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Marriage Retreat, Day 1

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Marriage Retreat, Day 1

On my way home early for the weekend I considered how my wife and I appeared to be, and felt like, a reasonably normal and average couple, maybe even a little boring. Being in our early forties and having been married for near 18 years our love life had gotten a bit stale. I still considered Robbi attractive, with thick chestnut-brown hair down just past her shoulders, soft natural breasts not too big and not too small, and a petite frame with narrow waist and gentle flair of her hips. I on the other hand had gained a little weight and lost a little hair but not too bad.

This was going to be a special weekend for us; the kids were with friends and Robbi and I were getting away for a long weekend, a marriage retreat, at a mountain lodge in the Olympics. The get-away had been organized by our relationship therapist Patty (okay actually our sex therapist Patty) that we had been seeing for four months in an effort to renew our passion. Kids, particularly a son with special needs, had done their thing in sapping Robbi and I of our interest in sex. Once Robbi got aroused she was a wonderful lover, but the issue was getting her interested let alone aroused. After the first six months after we had met many years ago she lost a lot of interest; so this had been a problem even before kids came along. It was a joint decision to start seeing a sex therapist and it was one of the best decisions for our marriage we had made.

I got home with just enough time to pick up Robbi with our luggage and get down to the ferry terminal for our cruise across Puget Sound to the Olympic Peninsula. On the trip over while leaning on the railing we looked at each other and sighed. ?This is it? I said, ?you can change your mind at any time and I?ll still love you.? The reason for the question was that Patty?s weekend therapy sessions we understood to be very intense and involved opening up and sharing with the other couples both with our emotions and our private sexual practices. The idea was to become more comfortable with sex and our own bodies and to explore new and interesting things. Robbi replied with a nervous smile ?Well, turning back has crossed my mind but I think we need a vacation and some new experiences, but like I?ve already told you, don?t expect me to share any fantasies and get too explicit in front of anyone else!?

Once docked and off the ferry Robbi drove while I navigated the hour drive to the lodge just outside the national park. While we drove my left hand rested in its favorite place, on Robbi?s upper thigh, but I dare not go further north. The lodge was good sized stone and wood building down a half mile long private gravel road nestled among thick trees; the grounds were absolutely gorgeous but with the drizzly rain we probably might not do much hiking. After parking among three other cars and two minivans we grabbed our overnight bags and walked hand in hand up to the stone steps.

Patty and her husband Dennis met us at the door with a warm smile and showed us to our rooms. Patty and Dennis were in their 50s and were above average looking, Patty was short and Dennis on the tall side; she had great people skills and reputation for helping couples. Robbi said that Dennis reminded her of Ricardo Montalban including the accent. Patty explained that we?d be having a little introductory meeting with all the attending couples in a half hour down in the living room with pizza and beer.

At 7 PM Robbi and I went downstairs to the big living room, meeting several other couples in the hallway as we left our room. Patty sat by the warm fireplace while Robbi and I and four other couples took seats in the couches and cushioned chairs facing her. Patty explained how she had carefully assessed each couple to insure we would all get a long and be open to and benefit from her plans for the weekend. At Patty?s request she had us all introduce ourselves and say briefly what compelled us to attend this marriage retreat.

First there was Brenda and John, a good looking couple in their 30s; they explained they had married out of high school and that Brenda?s uptightness about sex had nearly drove John to cheating. It had gotten worse after having kids. Brenda?s petite frame and Japanese heritage looked good with John?s blonde features. Samantha and Phil were just over 50 and had the opposite problem; while Samantha got more interested in sex as she got older; Phil lost interest, got bored. Both were graying but still in good shape physically and I liked the shape of Sam?s round butt below here thin waist.

Don and Deb were about forty like us, on their second marriage and the only ones without kids. Deb was a little overweight but with a very pretty face, pleasant and warm and liked to giggle when nervous; Don was also a little pudgy, quiet and private, and dark haired like Deb. Deb explained that while their marriage and sex was pretty good they wanted things even better.

MaryLee and William were both in their late twenties and from Alabama where they had met in college and were brought to the Pacific Northwest by William?s military service. Robbi later commented that William was ?a particularly good looking tanned, ripped guy?. MaryLee, I replied with a tinge of competitive jealousy, was ?a particularly hot looking woman? with straightened black hair and eye-catching cleavage and long legs. With Mary Lee being black and William being white they explained that, their un-accepting parents and looks from strangers, in addition to William?s long trips away at sea made things stressful for them. Apparently they both had a strict upbringing and taught that sex was dirty.

