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Medical Advances Change Our Lives!

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Jill and I have worked together for three years. She?s been there for a year longer than I have, and I guess she?s technically my supervisor, but in a sales driven medical suply company there isn?t a lot of foolish time spent on pecking order and I?m usually one of the top performers. We?re women in a male dominated business and I guess that creates a special kind of bond too.

I?ve been married to Tom for four years and they?ve been good, really, really good. He?s a Doctor, and he works in obstetrics in a great partnership so its predictable work. He?s senior enough so that he only has one on-call week once a month, otherwise its pretty much an office practice.

Sex is great between us, though of course the frequency has dropped during the years together. Sometimes of course there are tough weeks but we always make it up and have fun doing so. I was pretty wild in my single days, and to tell the truth I sometimes miss it; the excitement of the chase, stalking while being stalked, the surrender and the delicious feeling of a new cock. Marriage is all about compromises and a faithful life is just part of that, but I guess I?ve always thought its important to realize that it is a sacrifice.

Jill got divorced last year, and about six months ago, she really started to enjoy tellingme of her adventures. She?s in her early thirties and in her case her libido has really kicked in, so she goes out hunting at least once a week, and now has a steady roster of fuck partners. Sometimes she brings in her little digital camera to show me some particularly fine cock that wandered into her bedroom. I know it would probably be better for my peace of mind if I told her I wasn?t interested in seing them, but I rationalize that its no different than Tom going to a titty bar, and he usually manages to do that once a month.

Jill is always interested in my reactions to her photographic essays and always comments on my virtue. She smiles when she says that, because she always follows it by saying that a girl with my body must be exposed to a lot of temptation. I ?ve always thought of as an ?obvious? body. I?m a big girl, 5?9? though I only weigh 135. I think I just have a heavy frame. I have pretty broad shoulders, big tits and a small waist. My hips are beamy, and my butt is round. It?s the kind of body that?s a little lazy and slow looking. I wear my dark brown hair long. About ninety percent of the men I meet have sex on their mind. Sometimes I think I just give off a horny vibe, and I have to act extra business-like to keep conversations on the straight and narrow.

There?s no question that my sexuality helps me in sales. Doctors are always glad to see me and I never have problems in getting access, but I?ve never done anything that my husband would be concerned about. I mean I know what men like and I always dress conservatively but my clothes always fit well and I know just how to make a skirt tight over my hips and I know when to put my shoulders back and when to wet my lips and toss my hair. I?m pretty subtle about it, I like to think, but I love to flirt, that?s the truth.

Jill and I have played a rating game for our customers for years. She started it but I admit that I played along. She usually found her male friends outside of work though on three occasions she has told me about fucking one of her clients ? and told me about it in great detail. It?s not a frequent thing; she?d done it twice to customers that I?ve met. She refers to them as her ?specials? and she limits herself to once a year and she only does it with them three times before she sends them off to another sales person.

Anyway, she came back one day from a new sales call completely excited. A new practice in genito-urinary medicine had opened up and she went to visit them and came back bubbling about the doctor she had visited.

?His name is Brad. You?ve just got to meet him ? he looks just like Keanu Reeves in white. You know that sort of world-weary spaciness. Really dark hair and blue eyes though, but blue like an exotic stone, so brightly colored that you could just lose yourself looking into them. I thought I was going to make squishy sounds with my seat when I was showing him the product line.?

I laughed and she said, ?No, you don?t understand, this is the real thing. He?s too young for me; god he?s maybe 27, but oh my lord he made me wet. You?ve got to meet him. I?ve made an appointment for you to show him the new testicular line.?

Now I was really laughing; the company had come up with a new line of artifical testicles; made from silicone with a little thermoelastic tether that actually pulled in tighter when the temperature dropped. They were used for guys who had lost one or both balls to injury or a disease. I mean it made sense for a genito-urinary guy to be interested.

Jill continued, ?You?re seeing him tomorrow morning, because he has a surgery scheduled for next week and we have to get the right size ordered as soon as possible.?

The next morning I was there on time. I put extra care in my appearance, I guess because I wanted Jill to see that I appreciated her referring me the business even though it was her contact. I wore a dark red suit with a flouncy v-necked shirt that I liked to think of as my secret weapon. It disarmed the girls at the front counter because when you were standing up it closed almost completely at the neck. If you leaned forward or twisted to the side however a nice slash opened, exposing half a tit nestled in the flounces. It was sort of a voyeur?s dream, because I suspected that a man would never know if it was intentional or accidental.

