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Making up for lost time…

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Jan and I did what I can only say was ?catching up? when we were in our late twenties and had been married six or seven years. It wasn?t part of a plan, just part of what appened to us and what as it turns out both of us enjoyed for a couple years.

Jan is a year younger than I am, still, years later, an absolutely beautiful woman with a nice medium shape, waist line, good hips and a pair of boobs that are more than a handful. She always had lush dark pubic hair beneath her lingerie where she had plenty of it surrounding the treasure between her legs. She trimmed it to keep it inside her panties but there was always lots of it and I liked that, still do. Both of us were pretty inexperienced when we got married. She was a virgin in terms of being penetrated and I?d had just one experience. Both of us had petted and fingered, etc. but neither of us was very sophisticated and we learned in the early years of marriage what pleased us. There were things Jan didn?t do, oral was a minimal thing for her and I was not too sure she really enjoyed anything touching behind her pussy and on her ass when I touched her there during our sex.

We lived in a group of cluster homes and Jan taught while I worked. Most of our friends came from those two groups. There was a group with us of four couples that fairly regularly did things together like dinners, movies, shows, etc. and we got pretty comfortable. Jan probably spent more time with the ladies of the couples as I was going to grad school at night after work.

Initially, Jan mentioned one night in bed that her girlfriends had shared their general number of sexual partners and most were 6-12 so far with one or two more than that. She mentioned it a couple times until I got the idea that she might have been wondering if she?d missed something being relatively ?good.? Her answer was a hesitant, ?I don?t know, but I do wonder sometimes.? Then she?d say something like, ?We are in love and married and that?s enough for me.?

But?it came up two or three more times until I finally just said that I thought both of us had been pretty much neophytes at first and if something came up and we were honest with one another maybe she needed to get it out of her system so she?d never wonder. She pretended to be shocked but then made love with me like a wild woman afterward so I think I hit the nail on the head. It didn?t bother me because I assumed that what was good for the goose was good for the??.

Weeks went by after with no more discussion like that until one night Jan at dinner mentioned that the other three couples had started a regular monthly dinner, rotating it at one of their homes. She said these dinners were theme nights. Turns out the theme for the one coming up was ?Lingerie night.? We were invited which is why we were talking about it.

I asked her how that worked and she said her girlfriends said the women had to wear their best lingerie and that in the course of the night it would get shown off but they all laughed when she asked them how. All they?d say was: ?We do it like a game, Jan. Come on and bring Paul. You?ll see and he?ll love it. The guys have only one rule: they have to buy and wear silk boxers too.?

I laughed and asked: ?Jan, honey, are you going to be comfortable showing off in front of others in maybe just your bra and panties to three other husbands?? She got a little embarrassed but referred back to the earlier conversation a few weeks before and said: ?Well, this might be a relatively harmless way to experiment and get caught up. Besides, you?ll be there and whatever works for me will probably work for you. My only concern is if you?d love me less afterwards??

?No, honey, I?ll love you the same either way. I think we should do it. Actually, I think you should do it and I?ll be there so we get you more caught up with what sex can be around other people than it just has been with you and me. We didn?t do it before marriage but we might get some exposure enough after marriage this way to satisfy our fantasies don?t you think?

She nodded and leaned over: ?Paul, now you?ve made me wet. Let?s go into the bedroom.?

We did and you can guess what the passion level was! She emailed her girlfriends and added us to Saturday?s dinner at Emily and Bill?s home. Susan, her husband, Ed; Mary Ellen and her husband Wayne would be the other guests. All were our friends and good looking. What we didn?t know was if they had done this kind of thing before or not and didn?t have a way to find out.

Saturday came and Jan wore sheer red panties that hugged her hips and a bra that match she'd bought from Priscilla's Naughty Nighties shop. Her nipples were hard when she went into the shower so she was clearly thinking about it already. She wore a reasonably short skirt and a light sweater and looked terrific. She?d bought me a pair of black silk boxers as required and we got cleaned up, dressed, drove over to Emily and Bills and knocked on the door a half hour later, ready for dinner and the ?lingerie? theme night.

