he had his hand on your tit to,” she told her best friend.

LeAnn laughed at her comment. “He just found out what the movie is that I rented for them; it’s the Blue Lagoon and he seems to get highly excited pretty easily these days and yes, he did have the start of a hard on my friend.”

“I remember what it was like when I was fourteen; and in fact, I wouldn’t mind at all if I got to play with that peter of his; it felt pretty good to me,” she mumbled.

“You’ll probably have a chance to do just that, even sooner than you think, you horny thing,” LeAnn told her and winked at the same time as she concentrated on the stuff she was cooking on the stove.

“Honest and you wouldn’t care if I did it?” asked Doris as she watched LeAnn carefully.

LeAnn looked at her best friend and winked. “Make us a drink please. Where are the boys anyway?” she wanted to know as she turned to the cabinet and delayed her answer. She also picked up instantly that Doris had gotten excited about Scott’s semihard cock. She planned to talk some more about that with her in just a little while. They had been best friends since the sixth grade and this might be the perfect time for Doris to take a personal hand with Scott and his sexual education.

“Oh the guys are out in the garage talking about fishing, as usual,” Doris told her. She went to the cabinet, retrieved the bottle, the glasses and then made them both a nice drink.

“Look, this is going to be my third one tonight,” she told her as she handed LeAnn her glass. “Now, what’s been going on around here my friend?” Doris wanted to know; it was apparent that LeAnn was a little edgy as she handed her the glass, so something was definitely up and she was anxious to hear all about it.

“Nothing is happening that’s not normal for the four of us,” she told Doris. “The kids just know more about sex now, except neither has lost their virginity yet, which was not the case with either of us.” LeAnn was watching Doris closely as they sipped on their drinks. “I’ve told them both almost everything about sex. I didn’t do it with Scott, although I’ll admit that I kind of thought about it.”

“Well I certainly can’t blame you for that my friend. He is sure one hunk of a man almost, and I really do mean man, because that peter of his felt pretty good to me,” she said.

“Well, you are exactly right,” LeAnn said, “and actually his peter is a little bigger than Doug’s is, not much though, but just a little bit; I certainly realize the size is not all important.” Then LeAnn told her what had been happening over the past five years, and described what had happened when she popped the pimple on his young peter when he was twelve years old.

“My pussy is getting wet just hearing this story LeAnn,” she said. “He was only twelve years old then was he?” Doris’ hand shook slightly as she took another sip of her drink as the ice tinkled in the glass; she was thrilled to no end, just thinking about playing with Scott’s 18-year-old peterwhile they were both naked and in bed.

“Well, he was pretty excited because when I popped that pimple on his peter it took all the control I could muster not to go to bed with him right then Doris. I just kind of thought that would rob him of the fun you get out of all the experimentation when you first start out with sex, but I wanted him to know enough about the subject so that he wouldn’t get some girl pregnant; I still wanted him to be able to enjoy himself though.” LeAnn could see how excited Doris had become; in fact, she herself felt horny just remembering what had happened that day she had helped Scott by popping that pimple he was so concerned about that was on his peter. The boys walked in just then, so they quickly changed the subject.

“Hi LeAnn,” said John. He walked over and gave her a good hug and a kiss. “You’re looking good, as you always do little girl.” In fact, she looks better now than she did in high school, he was thinking.

Scott and Marci could see all that was going on in the kitchen from where they were sitting on the couch. They could also catch quick glances with out being obvious to anyone in the kitchen, except their Mom of course, who knew exactly what they were doing. They both knew that she was excited for both of them since she knew they were going to watch everything the four were going to do later on.

Scott leaned over and whispered to Marci, “Did you see the fantastic kiss that Doris gave me while I was in the kitchen?”

“I sure did,” she said, “did you like what she did at the same time?” she asked him with a grin on her face, because she had seen the little interplay that Doris had performed for Scott while she was against his body.

“Did I ever and my peter was half hard thinking about this movie; then when she hugged me she rubbed her pussy all over it, I almost came unglued right then. Here, feel of this,” he told her.

Marci reached over and she could feel the tip of his peter peeking out from his shorts. There was a little wet area right on the tip of it and she wiped the moisture off, licked it off her finger, then she grinned and winked at him.

As she leaned over he ran his hand into her tank top to play with her nipples. Marci had a tremendous body now and he wanted to play with her some more because he was so excited after what Doris had had done in the kitchen. He could hardly wait to see her naked body.

She slapped at his hand. “Quit now,” she said, “Dad might see you and we sure don’t want to mess this deal up, okay?” She was thinking about what she would get to see later that night; and it was evident that just looking at Doris captivated her brother, but she wanted to see John when he got naked. She fantasized thinking about his peter, what it would look like, or even better than that, what his peter would feel like in her hand and she squirmed a little, just thinking about it.

The movie ended just before ten pm and Scott got up to rewind it. He was very excited after watching the actor in the movie almost have sex with the girl; and it was really a good movie to, with all the swimming scenes and the beaches and the sea. He rewound and replaced the tape in the container and put it back on top of the television, all ready to go back to the dealer tomorrow morning.

