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Making New Friends

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I was at a Parents Without Partners for my first dance as a new member. They had a bar and live music and it was loud. A woman approached me and asked me to dance. Of course I said yes. I am a good dancer and so we danced first a fast one then a slow one and it felt good having a woman that close. It had been a while for me as I was recently divorced and so had been alone a lot for a couple of months. It was a fun night of Dancing with different women and just talking. Some of the women were very attractive and also recently divorced or separated with divorce in the process. Toward the end of the evening the woman I had first danced with Jane approached me and invited me to her house for coffee, but I knew she wanted more than a cup of coffee and said sure knowing I was about to get laid for the first time in a while. We had coffee and she told me her kids were with their father for the weekend and finally asked if I would like to spend the night with her.

We went into the bedroom and she said I am a little nervous and I said me too it has been a while. She said it has been over a 3 months for me. She turned the lights down and we stood together and I kissed her and could feel her heat. She kissed like a hungry woman and held on to me tight saying this feels so good. I undressed her and she was very nice to look at. Big boobs and a very round butt. She looked down waiting for me to make my move. I undressed myself and was up and at the ready and we moved to the bed. She sat on the edge as I approached her and reached out and took my cock in her hands and pulled me into her mouth. Her mouth felt hot on my cock and I almost exploded right there but held off and finally pulled back and she lay back spread for me and I climbed on top of her and slipped my cock into her now very wet pussy and we fucked. She was very giving and wide open to whatever I wanted to do. She whispered in my ear I love doing this it has been a long time.

I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she held on to me tight and gave it up to me shuttering all over moaning oh so good as she got off. I held still inside her feeling her pussy quivering and told her she was wonderful. I began to slowly move in and out again and she said you are very good as we resumed. I was very hard and rode her hard and she fucked me back thrusting against my cock and moving side to side rubbing her clit against me. She really knew what she was doing. I turned her over and she got on her hands and knees in front of me and looked over her shoulder and we made eye contact as I went back in and I could see the lust in those eyes. I was getting close and she could tell. I whispered to her can you handle my weight and she said yes and braced herself as I climbed aboard sitting high on her butt and going deeper. I rode her hard and fast and she was grunting from my weigh as I slammed into her moaning and gasping for breath. She yelled out oh I am going to cum again and shaking and pushing back against me got off once again and I lost it too and grunting exploded deep in her pussy. We fell forward and I was still squirting. We both got quiet and lay there panting and kissing.

She turned over and pulled me close and we lay that way for a long time just feeling the feelings. She finally said thank you I really needed that, I said me too. She said I usually come home alone so this is new for me. She added I had fun tonight. Now what? I said well I really like you and would like to get to know you. So we dated knowing and agreeing that it would not be exclusive to just us. Actually we became friends over time and could call each other and get together usually to get it on and sometimes just to have a friend.

She told me that for several years she and her ex-husband had gotten into meeting other couples for sex and he had met someone he wanted and left her. I asked her if she liked doing that and she said yes it was fun and different having sex with people you just met like what we did. It was always very exciting. I said wow I would never have guessed. What kinds of things did you do? She said oh we would meet people over the internet and chat with them on camera and finally arrange to meet them in person and usually ended up in bed with them. One time the guys wanted us ladies to play with each other and we did and that was very exciting and wild for me.

I asked would you do it again and she looked at me and said are you asking me if I would do it with you. I said yes. Jane said I had a lot of fun and if I was still married we would still be doing it. It was always exciting and got me off every time. My husband Jeff loved watching me doing another guy in front of him. The truth is I loved doing it in front of him. I always felt like a very bad girl and liked that feeling. I said I would like to watch you too especially with another woman. She said only did that one time, but it was fun and would do it again.

One night we were on the internet and she showed me where to go to meet other couples. There were 200 couples on camera Jane and I looked at the different people and I was amazed. She said oh there are Bea and Bob. We used to get together with them a few years ago. She is the one I played with. Jane sent her a message and soon we were all on camera. Bea told Jane that they had gotten out of the lifestyle when the decided they wanted to have a family and they now had two children and had decided to come back and look around again.

I looked at their description and it said that the female was Bi-curious looking for a Bi-curious and I pointed it out to Jane. Jane just nodded and kept chatting with Bea. Finally Bea asked if we were just browsing or looking and Jane said oh we are looking. Bea turned to her husband and turned back and said Bob remembers you and so we would like to invite you over this weekend to play. Jane said oh we would love that so a time was set. Jane said well are you ready to do this and I was very hard and she could tell and smiled and said here let me help you with that and gave me a blow job on camera with Bob and Bea watching.

