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We were in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. First time for us; we'd decided to spend five days in the French Quarter at a nice hotel. I made sure we had a room on Bourbon because I knew that though it was loud it was a sight we wouldn't want to miss. The first night we went out and saw a few of the parades down St. Charles Street in the residential area and that was pretty cool. My wife, Suzie, is striking looking, bright red hair, cute pixie face and a sexy body. We noticed that the guys riding the floats would always throw her beads. The parades were really family oriented and we talked to some of the couples on the street beside us. Most of them lived in the neighborhood and they told us that for them Mardi Gras was a local tradition.

We talked with one of the couples, Dan and Michelle and they offered us a cocktail from a half-gallon cooler they'd brought with them; we thought that was pretty neat. The next night we came back and they were there again, so we talked some more in between floats.

We mentioned that we found Mardi Gras pretty tame and that we hadn't known that it was so family oriented and Michelle laughed, "The Quarter must be pretty quiet this year, usually we hear all sorts of wild stories."

Dan laughed and said, "And in the past we've been part of a few wild stories ourselves."

Michelle gave him an elbow and said, "Dan. You keep quiet."

Suzie laughed and said, "Well we haven't seen anything wild. We're a little disappointed."

Michelle responded, "Well we usually come into the Quarter on the Friday afternoon before Mardi Gras. Why don't we meet you down there for a drink."

They told us where to meet them, at a little wine bar next to the Absinthe House. There was something in Michelle's attitude that struck me as a little funny, but I thought what the hell, being shown around by locals is pretty good. Michelle was what I'd call a soccer mom, shot blonde hair, mid thirties, wearing baggy clothes, not particularly cute. Her husband Dan looked like a button down lawyer type, which is what he was.

Suzie and I are a little alternative looking in that we both work in media and PR so we're pretty conscious of our look, but a little edgy too.

So we went to the wine bar a little early, because we wanted to make sure we had seats. The Quarter was different today, it seemed as if every office had a party at one of the restaurants and the streets were full of locals and visitors in a mood to party. Bourbon Street was packed by four. Suzie and I were having a great time watching all of the people. We were supposed to meet Dan and Michelle at six and by 6:15 we were starting to feel a little disappointed when a woman in a tight red dress with a face mask came and sat at our table. What a surprise; Michelle was made up to the nines and looked great. A few minutes later Dan wandered up, a lot sharper than when we'd seen him last. Dan knew the bar owner so had some snacks brought to the table as well as a bottle of champagne. We sat and people watched for an hour or so, and had a great time. It was getting dark now and Michelle said, "OK chickies it's time to hit the streets and start collecting beads."

I tried to settle the tab only to find that Dan had already gotten it. I was surprised when I stood to feel that I'd gotten a bit of a buzz. Michelle had a small zippered shoulder bag that she opened and pulled out two face masks, handing them to Suzie and I.

I asked why and she lifted her mask, "Cuz honey your wife and I are going to get some beads the easy way and we don't want it showing up on youtube!"

Suzie shrugged and smiled. I figured I knew what Michelle was talking about; the shout 'show us your tits' had been ringing out for the last hour. Suzie was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. We bumped our way to Bourbon Street. There, Michelle shouted up to the balcony at the Royal Sonesta. A party was going on and she caught the attention of a bunch of guys. Her top came down, showing us a great set of tits. I looked at Dan and grinned. A couple of strands of nice beads were thrown. She turned to Suzie.

"OK your turn."

Now Suzie was pretty conservative despite her attitude. First she just lifted her shirt; we could see the lacy bra underneath, but it pretty much covered everything. All she got were catcalls though a woman came over and threw her some beads. We worked our way further down the street. Michelle did her thing, this time Dan stood behind her and lifted up her tits to the crowd on the balcony and more beads flew down. I saw lots of camera flashes and understood why they were wearing masks. Suzie made a decision and I saw her doing that amazing thing women do; removing their bras without taking their shirts off. Michelle was cheering her. When she finished she pulled her shirt up and flashed the balcony. She has great tits, a lot larger than you think if you just saw her in a shirt. I saw that Dan and Michelle were looking at her pretty closely and had a little flash of jealousy, but then beads were flying and we were moving down the street. We stopped at a couple of bars and picked up some daiquiris. The girls now had a serious quantity of beads, but then they came to a balcony with some really large ones that Michelle decided she just had to have. Both girls flashed but apparently it wasn't enough. Michelle whispered in Suzie's ear and the next time Suzie flashed them Michelle wrapped her arms around her and pulled her nipples. The big beads flew down to Suzie. Michelle still wanted a set and whispered to Suzie and the next time Michelle's top came down Suzie leaned forward and sucked on one of her nipples. The big beads came down and we moved on.