In the kitchen, everyone seemed to be finishing the fifth drink; Scott had tried very hard to keep an accurate count so he would have an idea about what kind of shape his Dad would be in later on.

“Isn’t it about time to get the kids down honey,” Doug asked LeAnn as he waved his drink in the air in a devil may care attitude and grinning broadly.

“Now is as good a time as any,” said LeAnn, “come on Doris, you can help me; and then we can start getting ready for the party with our little boys.”

They both got up and LeAnn yelled for the kids. “Time for bed, Scott, Marci, you two get going now, head for the bedroom,” she hollered at them as she and Doris moved toward the master bedroom to get undressed.

Marci was already in her room taking her clothes off. The only thing she had to do was to just drop her shorts and take off the tank top. Then she was naked and ready for seeing the party and anything else that might happen, she hoped. Since she had to pee, she headed for the hall bath and she paused, seeing her Mom and Doris coming down the hall toward her.

“Look at that beautiful body would you. She looks just like Venus LeAnn and she is not even eighteen years old,” said Doris.

“I know what you mean but don’t forget about the attitude problems that girls her age can have,” LeAnn told her, “however, I will have to admit that her attitude has been getting much better during the past few weeks and I’m proud of her because of that.”

Doris headed straight for the bath to pee when they got to the master bedroom. She was a couple of drinks ahead of LeAnn and did not waste any time getting to the pot for some relief to her full bladder.

“Hurry, I have to go too,” said LeAnn as she started getting undressed. When Doris came out of the bathroom, LeAnn was standing there naked, waiting patiently.

“You look just like Marci, or is it the other way around?” she asked. Doris walked over and started caressing her breasts, then started sucking on one, fondling LeAnn by running her finger through her pubic hair while they stood there in the bedroom; it was more fun now than it had been in high school when they had occasionally spent the night together and explored each other’s body.

“Oh stop it, I’ve got to go and pee or I’ll make a mess on the carpet,” and she rushed for the bathroom, almost in a state of immanent emergency as she broke loose and hurried across the room.

Doris stripped all her clothes off and stood there looking at herself in the mirror. She knew that she looked better now than she did at fourteen or fifteen, because her breasts were a little larger, more firm and in much better shape. Her silky red hair between her legs was definitely in better shape at age 30. She was remembering what a great time they had all enjoyed since they were in their eighth year at junior high school and it seems as though it’s even better now, at least as far as she was concerned it is. For sure, the sex is much better now. LeAnn came out of the bath, Scott walked in at the same time and he was naked too.

“I’ve got to pee and Marci is in the other bath,” he said, his voice a little unsteady because of what he saw standing just a few feet away from him, the naked body he had been looking forward to seeing.

Doris saw him in the mirror and turned around immediately. “Look at that LeAnn. Just think I used to change his diapers seventeen years ago.” Doris’ eyes were glued to his body. “Come here little boy,” and she walked over to Scott, took his peter in her hand and marveled at what she had taken hold of. Then she led him to the bathroom, where she finally let him go as he entered the potty area. Then she turned and looked LeAnn directly in the eyes, rising up on her toes; she was so excited at feeling his peter that she could hardly stand it and the ice in her drink tinkled as her hand shook.

“I told you it was pretty nice didn’t I?” said LeAnn as she watched Doris’ excitement.

“I know, I know, but it’s hard to even imagine how exciting it is just to touch him, until you actually do it and LeAnn, I’m going to do it with him tonight after Doug goes to sleep if you don’t have any objection,” she said.

“Actually you might find this hard to believe Doris, but I would rather you teach him how to do what all four of us liked to do when we were fourteen than to have him get his first experience at intercourse in the backseat of a car. Just get Doug in bed and help him reach a climax; he will be out like a light after all that he has had to drink tonight. I think he is pretty well soused now and he will probably collapse into a deep stupor; besides, you know how he is after he has had several drinks.”

“Yes and I can hardly wait to have that eighteen-year-old peter sliding in and out of me, tickling on my jolly button,” Doris told her. She was so wound up mentally that she could barely hold her drink steady just thinking about what she was going to do later with Scott and LeAnn watched as she listened to the tinkle of the ice in her glass as her shaking hand brought it to her lips.

“You know I almost envy you, but I would rather that you be his first woman than any one I know.” LeAnn took Doris in her arms and gave her a loving hug. “You are a great friend Doris and you know that the four of us are the only ones I am aware of from our high school class who have as close a friendship as we still enjoy today.”

Scott had been listening to them talking while he stood at the pot. By the time he was finished emptying his bladder and flushed the commode he started raising another hard because of what he had heard. He flushed the commode again and went back to the bedroom very turned on. Furthermore, his young peter was hard enough that it was obviously at attention, throbbing up and down slightly as he moved into the bedroom.

LeAnn stood and put her hand around his shoulder as she walked him toward the door and she was well aware of his throbbing peter. “I’m going to put you in with Marci so John and I can use your bed, okay?” She stopped and turned him toward her to hug him, then told him, “Now go over and tell Doris good night little boy, and don’t you two get out of the bed room until we all get down and the lights are dim; please be careful if you two come in to watch us. And don’t you dare put yourself into your little sister either,” she told him. “Now go tell Doris good night little boy,” she told him again as she watched him move toward her best friend.