Later that week Bea and Jane chatted on line again wanting to talk about the Bi-curious stuff and what could happen between them. On that first time they had only did a lot of kissing and touchy feely stuff as the guys watched. Bea confessed she wanted to do more this time as Bob wanted to watch her down on another woman and would Jane be willing to let her. Jane said oh yes of course if you want to and as long as I can do you too. I have been wondering what that might be like since the other time we played. I had a lot of fun with you. Bea said I want you to do me too, but only if you want too. Jane smiled at her and said then we can just eat each other up. I am sure the guys will love seeing us together.

We all sat in their living room with a drink just chatting. Bea and Jane were sitting close together holding hands. Both were a little flushed as they made eye contact knowing what was planned. The lights were low and finally Bob stood in front of Jane and offered her his hand. She stood up and took his hand and they moved to the other side of the room to their other couch. The first thing I had noticed about Bea was how big she was on top and how small she was below the waist. She looked over to me and I could see an invitation in her eyes. It said I want to fuck you, so I joined her on the couch. She said I am very excited as it has been several years since we have swapped with another couple and I always enjoyed doing it before. I said it is my first time. She smiled oh I have a virgin, good. I looked over to Jane and Bob had her half undressed already. I turned to Bea and we kissed and kept kissing until the tongues came out. I reached in and unbuttoned her top and she watched my hands as they felt inside and she gasped oh yes feels good as I felt her up. I heard slapping sounds and looked up and Bob was behind Jane giving it to her. I was fascinated watching her being fucked. I turned back to Bea and said I want you and she stood up and removed the rest of her clothes and I too mine off and was up and at the ready. She looked at my cock and said very nice as she lay back and spread for me. I could see the lust in her eyes as she give up to me. She was wide open and willing. I climbed aboard and went in and went deep.

Bea held on to me tight as I gave it to her saying oh yes give it to me, you are so hard you fill me up. Bea gave me her all and I was grunting I was fucking her so hard and fast. She moaned oh I am going to cum and I felt her pussy contract around my cock milking it and I lost I exploding in her pussy squirting over and over again. We lay for a time until our breathing calmed. I said you were wonderful. She said I got so hot it has been a long time and I had forgotten how hot I can get. You were very good I really got off with you. About that time I heard Bob yell out and looked up and He had pulled out of Jane squirting all over her pussy and tummy. Jane just laid there her legs shaking and eyes closed enjoying her own cum.

For certain we all had that I just got fucked look as we sat together again having a drink recovering. Bob said to Jane with a lustful grin you are as good as I remembered. She flushed and said you are just as bad as I remembered. Bea said Jim gave me all I needed. Bob looked at her and said I heard.

Jane had told me that Bob had invited another couple to join us but was unsure if they would show as they had never done anything before. Jane had said she had never been in a situation where there were three couples before and was excited about what that might be like. About that time the doorbell range and Bob said great they showed. The couple were younger than the rest of us. Probably in their early twenties. The girl was a little thing and the guy a big guy. They were Alice and Jeff. I looked Alice over and she noticed and flushed knowing what was on my mind, but did smile and say hi to me. Bob pulled them out to the patio to talk. A few minutes later they came back in and Bob said they are both very nervous, but willing as long as it is not in front of each other.

We did not rush them as we had plenty of time as it was still early. Bea and Jane were talking with Jeff and Alice and I had a chance to talk as Bob left to get some food from the store and drinks. Alice told me that her Jeff had been thinking about doing something like this for a couple of years, but had only recently decided to actually meet another couple. I said it can be a lot of fun if you can handle it. I asked can you? She made eye contact with me and said Jeff wants me to see if I can and I agreed to tonight, but am very nervous. I have only been with Jeff. I thought wow. Almost a virgin. I looked up and Jeff and the girls had disappeared. I said Looks like they made him an offer and he said yes.

I said I am making you an offer are you going to say yes? She flushed and said that is why I am here and I led her back to one of their bedrooms. As we walked by the other bedroom we could hear Jane say oh you are a big guy and Alice paused to listen and said sounds like he is going to do it.

