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Me Tess, Surrounded At Work

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Hey gang, I am so busy but things do happen especially I suppose when I get that look that says I need attention. I will not say who I work for but we take care of men and women that have problems doing everyday things, shopping, arranging menus and stuff like that. I enjoy doing the work and the clients are usually great. One, I cannot say her name, her initials are G.S. is very attractive and she is buxom and a little plump as I am. A year ago she was married to another client and they are always cutting up in general and play around in the van or vehicle that I drive to take them to appointments. They sometimes forget that they are in the van and go a little further than they should and I have to remind them.

Well, I was driving them to an appointment in Atlanta and G.S. was kissing her husband all crazy. R.S. said, "Well, you got to our place as we were just getting hot." and they both laughed. "I understand being interrupted" I said and they cooled it some, her still with her hand on his thigh close to a visible snake in his pants. He had his hand under her skirt and close to I am sure a soaking wet pussy. Well, I drove on and tried to maintain my own cool feeling the wetness between my legs. Suddenly her head went down to his lap and he moaned and she was sucking that same snake like crazy. "Hey, can't you wait?" I said and he said "No, but you can watch." and she kept on going up and down on a long cock with a nice head on it. Then she sank it all the way down her throat and he filled her throat up as she played with her clit through her panties.

"My god that was great." she said wiping her lips. "Yes it was." her husband said and his half hard snake still out visible to me. "I bet Ms. Tess would like some huh?" she said. He was looking in my eyes and I know I had that look, "Well, If I were not on the clock." I said and they both laughed. "We don't really have an appointment today, we just wanted to have the day with you." he said and I know the surprise showed on my face. We were almost to I-85 and he said go back to our apartment." and so I found myself turning around on 316 and heading back to their appartment. We got there and parked and he was now zipped up as if a zipper could hold that monster in. We went to the door and they opened it and motioned me in first. I went in and G.S. put her arms around my neck and leaned forward and began kissing my neck under my ears, one of my most sensative places. I felt myself begin to melt and he was behind me, his hands now cupping my tits and opening my blouse and bra as they fell to the floor. G.S. somehow got naked and then her husband I felt behind me, naked and hard again. He had quickly taken off my skirt and panties and so I was between them naked. She was now kissing me hard and her tongue invaded my mouth and her hands grabbed a handful of hair forcing my lips to hers. His cock was between my legs as we stood there and they got me ready for the things to come.

I found myself lowered to the floor and then he as between my legs, her hands guiding his cock to my wet pussy. The head in he smiled down at me and suddenly rammed it all the way into my pussy. My legs went around his hips and began pulling him into my pussy and he must have fucked me a long time but finally he filled my pussy with his load and I had at least 3 orgasms while he took care of me. G.S. got between my legs and ate my pussy through a couple more orgasms. I heard voices around us and opened my eyes and there were 6 other clients in the room, all naked and the men were being stroked by the women. I got up somehow and grabbed my clothes and then they al were around me, cocks against me and hands pulling my clothes away and then the men and women all taking advantage of my body since my arms were being held behind me. I was roughly taken to the bedroom and there they began to take me. The men filled my pussy with hot cum and the women took turns on my, their pussies were all eaten well by me. Several times the men did double and triple penetrations and filled me with their cum. I laid on the bed limp and G.S. laying next to me kissing me and carressing me all over. Cum was all over me and she said, "Time to shower Tess." and took me to the shower and got in with me making sure to wash every crack she could find again giving me orgasms. Her husband was waiting for us and everyone was gone. They kissed me and walked me to the car and said that they had another appointment next Thursday. We will be having more friends over too." they said. "Sounds great." I told them, I can't wait." then I realized what I was doing as I drove off. But, I can't help myself. I have to.

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