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Macks The Chessmaster Book Review

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The Chess Master by the Urban Erotic Novelist Legend Mack

This story is about a couple that has fallen out of touch with their marriage. A couple that gets caught up in a game that is played by so many but few survive. This book will give you insight into the mind of your partner. The things they think about. How the mind wonders in and out throughout the day. The thoughts are rarely communicated because of fear of what their other half will think.

One day a woman name Brenda wanted to answer the questions that most are not bold enough to get an answer. Brenda decided to expand her horizons to study the thoughts that go through all of our minds. She like being known as the Baddest Bitch by her acquaintances. Few live the fantasies they desire, and many wish to be in her place. The place of the other woman that doesnt go through the arguments, drama, and trials of being in a relationship. She steps out of her boundaries to figure out what people really want. The answer may be more than Brenda can handle. This couple starts off at the breaking point. How can Brenda take her thoughts to the next level. The twist to this game was to start by finding a person or couple of interest. What high pedestal will she begin to bow to and then take her rightful place as the queen.

It is odd how rules are played but like most rules, they are meant to be broken. The baddest Bitch liked strangers so she used the internet as a way of picking her victims. She ran across the profile of a successful lawyer that stated he was married and would only be online for chat nothing more or less. She decided to send him a note to get to know him. After exchanging a couple of messages they decide to meet. Note that his profile only said for chat now it was heading towards a meet. They decide to meet at a Walmart. It is a common place for people to walk pass each other from different sides and walks of the world. The Baddest Bitch! approaches and asks where is your wife. Being stunned and startled he apologizes because he thinks his wife set him up not knowing this was just her sarcastic method of introducing herself. She apologizes and smiles and says her name is Brenda from online. She then repeats the question looking as if she still wanted an answer. He told her she was at work. She questions the profile saying I thought you only wanted to chat so now you are here meeting me in person. He finally releases his intentions by saying he needed a friend and however it goes it goes. Brenda asks why he just didnt mention what he wanted. If you wanted to fuck just say so dont pretend to be someone that you really are not. It is so unattractive. Brenda begins to walk off as if her trust was broken. He raises his voice slightly and tells her hey Bitch! bring that ass back over here. She bends down as if to look for a piece of paper with the full intention of catching her victims full attention. She slowly stands up and turns around approaching her victim like a spider to a fly. She grabs him from the back of his neck putting the tip of the ear on her tongue whispering all the stuff she intends to do to him. He says back to her I have a wife. She responds saying I really dont give a damn! She notices his nervousness to initiate. This was a complete turn off and definitely not what she had planned for her first outing. Brenda than responds "When I want your dick, I want it when I want it and not your opinion, because I dont need it". While in the middle of that statement. He tells her to shut up Bitch! and meet me in the restroom. While waiting for a stall to become open before texting her it is ok to come in. He gets a call from his wife about his location and what was going on. She comes in and yells who are you talking to. His wife starts yelling who is she and what are you doing. He pauses and tells his wife seductively I want you to hear me as I put my dick in her mouth. He turns around and puts the phone on speaker. He tells her to walk in and say hello to his wife. His wife gets on the phone and asks if she is having an affair with her husband. Brenda responds by telling her, not yet, and unzips his pants and puts him all in her mouth. Brenda than picks back up the phone to let her hear the slurps and moans while pleasuring the bottom half of him. Brenda responds but now I am, and asks why are you not here with him. The wife is screaming cursing and trying her best to keep her composure as she feels disrespected and betrayed by him and the stranger Brenda. The husband picks back up the phone and tells his wife to shut up. I want you to listen. Their is a pause in the air from the wife... She hangs up. But like any normal person she calls back to hope that it's a different response. The husband tells her to, " Hold on," and gives the phone to Brenda. Brenda tells her I want you to hear my clit being licked by his tongue as she mounts him from the toilet. Brenda tells her to "Picture yourself right now in my shoes and how you would feel making him your bitch." The wife tries her best to ignore but was so focused on knowing what was going on made her