Dan moved over to me and said, "That always turns me on." It had me too. Michelle came over to us with her arm around Suzie. "Isn't she a great bead buddy?"

She looked at me and said, "I'm such a bead whore." I had to laugh. I said, "Where can I find a store to buy beads?"

She put her arm through mine. We were all pretty wasted. She said, "Look there's some college girls with some beads let's trade." She took Suzie's arm and sauntered over to a group of three college girls who were pretty covered in beads. She said, "I'd really like those blinky beads of yours."

The girl cocked a hip, "What have you got to trade pretty lady?"

Michelle said, "Well I'll give you these and a flash." She held up some of her smaller beads.

"Nope. More."

Michelle said, "How about these?" She reached over and lifted Suzie's shirt.

The little blonde said, "I'll take these and I'll take a kiss of your girlfriend's titties." She picked out a small strand of beads. I watched as Suzie stuck her chest out. The little blonde didn't just go for a small peck. She sucked each of Suzie's nipples deep in her mouth. She then took her top down and rubbed her nipples all over Suzie's. There were a lot of hard nipples. There were also lots of camera flashes. The girls put their boobs away. The college girls swarmed around Dan and I and I saw his cock being grabbed and then felt fingers around mine. Of course I was hard as a rock. The girls whooped at Suzie and Michelle. "I hope you both go enjoy these girls. They're ready for you."

We moved down the street. Suzie came over and gave me a grab and then leaned over and gave me a kiss. She whispered, "I am so wet and horny. I touched her pussy."

The crowd had gotten really thick and as we moved through it I felt multiple hands grabbing my cock. I hoped they were all female. I noticed that Suzie and Michelle were being thoroughly felt up. At one point Suzie and Dan moved ahead of us in the crowd and Michelle and I were pressed together. I felt Michelle's hand working it's way between us and felt her grabbing my cock. She leaned up towards me and said, "Umm very nice. Can I have a kiss?"

I looked for Dan and Suzie and saw them five or six bodies ahead, moving away from us. I leaned down and felt a sharp pointed tongue in my mouth. It was very exciting and I cupped a boob and gave it a squeeze, feeling a very hard nipple. The crowd opened up and I saw Suzie and Dan on the curb. I wondered if they'd seen us but then I realized that Dan's hand was under Suzie's shirt feeling her boob. Suzie seemed transfixed. Michelle turned to me and said, "Does it bother you that my husband is feeling up your wife?"

I realized it didn't. I reached for Michelle and in full view of Dan and Suzie pulled her top down. Her nipple was hard and I leaned down to lick and suck it. When I finished I saw that there was a crowd around us taking pictures. We both laughed and I covered Michelle, moving towards Dan and Suzie. I noticed that Suzie's hand was behind her and that she had it down Dan's pants.

She laughed when I moved beside her and she said, "We are so naughty."

The crowd was starting to get really thick so we walked down a cross street. Michelle announced that she was hungry so we stopped at a restaurant only to find that there was an hour wait for a table. We realized we were only two blocks away from our hotel so I suggested we go there. Michelle stopped and said, "Wait, I've got to get rid of these underwear they're so uncomfortable." Her red dress was mid-thigh and she hiked her panties down from under it and stepped out. She handed them to Suzie. "See what you and your husband have done to me."

They were a wet mess. Suzie did something that I knew must have been the alcohol. She put them up to her nose and took a deep breath. She laughed, "Mine too but I can't get them off." We walked down two blocks and then back onto Bourbon to get back to our hotel. It was crazy packed on the street. We shuffled towards the entrance one body at a time. The girls were mauled again but we were separated in the crowd. I found Michelle stopped in front of the hotel balcony next to ours. There was a crowd on the balcony and I noticed a cute girl pointing at Michelle and shouting for a show for beads. Michelle was in front of me and turned her head, "finger me while I get these beads."