Brad saw me almost immediately and I was happy to see his eyes widen as he greeted me. We spent a few minutes chatting about the product lines before I used the weapon. I had my little case with me and wasted no time in doing the side twist and the forward lean down to get the samples. When he moved beside me I could feel his eyes on my cleavage and I leaned forward a little more, knowing that he would see one hardening nipple.

I pulled out the box containing my artifical balls and opened it onto his desk. They were graded in dimension; nasty looking pink ovals. I said, ?Have you done any measurements yet??

?Yes, I have them in the chart. Of course they are only approximate, but I guess the patient won?t be unhappy if we go one size larger??

I leaned back. ?Do you think so? I?ve only heard the expression ?He?s got a big set of balls. I did?t know men took that literally.?

He laughed. ?Testicles tend to shrink with age and scrotal tissue stretches. There are a couple of plastic surgeons who have developed a technique for trimming extra tissue. I thought of consulting with them so we could give the patient an ego boost at the time of the surgery. You could shave ten years off their appearance.?

I said, ?I guess I come from a limited frame of reference. I haven?t seen any old ones.?

He flipped open the chart and sat beside me. He opened it up and showed me the patient. The patient?s cock was big ? really big. He wasn?t aroused of course, but still it was a good eight inches long. The words flew out of my mouth ? ?he?s got a really big dick.?

He laughed, ?I think that?s the medical term. It does seem as if it?s a good size doesn?t it? He was born with only one testicle and its always bothered him. I read about your product and when he was in here for a routine exam and I suggested he might want to think about it.?

He had really pretty eyes. I managed to give him one more nipple look before I left and went straight back to the office to report to Jill. She said, ?Isn?t he the cutest? I?d love to suck his dick, or even better I?d love to have him look up at me with those baby blues from between my legs.?

Her imagery made me twitch a little and I had a momentary thought of him doing just that and I could feel my stomach lurch a little and felt some moisture descend though my cunt. I said, ?I gave him a couple of nipple glances.?

?What do you mean?? she said.

I showed her the trick with the blouse. When I leaned foreward she said, ?You?re right. I can see half your tit. Was your nipple hard like this??

I laughed and then gasped as she put her hand in and pinched my nipple. Jill was bad. I said, ?Stop it, I?m wet already just from looking at those baby blues. So did you talk to him about his, personal life??

?You?re wet, are you? If I knew you a little better, I?d check. But you?re curious about him aren?t you?? She had a little smile on her lips. ?Think he might be the one for a little adventure. You know after four years you should be just about ready for a little strange ding-a-ling.?

?I don?t think so sweetie. You know if I do it then in some karmic way I think Tom might do it too and then where would we be? I don?t want deception in my life.?

?What if you both did it together??

I stared at her. ?What do you mean??

?Well you bring home a girl for him and he brings home a guy for you. Or you find a couple and do it together. You could both have the girl.?

?Jill Ferguson, you have a filthy mind.? I went back to my office trying to think of sales call I needed to make, and in fact I succeeded in not thinking about Jill?s suggestion for at least fifteen minutes. I wondered whether there were people who did that. Wouldn?t it be amazing to have adventures with your partner?

I delivered the fake testicle to Dr. Brad and two weeks later during a follow up visit he asked if I wanted to see the result. I said sure, because you don?t get to see that sort of thing very often. I as at his office when his patient arrived and he had me wear a Dr.?s smock to attend the meeting. He had cleared it with the patient before hand. The patient turned out to be a jock about twenty-five years old. He was wearing a tied in the back gown when I went into the consulting room. Dr. Brad introduced me as the rep that had supplied the testicle and he semed delighted to meet me.

?I can?t tell you what it?s meant to me. I always felt like a freak. It looks great.?

Dr. Brad lifted the gown and I saw what he meant. His cock was laying on his sack like a limp banana. I had on gloves and Dr. Brad said, ?Perhaps you?d care to move it to show the result.?

I reached over, trying to be as clinical as I could. It was very heavy. The balls appeared to be perfectly matched. Dr. Brad says. ?The patient reports that it moves very well under conditions of arousal.?

I said, ?Really.?

The jock said, ?If you keep touching it you may get a demonstration.?