start to reconsider her own interest. The wife starts thinking of ways of payback and finding a way to get to the two. She just sits by the phone as the two go at it but each moan and dirty word makes her daydream of it being done to her. The wife is at a crossroads. As Brenda rides her husband with his cell phone in hang, she starts making a mental note of the wife's number just in case of an unexpected encounter. She stares at the wall looking at the reflection of her work. She stops riding and quickly goes back down on him sucking his dick. He grabs her head to put it deeper in her mouth. He explodes as she works him harder simultaneously with her tongue. She takes all of him and tells him to call his wife. Brenda than tells him you lied to me again. You look very familiar but you definitely dont fuck like a lawyer. He tells her to shut the fuck up and get back to work to quickly jump the subject back on to his wife. Brenda takes his dick out of her mouth and starts getting dressed with one hand still stroking him. He becomes aroused again with gentle strokes with her hand stroking his meat. He calls his wife and tells her he is on the way home. Brenda and his eyes meet again. She begins to start the session all over again getting undress slowly. She than jumps back on top of him to help delay his course of direction.

Part 2 - Reflections from The Chessmaster by Urban Legend Novelist Mack Shhhh, someone is coming!! She puts her legs up eagle spread to the corridors of the stall to cover up any sight of her occupation. Her arms wrapped behind his neck pulling him slightly up underneath her. He looks through the cracks and notices the guy walking in with a security hat. She moves both arms carefully not to make a sound while positioning his body to insert him into her while his lap became her couch. As the security approaches and checks each stall the newly found couple bottom muscles tightened. The shear thrill of the situation with him inside her made her shake every few seconds as they awaited their fate. Brenda knew this was not the scene or position for any conservatives to catch her in. She was much more liberal but discreet in her transgression. It was the mystery of no one knowing except her choice in playmates, but this was just a random situation with no certain consequence. The hubby gently places his hands across her mouth. His tool tightens and the penetration goes deeper. A slight increase in his temperature becomes apparent. Brenda's body reacts into the increase of length in her. She tries her best to moan but his hands press against her lips harder as she struggles to keep her composure. Brenda begins to look up and block out anything that was happening in order to focus on handling the saturation by his thrusts. She cums in frustration trying to curse but no one would be able to hear her. Her frustration showed as her arms begin to unbuckle and relax. This became his motivation to talk dirty in her ear and get away with the disregard. She could only take it and admit to herself that she is what he says she is. He felt her wetness soak his dick in a position in which she put him in. Drip, Drop, Drip Drop, her juices soaks the tile floor but it is enough to catch the security ear and become focus on the destination. The security approaches the door and asks if everything is ok. The two start focusing on their next move especially if their was no turning back from their hidden about to be exposed agenda. Brenda pulls the door open without regard to express her sincere sympathy of being in the situation. She was still eagle spread with him inside her while his hand wrapped around her mouth as if she were bound and gagged. Brenda realizes she had to entrap him in order to avoid prosecution.. She would rather be judged by a jury of her peers than by any other law abiding figure. The security paused with irritation at the lack or respect for the situation. But couldn't help but notice this gorgeous woman's naked body in such a vulnerable position. His top head was saying do your job and the other head was telling him to do his job. He awaited the explanation. The husband quickly releases his grip around her lips to prevent the scene from looking forced. As soon as he lets his hands go, her gasp for air and verbal audio of the orgasm made her head snap and fall into the security bottom softness. She opens her eyes and notices her accidental assault works. She watches as his member starts to move due to the unexpected arousal. She quickly grabs and unbuckles his pants and pulls his member into her mouth. He was the main line of enforcement and she needed a scape goat. The perfect excuse for the security to keep his mouth closed and his pants open. This was just fun to her, putting these two in the same situation, with them having everything to lose, and her only looking as if she was just the victim of circumstance. The security closes the door while she takes him deep into her mouth. The cheating man could only look in amazement at this quick change in scenary that all transpired within 30 secs. He also thought to himself that the Brenda was wild, but maybe to open to his normal needs. It was smart move but it also compromised his participation. He knew she was a slut, but the more she took the security night stick into her mouth, the more the cheating inmate became a unintentional arousal while inside her began to sprout. He can only sit back and thinks about the havoc that might have been caused by his wife during this seduction. Brenda rides him while he pictures his wife in the same predicament being fucked in her mouth. Brenda's spit starts pouring out of her mouth with each stroke.. Her neck and breasts start getting soaked with her own spit as the guard grabs her head and deeply pushes himself inside. Brenda had never been in this situation before, but the more she was treated like a whore, then the more she became. She was living out the real thing. 