Now that was going farther than I thought was safe. I mean Suzie and I had been married for a long time but we'd never talked about this kind of stuff. I looked around for Suzie and Dan but they weren't to be seen. Michelle hoisted up her dress in back and backed up to my hand but I was pretty sure I was the only one who could see. I slipped my hand down her buttocks and felt a very wet slit and put two fingers inside while she arched back. She pulled her top down and shouted. I put my other hand around and grabbed a boob, feeling the hard nipple and looked up at the girl on the balcony. I wondered if she could see what we were doing because she licked her lips and I could see her fingers under the bottom of her short skirt. I was hard as a rock. Michelle was looking at her, leaning back against me and I could feel her pussy spasming around my fingers. She'd been very quick. She said "Mmm that was good. I'm ready for food."

She rearranged her clothing and gave me a squeeze. I was still looking around for Suzie, but couldn't see her anywhere. Maybe she was in the room. There was a wait for the elevator and we were squeezed in, Michelle in front. I felt her hand stroking me again and I had a momentary worry about what she would do if Suzie and Dan weren't in the room. Would she jump me? Would I resist? I couldn't imagine wanting to be caught by my wife though. Michelle took the card key from me and rattled it in the door. When we opened the door I just saw Suzie disappearing into the bathroom, saying "Hi" just as she closed the door. Dan had his back to us, but I had the impression he was zipping up his trousers.

My mind reeled. Was it conceivable in any way that Suzie had been blowing him? The I unconsciously brought my hand up to my face and smelled Michelle on my fingers. Michelle was watching me and when she saw my fingers giggled. Dan said, "Where did you guys get to?"

"Michelle saw some beads she had to have." I said.

The door opened and Suzie walked out, her color a little high, but it could have been the alcohol. We'd splurged for a big suite that was nicely equipped. We could hear the street a little through the closed doors but not too much. I put on some music and we sat around the living room and ordered dinner.

Suzie walked over to the balcony doors and opened them. "I guess we could give away our beads to some girls with pretty titties." She paused, "but I've got to get out of these jeans." She walked over to the closet and took out a short dress. I expected she'd go back into the bathroom to change but instead she shimmied out of her jeans and her shirt right in front of us.

She was wearing thin briefs and I could see that the front panel was soaked. I said, "Wow, wet panties."

She looked down at them and then at me. 'Yep." She skinned out of them and threw them at me. She was naked now, walking around the room as if it was no big deal. She shaves completely and I could see that her lips were swollen. More unusually, her clit was exposed the hood fully retracted, visible to all of us. I caught the panties and put them up to my nose. I could smell the scent of her arousal. She went back to the closet and picked out a dress and slipped it over her head.

Michelle was standing next to me and took the panties from my hand, sniffed them and took them over to Dan. She rubbed them on his face. "Now you smell like a pussy."

Suzie was watching and I saw her face flush. "OK let's give away some beads while we're waiting for dinner."

We all walked out onto the balcony, which was long and wide and shared with two other rooms. There were maybe fifteen people out on the balcony from the other two rooms, but they were all friendly and made room for us. Suzie had taken a dozen strands of her beads and we watched the surging mass of humanity in the street below. Michelle was standing beside her with Jack slightly behind the two of them. I was busy talking to our neighbors, who turned out to be sales reps from a well known liquor company. The balcony also looked across and into a topless nightclub across the street. They had a stair that went to their second floor and it was lined with dancers and customers. Some of the girls were spectacular looking. The liquor rep who was talking to me said, "Your friends seem to be having a lot of fun." I looked over to see that Dan had lifted the back of Suzie's short dress so we could all see one of her cheeks, at least the portion of her cheek that wasn't covered by his hand.

The rep said, "His wife has a nice ass." I didn't explain that in fact it was my wife with the nice ass. As we were watching Michelle's hand lifted the other side of her dress bottom and cupped the other cheek. As we watched Suzie leaned over the balcony to throw some beads and we were treated to the sight of her shaved pussy from behind. The rep looked at me and said, "I love Mardi Gras. " He beckoned his girlfriend over and introduced her as Jackie. She was the girl who had watched Michelle and I. She was clearly in her cups and I figured she wouldn't remember us, but she said, "I remember you two. You saw my hoo hoo."

She'd obviously been doing her share of flashing because her shirt was only held closed by one button. Her tits looked really huge.

We looked over to the balcony. Suzie's dress was now down, but Michelle's was up around her waist. Jackie walked over and moved her hand between Michelle's cheeks and we could see one finger exploring her pussy. Suzie walked over to me. "Is this wild enough for you?"