“Don’t worry because we will certainly be careful; we want you to have fun tonight too,” said Scott, then he turned her loose, looked her in the eyes, and went over to Doris to give her a hug. His peter was now throbbing up and down and it was standing almost straight out when he got to her when she took him into her arms for another sensuous kiss.

“Good night Doris,” he told her as he took her in his arms. Then she reached down, put my young untested throbbing peter between her breasts, and pulled my head down for another kiss. Then I turned and headed for Marci’s bedroom with my peter still throbbing as I thought about what was going to happen later on.

“Come on Doris, let’s go give the boys a thrill,” said LeAnn As LeAnn and Doris walked on down the hall, Marci and Scott were peeking out the door of her bedroom. Scott took Marci by the hand and led her back inside to the bed. “Come on and lay down with me, and you won’t believe what I’m going to tell you,” he whispered to her.

They both got on the bed under the sheet. Scott reached over and pulled her close so he could whisper in her ear and her body was pressing against him gently. He reached down and moved his peter between her legs as she lay on her side.

“I was going to the back bath and when I got to the bedroom door Doris took my peter in her hand and led me to the bathroom. While I was standing at the commode I heard them talking, and Doris told Mom she was going to fuck me tonight, as soon as Dad goes to sleep. What do you think about that?” he asked excitedly.

“Oh Scott, I wanted to be the first girl you had sex with,” she told him, “but it does sound exciting, and maybe you’ll be able to teach me better after she shows you how to do it.”

“I’m going to sneak in and watch Doris and Dad, are you game?” he wanted to know.

“Sure I’m game, but I want to watch Mom and John. John is sexy as far as I am concerned, and I want to see him naked. I hope I get to see his peter to,” Marci told him as she placed her hand on his throbbing poll; just feeling the hot, trembling weapon, oh, it felt so good to her, and she was very excited about everything that had already happened today and she wanted to do it all again.

Scott pulled her over on top of him hugging her tightly but with a great deal of tenderness that he really felt for her. Her entire body pressed against him and he could barely resist sliding his peter into her right then, even if he did not have a rubber. He hugged and kissed her, reveling at the incredible body that his little sister now pressed against him. “We’ve got to make out like we’re going to sleep and give them plenty of time to get to bed. Move over a little like we are settling down and lay on your back so I can play with that secret pussy that you have,” he told her.

“Okay, and Scott, I think it is really nice of you to do this, especially now that you are going to get to play with Doris in a little while. You’re being so nice to me, and I really can hardly wait for you to do it with me.”

She spread her legs just enough so that he could get his hand on her pussy; still it felt so wonderful when he placed his hand between her legs and ran his finger from the top to the bottom of her lips and then his finger was inside her and he was very gentle when he did it too. She was trembling and it was no wonder that her pussy was all wet once again. When he touched the magic spot, she couldn’t help herself. She moved over so she could kiss him, because he was being so nice to her. He didn’t know it but she was going to be amazingly nice to him when he placed his peter inside of her, and she could hardly wait for that to happen.

“Scott if you keep doing that I’ll cum,” she urgently whispered into his ear.

“I want you to cum, but can you do it without making a lot of noise?” he asked.

“Oh…” she moaned as she raised her left knee up to spread her legs even further apart. “Uh, ugh ohooo, ohooo, oh stop, stop,” and she jerked around, to throw one leg over his, feeling his peter next to her tummy, and started hugging him hard, but she was still jerking with spasms of joy as she gritted her teeth together to keep from screaming. Finally, she relaxed with her arm resting limply across his chest and one of her breasts resting on his arm. “That was really nice,” she sighed as she took a deep breath.

He didn’t say anything, just gently hugged her body to him; he was glad that he could make her feel that good, because if it was anything like it felt when he ejaculated, he was happy that she could feel that way too. Also, just knowing that he was going to have sex in a little while for the very first time in his life made him feel good about helping Marci reach that magic plateau of joy, and he was pleased about helping her. He had heard his Dad and Doris pass by several minutes ago, so it shouldn’t be long before they would be right in the middle of something to; thinking about them had taken his mind off Marci and he was conscious of his limp peter resting on her stomach as they continued hugging each other.

“Do you think it’s safe to sneak in now?” asked Marci.

“Yeah, it’s probably okay, so let’s check on Mom and John first. Then, while you watch them, I’ll sneak back to the master bedroom to watch Doris and that great body she has; let’s go,” he told her as he eased off the side of bed.

They tried to be very quit as they crawled down the hall toward his bedroom. However, when they got there, it was empty, and that meant that John and LeAnn must be in the kitchen, or the den. So they moved on down the hall searching for them. Scott stopped instantly when he got to the den because of what he was looking at. He could see John hugging and kissing his mother and they were naked and on the floor, right in the middle of the room. All the lights were out in the den, but it was easy to see what was going on since the kitchen lights were still burning. He was conscious of Marci lying almost on top of him, straining to see; he put his finger to his mouth cautioning her to be quite as they carefully moved forward into the den area.