I looked Dr. Brad in the eye and closed my hand around the cock. I could feel it filling, and soon it was rock hard. It must have been eleven inches long. I continued to hold it up and we saw the scrotum start to retract. Dr. Brad smiled at me and said, ?Very nice.?

I let the cock go and stood up, ?Looks good.? I said. Afterwards we went into his office. Dr. Brad said, ?That was quite a demonstration. Thanks for your help. Without you giving a hand I?m sure I wouldn?t have been able to see that reaction.?

I crossed my legs. Today I was wearing a charcoal grey skirt that ended about six inches above my knees. It had a hidden slit that only fell open if you crossed your legs from left to right, which is what I did now. I saw his eyes take in a long expanse of leg. ?That was an impressive reaction wasn?t it??

?Well I was probably less impressed than you were, but I admit I would have liked to see it in action.?

He was smiling now. I said, ?You like to watch??

?Both my wife and I do. We discovered our mutual pleasure last year.?

I uncrossed my legs, but now I was paying real attention. ?Really? Do you think you might ever want to do more than watch??

He shrugged. ?We?ve talked about it. Maybe, if we meet the right people.?

I got up and left, slightly concerned that I might have developed a wet spot that would show up on the back of my skirt.

Three weeks later Jill informed me that my sales targets had been reached and that as a reward the company was sending us to a medical convention on Maui. Part of the prize was being able to stay for an extra four days after the convention ended. Unfortunately the timing was really tight, but when I got home Tom agreed that he would trade some favors to be able to join me. A couple of days later though he told me that he would only be able to be there for the last three days of the vacation. Oh well, I though, something is better than nothing. For the past month, I had become obsessed by thoughts of getting Tom to join me in some sex adventures. The thought of Brad and his wife, whose name, I had discovered, was Sam, obsessed me.

I had thoughts of introducing the topic during sex, but it just seemed so manipulative to start talking about my interest in watching him fuck other girls, especially when the truth was that I was hankering after some strange cock. I had gotten on to a couple of swinging sites and the pictures just drove me crazy. On the nights when Tom was on call, I would bring up some of the intimate pics of people on the site. Oe in particular had a pic of a girl getting it from three guys and that drove me to a hot fingered frenzy.

I started writing my fantasies into my diary, but then one day when I was re-reading one of my fantasies I convinced myself that I wasn?t doing myself any good and resolved to put those thoughts away.

The time for our trip arrived and Jill and I flew out together. We had bags of samples and a convention booth, so we were busy. We were staying at the Grand Wailea, a fabulous hotel, filled with the smells of frangipani and passionfruit and we managed to get in a few hours at the beach every day of the set-up time. Jill and I were sharing a room. It was a nice large room with two double beds, but I discovered that Jill liked to walk around naked and that made me a little bit uncomfortable. It really made me uncomfortable the first time I saw her naked too. She had a slim athlete?s body, all blonde with a light dusting of freckles over her b sized boobs. It was her pussy that shocked me though. She had shaved all of her pubic hair. I have a fair bit of pubic hair. I keep it trimmed, but it definitely covers all of me. Even so, my outer lips are plump and cover my inner ones. Jill had small outer lips and big inner ones, and her clit looked like a small penis. The skin of her lips covered most of it, but it was set high at the top of her pussy and the tip of it stuck out a little. She saw me staring (it was hard not to) and said, ?Pretty unusual isn?t it??

I said, ?I don?t know about unusual but it looks different than mine.?

That of course provoked demands to see mine and her face got uncomfortably close to it. She said, ?I want to see your lips? and she brushed my hair back so my lips stuck out. ?Yours is pretty. I love the look on guys? faces when they see mine. Most of them can?t wait to get this in their mouths.? She pinched her clit and wagged it back and forth. I was secretly fascinated.

It was on the second day of the conference that Dr. Brad stopped by our booth. Jill was estatic and got a promise out of him to meet us for dinner. When I got her to the room I said, ?I can?t believe you did that. What are we going to wear??

?Something exotic, something sexy, something to tease him out of his ever loving mind.?

We met at eight and immediately started drinking scorpions; exotic drinks that promised a punch. Jill was wearing a cute sheath dress, while I was wearing a Jean Von Furstenburg wrap with a tropical print. Jill loved the dress, but was very disappointed that I insisted on wearing a bra under it. She forced me to take the bra off and pinched my nipples to see what they would look like under the dress, bare but for the fabric.