I said, "Wilder than I'd imagined. You doing OK?"

She pushed me back into one of the seats at the back of the balcony and sat in my lap, facing me. "I am so fucking horny. I need to get fucked." She pulled the bottom of her dress back and I could see her clit. She leaned forward and kissed me and I held her face with my hands. When she broke the kiss she said, "I can smell pussy on your fingers."

She leaned back and I wondered if she was going to blow up. "I sucked Dan's cock." She laughed. "We are being so naughty. But you interrupted us before he could come."

I said, "I finger banged Michelle while we were getting beads." I put my fingers on her pussy and stroked it softly, and the smeared the wet around her clit. She moaned. I looked up and saw that Jackie had wandered over and was looking down at my fingers.

She pulled up the front of her short skirt so Suzie and I could see her pussy and then she moved close so we were shielded from everyone. She stroked herself while I played with Suzie and then I saw Suzie's fingers move up inside her. It only took a couple of minutes for them both to cum.

Suzie muttered, "I love Mardi Gras."

I heard the door bell ring and went inside to let the waiter in. He set out the table and I went back out. Everyone was throwing beads. I told them dinner was ready.

The sales rep and his girl followed us into the room; luckily I'd ordered lots of food. We all sat down to eat and chat. After dinner Suzie announced, "I'm going to shower." She didn't close the door behind her and we could see the huge shower reflected in the mirrors. I wondered if I should close the door, but then Jackie said she had to pee and went in behind her, also not closing the door. We'd commented that the huge shower could hold five when we'd checked in. I kept on looking at Dan knowing that my wife had sucked his cock. That felt strange but I realized I'd wished I'd seen it. It didn't seem real. I wondered if I could get her to do it again. I'd been hard a long time before dinner, but now I realized I had to pee really badly. Jackie had been in there for what felt like longer than a pee would take, so I knocked on the half open door, realizing she'd joined Suzie in the shower. I sat down on the toilet and by concentrating really hard managed to pee. I was nearly finished when Dan stuck his head in.

I flushed and stood up.

He said, "You think they'd mind if I joined them?"

I had to laugh. My cock had started hardening again and he'd seen it before I zipped up. I figured this might be my chance. "I can't see why they'd mind."

It was more than I'd bargained for when I saw Dan strip. His cock was huge. Maybe because he was so skinny but it definitely looked outsize. Suzie stuck her head out the shower door and said, "Dan's coming in?" She looked at me and said, "You want to watch?"

I sat on the counter. Suzie wiped the steam off the shower walls. Jackie had really huge tits and she had them lathered up. Dan wasted no time in filling his hands with them. The bathroom door opened further and Michelle stuck her head around the corner. She turned to the room and said, "Pretty hot shower scene."

Soon there were five more people in the room, two women including Michelle and an extra guy, Jackie's guy the liquor rep. Suzie flattened her tits on the shower door for us all to see and then backed her butt up so we could see her pussy and butthole pressed to the glass. Then, while Dan and Jackie were kissing she got on her knees. She looked at me as she opened her mouth for Dan's cock. I was hard as a rock. I felt Michelle's hands close around me and her fingers on my zipper. Within seconds there were clothes flying around the room and two other couples were fucking in front of us, the girls facing the mirror, turned so they could see the shower action reflecting in front of them. Michelle licked me and said, "Don't you want to see him fuck her with that big pole?"

Strangely enough I did. I was naked now and Michelle assumed the same position as the other two girls who were getting banged. She said, "Come on stick it in me." I did. All of us were watching as Suzie continued. Jackie was now on her knees behind Dan. He'd spread his legs and Jackie obviously had her tongue up his butt and was playing with his balls. I was fucking away, taking long strokes into Michelle when one of the guys on the counter yelled "Switch."

This was a signal for us all to move along one pussy. This girl was a little shorter than Michelle, so I had to bend my legs a little. She was Asian, with small but very firm breasts. Her thick nipples stuck out like brown chalk. I rolled and pulled them as I stroked in and out of her, still watching Dan. I was amazed he hadn't cum, but then I hadn't either and I was wondering if the drink had given me what we used to call in college 'whisky dick.' I realized that in fact that I was worried about Michelle. Dan had pulled his dick out of her mouth and was urging her to stand up. His cock looked really big, but in one smooth move he turned her around and bent her over, plunging in. He was fucking my wife really hard. Her big tits were moving back and forth in time with his strokes. Switch was called again and I moved to the redhead at the end of the counter. Before I could start fucking her she whirled around and sucked my cock, saying, "I love the way Jasmine's pussy tastes." After a few licks she was ready and I went inside. She was really tight or really experienced, because I could feel her contracting all around me as I stroked her. Michelle was cumming, I could hear her sounds from the shower and that triggered me and I filled the redhead. It felt like I came gallons.