As they looked with rapt attention, John moved down between LeAnn’s legs and placed his lips directly on her silky dark pussy. She was gently caressing his head as he started sucking on her pussy and she had her feet flat on the floor with her knees bent up in the air, and she was leaning back against the La-Z-Boy as she looked down at what John was doing so nicely. It was easy to tell that she liked what he was doing because there was a dreamy look in her eyes as she moved her head slowly back and forth from side to side and played with her own nipples.

When she lowered her eyes from the ceiling, LeAnn saw the kids and raised her hand to wave, and she had a dreamy look on her face; John was sucking on her pleasure button right then but she was still glad the kids were getting to see this part of the joy that he was bringing to her body. She would really like to be watching Scott when Doris put his throbbing peter into her because her little boy was about to start the rest of his life by what Doris was going to teach him tonight, and LeAnn just knew that he would never forget it either.

Marci had moved up beside Scott and she was watching John intently; he was naked and his head was down between LeAnn’s legs; he was snuggling his lips right on her pussy. Since he was on his stomach she could only see John’s back. What she really wanted to see was his dreamy peter , because she knew what his face looked like and she wanted to see all of the rest of him, especially his front part.

Scott eased back down the hall to the master bedroom where his Dad was lying on his back and Doris was just returning from the bathroom; golly, she looked terrific, and he could hardly wait for the lesson she was going to give him in just a few more minutes and he wanted to suck on her tits to.

She saw Scott who crouched down at the doorway; quickly Doris reached for the switch and turned the overhead light off, leaving only the bath light on that was faintly shinning in the bedroom area. When she eased down on the bed between Doug’s legs, she took his Dad’s hard peter in one hand and started sucking on it. Scott could see that his Dad was almost asleep and that would be about right, because he had consumed a lot to drink before and after supper. Still his peter was beginning to get hard the more that Doris sucked on it. She was really working on it too, taking as much of the peter into her mouth as she could, and suddenly she moved her body all the way up his, almost sitting on his face.

“Come on you hunk of man, eat some of this red pussy I’ve been saving for you all night.”

“Just what I wanted for desert baby,” he told her as he aroused from semi - sleep; then he promptly ran his tongue onto her secret portal, up and down the lips searching for the jolly button. Doris was sort of hunching, moving her hips slightly to increase the sensation of Doug’s mouth on her pelvic area.

“Oh, ohhhh, yes, that’s good Doug, suck on me baby,” she told him because she was almost up to the clouds, but was really thinking about the 18 year old boy next to the bed; then she screamed with pleasure as she achieved her climax.

Without even realizing it, Scott had moved right up to the side of the bed; he could have reached out and touched each of them easily; it was tempting to do that and he could hardly keep himself from touching Doris’ body with his fingertips as he watched them intently.

Doris turned her head and was startled to see Scott that close so she quickly reached over and pushed his head down a little, so that he would not be so obvious. She sure didn’t want to spoil anything since she planned to have his peter inside her shortly, maybe in about 30 minutes or less, if she could just get Doug to cum, then he would drop off to sleep, dead to the world. With a smooth swift action, she eased back down and started sucking on Doug’s peter again. He was now on a full erection and she was moving her mouth up and down, then she ran her tongue around the head of his shaft and began to tickle the vein that was on the head of his peter and she knew good and well that he liked for her to tickle his peter there.

“That’s it Doris baby, suck hard, suck, oh suck baby. Oh, oh, ahhhh!” he screamed as cum spurted into Doris’ mouth. She sucked on and on, pulling all his cum out, knowing that he would soon be out cold and dead asleep. Finally, his Dad’s peter deflated and his arms flopped onto the bed and his head rolled to the side; it looked as though he had passed out, and was now asleep.

Doris looked at Scott and winked as she moved up into Doug’s arms and tenderly hugged him. She was close enough that she could touch Scott, so she reached over and caressed his cheek with one hand as she pressed her body against Doug and hugged, helping him as his body shuddered.

Scott was beside himself and he was extremely excited, not to mention that his erection was at full attention now. He knew that he had to hold on so that he would be able to play with Doris in a little while.

Doris rose up on one elbow, “Doug baby, I’ve got to get to the bathroom.” He did not even move as she got off the bed and headed for the potty.

Quickly she washed her pubic area to freshen herself up for Scott. She was very excited and could hardly wait to play with that eighteen-year-old boy. She squeezed toothpaste out on her finger and when she was through moving it around inside of her mouth, it was fresh again. When she returned to the side of the bed there was no doubt that Doug was sound asleep because he was breathing heavily, fully content and laying on his side, almost in a fetal position.

Doris reached over to take Scott’s hand and led him out of the master bedroom. When they arrived at the next bedroom, which was Marci’s, she turned and put her arms around him and her breasts were on his stomach as she encircled him with her arms; he so tall and his body amazed her. She was only 5’1” and the top of her head rested on Rock’s chest as she spread her arms around him and squeezed her body to his. He was a tall boy with a man’s body and only a boy’s mind; and she was going to make sure that his first experience with the act of making love would be wonderful and something that he would never forget. He had absolutely no idea how exciting his body appeared to women and younger girls too for that matter; nor could he imagine what she felt, just to be next to him, naked and feeling that hard peter that was so appealing. “Come on Scott, let’s get on the bed darling,” she told him.