Patty next explained the rules for our three days and nights here. Her husband Dennis would be in charge of logistics, such as making meals while we met and talked, we would all be in charge of making our own beds and doing the dishes. Starting Saturday morning we would regularly meet in groups and then meet with our spouses and Patty to ask questions and work out personal issues. She encouraged walks outside if the weather allowed. Patty warned that based on past marriage retreats the group meetings could be intensely emotional, often very funny, and at time very explicit and erotic. She encouraged everyone to be open to new experiences, to be accepting and a little daring; anyone uncomfortable did not have to participate and could leave anytime. The goals were to have fun, learn from each other, and to become closer to your partner.

Saturday began with a fine breakfast; Dennis was a great cook and host. We had to share two bathrooms which of course we all wanted to use about the same time. I learned Samantha wasn?t shy when she came out of the bathroom wrapped only in a wide smile and a short towel covering just her boobs and pubic area; she had reason to be proud of her great legs for a woman over 50. The rest of Saturday afternoon was taken up with informal meetings in the living room, couples meetings alone with Patty, and then time alone with our spouses and to discuss assigned subjects. During the group meetings everyone eventually let their guard down and became comfortable sharing some intimate details of their marriage and love life. We talked about everything from our first time, oral sex, foreplay and even kinky stuff like anal sex.

None of the women except for Deb liked anal sex which is not surprising, while the men almost universally craved it, which was also not surprising. Most liked oral sex though most of the ladies didn?t like their guy to come in their mouth, and Robbi said she didn?t like to kiss me with her juices on my mouth. I was quite surprised but pleased to hear her share something so private. One thing I shared that surprised the women was how I was more romantic and cuddly than Robbi. I was surprised that everyone had tried watching porn at least once during love-making and for some it was a regular part of foreplay.

MaryLee thought porn was too ?dirty? but William noted that MaryLee got the most aroused he had ever seen her after watching a porn movie they rented once! Samantha and Phil shared that she had recently had an affair with a coworker which nearly ended their marriage. Patty was adamant that there would be no infidelity here; ?this weekend was time to concentrate on and strengthen your relationship with your spouse!?

Saturday evening things got interesting. Dennis was a professional masseuse so he would share his techniques with everyone using his wife to demonstrate on; we men would watch and emulate his moves. As instructed earlier we all came down to the living room after dinner wearing white robes found in our rooms. Depending on how comfortable we felt we could be naked underneath or with light clothing. Robbi wore a camisole and pink cotton bikini panties, I had briefs. The furniture in the living room had been moved off to the sides and five massage tables had been arranged in a U-shape around a sixth table where Patty and Dennis stood. The crackling fireplace and scented candles gave a warm light. Dennis had thought ahead and raised the heat to a comfortable temperature.

As always Patty explained the rules: husbands would massage their wives first; wear what is comfortable if you are modest but that clothing could get in the way; "take the session as far as you feel comfortable; and try not to stare at your neighbors but a little looking to see what others were doing was natural, after all we were there to learn from each other as well as learn from me?. At that point Patty turned her back to us and dropped her robe to reveal a naked back with a small towel around her waist. Patty spryly jumped onto the table and lay on her belly; her flattened breasts protruding out the side of her chest. I don?t know if the look on Robbi?s face was either shock at Patty?s lack of modesty or fear that she may have to expose herself like that in public. I?ve been to nude beaches twice before marriage so being nude among others was a bit titillating!

Dennis took over at this point and instructed all the women to get up on their tables face down and the men to stand over their wives and to face him. Robbi and the other women followed Patty?s example in getting up on the tables. Robbi took off her robe, got on the table and dr*ped a small towel over her round butt, her soft chestnut hair off to one side. MaryLee and Phil were opposite us on the other side of Dennis so I could not help but see them when I watched Dennis work. I was not taken aback to see Samantha topless on the table and not at all modest to our glances; MaryLee, Deb and Brenda all stayed covered up with either T-shirts or a towel like Robbi. Robbi pinched my leg lightly when she saw me glaring at Samantha too obviously. Gravity had caused a little sag in Sam?s breasts but they still looked great and swung sexily when she got up on the massage table.

While the women were advised to relax and enjoy, all the guy?s eyes and attention went to Dennis and Patty. Dennis had us start at the scalp, then apply some massage lotion and begin on the shoulders; quite moans of pleasure came from all six women as we worked our way down the back and legs. I thought I was proficient at massage with Robbi but Dennis was teaching us some subtle but effective massage techniques. The women?s shirts were annoying to deal with; William looked at me and pretended to rip MaryLee?s shirt off her back while we both smiled in agreement!

