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Marriage Retreat, Day 2

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Marriage Retreat, Day 2

The following morning of our marriage retreat weekend, Robbi and I went out for a walk, hand-in-hand, out in the Northwest forest and noted Brenda and MaryLee taking off together for a pre-breakfast run. Enjoying coffee on the lodge porch and hour later with Phil and John we noticed Brenda and MaryLee walking back but with Samantha walking in between them, all in an apparent serious conversation. After greeting each other with a warm ?good morning? MaryLee stopped and apologized if she kept us awake last light.

During discussions later in the day MaryLee and Brenda said they were determined to finish the weekend and make their marriages better though Robbi and I still noted and underlying nervousness or apprehension they couldn?t hide. Patty was her supportive self and reminded everyone that no one would be forced to participate in anything this weekend.

During out weekly counseling session over the past months with Patty, we'd delved into exploring our feelings, motives and wants of our relationships with our spouses; At lunch Patty explained the final session of Sunday and this weekend before we left for home on Monday morning was to be mainly instructional, kind of like an abridged Karma Sutra.

We all came down in couples at the requested time while Patty served us a glass of wine to those interested, enough to help relax but we had strict instructions that no one is to get drunk this weekend. The living room was again lit with candles and a raging fire. Robbi and I were dressed casual like everyone else. Couches and big cushioned arm chairs were arranged in a semi-circle around a big flat screen TV. Patty explained that ?this climax to the weekend is what past groups have considered this to be the most helpful. We'll be watching a 2-hour instructional DVD on love-making produced by my colleagues and I with the help of some past helpful clients who volunteered to help with individual sex techniques, and with professional actors at the end to put them all together. I?ll be here to comment and certainly to answer any questions. If you have to go to bed early and miss some of the film, don?t worry, you?ll receive a copy in the morning.?

Robbi and I snuggled on a plush loveseat with a soft blanket pulled up to her waist; on our right I could see Wil and MaryLee on the couch and next over was Sam and Phil. Benda and John then Deb and Don were to our left. I had strategically chose a seat across for a large wall mirror where I could see Robbi and I and I could see her expression while we watched the movie.

The film started with a brief obligatory introduction and got right into foreplay: kissing and nibbling in the right places! Then descriptions of the male and female anatomy very unlike what we had in high school, this was with the real thing. The couples in the film, couples that had finished counseling from Patty and had agreed to let Patty film them during love-making, looked like they could be a next door neighbor. Some of the wives including Robbi looked rather embarrassed when Patty narrated the description of the vagina as a woman?s partner lovingly opened up her flower for the camera.

The movie in a little while progressed to oral sex technique and how to read what your partner really liked, and if you had a hard time reading her ?then ASK them? stressed Patty. Robbi rested her head on my lap and then pulled the blanket up to her shoulder; and then she surprised me by moving my right palm under the blanket to her breast. Obviously she was beginning to get as turned as I was, or so I hoped. Slowly I caressed her soft mounds; glad Robbi had chosen not to wear a bra. Eventually I opened a button of her flannel shirt moved my hand from one soft lovely breast to the next while her fingers trailed up and down the bulge in my jeans. Her nipples stuck up like little volcanoes which she apparently liked being tweaked and circled by my fingers. After a while Robbi voluntarily unbuttoned more of her shirt and her blanket slipped down to her waist exposing her rising chest. Being towards the rear of the group I suspect she felt comfortable that no one could see us! From the moans and low giggles in the room the other couples were too involved with their respective mates to bother with us.

A third of the way through the movie while we watched an active demonstration of sex toys I could not help myself in sneaking down and lightly brushing my fingers over her pussy through her jeans. When I got no objection I kept it up and gently unsnapped and lowered her zipper. It wasn?t long before I slowly started tugging her jeans and panties down to give me better access to her honeypot while Robbi held the blanket to her chin and lifted her hips so I could slide the pants down over her ass. In due course I was laying behind her on the loveseat massaging her wet slit in a replay of the previous night with my left hand cupping her bare breasts.

Between my attention and the film she paid no heed to the blanket slipping to the floor which made it easier for me to push her pants the rest of the way off. Her nearly naked body in the golden glow of the candles was a feast for my eyes. I resumed my attention to her pussy and she made little moans as I stroked through her curly pubes. With a little coaxing I got Robbi to lift her right leg and she dr*ped it up over the back of the loveseat to give me complete access. Affectionately my hand stroked her clit and spread the lips of her soaked pussy. Taking my eyes briefly off my wife?s exposed body I noticed Phil looking at Robbi over his shoulder and whisper to Samantha who with a big smile turned to also watch this new show! They had a perfect view of Robbi?s beautiful breasts, open legs and exposed cunt while I stroked her. After several more minutes of this, Robbi emitted a soft cry while her body tightened up and then shuddered in release. She pulled the blanket back up over her and lay still while behind her I lovingly kissed her ear and soft hair.

No one said a thing and except for Phil and Sam even seemed to have noticed us while we where in our own little world having fun. In fact the room was dead silent when the second hour of the instructional film commenced. The good looking couple in their thirties was to, as Patty explained; ?tie all the techniques of the previous hour into one smooth session?. The guy initiated with tender kissing, and then the woman slowly stripped off her clothes.