He was really amazed at the sight of her naked body, the bed light was on and her body was irresistible as they lay there; she had brilliant red hair on her head and just as LeAnn had said, her pubic hair was the same color; all of this was about to overload his mind.

“Golly, Doris, your pussy is red, just like the hair on your head,” he told her with big eyes and a great deal of amazement in the tone of his voice.

“I know Scott, why don’t you touch me baby, if you want to, and you can do anything you want with my body; it’s time that you found out what the rest of your life will be like as well as how much fun it’s going to be,” she told him.

Hesitantly he reached for her pubic area and she spread her legs a little so that he would have all the room he needed; she really was excited by his gentle touch.

He looked at Doris and she was watching him intently, smiling. He ran his finger up and down the lips of her pussy just as he had done earlier with Marci; as he eased his finger inside her he could feel her tense up; but then she spread her legs wider, giving him all the room he needed. The hair on her pussy was silky thin, much finer than the hair on her head and this amazed him too as he ran his finger through it.

“Go ahead Scott, do what ever you want to baby.” She was feeling euphoric with delight to have this 18 year old boy playing with her; it was so exciting that she could feel the wetness forming and flowing around his finger and she knew that she would have another climax before she got his peter inside her; she was absolutely overcome with anticipation and excitement.

Scott reached up with his other hand to feel her fine breast, playing with the nipple on one and then on the other; her pubic hair held his attention though, and he had even lost part of his hard because he was concentrating so much on her body, doing his best to explore everything at once.

He got up on his knees then and moved down between her legs, and placed his hands on each side of her; he leaned down, placed his lips on her pussy, and searched for her pussy so he could suck on it.

“Scott baby, what you are doing now feels exactly right. Run your tongue up and down the lips of my pussy and then play with my pussy using your tongue.” She did not realize that he had already nibbled on Marci’s pussy earlier that morning and a second time just an hour ago.

That was all the urging he needed as he hesitantly ran his tongue in between the lips of her pussy. The taste was not like anything he had tasted so far, and it was even different from the taste of Marci’s pussy; but certainly, it very exciting, and it made him feel good that he was able to make Doris feel so excited. With a thrust of his tongue, he moved it as far as he could insert it. And then he pulled it back to her pearl and sucked it between his lips, using his tongue to flick across the very tip if it. He did not know how he knew to do this, but it seemed the right thing to do right then.

“Gosh, Scott what you are doing now is magnificent,” she told him; she was about to cum and she did not care because this was unbearably exciting. “Suck harder baby, harder, oh, ohhhh, oh. I’m cuming, oh, ahhhh, ahhheeee,” she screamed as she clamped her legs around his back and slapped her hands on the bed as he continued to suck on her clitoris. She was hunching her hips against his mouth and experiencing spasms that brought her to the peak of joy and that were as good as any she had ever had during her 31 years of life.

All at once, Scott rose up from between her legs. “Am I hurting you Doris?” He had a pained look on his face that indicated that he might have done something wrong.

She reached down to pull him up on top of her hugging him hard. “No baby, you are doing it just right and I had a fantastic climax,” she told him as she hugged him to her body with a lot of strength as she pressed her breasts against his wonderful chest.

“Oh,” she said, then completely relaxed, enjoying the feeling of Scott on top of her, very content. ‘Being able to play with Scott was going to change their entire set up for a while, and it would be great fun too,’ she was thinking.

‘This is so wonderful I can hardly believe it’ Scott thought as he marveled at the feeling of his peter as he snuggled against this fantastic red headed woman.

After a few minutes of relaxing Doris rose up and moved down between his legs, where she took his peter into her mouth and tenderly started sucking on it. In no time, at all, it began to engorge itself and she knew, as she flicked her tongue over the head of his peter that she would have to stop, or he would climax in a short time. Therefore, she got up and moved up beside him on the bed. “Okay Scott, get down between my legs and put your peter in me,” she instructed him.

Immediately he got between her legs, took his peter in his hand, and guided it to her exciting red pussy. His eyes were big and when the head of his peter touched her on the pubic hair and the lips of her pussy, his mouth dropped open and a look of wonder came over his face.

“Just rub it up and down the lips of my pussy Scott; then move it on inside me,” she told him gently.

He did just as she told him; very gingerly moving his throbbing peter into that wonderful secret place of pleasure where it was so thrilling that he could hardly stand the excitement of what was happening to him at that instant.

“Now, lean over and place your hands on each side of me, then lay down on my chest Scott, and do it very slowly honey,” she raised her arms up to welcome him.

When he leaned over and eased down onto her chest, she moved her feet to his back and gently pressed, urging his peter to move further and further inside finally his peter was touching her womb.‘Oh,’ she thought, ‘how breathtaking he felt,’ and her body shuddered with joy and pleasure at the feeling of him inside of her.