We had a good dinner and Brad was great company. Afterwards we went to an ocean front bar and listened to a little reggae. Jill of course led the conversation around to sex. ?So Andrea tells me you?re married.?

?Yes, to a wonderful woman. She?s going to be joining me in three days.?

?And you?re faithful.?

He laughed and I said, ?But they like to watch others doing it.? I knew I was a little drunk, or I wouldn?t have said it.

Jill said, ?How do you arrange that??

?Oh we have some friends that we?ve done it with a few times. It?s not something we?ve done a lot of. We went to a swinger?s resort in the spring. That was really our first exposure. There were people doing it everywhere.?

I was intrigued. ?What do you mean everywhee??

?Well the first night we arrived we went out of our room, we had an ocean front room and the couple in the hammock next to our room were just going at it. The when we were coming back the couple in the room on the other side were taking turns with oral sex.?

Jill looked at him, ?Cool. Did you do it in public too??

?By the second day we were all over the place. They had a great roof top terrace and we had an audience of ten couples one night.?

I could feel myself getting wet. The liquor said, ?I can feel myself getting wet.?

Jill stared at me. ?Me too.? She was sitting next to me and I felt her hand on my back and then I felt the release of the bra hook. ?You need to get that off Andrea. It?s bothering me.? I was feeling no pain at this point so I slipped it down my arms.

Jill said, ?She has really beautiful boobs don?t you think Dr. Brad??

I saw his gaze. ?They look very nice.? I could feel my nipples stiffen under their joint scrutiny.

?Look,? Jill said, ?They want to play.?

We continued talking about it for another twenty minutes and I could see Brad and Jill were getting more and more excited. I saw her hand slip under the table and she said, ?You?re hard Brad. I mean really hard. Nice sized too. You?re sure you don?t want to work that off??

He said, ?I?d really like to, but I?m not going to do anything. Sam will be here soon. She said that if I found anything to watch that was OK, but I have to tell her.?

Jill perked up at that. ?So if we go back to the hotel you two could hide in the closet and watch me with someone and that would be OK??

I said. ?Wait just a minute girl. I?m not sure I want to watch.?

We ended the night there. Next day we were at the booth and Brad stopped by and said,

?Look who I brought to say hi.?

It was the ball man ? the guy who I?d last seen while I was making his dick hard, whose name turned out to be Stan. I know I blushed. Brad said, ?He came out at our request to be part of the lecture on testicular repalcement, complete of course with face covering gown. How about dinner again tonight??

We agreed and met at the same restaurant. I was wearing a little see through top with a silk camisole underneath and a bra under that, with high waisted pants. Jill was in fine form and I could see that she was sizing up Stan. When we went to the restroom she said, ?What do you think, should I fuck him??

I said, ?He has a huge dick.? I was a little lit again.

?How do you know??

I told her the story of the medical exam. We went back to the table and I could see the determination in her eyes. When Stan went to the restroom, she leaned over to Brad and I. ?I?m only going to fuck him if the two of you will watch. There are louvered closet doors. He?ll never know.?

I was really torn. I?d been horny ever since I?d arrived and I was curious about Brad?s voyeur thing. I wondered if that would be a good way to introduce Tom to the idea. Brad looked at me and said, ?What do you think. We know she?s going to have a surprise.?

I laughed and said, ?Sure.? When Stan came back to the table Brad and I made excuses and left. Jill smirked at us, ?enjoy yourselves.?

We made our way up to the room like a couple of giggly teenagers. I knew I was drunk but thankfully, the hotel elevators didn?t have any mirrors, but we were careful not to brush up against each other. We made our way into the room and over to the closet. It was built against the wall opposite the beds, on either side of the TV console. There were two closets, and I had put my clothes in the set closest to the window. I guess we could each have gotten into separate closets but we both gravitated to mine. I pushed the clothes to the side and closed the door. It was a nice and deep, but the view through the louvers wasn?t the greatest so we pushed the doors open a little and discovered we could see better through the hinge. I hoped they wouldn?t be long. We turned off all of the lights other than the bedside lamp and I realized that I had to pee. I rushed out to the bathroom and had a fight with the buttons and zipper of my pants. Just as I finished, I heard Jill?s laughter in the corridor and I rushed back to the closet, clutching my trousers. We heard them at the door and I didn?t want to zip my pants, so I took them off and put them in the corner of the closet, wearing only my thong panties.