There was a lot of kidding at dinner and some mild nervousness as we all sat across from our spouses but next to someone else?s. It was fun with a kind of mild tension as the conversation flowed through dessert. After dinner the girls piled the dishes up, served win and we all headed for the great room where they had set up an open area and a Bose CD player with good and lively music on it playing low. Emily passed a bowl of poker chips around with 8 chips and four colors saying you had to take a different color from your spouse and keep the chips for something later. We all did. I had yellow and Jan picked a black chip.

Emily acted as host and explained the game. Each woman would stand up and be blindfolded and each man would attempt to find out what color and name lingerie she was wearing without speaking while the blindfolded woman attempted to identify which guy was her husband without speaking or using anything other than one free hand. Each guy had five minutes with each woman who stood up their blindfolded. I glanced at Jan who was holding my hand and she didn?t seem much phased or upset by it so I assumed she wanted to stay and go through with the game which turned out to be true when she squeezed my hand after my glance.

Since Emily was the host she asked who wanted to be first. Jan sat on her hands nervously but Susan jumped up and said: ?Me, I want to go first!? Susan was freckly with big boobs and a slim butt and long legs and a happy personality. They got her up there, blindfolded her after she unbuttoned the top two buttons on her blouse and made sure her little skirt hung straight.

The first guy up was Bill who kept away from her grip for a minute but unbuttoned her top and opened it, went around back and looked at the tag of her flesh toned lacy bra then picked her skirt up and felt her ass with his hands through the matching panties. We could all see that she'd shaved her Pussy smooth and the swell of the groove below her mound. It was exciting.

I?m sure he scr*ped her nipples with his hands along the way too. She was just humming until he got close enough and then she felt his belt and slid her hand into his pants in the front where he had a raging cock and felt it, giving it some tugs for memory and then you could see her cup his balls inside his silk shorts. The five minutes passed pretty quickly and it was then Wayne?s turn. He actually felt her tits beneath the bra and pulled her panties enough while ?identifying the brand? that his fingers were across the opening of her pussy or maybe lingered inside her opening just a second or two. By then Susan was clearly having a hard time standing upright and was moving like crazy. She felt his buns and slid her hand inside his chest, felt his face then his cock before the five minutes ended. She let out a big ?hmmmmmmm?? when Wayne was done.

My turn came and I got her small hand around my cock about as fast as either of the other two only this time when she felt how thick I was she stopped, moved up and down the shaft, whistled and groaned. I am only 7? long but very thick and had heard that from Jan a lot. I felt her tits and put my finger in the crack of her pussy while Jan sat watching and grinning. Finally, it was Ed?s turn and he literally ended up taking Susan?s top off and her skirt.

When they were done and he was seated Emily took the blindfold off and asked us guys what her lingerie brand was and we more or less all got that right while Susan squirmed. She then asked Susan which one was her husband and her answer was: ?It sure wasn?t the third or the fourth guy so it must have been the first!? She got it wrong, of course, and we all laughed. She grabbed her clothes, left them off and went over and sat on Ed?s lap grinning and squirming.

Mary Ellen got blindfolded next and we all went through it again, loving her dark black lingerie. Mary Ellen could not stay quiet and when we each touched her tits she moaned. It was obvious she was getting nearly beside herself. She wore very soft panties and a bra that showed her B cups off nicely. Amazingly, I could feel through the bra that her nipples must be 3/8? wide and ¾? long and very hard. You could see these dark aureolas around them too. I thought Jan was hairy around her pussy but Mary Ellen was really robust with light blond hair but it went all the way up to her belly button and for me, she was just sensational.

She completely got the husband wrong when she had to guess.

Next, it was Jan?s turn and without hesitation she got up to some Credence Clearwater music and got blindfolded. By now there wasn't much pretense of lingerie names and a whole lot of feeling beneath bra and panties. All four of us felt her ass, her pussy and her tits trying to ID her lingerie and half way through before I even went up she stripped her sweater and skirt off on her own and stood on legs that were constantly moving. She was hot, getting hotter and as sexually excited as I?d ever seen her.