“Relax now Scott, and try not to think about what you are actually doing, just ease up here and kiss me and then relax for awhile. This is the first time you have put yourself inside a woman isn’t it?” she asked him.

“Yeah it sure is, and it’s really nice that you are teaching me how to do it Doris; this is the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to me,” he told her. Then he placed his lips on hers and kissed her, running his tongue into her mouth as she had done to him earlier. She hugged him tight and her feet were resting on his back, her thighs spread wide to accept his body. He could feel his peter inside her and it felt warm, wet, tight, and simply amazing, all at the same time, and his mind was racing with the wonder of what was happening to him now.

“Gosh, Scott you feel really good inside me baby, and I’m certainly glad that I’m the first woman for you; neither of us will ever forget the next few minutes that we will have together, and I know you will want to do this again. Now ease back up onto your hands and start moving your peter in and out of me, but do it slow so we can both enjoy what is about to happen.”

He did exactly what she told him to do, just like he was doing pushups at school, back and forth with tremendous precision. he knew just how far he could push his throbbing peter in with out hitting something inside of her, then he would pull it back, stopping just in time to keep it from pulling all the way out. Little did Scott realize how fortunate he actually was to have a 30-year old woman take him in hand and school him on the fine points of sexual copulation; here he was being coached on just how to accomplish the sexual union, and how important it was to ensure that each participant obtains a satisfactory climax. He sure had a lot more to learn and understand, but that was the least of his worries right at that moment, because he felt as though he was now in paradise. “Doris, this feels so good that I don’t want it to ever stop,” he told her.

“I know Scott, and that’s the ultimate joy of sex; you can do it over and over again, so that it always feels magnificent, so long as you and the person you’re making love to is in complete agreement about what you are doing together.”

Scott was trying to concentrate on what she was saying but it was hard to do that because the feeling in his peter was so good that he continued to think about that with complete concentration.

“Go ahead baby, move in and out of me faster; I’m getting close and I want you to cum when I do, if we both can manage that,” she told him with a little urgency in her voice. She was beginning to lose control and that excitement that was between her legs was throbbing and yearning; his peter was moving just right for her and she could feel the beginning of spasms starting again; it was so enjoyable for her too. Suddenly she could hold off no longer. Her feet were flat on the bed, her legs were spread apart and she was moving her hips up and down, faster and faster; it was as though she could not get enough of his magnificent peter that was plunging in and out of her. “Faster Scott, do it faster, faster baby,” she urged him.

All of at once Scott thought his peter would explode; he was moving in and out as fast as he could go, and the sweat was beginning to pop out on his head and neck. “Ahhhh, ah, ah, ohooo,” he screamed and a look of wonder came over his face. Then he slowed the motion of his hips but continued to move his peter in and out of her with a steady motion, only just a little slower.

“Oh, ohhhh ahhheeee,” she shrieked as she reached another tremendous explosion of joy. She continued hunching, striving for more of that joyous feeling, as her body continued to shudder in a frenzy of motion. This was even better than she thought it would be as she had talked with LeAnn in the kitchen, and then later in the master bedroom.

Scott was still moving himself in and out of her captivating place of joy, and he too was just about physically spent. Finally, they both stopped all of their movement and as they lay clutching each other, Scott on top her chest, hugging hard, as his body shuddered. They both were still jerking slightly with the after glow of their feelings of joy. He rolled over with his arms encircling Doris so that she was on top of him and simply enjoyed the feeling of his peter which was still inside of her and the closeness of their bodies felt great. They each savored the feeling of joy that coursed through their clinging embrace; slowly they began to relax and he was wondering how Marci was doing in the den as she looked at Johns peter. They lay there with their arms around each other the sound of a glass or bottle falling over came to them.

“What was that,” asked Doris.

“I don’t know, but let’s go and check on Marci to see what’s happening in there,” he said.

When they got to the den Doris could see that a vase on the coffee table had fallen over. LeAnn was sitting in the Lazy-Boy with her legs over Johns shoulders resting on his back and he was kneeling on the floor with his head between her legs; they were just in time to witness her shattering climax as he nibbled on her clitoris.

What caught Doris’ eye though, was the reaction Marci had as she watched them; she was sitting at the end of the couch completely engrossed in what was going on. Doris was amazed at the fullness of Marci’s body and she was not yet eighteen years old. Her nipples were erect and Marci was intently stroking her own pussy, but her eyes focused on her Mom and John as John sucked on her Mom’s luscious pussy.

Doris turned to Scott and put her finger to her lips, motioning him to follow; then she moved right up behind Marci, crouched down, took each tit in her hand and began massaging her nipples.

Marci jerked with surprise but kept from crying out; she turned slightly to look Doris directly in the eyes, giving her a slight hug against the cheek and then turned back to watch John who was still kissing LeAnn’s portal of joy.

Then all three watched as John picked LeAnn up and eased her down on the carpet holding her in his arms all the time; while they lay on the floor John hugged her for a few minutes helping her settle down after her mind shattering climax.

Doris knew that John was about to put his peter into her best friend; and she was more excited that the three of them were going to watch than she was about what was happening on the floor in front of them; Marci was absolutely in a state of wonder as she watched John and LeAnn.