On our way back up the legs Dennis said it was time for some more private areas to receive some attention, starting with the butt. By this time Samantha and Deb had given their okay to have their panties removed though Deb kept her small towel over her ass. Dennis removed Patty?s towel with no objections; they had obviously done this before. John, William and I were struggling to massage under our spouse?s panties while continuously stopping to quickly pull the towel back in place. Soon Robbi sighed and just said to remove the towel and don?t worry about it, soon after Brenda and MaryLee lost their towels but also kept their panties on.

Robbi always loved her ass massaged during foreplay and soon much or her worries melted away. After 15 minutes on the legs and butt Dennis announced it was time to turn over! ?I though a massage was just for the back? cried MaryLee?! Patty smoothly rolled over while replying that though the back had more muscle to massage, the face and the front of the torso was also important. Patty?s exposed breasts were not huge but well shaped with large brown nipples. Robbi and a few of the other ladies turned over slowly, partly due to being in a very relaxed state after a half hour of gentle massage, and perhaps partly due to nervous apprehension.

Again we started at the head gently massaging the face with gentle motions, and then proceeded down the neck. I always loved running my fingers through my wife?s soft chestnut hair. When I got to the chest Robbi nervously looked me straight in the eye. Patty reminded us all to relax and if needed to pretend ?you are all alone in the comfort of your bedroom?. Robbi closed her eyes then emulating Dennis I slipped my hands up under Robbi?s camisole and circled her round breasts; the butt massage had been effective, she did not object.

Dennis explained that ?as everyone was different and would respond in their own way to different touching concentrate on reading your wife as to what she likes. Ladies if something is too hard or uncomfortable then quietly say so.? After several minutes I was following Dennis? suggestion and lightly pinched and rolled my wife?s now firm nipples. By now Deb had lost here T-shirt and out of the corner of my eye could see her ample breasts receiving gentle and affectionate massage; her tummy was not flat and firm like Robbi?s and Brenda?s but she had an air of sexiness. Her pubic area was shaved, something I had actually only seen on porn stars so far!

MaryLee and Brenda looked more nervous than Robbi but now seemed to be enjoying the touching. Samantha had a smile of absolute ecstasy, totally and unabashedly naked, with her long arms stretched back over her head while her exposed breasts and shoulders were circled and touched lovingly. Taking Samantha and Phil for inspiration I slowly inched Robbi?s camisole slowly up with each time I moved up and circled her breasts.

After a minute Robbi?s camisole was up to her armpits and her gorgeous boobs exposed to me. I caught Patty look at me and smiled as if to say ?another barrier broken?. Robbi had no change in her expression of contentment. When I moved down to massage her tummy and sides she made no effort to cover her breasts back up; I liked this side of Robbi that I had never seen before! I wanted to bend down and taste her nipples but knew that was not in the itinerary and the shock would probably break Robbi?s accepting contentment. Brenda and MaryLee were obviously enjoying their breast and tummy massages but would not allow their boobs exposed, I actually saw MaryLee quickly pull her top back down when William tried to follow my lead.

Dennis next had us slowly move down the tummy. He removed Patty?s towel and gently moved over her pubic area instructing us to follow suit. Patty had a full bush and spread her legs slightly to allow Dennis to comfortably touch her inner thigh but not actually touch her labia. I made a mental note that yes; Patty?s strawberry blonde hair was her natural hair color! I moved my hands slowly over Robbi?s crotch, leisurely moving closer to the prize area! She did not object but she resisted spreading her thighs. With each movement I slid a little further under the waistline or leg band of her pink panties. Interestingly I now saw that Robbi was watching Dennis and Patty, and Phil and Samantha while I touched her.

For Patty and Samantha the massage session had become open masturbation by their husbands, something we later suspected Patty and Dennis had planned. Samantha made no effort to hide her soft moaning. Suddenly I felt Robbi?s thighs relax and she parted them a little. Not wanting to ruin a special moment of trust and openness (and horniness?) by going too fast, I massaged my right hand over on top of her panties and over her crotch for a minute or two before moving slowly under her panties to her vagina. She was exceptionally wet. I gently moved my fingers along both sides of her vagina and up over her clitoris like I knew she liked but I dared not try to go inside just yet. I caught a glance at Deb as she took initiative and guided her husband?s hand to her bare pussy. It was apparent that MaryLee and Brenda still did not yet feel comfortable enough to let their husbands touch them in their private parts except over their panties or to expose them while the rest of us were within arm?s length.