When it came time to guess who was her husband she guessed correctly I guess because she knew how big my cock was and everyone clapped.

The last one to go was Emily who was very busty and had a fairly good sized frame at 5?11? tall. She wore a lovely light yellow set of bra and panties that were almost shear and revealed these huge aureoles and nipples. I kept getting harder and could hear Jan breathing deeper and quicker beside me all the time. We all had fun exploring her while she stood there with her hand in our shirts, down our pants or grabbing our buns, cock and balls. She was completely shaved and had very swollen lips between her legs. I know my fingers were wet and sticky when I was done. Jan even looked at them before I used a Kleenex to keep the wetness off my new silk shorts. When we?d all been with her and before she took her blind fold off she spoke as the hostess:

?Now, get your poker chips out everyone.?

We all did.

Mine was Yellow and Jan?s was Black.

Emily had a Yellow one in her hand and Wayne had a Black one we could see. The room also had Blue and Green chips that were going to pair two different sets of new partners up was my guess.

Emily then said: ?okay, find the person with the matching chip and as soon as I guess which guy was my hubby you pair up and find one of the guest rooms where anything goes for two hours. Take a drink with you so you don?t get thirsty!?

Jan looked at me, winked, mouthed: ?Go for it big guy!? and looked over at Wayne wondering which sized cock she had felt that was his.

While Emily was making her guess which one was her husband, the pairing up started and I saw Jan walk with Wayne down the hall to the second guest room and close the door. God her ass in that lingerie worked when she moved! Emily and I who by then was only wearing a shirt and the black silk boxers and me with a big hard on went the other way to a small closed in porch in the back with couches and a day bed, stopping for two wine coolers on the way. I have to tell you that Emily?s ass moved in wonderful ways too and it was less than five minutes later that we were both nude, she had started sucking my thick cock like she?d just discovered a horde of gold and I had started tonguing her pussy lips and sucking and nibbling over her clit.

I fucked her tits until just before I was ready to cum and then she stood up, bent forward and told me to do her from behind, bareback, no rubbers. I did and held those round hips as I slammed and slammed until I almost came. She did come, twice, and finally fell on the bed, tossed her legs up in the air and beckoned me to lay on her and stick my cock in her and cum.

I did and in maybe fifteen strokes while sucking her tits or with our tongues inside each other?s throats she came again. It wasn?t like Jan when she came. First, she moved really fast, stopped making any normal human sounds and started with waves across her abdomen. She grabbed and held me like a linebacker too. I was holding her big tits but she put her hands over mine and squeezed like Hell, grunted, pushed back then almost yelled at me: ?Fuck me with that pole. Screw me, fuck me, screeewww me?? Her words dwindled and her head went forward as her ass cheeks sucked in and her pelvis began to spasm with some kind of liquid squirting out past my cock and on my legs and hers. I don?t think she even knew her name just then. I couldn?t stand it and pumped about four ounces of white, slick liquid of my own into that great cavity and collapsed on her which made us both fall on the day bed even with my cock still in her.

We just laid there, sweaty and connected until she reached around and felt my balls, slowly massaging them, whispering what a good fuck I was in my ears and sipping now and then on the wine cooler. In about twenty minutes I was back to being hard again and slid my cock back inside her pussy which was work?it was not quite wide enough and when the head slid past the resistance she groaned and cried out before she began screwing her hips sideways as I pushed in and out. Somehow, the second time, it slipped out of her pussy and she guided it into her ass which Jan had never let me do and we fucked that way with a fair starting effort until I came in her ass while she squired all over my stomach.

God, speaking for me, the lingerie party was a huge success.

The two hours went by pretty fast with all the fucking at least where I was and by then it was midnight. Jan and Wayne were in the great room when we got back and she was dressed, radiant, smiling and really happy. I went over to her, kissed her and asked how she felt and she said: ?Now that you?re back I feel even better than before but it felt really, really good. How about you, Paul??

?The same and I still love you but oh my, I hope they have these parties at least three more times so we can have three more lovers!?