Jill was walking around the room, taking off bits of her clothing. Once she came to the closet door with a shirt and opened it a little to hang the shirt and to wink at us. I could see Brad?s grinning face. There wasn?t much light in the closet with the door nearly closed, but we could see very clearly into the room.

Jill was naked now, running her hands over her body, pinching her nipples, pulling her lips, watching Stan. She walked to the console and turned the radio on low and then walked over to him, dropping to her knees, unzipping him and then shucking his pants. His cock sprang free. It was huge, at least the eleven inches that I had thought it would be. She made sure she turned slghtly away, so we could watch as she opened her mouth and slipped it inside.

I looked over at Brad and saw him studying me. I grinned and leaned over to whisper in his ear. ?That looks pretty hot don?t you think??

He nodded and pointed to his crotch. I saw his erection tenting his pants. I leaned in and said, ?I feel the same way.?

Jill was enjoying Stan?s cock and was now playing with his balls, scratching up and down his legs as she deep throated his cock. I started to feel distinctly hot and realized that there wasn?t any airconditioning in the closet. I could fee sweat starting to gather on my lip. I leaned in to Brad. ?Is it getting hotter in here??

Jill had now decided that she wanted some cock in her pussy and had flung herself back on the bed, legs pointed at up, raised above her ears. I knew she was teasing us as she put her fingers inside and started to moan, shouting that she wanted Stan?s big cock inside.

I leaned over to Brad and said, ?It?s too hot in here. Help me get this shirt off.? Both the shirts I was wearing went on over my head and there was restricted room in the closet, so Brad pulled them up for me. I felt cooler, but my bra was bugging me so that came off too. I could see Brad staring at me and said, ?It was just too hot.?

We were standing beside each other with our shoulders touching. Jill was getting pounded now and we could see Stan?s ass clench every time he drove into her. My pussy was getting drenched and I moved my left hand down to see how wet my panties were getting. They were soaked, but now I was rubbing my fingers up and down the outside, timing my rubbing to Stan?s thrusts. Jill flipped over inviting Stan to drive it in frm behind. She spread her ass cheeks and we could see her pussy red and dripping. I moved over to the hinge to get a better view and over balanced, leaning into Brad?s chest. He said, ?I?m dying of heat. Help me out of this.?

I unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off and then un-buttoned his pants. He stepped out of them and I put them behind me. His cock had made a wet spot on the front of his shorts. I brushed my hand against it, felt it jump and heard a little exclamation. I turned back to the crack.

Stan was shouting, ?I?m going to cum.?

Jill said, ?On my tits, on my tits.? She flipped over as he pulled out and streams of cum bathed her chest. I slipped my finger under my panties and looked at Brad. His cock was sticking out of his shorts and he had his hand wrapped around it, massaging the end, smearing the pre-cum into the head. It glistened in the dim light. Jill was rubbing the cum into her tits as Stan dove for her pussy. We saw him suck her clit into his mouth and then her back was arching and she was cumming. I moved my other hand to my tits and started pinching my nipples and then Brad?s hands were there, rubbing and sucking, pulling my nipples deep in his throat.

I can always cum from that and now I felt the judders start deep within me as my pussy clenched. My hand pulled my panties aside and I started dipping my fingers inside. I wrapped my other hand around his cock. When I finished, I looked outside the louvers. Jill was looking towards the door, as she lay on her side, cleaning Stan?s cock with her tongue.

?You feel up to fucking my ass, big boy??

?After I lick it.? He put her on her knees and then we saw him working her ass with his tongue, his hands pinching her nipples and playing with her clit.

I looked down at Brad?s dick, bobbing in the light. He had stopped touching it, but he had stepped out of his shorts and was standing naked beside me. I leaned in towards him and kissed his nipple, biting it softly with my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. I felt him testing the weight of my tits with his hands. I wondered if his wife had small breasts, because he seemed fascinated with mine, rubbing, squeezing and lifting them.

I knew I wanted to watch him cum, but I also knew that both of us wanted to be faithful. I guess I figured that mutual titty kissing and standing in a closet watching people fuck was OK. Strange, huh?

He saw me looking at his cock and pointed to the louvers. Jill was pushing back against Stan?s tongue, saying ?Fuck me up the ass.?

He took his tool and started rubbing it up and down her slit, gathering her juice onto the head of his dick and then we saw him stretch her little hole and start sliding in. Brad said, ?That is so erotic.?