Just as John got between LeAnn’s legs, he caught sight of the three who were on the couch watching. there he was on his knees with a raging hard on and it was quite a shock; but when he saw Marci sitting there with her finger stroking her own pussy, he was more turned on than ever because of what she was doing to herself. The thought of this beautiful young girl he had known since she was a baby, sitting there looking at his naked body while she played with her own pussy was very electrifying; he looked Marci directly in the eye, took his peter in hand and waved it at her and smiled. Her eyes were as big as saucers when he did this.

Doris knew what John was doing and she could feel Marci tense up as John placed his peter in LeAnn and started moving back and forth; this little girl was so excited she was shaking and Doris realized that she wanted to have sex.

Doris was excited too because Scott was playing with her pussy; this was almost too much for her to take but she didn’t stop him. And she reveled with the fact that this young boy was playing with her pleasure button and it was very erotic because she could still remember him as a two year old when she and LeAnn had played with his peter after giving him a bath and his dad had walked in and caught them in the act.

They all three watched for about ten more minutes before Doris finally got up and headed for the hall; she was sure that LeAnn surely knew that they were there watching, the kids had followed her and they all went into Marci’s bedroom.

“Okay you two, it’s almost two o'clock and time for all of us to get some sleep; I’m going to sleep with Doug and LeAnn and John will sleep in your bedroom Scott, so will you two be okay together in Marci’s bedroom?”

“Sure Doris, we’ll be just fine; I think we are ready for some sleep to; this will be so nice since it will be the first night I get to sleep with my sexy brother and we will be naked,” Marci told her.

Doris placed her chest right on Marci’s and hugged her and then she turned and hugged Scott.

He circled his arms around her and she reached down to pull his peter up between her breasts, she was very excited by Scott; then he gave her a great big hug. “Gosh Doris, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about what you did for me tonight,” he told her with a great deal of wonder in his tone of voice and in his eyes.

“Scott baby, I enjoyed making love with you very much too, it was a real thrill in fact; and I want you and Marci to come over to my house and we can do this again, would you’ll like to that?”

“Oh yes Doris, that would really be nice,” Marci told her. She knew good and well that Scott would be there too and if things worked out at all this weekend, she intended to have Scott’s peter inside of her, regardless of what they had both been told; then she would learn the feeling for the first time. In addition, she could hardly wait for that to happen as she thought about his wonderful peteras she had held it in her hand, less than an hour ago.

4 The next morning Marci woke up with her arm across Scott’s chest and one breast was resting on his arm; it had been very nice, sleeping with him for the first time since they were small children; she was already again thinking about having his fantastic peter inside of her. Just thinking about that was getting her excited once more, even though she wasn’t fully awake yet. She had one eye open watching Scott’s face and very carefully she moved her hand down and took his limp penis into her hand. He was not been circumcised and she was enraptured as she slowly moved her hand up and down, feeling the skin reveal the amazing head of his peter. It began to get a tad harder; then Scott stirred slightly and even when it was soft, his peter flopped over the edge of her hand and she was enthralled with the feeling of it.

She heard Doris, John and her Dad talking in the kitchen a short time ago and that was probably what had caused her to wake up; she could just imagine her Mom still lounging on the bed, catching up on her beauty sleep. She and John had still been playing when she and Scott had gone to bed last night. Oh well, that meant that she didn’t have to worry about Daddy catching her doing anything with Scott this morning; and how nice that it was another day that she didn’t have to worry about books, school and rushing around just to get to class. Things were so peaceful that she dropped back off to sleep, tenderly holding Scott’s peter just as though she was a little girl with a sucker in her hand.

About twenty minutes later LeAnn passed the kids doorway on her way to the kitchen. She stopped suddenly and backed up and a slight smile appeared on her lips as she surveyed the sight of her two children asleep; carefully she eased over to the side of the bed and raised the sheet ever so slightly and sure enough, it was just as she had suspected. She dropped the sheet and went on to the kitchen.

She poured herself a cup of coffee, sat down at the table and visualized Marci’s beautiful body lying naked, half on top of her brother and with his peter in her hand. And that made her smile again. ‘I wonder, I wonder,’ thought LeAnn. She reached over, picked up the phone and called Doris.

“Have the guys left for the fishing hole yet?” she asked.

“Oh hi, yeah they left just a few minutes ago. You up and around already?” she wanted to know.

“Sure, but listen to this. The kids aren’t up and I wish you could see them.”

“They aren’t doing it are they LeAnn?”

“No, no, it’s not that, I just looked in on them and they are still asleep, naked.

“Hey, I bet that is something to see,” said Doris.

“That’s not all!” said LeAnn as she giggled. “Oh, it’s really cute, because Marci has her head lying on Scott’s chest and she is holding Scott’s peter, and it’s half hard.”

“Gee, if it’s half hard honey, she has really got a hand full,” said Doris.

“Yes, I know, and I want to know what happened last night—any thing special that I should know about?” she asked her friend.