I said so are you and made my move on her. Actually once I put my hands on her she surrendered very easily to what I was going to do. Her face got very flushed and she started breathing hard when I put my hands on her butt and pulled her in close kissing her. I sensed she got hot almost instantly and went into that other world that allowed for men to enter. I said you are very excited. She said yes Jeff and I have talked about doing this a lot. I am just surprised I am actually going to do it. I slid my hand under her skirt and up her leg. She gasped and instinctively opened her legs for me. Her panties were damp and I pulled my hand back and said I want to see you naked take your clothes off for me I want to watch you undress. She said Jeff likes me to do that for him too and stepped back.

Alice was a pretty girl and very shapely although small all around. She slowly undressed for me. When she reached her panties she hesitated and looked at me and I nodded a yes and she slid them down and off. She was lovely standing in the low light of the bedroom naked. I asked her if she was ok and she said you are only the second man to see me without any clothes on. I said you are beautiful and removed my clothes. She looked down at what she was about to get. I am a big guy and big around. Most women like the big around part. Alice gasped and said you are bigger then Jeff. I said it will be ok I will go slowly.

Alice looked over to the door hearing noises from the other room. Moaning and skin slapping against skin and Jeff grunting as he fucked one of the girls. She got a strange look in her eye and walked up to me and said well if he can I can and we went to the bed. The first thing I did was lick her pussy and she spread for me and got very wet. I moved between her legs poised to go in and she looked down at my cock with a hint of both lust and some fear in her eyes. I kissed her long and hard and slowly pushed into her pussy feeling it spread to allow me in. She was very tight and held onto me tight as I pushed in deeper and then deeper until I was all in. I held still and she held on to me tight kissing me hotly moaning oh you fill me up and quivering all over got off almost instantly panting and looking up at me whispering I did it. I said yes you did, good girl and we fucked.

Not knowing what she was supposed to do she allowed me do everything to her. I had her in every position, my favorite doggie and her favorite cowgirl. We fucked like we had been doing it for years. She got off three or four times. I finished on top of her with eye contact I went in as deep as I could and she was grinding against me and I exploded deep in her pussy. She grabbed my butt holding me inside moaning and giving it up to me. I knew and she knew that Jeff must be able to hear what I was doing to his wife and what she was doing for me. We lay for a time until our breathing calmed and she kissed me and said I really enjoyed you. I was a very bad girl. I said maybe we can do it again later and she said I hope so. We got dressed and Jeff was waiting for her and she had that I just got fucked look so he could see she had given it up to me. They went out to the patio to talk. When they returned he said to me thanks she said you very nice to her. I laughed inside thinking I fucked her brains out is what I actually did and she loved it. I said I could hear you enjoying Jane, he smiled and nodded yes.

I walked out to the patio with him and said well how are you really feeling about me being with your wife? He said it feels strange that she would do it. We made eye contact and he asked did she get off. I asked is that important? He said no I guess not I was just wondering. I said ask her then, I never tell. I will tell you that you are a lucky man and you had better tell her so or this will be your first and last time doing this. She needs to know you are ok with what she did. Are you? He thought for a minute and finally said yes I wanted to do this and she agreed to please me. I said if you do this again then she will be doing it for herself not for you and she did it his time for herself too even though you think she did it for you. He said ok I will remember that. Never thought about it that way before; I said women who do this enjoy it just as much as we do and should or not do it. He said ok.

Bob had returned with the drinks and food so we all took a break for food. I talked to Jane and she said she had a good time with Jeff and Bea had just watched playing with herself and was anxious to have some time with him later. He was very good. I said Alice once she got started was wild.

I noticed Bob giving Alice a lot of attention and hugging and kissing her and overheard him say how much he loved her. She seemed much more relaxed after that. He approached me again later and thanked me and said I really like what is happening tonight and I want to do it again and I told Alice I wanted her to enjoy herself. I said good for you.

Bob was sitting on the patio talking to Alice. She was paying close attention to what he was saying. It was near dark and Jane and I sat next to the pool. We watched Bea leading Jeff toward one of the bedrooms and Alice was watching him knowing what he was about to do. Bob whispered something to Alice and she looked over at me and Jane and I heard bob say it is ok if they watch. And maybe join us would that be ok with you? Alice just nodded not knowing what else to do.

Bob reached out and touched Alice and she smiled knowing what he wanted. Her eyes were bright and wide open as he unbuttoned her top and removed it. She had not put her bra back on earlier and so was naked to the waist. He leaned forward and sucked both her nipples and we could hear her gasp and say oh yes. Alice was sitting on a lounge and Bob stood in front and pulled his pants and shorts off and he sprung free inches from her face. She looked at his cock and then up to him and he nodded and guided her head forward and she went down on him. You could tell hot Alice had become as she sucked him. I got hard watching her. I said I wonder and got up and walked over and stood next to Bob with my cock standing straight out.