I leaned over to his ear and said, ?Jerk off on my tits.?

I kneeled down and held them up and started playing with them pulling my nipples, pressing them together while he started stroking his cock. His cock turned up a little at the end, so I could see the littl fold of skin at the base of his glans. I knew that if he?d been a girl that?s the skin that would have formed his clit and I longed to suck it, but I bit my tongue and watched him rub the pre-cum into the head before stroking down his shaft. I turned my head to look out the crack. Stan was balls deep in Jill?s ass and was stroking slowly in and out. She had collapsed with her head on the bed, so we could see her clit and Stan?s fingers squeezing it.

Brad had increased his tempo and I could see his balls contracting and then there it was a gushing, spurting salty flow that I felt slap my tits again and again. When he finished I stood up, the white streams sliding down m chest and he rubbed it in.

Jill was moaning now and Stan was shouting and we knew he was close. Brad leaned to me and said, ?Can you cum on my face, just dripping on me??

He lay on his back, I and went down on one knee, the other leg straddling his face, staring at his cock, which was hard again. I started playing with myself, thinking about his face watching my pussy and about Jill?s ass. We heard Stan?s explosive orgasm and I was looking at Brad?s cock. My pussy was squishy wet and I put two fingers inside and pulled then out and wiped my hand on Brad?s mouth. He licked my fingers and I could feel my pussy gushing and then I saw the first drip fall on his lips and he opened his mouth. The next drop fell on his tongue. I pulled my fingers through my lips, squeezing my clit. More liquid drops were falling now and I could feel my ogasm starting deep in my guts when the lovered doors were flung open. Jill was standing there, alone, watching. She saw what I was doing and turned her back to me to show me the trail of cum leaking out her ass onto her leg. I frigged myself and felt liquid pour out of me and then I looked down and saw Brad?s cock start to pulse and a steam of cum landed in my bush.

When we were done, I stood up my legs weak. Jill said, ?You guys made your own party, I see.?

Brad said, ?We didn?t touch each other, we just watched each other.? He chuckled, ?and came on each other.?

She walked over and touched my titty, swirling her finger in a stream of cum. ?When do your mates arrive??

?Day after tomorrow.? I said.

?Do you think you?re going to be able to get them to play??

I looked at Brad, ?It?d be fun don?t you think?? I was feeling relaxed but not quite satisfied I wished I felt good about fucking him. I ached to feel a cock inside me. I walked towards the bathroom, ?I?m going to shower.? I left the door open. The bathroom had a large glass walled shower. Jill and Brad followed me in to the bathroom. I turned on the water and went into the stall and started soaping myself. Brad?s cum was stuck in my pubic hair, and it took me a minute to get it clean. The water felt good on my breasts and I enjoyed soaping them while Brad and Jill watched.

I towelled myself as Brad showered and then it was Jill?s turn. He had gotten hard again in the shower, but hadn?t done anything other than clean himself. It was a good looking cock, a little fatter than Tom?s and it curved gently upwards. I thought it would feel good banging against my g-spot and I could feel my pussy start to wet again. I left the bathroom and went to put on a robe. It was late and I was starting to feel a little sleepy. We said goodnight to Brad and I got under the covers.

I said to Jill, ?I?ll bet you feel well fucked.?

She said, ?Umm, I do, but watching you guys aroused me all over again. I wish you two had felt like fucking. The three of us could have done it again. I would have loved to watch him inside you.?

We were both laying in darkness and I felt my pussy start to tingle. I moved my hand between my legs and caressed my clit. I imagined the feeling of Brad?s cock slipping up me and put a finger inside. I felt Jill?s weight on the bed and felt her slip under the covers beside me. ?Tell me how we?re going to seduce your mates so we can all fuck together.?

I moved my hand from between my legs and rolled on my side towards her. ?Well we both know that any sale takes place from the buyer?s point of need, and that the best sales strategy always gets the customer to chase the sale.?

?Hmm. That?s right, but how do you put the idea in their head??

?Well it sounds as if Sam and his wife are already there, at least almost there.?

Jill took her finger and circled my nipple and then leaned her mouth towards me and kissed it, taking it in her mouth. Electricity shot through my clit. She moved her hands onto my boob and squeezed it, casing my nipple to expand. ?You have great tits. I?d love to see them bounce when you got pounded. Have you ever had them beaten with cocks??

I laughed, ?No, but I?ll bet Stan could whip it good.?

