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More Huddle House Customer Service

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Tess really enjoyed working at the Huddle House and she actually took calls to fill in at a couple others that were near to home. She liked interacting (even non-sexually) with the people that came in and the tips were almost always really good thanks to her waitressing methods. She called one day and said she was working at a different one for a couple nights and would I be able to stop by. Sure I told her and I did. I got off work early one night and went to the Commerce location and sure enough there she was chatting with people and wearing her slightly unzipped blouse and her skirt that was eveen shorter than last time she had worn it. I asked why it was shorter and she just smiled and said, "Do you really have to ask Dear?" No, guess not, I told her. Around 1:30 3 men came in, they were all good looking and well dressed. They picked a booth away from the bar and sat down waiting for the waitress, Tess in this case to come over. I saw her unzip a little and walk over smiling and said, "So what can I do for you tonight?" The men smiled as if all thinking the same thing. One cleared his throat and said, "Well, aside from the obvious what is best tonight?" Tess smiled and giggled a little and lean towards him, "Well, there is nothing that even comes close to the obvious." He stared down her blouse at her 42DDs and cleared his throat again, "Well, if it was not bad manners to begin with desert I would say those would be good." She looked at him and then down at his slowly growing bulge, then she told him, "The good thing about starting with desert is that you have a lot more room and you don't waste space and then I can have all the desert I want." The change in persons was not lost on him. He said, "I thought we were taking about our order." Tess was licking her lips now, "Well, maybe we are both up for the same kind of order, I really do love cream filled things to suck on," she said looking him right in the eyes, and then down to his lap, "And that looks ready to bust." She then looked at the other two men and said, "So I guess you all want the same thing?" They looked at each other then her and smiled, "Yeh, we could all use some of what he is having." She told them she would get them a light snack and coffe to hold them till she got off at 2 and came back with their orders. Her blouse wsa down even more and she had removed her bra so that her titties were swaying as she walked and the nipples stuck out thru the material of her blouse. Her nipples were hard and obvious thru the blouse so that the other people in the place were smiling and commenting quietly to themselves. Everyone settled down and they drank the coffee and as soon as 2 came Tess clocked out and went to the table and said, "Well, I am on my own time now, let's have something to eat. Mind if my lover comes with us?" They looked at me and seemed unsure. "Well, if you and he don't then neither do we." "Good, she said, I am starving." She got up and took one by the hand and led the way to her car. That is a good hotel over there she said pointing to one that was near. Okay the men said, and they got in ther car and went across and got a room. It was around the back and we followed them. I went to Tess and said, "Well, didn't know you were so hungry tonight dear or I would have made arrangements for a group buffett. She smiled and kissed me deep. We were standing next to the car as the men walked up. Room guys? she asked. 220 the one said and then she grabbed him and kissed him long and deep, massaging his bulge to life. Then her blouse was off on the ground and she was massaging his cock between her titties. He was moaning and we were all standing there, hard cocks, watchng as she licked the head each time it surfaced to the top of her full titties. He was over 6'0" and Tess is only 5'0" tall and is at the perfect height for such play. He was moaning, I am going to cum lady...Then cum she moaned and he shot a load on her titties and most of it she aimed into her mouth but some just went on her face and she wipped it with her fingers and licked them dry. She dropped her skirt to the ground and was wearing her string thong and she tossed them into the car thru the window and said, Room 220? as she took the card. We followed her and I was taking her hand as we went into the hallway of the hotel. There was a couple walking towards us and they just stood open mouthed staring at her. She got to the door and opened it and went inside. We follwoed and she was streached out on the bed. Now, I am the only one naked and that is not right, get my desert undressed all of you she said and we did. Suddenly she was all passion, grabbing cock and shoving it into her waiting mouth, sucking it fast and deep as if she was going to die without the cum that was coming from us. She took one after another, fast and deep, not seeming to care for the pleasure but the need of cum in her mouth. She had sucked all 4 of us off and was laying back massaging her titties and pussy and she said, "Okay, now for youy gentle to fuck the lady. I will take any combination you want to do, ass, mouth, pussy, cum on me or in me but just make sure that you give me all you have. I will take you first she said reaching for the largest cock in the room. He moved towards her and she guided him to her soaking pussy. Pulling his cock to her she moved her hips up, "Now fuck me, she demanded. And someone had better be ready when he is finished. He drove into her and she had orgasms as if they had been waiting to explode. Then he did explode filling her with