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It had been another year since our last birthdays. My wife, Sally, and I both have birthdays within a few days of each other in October. It didnâ??t seem like a whole year had passed. The older we get though the faster the time seems to go by.

Our sex life has begun to expand and we have reached new expectations. We fantasize about all sorts of things. My favorite is watching my wife get boned by a couple of guys at the same time. Sallyâ??s favorite fantasy is dancing in front of a room full of men. They would strip off all her clothing before feeling every inch of her body and having their way with her.

In a way, out two fantasies are not all that different. I guess they started last year in the early summer. We wanted to get some crank. Lance a friend and neighbor said he new a guy who sell it.

We got into my car even though Sally had on one oh her favorite lingerie tops. Lance had seen Sally in most of her outfits and it didnâ??t bother her to ride with him wearing the top that she was. Besides Lance said we would have to park down the road and wait. Dave (that was his name) didnâ??t like to have any strangers know where he lived.

It didnâ??t take us long to get close to where Dave lived. We pulled down a dirt road and into the forest about 300 yards from his house. We waited quite a long tome and Sally started to get horny. No matter what I did she wanted more.

Finally I pulled the strap off her left shoulder and brought her tit out to play. She reached over and unzipped my pants then pulled my cock free. As I played with her tit and she stroked my cock, I thought I would explode. I began to finger her pussy after sliding her panties to the side while still sucking her tit.

Just then Lance knocked on the car window catching us both in the act. No only that, but Dave had come back with him to see who we were. Sally was taken by complete surprise and took forever to cover herself up again.

Sally apologized to Lance as we drove home. She said she was so horny she had to do something to relieve the tension. She was happy we got the crank, and knew it would help loosen her up.

When we got back to the house we all went inside and I loaded the pipe. After smoking for a while I fix everyone a drink and we began to play cards. It was getting dark and cooler now that the sun had set. I started a fire in the wood stove to help warm the room.

As usual there were a variety of bets. One of the guys would pick out a change of lingerie for Sally to wear if she lost. I would have to go to the post office and get the mail naked. Lance had to let Sally strip off his clothes and play cards the next hour naked.

I ended up having the post office run. It wasnâ??t too bad since it was a Saturday and getting late. No one saw me come or go thank God. Lance didnâ??t have to play naked, but he did get to pick out an outfit for Sally to wear.

Lance chose a lacy three button top with a ribbon tie. He insisted the top stay unbuttoned and untied during the next game.

Sally had changed and was back in the living room when I returned from the post office. We filled the pipe again and I refilled our drinks before starting the next game. We were about ready to deal out the cards when there was a knock on the door. I got up to see who was there.

When I opened the door I saw it was Dave from this afternoon. Sally had told him we were going to play some cards and if he wanted to come over he would be welcome.

I donâ??t think Dave knew quite what to Say seeing Sally with her top wide open in the front with her tits flapping about. Lance explained what had transpired during the last game and what the bets were. Sally told Dave he had already seen her tits that afternoon and not to be shocked at seeing them again.

Dave said he brought some of his crank with him and asked id Sally wanted to do some more. Of course Sally said yes as Dave filled his pipe and handed it to her. I donâ??t see how he kept from spilling the crank on the floor. His eyes never left her tits.

After the pipe was empty Sally asked Dave if he was going to play the next hand. He did. The bets were the same this time with mine being the exception. If I lost I would have to drive the 12 miles and get some beer as we just ran out of liquor. I didnâ??t have to go naked either!

The game ended with me going to the store for beer. Dave got stripped by Sally and Lance picked out another outfit for her to wear. I was gone about 45 minutes. When I came back Sally was sitting between a naked Dave and Lance and had already changed her top.

This time Lance had chosen a green night gown and slipped the strap off her right shoulder. He then pulled the material away from her tit and told her the next game would be played the way she was.

I could see Dave was getting a kick out of the whole idea. I was sure he really wanted to win. He was completely naked and Iâ??m sure had something special in mind for Sallyâ??s penalty if she lost.

I was right. Lance and Sally stayed with the same bets. I would have to take a twenty minute walk up the street and back naked. Dave wanted 15 minutes alone with Sally to do as he pleased. It took Sally about three minutes to finally agree to Daveâ??s wager.

We began the game. It took longer than usual, but I at least won. I didnâ??t have to do anything. Lance got stripped by Sally and would have to stay that way for an hour. Dave beat Sally and took her into the bedroom.

Sally told me later that Dave undressed her while playing with her tits and pussy. He had her kneel and suck him off while he forced her head up and down his shaft. He then laid her on the bed and fucked before a full five minutes before picking out another outfit.

When they came back into the living room, Sally had changed into a sheer brown top that Dave had chosen. She told Lance and me, Dave was a great fuck. It had been a while since she had had been fucked by an uncircumcised cock. She said it felt great when he penetrated her pussy and forced himself in and out.

Sally took me aside before we started the next game. She said she wasnâ??t sure if I would approve of what she had done, but thought she would surprise me for my birthday and let me have my fantasy. I told her that my cock had gotten really stiff. In fact I had given thought to letting it out to get some relief.

The next game started. This time Sally lost to me and beat both Dave and lance. Since Dave was already naked, Sally only had to strip lance. I got to choose the outfit she would change into for the next game.

I chose my favorite top. A tan completely see thru item that usually turned everyone on in one way or another.

I couldnâ??t believe Sally was wearing this top in front of Dave since she had just met him. She did let him fuck her and seemed to enjoy it so I guess she didnâ??t feel uncomfortable.

We made the next game the last for the night. Everyone was getting really drunk and loaded on crank. We decided to call it a night. I liked that idea as I just wanted to fuck Sallyâ??s brains out as soon as I could.

The way the game ended up though, I would have to wait until both Lance and Dave got their play time with Sally. I thought she might have thrown the last game. Sally ended up doing them both at the same time.

I got my camera and took a video of the entire session. It was both exciting and erotic to film Sally taking on them both at the same time. Yet I was glad when their time was up and they left. Now it was my turn. I felt like I could go all night!

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