2 guys in a bathroom stall being their automatic toilet. The thoughts of her orgasms and their cum being splashed all over her. The security fucked her in her mouth until he exploded. Pouring his load all down her mouth. She spits it back out right into the security's face. The security wipes his face looking back at her in disgust. What the fuck are you doing comes out the security mouth. He signals to the married guy if it is ok to trade ends. The cheating man pushes her off of him like a waste of time and tells her to get on all fours. She complies with the demand as he strokes his dick and gently placed it on her tongue and she slurped it. The security smacks her on the ass and tells her to sit up. He goes deep as if he did not have any concern for her ability to take care of the other end. She handles her situation like a pro then another phone call comes in from the hubby's wife. Brenda while swallowing his dick takes the cell phone back out his pocket. She hits the answer bottom and puts the speaker phone part on. She knew this would enhance her arousal to hear a wife cursing her out on the phone while she fucked her husband and another joining cast member in the bathroom. The more the wife cursed and called her a ho, and every name but her name out the book. This made her cum with even her juices dripping all over the phone. The static from her juices broke up the phone. Dead air bitch, scratchy ho, oh daddy could be heard from both ends. The situation was working out all in Brenda favor. Two hard dicks all for her pussy and mouth to enjoy. Brenda takes the dick out of her mouth and says she is now banging the security and sucking her hubby's dick and sarcastically responds "You wish you were even half of me," and Brenda tries to hang up but her finger slips and lowers the volume button. She closes the phone but the speaker phone is still on. The hard and rough sounds became soft ghost whisper of Brenda rendevous. The wife yells she is on the way but due to the phone volume no one could hear her. Brenda pushes the security off as she could not take anymore explosions. She kneels down and tells them both to release their cum all over her. She grabs her breasts and opens her mouth. Her eyes wide open as her tongue rolls for their explosion. The security is the first to let go. The first shot hits her forehead. His second shots splashes on her lips while it hangs under her tongue. The third shot hits the side of her neck. The warmth of his cum makes her scream for the wife husband dick. The security tells her to be quiet by grabbing her head and putting his dick deep down his throat to get it all out. She rolls her tongue as the security gets her to gag as his last shots go down her throat. As the security tries to take his dick out her mouth. He still notices small shots still cumming as it fills her jaws. The sensitivity made him release the back of her head. His arms stretched above her as he she takes him in deeper very mindful not to waste a single shot. He finally mans up and pushes her head back to retrieve his satisfied meat. As the security begins to get dressed. She turns over to the cheating man. Are you going to finish. He looks down at his with disgust. He begins to beat his meat so he can explode and go. He couldnt believe what he had just done, and it begins to make his meat slump. Brenda was a master at noticing when that captain ship was about to sink. She didnt need a iceberg. The act could only be completed if he shot his load whether on the floor or on her. She quickly retrieves the ship's captain. She deepthroats hard and forceful. Brenda could not give up and feel satisfied if their wasnt another explosion from him at the end. She had a problem with anyone leaving unsatisfied or not cumming before a session ended. Brenda goes to her back up plan of tricks. She tongues the lower part of his head while stroking lower end. The husband feeling frustrated because he cant come tries to pull Brenda off. Brenda grabs his ass while she licks up and down his dick noticing he is trying to escape. She can feel him about to explode. Brenda grabs him with both hands and than deepthroats. Ahhhh, Ahhhh, shit, he cums. Brenda pushes him back as it was more cum than her mouth could handle. He drips his remaining load on her cheek as Brenda coughs. He puts back on his pants and just walks out. He doesnt say a word. Brenda just lays there on the floor trying to catch her breath. She looks as he walks out with a vengeful Its not over yet!.