Everybody heard that and laughed. We all said our goodbyes and got in our cars to go home.

While we were riding, Jan sat on her side and slowly fingered herself as the smell of our mutual sex with Emily and Wayne respectively, cum and heat filled the car. I came right out and asked what she'd done almost right away when the doors closed. She told me what happened to her in detail and I did the same. We compared notes. Turns out Wayne had a really tiny cock but he was terrific with his tongue and his fingers. She even told me she?d let him finger her ass then stick his little cock in her there which I?d only been allowed to touch with the tip of my cock twice! But then, she couldn?t stop talking about it so you might as well hear her like I did.

?Honey, when Wayne took my hand my belly was fluttering and I was so nervous. I?d never been fucked by anyone but you and I wondered what he?d be like especially since I hadn?t known which cock I felt was his while I was blindfolded up there.

When we got in the room he put our drinks down, came behind me and pulled me to him, my butt against his cock and nuzzled and kissed my hair. I put his hands on my tits over my bra and started rubbing backward. I swear, I was purring the whole thing felt so good. After a couple minutes he undid my bra and slid it off, then I heard rustling and his silk boxers were on the floor and I slipped out of my panties and turned. I was astonished. His cock was hard but probably no more than 4? long and an inch thick. Pretty tiny compared to you. He was uncut so there was a lot of skin to move around over the head. I knelt down and sucked it to see if it would get bigger but it didn?t. Nice velvet skin though!

He was sometimes feeling my tits and sometimes fingering my pussy which was soaking. We kissed and kissed and I had a hard time breathing I was so excited. I don?t think my pussy's lips have ever been so swollen and ready. He sat down on the bed and I straddled him, slid the little cock in my pussy and rode him until I came. When I did I squirted and he shot a small load from Mr. Littledick right straight in me.

That, as it turned out, was just the beginning with Wayne. He rolled me over when he came in me and started eating my pussy and rubbing my clit until my toes curled. I swear I came three or four times. By then his cock was hard again and he rolled me on my side and got behind me. I thought he was going to rub my pussy with it but instead, he rubbed my ass with it and in no time at all, the little thing was at the tight spot inside my ass then slipped into me. It didn?t hurt at all and when we started moving it felt just terrific. Baby, I?m not an ass virgin anymore!?

?Did he cum in your ass, Jan??

She for the first time sounded nervous as she answered. ?Yes, he did. I was leaking his cum and mine from every opening and by then I was more animal than human; completely lost in the feelings. I hope you?ll forgive me for enjoying it.?

Needless to say I did and went on when she asked to tell her what Emily had been like and how I?d had the normal hard time getting into her pussy at first since my cock was so thick but that we?d fucked and done many of the same things.

After I told her what I?d done with Emily she patted my cock and said: ?Emily must be a big girl to get that monster in her ass but if she can do it I can do it.

The guy I was with was so small that I let him put the head against my asshole and it slid in and didn?t hurt me. So, maybe, Honey, if we?re careful and use KY for you we can try it when I?m really hot with your big cock tomorrow.?

?Yeah, I?d like that but I think it will have to be tomorrow. I need rest, rather, my cock needs rest. Let?s take a shower together then get some rest, you sweet thing you!?

I didn?t have to even nod to agree to her proposal. I was already thankful for her first experience other than me!

We cuddled and talked more about the details for both of us until two in the morning. It was mutual agreement; we loved it and wanted to go to at least three more parties. Oh, did I forget to mention, Ed is a black guy who used to play college football and rumor was that he has a long, long cock but not as thick as mine?

We both had lots to look forward to. I told her just before we went to sleep that I loved watching her be felt and fingered when she was up there and realized I wanted to watch her get fucked in one of these things. For her part she agreed and had a request of her own. She wanted to go to an additional fourth party or just invite them over and see what she and Susan could do together with one another and hoped I'd get off watching her do it. That?s when Jan told me she?d once sucked her room mate?s tits and fingered her and kind of liked it back in college and now she felt like she and Susan could really get each other off.

Another surprise for me and more progress for us!

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