his load. He slid out and she reached out for another and took it in her mouth, put on i my ass too someone she moaned and I stepped up and did her bidding. She was on her knees one in her mouth and one in her ass....wild like and animal she sucked and pushed back onto my cack. She had several orgasms as she moaned and took our loads. Then she reached for the other man, he was hard and was watching us smiling. She reached up. Did I say you could touch my cock he said. What? Tess said, baffeled some I think. Did I say you could touch my cock he told her again? No she said. Then what makes you think you can. BUt I want, Shut up and he slapped her across the face just enough to let her know he was in charge. She sat there dumbfounded. He motioned to one of the guys that was soft and whispered in his ear. He got dressed and took the key card and went out the door. Tess sat on the bed, obviously hot and needing more cock. Now you may suck it he told her and she tok it in her mouth. Slowly taking it in her mouth then he grabbed her head and forced it down her throat, she gagged a little but he kept it deep in her throat and did not let her move it for about 30 seconds. He never moved his hips and then he let her pull it out and catch her breath. Ready again he asked her. She looked up not able to speak with the head in her mouth but moving her head to say yes. Then he rammed it deep into her throat again and again she gagged some. Again he kept it there and then he pulled it out, let her breathe and thn back into her throat. He as enjoying his power over her and then the next time he told her. This time I am going to cum in your mouth and you had better not move till I do no matter how long it takes, understand, she glansed at me and I saw the look in her eyes that told me she was enjoying being used, she had not wanted to be in charge. He shoved it in and ws pulsing it in her throat and the after a long time his load began to fill her. She moaned and I could tell her pussy was soaking the bed under her. Then he withdrew his cock and she fell back on the bed, her arms and legs spread, cum dripping from the corner of her mouth. A little after that the door opened and 5 or 6 men entered, all seeminly large and then I saw the guy that had left. Got some back up man he said to the one that sent him. Always truckers around this time of night. Tess laid on the bed moaning. One guy was undressing already and his think cock was hard. THis the entertainment for the night he said as he climbed on the bed. Tess was in a state of seeming shock. Yes, this lady is going to take all we give her. Good he said as he plunged into her up to his balls. Tess moaned loud, Oh yes, fuck me, more please, fuck me. We will baby said the trucker in her pussy. He rammed her for a while then he too loaded her pussy with cum, then another was in his place. he drove into her and she begged, Please, I need to suck a cock too, please someone give me one to suck. One of them had undressed and was at her head, here you go lady, suck all you want. The man in her pussy kept humping as she took the cock into her mouth. After about a half hour they loaded her up with their cum and as they pulled out cum dripped from her pussy and her mouth. More she moaned, give me more, she was begging. Get her up said one man, then they got her up and sat her on his cock in her ass, she moaned and writhed as the good sized cock impaled her ass, then they laid her back and another entered her pussy, stuffing her and making her moans get louder and another at her face as she sucked it into her throat. They were all pounding their cocks into her not caring if there was room for her to breath or not, or even if she was getting off, they were there for their own pleasure, fucking whatever hole was open. The door opened several times during all this and I am sure that more men came in, saw the show and joined in as they could. Tess was like a rag doll, simply a depository for cum. Towards the end of the night there were about 8 or 9 men standing around the bed, she was laying thee, cum leaking from every hole and they all stood around half hard cocks. Tess looked up, cum still in her mouth and she swallowed. Jack off on me she said. What one of them asked. Jack off on me, all of you before you leave me. Jack off on me. We all began massaging our cocks pointed towards her on the bed. She began massaging her titties, pulling hard on the nipples and her fingers were in her cum soaked pussy...she was working herself up, orgasm waiting deep in her. They were all jacking their cocks. The Tess was going faster and she she was moaning...hurry she was saying, cum on me, please, cum on me...she was plunging 4 fingers into her used pussy and suddely a stream of cum shot out of a cock, she saw it and began cumming herself. This set off a chain reaction and the others began cumming, one by one on her face, her mouth, her legs, her tummy and her titties. Her hand disappeared into her pussy as her orgasm took over her entire being. Then as the last cock shot its load she licked the cum from the tips, sucking the heads just enough to get the last drops out. Then they were getting dressed, leaveing and tossing money on the table as they did.I sat in the chair as Tess fell off to sleep. Sometime in the early afternoon I woke to her in the shower. I joined her and she took me in her titties and sucked me off slowly. That was great she said. I have never had so much fun. Good, I told her, anytime you feel the need for a nice casual gang r*pe let me know. I will she said, how about next weekend? Serious? Yes dear, always.

Okay, it is a date.

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