Part 3 - The War of Words - The Chessmaster by the Urban Novelist Mack Posted 11/24/08 Hello, Hello, hubby answers the phone heading back home. It's Brenda... He says oh... Whassup Bitch! sacarcastically... She said I need you to do something before heading home. It will definitely help you out at home, Brenda laughs wildly. The hubby's face turns angrily in frustration not knowing her intention. The last thing he wanted was another phone call. It was suppose to be a wam bam thank you ma'am situation. Also no one likes a sarcastic bitch, especially after doing some dirt. The hubby responds I'm listening, fearing this may be a blackmail or another twist from Brenda. She said you know why I'm the baddest Bitch! I have little symphathy in making sure someone doesnt use me for their personal benefit. The hubby responds what are you talking about? It seem more like you use me for your perverted orgy. The blame game goes back and forth between the two. In the middle of the conversation she says listen.their is nothing wrong with what we did if you look at it through my eyes better yet lens. I left you an early birthday present in your bedroom in your wife's purse and softly says I love you baby. How in the hell do you know my wife, responds the cheating man. "Keep this in the back of your mind, their is nothing wrong with what we did when you get home. This gift is so you never forget this pussy!" This pussy might have helped you break from your boring life. He tells Brenda fuck you and the phone click's off. Ring, Ring, Ring... He sees his wife's name on the cell phone. He quickly picks up and says Hello, It is a pause in the phone and he says hello again... She finally responds, Where are you I'm at the Walmart. The Walmart, says her husband, what for you missed all the action. She sighs, I didnt miss shit, you are one cowardly motherfucker. Dont sleep is all I have to say... Ill be back and will deal with you once I get home. The husband wasnt surprised about having an angry black woman on the phone. He knew the situation was caused by him and smiled at the ripping of his wife's heart. You know how bored Ive been with you and you acting like you shocked. I should have got some better pussy a long time ago. Her husband knew if he could get away with this then he could open the doors to do whatever he wanted without regard to her. She wasn't ready or prepared to leave financially or emotionally. He on the other hand felt the same way but felt the end of the session justified the means. The confidence in his infidelity. The wife tries to remember as much of the conversation to start putting some pieces together of who, what, when, and how it all began. She tries to remember pieces of the rendevous over the phone. Clues to find out who the two culprits was other than her husband. She needed answers to bring closure for any moves that she would pursue. Her mind starts thinking about someone coming in and tried her hardest to get a clearer part of the conversation out of her memory. She gets frustrated and says it is always best to get evidence from the scene of the crime. She gets out the car and walks into the store. She heads towards the bathroom near the customer service desk. The wife wasnt a fool to know which bathroom this all could have taken place. She heads to the front of the door and the security asks where is she going. The womens restroom is next door. Brenda big mouth and ego would provide the clues that she needed to put the pieces together. She gives an evil stare at the security and remembers hearing the voice. The voice was very familiar the more he talked to a customer. She listen carefully for anything of value from his conversation to start tracking the voice pattern. She rewinds her playbook brain to remeber who would check in the bathroom as a routine The security noticing that the woman staring is looking at him. He goes over to check on her. "Is everything ok security responded, is their a problem." Key match goes through her mind as he keeps trying to get a answer. She asked "What were you doing an hour ago. He said working, No, What were you really doing." The security