She continued kneading my breasts as she talked and I rolled onto my back, one hand palming her nipple. It felt like a warm pebble in my hand. ?So we have to convince Tom that watching people fuck is a good idea and then see if he?s excited by the idea of watching you get fucked. I think all men like the idea of watching their women get fucked. I think its part of our animal past. Just think, when we were swinging from trees all sex was in public.?

I said, ?You think so??

?Yes in the same way that it?s natural for women to like touching women.?

She threw back the cover and ran her figertips over my breasts and down to my belly, which fluttered under her fingertips and then down to my thigh. She kept up a dancing, ever so light touch all over me, flicking her forfinger over my nipples, bendig them with her nails, pinching and pulling, twisting them sharply so little pains ran down to my legs. She stayed awa from my pussy until I invited her touch by spreading my legs slightly. I was embarassed to make such an obvious ivitation, but she ignored it, continuing her stroking of my chest, gathering both boobs in her hands, squeezing them until the nipples nearly touched and then sucking them simultaneously.

She sat back on her knees and I could see her clit sticking out, erect, its skin sheath retracted. ?So how do you get Tom to think it?s his idea??

I reached a finger out and touched her clit and then moved under her and hooked it into her pussy opening. She was slippery wet. ?Well I could tell him that you made a pass at me. Or I could say that I hid in the closet and saw you fuck Stan.?

My finger was making little circles on her roughened g-spot and she was moving slightly against my hand. ?Umm, that might work. But maybe too intimidating. Has to be someway of getting him to take initiative rather than react.? She lifted up and over me, so that her pussy was over my face, but she didn?t lower it, just stayed there while my fingers were inside her. She had a small pussy but I could still put three fingers inside and I turned them around. She gasped and lowered herslef and I opened my mouth to accept her clit. It felt warm and alive and as big as my tongue. I felt her hands on my thighs and then a sharp pointed tongue at the top of my slit. I put my feet under my knees and spread my legs to give her better access as I rolled my pelvis up to let her tongue my pussy.

We sucked and fingered our way through another three orgasms a piece before we fell asleep curled in each others arms. I woke feeling satisfied and not at all guilty. I knew Tom would enjoy that clit.

As it turned out Jill and I didn?t need to make any plans. Tom arrived on the same plane as Sam. They had sat together. Later I found out that Brad had called Sam the next day and told her in graphic detail what had happened. She had contacted a friend to arrange her seat beside Tom and had flirted with him the whole trip across. We picked them up together in a large mini-van and Sam insisted that rather than check in we go straight to the beach.

Sam was a real firecracker. She had a special beach in mind, McKenna, which had a nude section at the end and we crawled over the rocks to join a little colony of the naked. Sam found an isolated spot at the end of the beach and we all stripped, enjoying the hot sun on naked flesh. Sam had titties that were only slightly larger than Jill?s, and she immediately insisted on feeling mine. She said she had thought about having implants but she was afraid that an implant would never look like the real thing.

I saw Tom start to swell as he saw her hands on my boobs and he dashed into the water. Sam winked at me as she followed him in. When Tom came out he was still a little swollen and he leaned into me, ?She has the filthiest mouth imaginable.?

?What did she say??

?She asked me if I?d mind if she fucked you.?

He was laying on his stomach looking at me and I knew his cock was hard. I towelled him dry and put some lotion on his back. ?That is pretty filthy. What did you say??

?I didn?t say anything. I didn?t know what to say.?

I told him to roll over. He did so shyly, revealing a very hard cock. ?Your cock knows what to say. Maybe we could just watch them have sex.?

Sam had come out of the water and stood beside us. I looked over at Brad who was watching . Jill was laying beside him talking. She sank down beside us. ?May I have the suntan lotion?? She squirted some onto her hand and then wrapped her hand around Tom?s dick. ?You don?t want that to burn.?

I watched as she rubbed lotion into his balls, his shaft and then his belly. ?There. Now Tom will you do me??

She lay back and Tom looked at me and I smiled approval. He took her breasts in his hand and put a thin layer of lotion and then moved over the rest of her body. I saw him put a finger in her pussy. Brad said, ?Are we ready to head to the hotel??

The rest of the week passed in a blur. My favorite memory was with Stan inside me, Brad up my ass, my mouth clamped around Tom while Jill stroked my clit and Sam sucked my tits. When I came the whole of Maui moved.

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