I pulled out and looked at Dan. Michelle gets really sensitive after she's cum, so I was kind of surprised that she let Dan continue, but she did and soon I could hear her grunting again. Her feet were curled up since Dan now had her around the waist and had lifted her feet off the floor as he ploughed her. It seemed like she was in a continuous orgasm. Jackie was obviously feeling left out and came out of the shower, grabbing a towel. She looked at her husband. "I didn't get any cock. Get someone to fuck me."

I thought I was all fucked out, but she came over and started sucking my cock and I was amazed that I responded. Jackie pulled me out of the bathroom to one of the beds, lay back and spread her legs. "Do me."

My mind was actually back in the bathroom, especially since no one had followed us out, but she was insisitent and I set to with a will. She was wet as hell and those huge tits were a big turn on. Soon the red head came out of the bathroom as well as the Asian girl. The redhead sat on Jackie's face, while the Asian girl lay on the bed next to us, playing with her pussy. Occasionally one of us would reach over and put a finger in her. She looked at me and said, "They're lining up to fuck your wife."

I pounded harder, working my finger down to her clit, flicking it up and down as I pounded. It took only a few minutes and she started cumming. I waited a decent time for her to calm down and pulled out, walking back to the bathroom with my hard cock bobbing. I couldn't believe what I walked in on. The liquor rep was on his back with Suzie on top. Dan was back in action, but fucking her from behind. I looked and sure enough he was in her ass. The other guy was standing in front of her while she was blowing him. Michelle was standing there, playing with her pussy, egging them on. Suzie's eyes were closed but every few seconds her body trembled with what I suppose was an orgasm. I was shocked; hell she had told me she didn't like anal sex.

I felt completely out of it until Suzie opened her eyes and saw me. She pulled off the cock in her mouth. "God I've never cum so much."

Michelle grabbed the guy and pulled him to the ground, straddled him and said to me, "In my pussy with him."

I didn't understand, "Slip in behind him. I want both your cocks in me."

I slipped in. I could feel his cock sliding by mine in her pussy. We all established a rhythm. Dan saw me watching and slowly pulled his cock out of Suzie's ass, dragging her hole with it before pushing it in. He started pounding her again while I reached over and pinched her nipples. In seconds she was going crazy with an orgasm. Michelle was cumming too, her tits were swinging back and forth like pools with my pounding. The other cock was stroking the big vein on the bottom of mine, up to the glans under the head. It was probably the most erotic feeling I'd ever had. I focused on the sensation. It was obviously as much stimulation as the other guy could stand because I felt the cum running down the back of his cock and that triggered me.

I think watching Michelle get off did Dan in because soon he and the other guy erupted. Michelle and Suzie stood up, cum running down there legs. We all went into the shower to rinse off, but nobody was tempted to start anything.

Within ten minutes everyone had left the room. We looked at the clock. Even the street was quiet. Six am; we'd be at it for four hours! We slept until noon the next day and ordered late breakfast in the room, snuggled in bed. We really hadn't talked much, but Suzie broke the ice. "Wow, what an experience. Did you ever think we'd do something like that?"

I had to admit I hadn't. "Mardi Gras is really something special isn't it?"

"Do you realize I let five guys fuck me?" She threw off the covers and spread her legs. Her pussy was swollen, and I said, "Are you sore?"

"Here?" She pulled her lips apart. "No. I think my legs are a little sore though, but I'm in pretty good shape."

I laughed, "In shape for a marathon fuck session I guess."

She pulled the cover off me. I felt myself getting hard. "How about you? Are you sore?" She lifted up my cock. "Just think this was in five different pussies." She put it in her mouth and played with it before hoping on, her hands on my chest. "Tell me what each one felt like."

"I will if you describe each cock too."

"Mmm OK." She used more detail than I did, but it was really erotic. We both came pretty quickly.

"So what do you think? Is that something that happens only once in a lifetime when the stars align?"

I grinned in her hair. "Let's take up astronomy."

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