makes an expression to ensure she targeted the right one. She tricks him in moving closer as if almost to whisper in his ear. She sniffs. The security smiles and said why are you smelling me. She said "Are you sure a little while ago you were just doing your job or were you enjoying some benefits. The smell is all over you." "I guess I need to get some better deodarant. says the security." "No, I think you need a STD check." You surely have the scent of someone being unprofessional. He gets irritated and says "Who are you?" security responded. I'm someone's wife, a wife to a husband with a mistress, and mother to his daughter. "What kind of freaky shit is going on here, all loudly in the security face." Customers being nosey starts looking in their direction as she loudly harrasses him.. He tries to calm her down and tell her to lower her voice. She is still yelling loudly. The security pulls her into his office. "Please keep her voice down!" demands the security. Fearing embarrassment and possible termination from her tirade. He tells her what she didnt really want to know in her ear. She closes her eyes forgetting about information the security was telling her. Her ear was a G-spot. She pushes him back. The heat of frustration can be as much as a turn on as making up. The security smiles as if he knows a woman frustrated and in heat mixed with revenge. It was like a faramone from an anaconda just waiting to be embraced. A world upside down but just as easy as it was to turn her on from the ear that it was just as hard to turn it off. She responds, I want to see where all this took place and everything that went on. He said in a short edited version. I caught them in the bathroom going at it then the woman pulled me in and I was being a man. This immediately turned her off. The man sarcastically responds to her that she was one great oral expert. I can't wait to get that pussy again. She asks what do I have to do to find out who she is. He responds you are a very sexy nice woman and its just not worth it. Brenda, accidentally comes out his mouth, is more than I think you can handle. She asks what is so great about Brenda to warrant this introduction. He responds Brenda wasnt concerned about you at all. She went out of her way to let you know she didnt give a fuck! "I'm not the one you should be mad at. Check your man says the security." A woman like that is ready for you because you are acting off anger. She'll eat you alive. A flashback of a dark coke bottle shaped woman mounting her husband flashes back into her mind. Her hand places behind his head putting her bottom lips to his. She keeps her face poised but her mind was twisted. He walks away and turns back "Are you coming." So full of revenge she starts walking in his direction already having plans to fuck him. As they walk the security spots Brenda. Brenda walks up and says hello, I hope you had a good time. She looks at the woman and then places her hand behind the security's neck. She whispers in his ear "Whois your friend," says Brenda. "Just another new piece of ass, He responds. Brenda says, I hope so... She smirks and looks at his new found associate like she was a lamb to a cannibal." Brenda asks, "Do you mind if I tag along, and looks at the wife, oh I forgot to tell you I fucked him and your man." Brenda than smacks the cheating man wife. The security grabs her and asks them both to calm down. He was trying not to cause a scene pushes and grabs both by the arm as if he was breaking up a fight in routine. The two ladies are screaming at each other as he pushes them in the office. A manager comes over to the security guard and asks "If everything is ok." "I got it cover," says the security.

The husband finally gets home and finds no evidence of the wife being there. He heads to the bedroom fearing any surprises that Brenda might have hidden in the bedroom. The last phone call rang through his mind like a saw. He also wonders how Brenda knew where he lived. He pauses and thinks about all the dirt he has done in the marriage. Brenda wasnt his first fit of infidelity. So he goes ransacking the room trying to find Brenda's gift.