Alice looked up at me while still sucking Bob, realizing what I wanted her to do, two guys at the same time. She had a surprised look on her face and looked over to Jane and Jane smiled and nodded a yes. Alice only hesitated for a moment and went down on me too. Her mouth was hot and she looked up at me as she sucked. Jane joined her on the lounge and they both sucked us both; a mini orgy. Jane whispered something to Alice. Alice looked confused for a second then nodded a slight yes with a look of doubt on her face. Jane gave her a long kiss and felt her up. As she did that Bob slid into her pussy and she moaned as he went in deep. Jane kept kissing and feeling her up as Bob fucked her. Alice was lost to the moment and in a new world.

Bob pulled out and I went down on her. I motioned for Jane to join me. She whispered to Alice and Alice first shook her head no then nodded a yes and Jane joined me between her legs and I gave her room and she licked Alice. Alice looked down watching Jane licking and sucking on her. Her knees came up and she spread wide and grunted and gave it up to Jane. Bob had moved behind Jane and was giving it to her from behind as she did Alice. Bob pulled out of Jane groaning and squirted all over her back and butt. Alice laid there for a time with her eyes closed and finally opened them and said I have been a very bad girl.

Jane and Bob went back into the house. I spread a blanket on the lawn in the dark and led Alice over to it and we stretched out together. I asked her how she was feeling as it had been a wild night for her and I suspected she was feeling out on the edge. She looked at me and said I have done things I never thought I would do tonight. Until a little while ago Jeff was the only person in my life ever. I feel a little strange because I have enjoyed it. What Jane did to me was exciting and I got off with her and wonder what that means. I have done two men I just met and it has been very pleasurable. I feel like a stranger to myself. I just let her talk it out and remained quiet. Finally she ended with I have changed to a different person.

I said that happens to all of us, you are not alone in that. I think you are wonderful and brave in were you went tonight. I know Jeff does too as we talked about it. I asked her do you wish you had not come here tonight. She said oh no not that, I had a great time, and that is why I am just surprised at what I did tonight. I said good and kissed her softly and slipped between her legs and went in deep and held her close and said just be still and feel me. I remained still, filling her up and she held on to me whispering you feel so good inside me. I said you make me so hard.

We had long kisses and just remained still with me hard inside of her and her with her legs around me. I felt her pussy began to quiver around my cock and she held onto me tight and whispered I am going to cum again and kissing me deeply shuttered and as she came I squirted and we came together. I said I love you. She cried softly with her face against my neck and releasing all those emotions she had been feeling. She became quiet and said thank you I am ok now. I was still inside her and had gotten hard again. We did it again and when she got off with me it was different and when we were finished she said I love you too.

Jeff and Alice became our best friends. The four of us got together often over the next few months. Bea and Bob would join us at times. Alice finally decided she wanted to try a girl-girl with Jane and have her first taste of another woman. She was very nervous at the time. She and Jane were standing in our living room getting ready to do the wild thing. Jane was very excited to finally have Alice doing her as she had wanted to for a long time. Jane walked up to Alice and reached out and unbuttoned her top. Alice flushed at her touch. Jane undressed Alice and she stood there naked. Jane said now you. Alice hesitated for a moment and slowly undressed Jane saying I have never done this before. They were now both naked.

They stood kissing pressed against each other boob to boob. Alice said oh you are so soft. Jane said I want you and pushed down on her shoulders and Alice knowing what was next dropped to her knees in front of her. Jane leaned back exposing herself with lust on her face. Jane reached down and pulled her head in and pressed her pussy against her mouth. Alice licked her and had her first taste of another woman. Jane moaned oh yes good girl. Alice was breathing hard and moaning as she licked Jane. Jane whispered put your tongue in like I did to you and Alice slipped her tongue inside her pussy and Jane thrusted against her face as Alice tongued fucked her. Alice really got into what she was doing after her first taste. She had just entered a new world for her and once there gave her all. She pulled back and said I am so hot and went back to working Jane over. She shuttered and grabbed her head and held it in tight and rapidly moving forward and back groaning you are making me cum and jerking exploded in her mouth falling to the floor they both gasping for breath. Alice looked over to Jeff her face very wet from Jane. He said I loved watching you.

We all ended up in bed together doing each other. Before the ladies went to sleep they did a 69 and both got off again. We would be doing this again.

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