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Me Tess, Our Hotel Meetings

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Hey gang, well just talked to my boyfriend on the chat and he reminded me about our hotel times in South Carolina so I thought I would write one he reminded me about.

I have a kind of sort of dress up skirt and blouse that is something I wear to work a lot. It can be unbuttoned all the way up and down which ever we need it to be. Well, we met at the rest area that was near the Flyin J's and the now the rest area is closed. Well, anyway, we met there and I left my car and we drove to S.C. and on the way, I had my bra off and had on my thong Steve likes and he asked me to lay down and flash truckers. I did and we had some dive next to us checking me out but they all drove on and we drove to a hotel in S.C. that we use when we wanna lock the doors so to speak. Well, I sat up in the seat and started to button up to get out of the car after Steve got the room but he said, "Come in with me this time." "I said okay and started to button up and Steve said, "Let me." He made sure that the skirt was only buttoned two buttons below my waist and the blose top only one button just below my tits. "There, that will do fine." he said and held my hand as we walkd to the office.

THere were two men there behind the desk and they automatically began looking me over and Steve filled in the paperwork as I sat down and crossed my legs making my skirt fall on each side of them. Steve made an excuse to go to the car to get the plate number and before he left he leaned over and kissed me and his hand went insde my top and massagged one tit. The men watched and spoke to each other but we did not understand them. "Don't do anything till I get back." he said and walked out to the car. I sat there with my legs now apart some as Steve had told me to do and my pussy, no panties, totally naked and wet. Steve came back in and went to me and leaned over again kissing me and this time slipping two fingers into my totally visible pussy making my bottom slid down some and my legs part more. He licked his fingers and told me to stay like that and went to the desk and gave them the tag number and paid for the room.

We got up and at the door Steve turned and said, "How many towels do you have in the room?" and the man said "4 towels." "Can you bring 2 more please in a few minuets?" he said and the man said one of them would bring them. "Oh, you can both come if you want to." Steve said and we turned and went into the room. We were naked in a second and he ate my pussy making me moan loud and then there was a knck on the door. "Go let them in." he said and I got up, my pussy soaking wet and dripping my juices down my legs. I opened it and stood there so that they got a full view and since I did not know what Steve had planned I stood there waiting. "Here are the towels sir." one said and Steve said, "Can you guys come in and put them in the bathroom?" and they stepped inside the door and I closed it. One took the towels to the bathroom and came back, "Give them a tip Hun." Steve said to me and I smiled. I took their hands and led them to a love seat near by. I sat them both down and got on my knees in front of them, unziping them I pulled out two good sized very dark cocks. I began sucking one then the other and my pussy was working overtime. For some reason I was now going nuts sucking them as if I had to have their cocks in my throat to breathe. One swelled and I sank it down my throat and he filled it a lot. After he did I soon felt the other one and he too filled my throat.

THey got up to leave and Steve said, "If you feel like coming back it is okay." and they thanked him and left. I came to Steve on the bed and laid on his face with my pussy and sucked him off in a lovely 69 position. We made love several times and then there was a knock and Steve said to answer it. I looked and it was one of the men and a different one. I opened the door and they stood there and I asked them in. They stepped in and asked if it was okay to be with me and Steve said, to ask me and I began undressing them both. Soon I was in bed with three men in me and going nuts. They all filled one hole, waitied a litle and got hard again and filled a different hole. We all enjoyed a nice morning and half afternoon and they gave us our money back for the room. We also have an open invation to go back.

Fantasy or truth???

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