Robbi seemed oblivious to just her and I as she stretched her arms over her head and sighed. Soon her breathing quickened as I became bolder and placed a finger in her opening while I massaged her clit with my palm. Samantha?s now loud moaning did not seem to be distracting my wife. In a minute Samantha arched her back and stiffened and let out a squeaking grunt as she obviously had a nice orgasm. Next we heard Deb cry out and exhale followed by several pants and a wide smile at her husband and then at the rest of us. Thirty seconds later Robbi stiffened and then jerked while exclaiming a low grunt like she always does when she has a particularly good ?O?! Looking me in the eyes Robbi looked like she was flushed with embarrassment as she pulled her camisole down over her breasts then gently grasped my right hand to her chest as her other hand pulled me down to a soft lingering kiss.

At this point Patty reminded everyone that ?Our first hour was up, so let?s all take a break to have a drink or snack and use the bathroom. I know you girls must feel kind of ?melty?, relaxed, but now it?s time for the guys?. ?I am all very proud of everyone, you?re all great!? The women slowly rose and looked to be in a dreamlike state of relaxation. Though all the girls got their robes on, Brenda and MaryLee put them on rather quickly and tied them closed tight with an expression of sudden awkwardness and modesty. Without being reminded, everyone warmly embraced their spouses. I kissed Robbi on the forehead and reminded her how much I loved her.

After the break we guys took our turn on the massage tables with the ladies under Patty?s guidance. With a big grin Samantha seemed to have forgotten to tie her robe closed giving me a great view of her graying pubes and her substantial boobs swung free when she moved. Patty taught them some technique that made up for some of the women having less arm strength then their husbands. When the time came Deb and Samantha whipped off their husband?s underwear with a laugh and tossed them over their shoulders.

To Robbi?s annoyance I had not bothered with my briefs under my towel so she refused to remove my towel. The massage was absolutely wonderful, better than her past, normally great massage efforts. Eventually the time came for us to turn over! ?There?s a small animal standing up in John?s underwear? giggled Brenda! ?My mom used to call it a snake? mumbled MaryLee with a smirk. From Robbi I heard ?Mr. Johnson is at attention, did I do that?? All the guys had raging hard-ons!

After attention to our legs and shoulders Patty guided them down to our manhood. With Patty?s encouragement Robbi slid her lubed hands under the towel to my cock and balls and slowly and gently massaged then retreated to the thighs and stomach. I looked across at Patty and noted that Robbi was copying her move for move as she slid her hands over my body and slowly up and down my pole. Looking down past my feet I caught site of Brenda massaging her husband?s cock under his towel with nervous determination to conquer her reluctance to become a better lover with her John. This public display of sexuality was obviously hard for Brenda, MaryLee and Robbi. After several minutes I heard Robbi grunt in frustration; ?Oh to hell with it? she said as Robbi pulled my towel down to the floor and continued pleasuring me. As I got hornier, if that was possible, I could not keep at least one eye on Sam?s luscious breasts with stiff brown nipples in the warm glow of the candles. Robbi must have noticed as soon she took my chin and so I was looking her in the eyes ?You wanna stare at something Steve, stare at these girls!? Then she quickly whipped open the top her robe revealing her delectable twins! Apparently Deb noticed and yipped out ?You go girl!? Robbi suddenly turned red and looked down with a big smile but fortunately didn?t close her robe. This did it and I shot my load up in the air and onto Robbi?s chest, her eyes wide in surprise. ?Hey, not my fault? I cried with a laugh, "you did it!?

The other guys had either just preceded me in coming or came soon after. John was cleaning himself off as Brenda nervously laughed that she didn?t know that happened like that; apparently John had never had an orgasm except inside her. MaryLee was wiping her hand off in disgust while Wil tried to hide a forlorn look.

Patty and Dennis thanked us and gave us all applause then we also applauded each other. As we clapped, Brenda now looked very embarrassed and near tears, and MaryLee looked almost resentful as what they had just participated in sunk in and the eroticism of the event left. William glanced at MaryLee and you could see a hint of dread come on his face.

That night as we cuddled in bed Robbi again looked me in the eyes and told me that the evening had been incredibly erotic, she wondered out loud if ?we had a little bit of closet exhibitionist in me? I mean in us? she quickly corrected herself! Then became more serious and advised me: ?Don?t ever expect me to do something like that again! That was a onetime thing.? All conversation stopped when we heard yelling from the den directly below our room that served Patty as an office. It was Wil and MaryLee yelling at each other about what happened this evening with long pauses in between yelling where we figured that Patty was trying to mediate. After about 15 minutes we heard MaryLee crying and then the slamming of a door, then all was quiet.

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