At a point when the woman had her partner?s pants down and began to kiss and lick her way up his cock I heard Brenda call out quietly ?MaryLee, I think it?s time,? it?s now or never!? Robbi looked up at me and we both had a look of puzzlement. We could not see Brenda and John?s seat well from where we were laying but we saw Brenda stand and at same time MaryLee slowly get up from William?s lap while he looked up at her perplexed. Brenda pulled her T-shirt over her head to reveal a red bra holding her small breasts. Looking anxious MaryLee unbuttoned her white blouse slowly to show the ample cleavage of large dark skinned 38C breasts encased in a white bra while she stared into her husband?s eyes. Was this something Brenda and MaryLee cooked up with Samantha?s help during their run this morning?

The both women knelt down in front of their husbands; while we could no longer see Brenda, seeing MaryLee looked more interesting to the rest of us than the film! MaryLee knelt and with purpose unzipped her husband?s fly, then yanked his pants off. His cock went flaccid when what was occurring sunk in but that didn?t deter MaryLee. Like in the film, she slowly began to run her tongue up and around his cock while it slowly grew again to a good eight inches and he ran his fingers through her hair. Though looking a bit clumsy at first soon she appeared into it, her full lips engulfing his member and trying to take it down her throat.

She took off her open blouse and let it fall to the floor while engulfing Wil?s cock; then she reached around her and unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Taking her large breasts in her hands, MaryLee applied some lubricant and wrapped her dark globes around her partner?s pale stiff member and moved them up and down like we had seen demonstrated in tonight?s film. By this time Robbi turned her face to me and kissed me long and passionately while her left hand found my belt and then zipper.

Ignoring the blanket Robbi ordered me ?to get naked? while she pulled off my pants and then my shirt. Kneeling on the floor and cupping my balls Robbi swirled her tongue around our ?Mr. Johnson? and slid it down her throat; I honestly could not decide whether to stare at Robbi, or at MaryLee and William! Robbi?s technique and passion was incredible! With her shirt still covering her back, I could see in the mirror that Phil and Samantha had an excellent view of her exposed round ass as Robbi?s head bobbed up and down on my engorged penis then down to kiss and fondle my balls, then back up to lick and suck her favorite ?cocksicle?!

Distracting myself for a few seconds I caught Wil pulling his wife?s skirt and panties down then guiding MaryLee back onto their plush chair, just like the action in Patty?s film at that moment, and him kneeling down between her spread legs. Tenderly he was kissing his way up her thigh to her snatch and gently kissing and flicking her clit with his tongue. ?My god, I can?t believe I?ve never let you do this to me before? she moaned! After a few minutes I heard her cry out and Robbi and I turned to watch her throw her head back and dig her nails into the armrests of the chair as she came.

Robbi continued her attentions on me while I ran my fingers through her long hair and dragged my nails up and down her back. Eight feet away MaryLee had taken out a condom and was sliding it down her husband?s pole. Getting Robbi?s attention to turn we watched MaryLee face her husband and straddle his legs then slowly impale herself on his penis while she let out a soft ?mmmmm?! The contrast of MaryLee?s dark mahogany skin with Wil?s pale skin was beautiful. Her full breasts swayed as she moved her wide hips and full round ass up and down. Robbi obviously got into the watching as much as I as she then stood up, dropped her shirt so her petite luscious body was now shamelessly exposed.

Facing Will and MaryLee, Robbi placed her knees on either side of my thighs and backed down in a reverse cowgirl position while guiding my pole into her slick vagina; as the initial entry into her pussy was always the most exciting and pleasurable for her I was not surprised when she lowered herself very slow onto me. I could look down at her glorious ass and see the erotic site of my penis disappear past her labia and then slowly become exposed again. I alternated between holding her hips and reaching around and rolling her nipples with my fingertips as she took control. Her shiny chestnut-colored hair swung back and forth.

Putting her feet up on the cushion she changed position so that she could lay back with my face buried in her thick sweet hair and her pink fur-lined pussy totally exposed as my cock thrust in and out of her. In the mirror I could see her eyes wide open and full of lust as she stared at Wil and Marylee fucking like newlyweds not ten feet away and at Samantha and Phil being transfixed spectators. Watching her in the reflection I felt so proud and lucky at how beautiful and sexy she looked with her tussled hair and gorgeous body! Off to the left we could hear grunts and cries from Brenda and John making love as well.

MaryLee and William changed position with her on the floor bent over a hassock and he got on his knees and entered her from behind as her generous boobs jiggled sexily. She reached down under her tummy and it was obvious she was pleasuring herself, not caring who watched or what she did, while her husband pounded away harder. Wil was now staring intensely back at Robbi?s naked body plunging up and down on my cock as MaryLee grunted and grabbed and rubbed her breasts with her free hand. With my coaxing Robbi spun around to face me and impaled herself again then she put her hand down to her clit and began masturbating herself as she rode me.

In the mirror I could see the view the others had of her round perfect ass rocking up and down and my cock disappearing in her vagina and then emerging again. My hands grabbed onto each globe of her ass as she pounded down on me. I held her tight as she suddenly stiffened and shuddered and gasped, then I also came in her stronger then I can ever remember; we threw our arms around each other?s naked bodies, her soft breasts squished against my chest and we kissed passionately while she quietly began to cry and we whispered to each ?I love you? over and over! We got distracted from our bliss and Robbi was just in time swinging her head around and witnessing William cry out in orgasm and then MaryLee shudder and scream ?OH FUCK? as she came her second time that evening! No one seemed to be watching Patty?s training film anymore.

We all seemed to be lost in our own worlds as we through a little clothing and quietly made or way up to our rooms hand in hand with our mates. Monday morning as we left, we all hugged Patty and thanked her for a wonderful enlightening weekend.

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