“Anything special now LeAnn while I was getting Doug knocked out, I discovered Scott right by the bed watching us and I thought he was going to have a climax kneeling there on the floor as I played with Doug.

“I figured as much, because Marci was watching John and me while we were playing in the den, and I think she got more of a thrill out of seeing John naked than anything else; and Scott told me yesterday that he could hardly wait to see your naked body,” she told her.

“Well, he got to see my body alright, and after Doug went to sleep I took Scott back to Marci’s room and we proceeded to wear ourselves completely out; and LeAnn, it was a real thrill for me to play with his 18 year old body.”

“Really, you mean you actually got to do it with my little boy,” she asked her best friend as she giggled into the phone.

“Did I do it; I came once with Doug and twice more with Scott, and it was absolutely the most exciting time I’ve had since I was fourteen years old. Maybe it’s because he is only eighteen, and I’m almost 31; whatever it was, it was simply outstanding,” she said, “and his peter is absolutely grand my friend.”

“Tell me Doris, how did my little boy’s first time go, and did you like his peter when it was sliding in and out of you?” she asked her best friend, searching for specifics that she was sure she would get.

“For a first timer he did very well; I did coach him right through it though. But I was so excited myself that I didn’t take the time with him that I should have and beside that I asked them both to come over to our house so we could do it all again, and they both were all for it. Is that okay with you?”

“That’s excellent, and I am tickled pink that you got to be the first woman for him Doris. I’ve been scared to death that Marci would entice him into having sex, and I figured that would be a disaster since neither of them really knows what’s going on; Marci is just dying to get the deed done though, and I wouldn’t put it past that conniver to get the job done with Scott either, one way or another.”

“Why don’t you and I just make a project of it and see that he becomes properly trained? The very last thing either of us wants is for him to get Marci pregnant,” she told LeAnn.

“What do you suggest?”

“Well, last night they both acted like they really wanted to explore this more than what has already happened; why don’t you take a personal hand in it on your end and we can get this project rolling right, don’t you think that would be a good way to do this?” she asked her friend.

“Hey, that sounds reasonable to me,” said LeAnn.

“Why don’t you just play it by ear there at your house; I really think both of them have their heads on pretty straight and as long as we can keep Scott from getting Marci pregnant, everything will be wonderful. If you need any help call me and I’ll rush right over,” Doris told her as she giggled. “Hey, this is almost like teaching him how to ride a bicycle and you remember how excited he got when we helped him do that don’t you?”

“Maybe you’re right; I know they will be awake shortly and I’ll just see what happens then,” she told Doris. “But one thing is sure; I’m going to have to explain to both of them why they should not have intercourse.”

“If you explain all of that to him, be sure and fill me in LeAnn; this whole deal is really exciting, just thinking about both of them learning how to do the wonderful thing we all seek to find out about at that age, if not at age 14, like we did. Think of all the wonderful sex that they can have starting this week. Besides girl, you cannot even imagine how excited I felt just to be in bed with that 18-year-old boy whose diapers I used to change; it was almost like being back in high school again. On top of that, LeAnn, just feeling his peter sliding in and out of me was even more thrilling than anything I did while I was in high school. I definitely plan to it with him some more, if he can squeeze me into his busy schedule,” Doris told her.

“Okay, I believe you’re probably right about that too; so let me hang up and I’ll just see what happens, and I’ll keep you posted girl.” They both hung up and she was tingling with the anticipation of just talking with the kids.

LeAnn sat there thinking after hanging the phone up, ‘she could vividly remember that day six years ago when Scott had wandered into the bedroom with a pimple on his twelve year old peter. Even at that age, he was fully developed and the feeling of his young peter when he had an erection while she popped the pimple had really gotten her excited, and she was tingling now just remembering that long ago incident.’

The thoughts LeAnn was having created that yearning sensation between her legs again, and she was very conscious of the wetness that it had created. As was normal, she was sitting there at the table naked, and the coffee she had come to the kitchen to get was not even in her mind at all anymore, besides, it had to be cold by now. This was no different from the feeling she had when she was 13 and 14 years old. Sex was still very exciting, even if you just thought about it.

She spread her legs slightly and placed her hand on her pussy, gently moving her middle finger up and down the lips as she pictured Scott getting his first experience at real sex from Doris, and then Doris’ vivid words about his peter moving in and out of her playpen, and that thought really excited her. The sensation of his finger gently massaging her pussy just barely lingered in her mind. Her thoughts about Scott and Doris were what really surged into her thoughts and held her attention though.

While sitting there at the kitchen table and concentrating on what she could remember about the encounter that Doris had with Scott, she heard Marci moan and knew instantly what that sound resulted from and what it was all about too. With both the concern and expectation that guided her down the hall toward Marci’s room she moved through the hall toward the sound she had heard. She knew good and well that they would not be in the act of intercourse, but it excited her just to think about what they could be doing. In addition, just what it could lead to was exhilarating, just to imagine what might happen during this summer vacation. Doris was right, this certainly is more exciting than anything that they had done in high school, and the anticipation was now almost overwhelming it seemed like. She placed her hand on the door molding and very carefully peeked around to see what the kids were doing.

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