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My wife Michelle looked so hot that night. She was wearing what had to be my favorite outfit. Michelle looks good in any case. She is 35 years old, 5'8" with a few extra pounds that are in all the right places. Her large 36 DD tits with big nipples always get attention, especially when she is dressed sexy.

On this night she wore a very short black mini skirt, garter belt, black stockings and very high fuck me pumps. She also wore a shelf bra that made her breasts look huge. She had on this sheer white top that she usually wears over another top. This night she wore it alone and when she stood in our bathroom applying make-up it was transparent. Her blonde hair was teased up and she had a scarf around her neck, making her look like some school boy's fantasy of what a teacher should look like.

We had been to a local on premise swing club a few times before. However, we had always gone on Saturday nights which were couples only. This was a Friday, and we knew there would be lots of single guys in attendance. We had only played with couples before, but Michelle had whispered her fantasy to me of taking on multiple men, so I knew that may be in the cards if the situation was right.

By the time we got to the club it was fairly crowded. We could not find a table, but were able to get a couple of stools at the bar. We each got a drink and turned to scan the room. There were probably 20 couples in the club, but I did not recognize anyone from our previous trips. There were also around 30 men, most of them seemed to be checking out my wife. The club was fairly dark, but you could still see through her shirt fairly easily. She must have enjoyed the attention because her nipples were rock hard.

She was enjoying herself smiling at the men. I also noticed she was crossing and un crossing her legs frequently and caught on that she was flashing her sluttly little white panties each time. There was practically drowl running down the chins of some of the men.

Several men approached, trying to strike up a conversation or asking if they could dance with Michelle. I could see she was not interested and politely declined. Finally, this young hunk walked up and asked her to dance. He looked to be in his early 20's, around 6 feet and had the look of an athlete. Not a body builder, but toned. When he asked Michelle to dance she smiled and stood up.

I watched as they danced for a couple of fast songs. He was definitely getting an eye full and I notices several men had manuevered on the dance floor so they could get a closer look at her. The third song came on and it was a slow one. I watched as they began to dance slowly and could see she was grinding against his crotch. When they turned as they danced I saw his hand moving further and further down. Since she offered no resistence he was soon rubbing her nice ass.

After that song they returned to bar and she got a refill. She introduced her new friend as Paul. We chatted and found out Paul was a senior at a local college and this was his first trip to the club. He said he was there with his roommate Tom and Michelle told him to get Tom to join us.

Paul left and in a few minutes returned with what looked like a blonde version of himself. They were both around the same age and the same build, although Tom was a little more muscular.

We spent the next 30 minutes talking and drinking. Michelle took every opportunity to bend over or spread her legs giving them better views. She was really getting them worked up.

I watched both of them move closer and closer to her. They discussed her breasts and she gave them both an opportunity to feel and confirm they were real. At one point she reached out and grabbed them each by the crotch.

"Mmmmm, you boys seem to have a problem here. I don't think you will be able to drive home with these. They will probably get stuck in the steering wheel."

They both just smiled and nodded. "I think I can do something about that. Would you two like to join us in a private room?"

"YES", they practically screamed.

The four of us went to the back of the club and found a private room unoccupied. We went in and I closed the door. Michelle sat down on the bed on the floor and patted on each side of her. I found a chair in the corner and sat to watch. They each sat down and took turns making out with her. When one was not kissing her they would be sucking a nipple or licking her stomach. I could tell she was getting very hot.

Pretty soon she was laying on her back and Paul was between her legs. He had pulled her panties aside and was licking her. Tom had pulled down his pants and moved so she could take him into her mouth. He had a nice 7 incher and I could tell he was having to work not to cum too fast.

After a while they traded places and I watched as Paul pulled out one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen in person. If school did not work out he could always get a job in porn with that thick 9 inch slab of beef. She had trouble getting it in her mouth, but I could tell she was excited.

After Tom brought her to orgasm she got on all fours between them. They had pulled her panties down so they were mid thigh and had hiked her skirt up. With the stockings, garter and heels it looked incredibly hot. Neither of them undressed either, they just pulled their pants down enough to do the job.

Paul got behind her and eased in while she gobbled Tom in her mouth. Her mouth was full, but she still moaned loudly when he got his big rod all the way in. He began to pump slowly, but soon built up speed.

For the next hour plus I watched and stroked myself as they took turns with her, getting her in every position. The boys each came twice and I lost track of how many times Michelle exploded. I was sure we had a crowd in the hall enjoying her screams. The whole time they had stayed completely dressed, just moving underwear aside. For some reason that was a big turn on to me. As was watching my wife take on multiple men for the first time.

After they caught their breath Paul and Tom thanked her and left us alone. I locked the door and lay down beside her. I kissed her and felt her soaking wet panties. I went down between her legs and pulled them off. I then slowly mounted her and her pussy felt like it was laying in a puddle it was so wet. I spent the next 30 minutes fucking her as I told her how hot it was to watch her and she whispered how hot she had gotten. It was at last more than I could take and I exploded in her.

Although we have yet to repeat the fantasy, it gets us both hot every time we talk about it in bed. I am not sure who got luckier that night, those two men or me?

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