Part 4 - College Girl Urban Erotic Novelist Mac - The Chessmaster Posted 11/24/08 Just nothing but cursing insues and women being pulled apart. The wife grabs Brenda by the neck smacking her against the wall. Brenda grabs the remote from the table in the room and clicked the monitors on. It's the wife's old dorm room just like a webcam on a computer. It shows Brenda and the wife walking in with a masked man in chains and crazy leather get up. It's the two walking in after a long night of partying. Brenda says Vanessa do you remember this. The wife goes into a flashback of that night and many others just like that in her college days. Vanessa knew she had a wild life in those days and could remember numerous encounters especially because of the images being broadcast on the screen. Brenda and Vanessa had always had a private thing going on in their college days. This was Vanessa's first threesome. Brenda laughs and says take your hands off of me ho, before I play this for the whole store to watch. Vanessa relinquishes her grip and focuses on the video. Its funny how hos try to act innocent when they really are not, Brenda replies. You use to be a lot of fun until you got with that piece of shit of a man. You look broke down, sad, and pretty much a joke. Just a waste of energy. Brenda goes over to the security and says do you remember Vanessa. As he looks at the video tape being the masked participant. He remembers the young confident sexy party girl. He responds in Vanessa's direction with a sinister look. I remember the Vanessa in the video and in college but not what im looking at now. I couldnt even recognize her when she walked up. Your hair isn't even done. You dont even look like you take care of yourself. I see why the husband needed something more refreshing. He grabs Brenda's ass and says "What a waste of time." Vanessa begins to try to walk out. Brenda grabs her and says you are going to sit here and watch it. I can't believe you even taped me, Vanessa responds. I trusted you and now you do me like this, Vanessa yells. You aint shit now and never was shit then. I guess you still picking up my sloppy seconds, says Vanessa. You spent most of your college life trying to be me and now since you think you got a piece of what is mine that you are even closer, replies Vanessa. Vanessa puts her fingers in Brenda's mouth as the security puts his hands in between Brenda's legs playing the piano with Brenda's pussy!. Vanessa's suttle touch becomes a vice grip to Brenda's mouth. Vanessa tells Brenda to get down to her knees. I want you to get me that video tape. The security sits back as if he is enjoying the show. Damn ho, you still got some heart responds the security. Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa, damn didnt we have a good time while enjoying his work on the camera. Vanessa uses her free hand to take her belt off. She than wrapped it around Brenda's neck. Her pants drop accidentally. Brenda than slams her face in between her legs with her teeth gently on the clit as if one bite would fuck up Vanessa world. Brenda tells her, just like old times bitch." Vanessa cant move and as much as she was mad. It had been a long time since someone had been down in that area. Brenda could instantly tell. She licks, as Vanessa tells her to stop. Shut up, you still the same ho on that tape that you are now. You just lost it somewhere, says Brenda. The video than shows Brenda in the same position as she was on the tape. The video is showing Vanessa driving her clit into Brenda tongue and looking at the video on the screen as the masked man pounded her from behind. The video starts to scramble showing Vanessa hours later sleeping in the bed without the extra company. Her hubby walks in unknown to what had happen previously before his arrival and tries kissing his future. She gets up and runs to the bathroom as if she is sick. She than proceeds to come out and than pushes him back on the bed pulling down his pants giving oral to trick him into believing everything came from him, but the cum that was still leftover in her mouth from the previous rendevous was spit on her hubby dick. During college it wasnt nothing new to be a closet freak. After getting him hard she quickly inserts her husband dick into her half dry cunt to cover up her wild acts. The video on the screen goes to static. Who would suspect anything if started things with your husband right after getting fucked by us with sucking his dick instead of kissing him. When you finally did kiss him. He would just think it was his dick only in your mouth. Smart move bitch, and thats why I enjoy recording all your tricks of the trade, says Brenda. The bad thing about it is I was just her sucking on his dick. Brenda starts laughing as Vanessa relinquishes pushes her off her pussy.. I know you like a book bitch! replies Brenda. You taught me how to please a man and damn sure how to please a woman. The best thing I learned was how to do it all and cover up my tracks. I just recently finished handling both your man and your man man lol. All eyes are on the screen. A dark hand covers up the camera as if it was placed in a secret compartment that could be removed from the other room. The three look at each other trying to figure out what is next...

The book is set for release July 14, 2009

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