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MMM Baby Thank You

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MMM Thank You Baby!!

A work of Fiction by Sweet Angel

?Thank God this week is over! I couldn?t stand it anymore.? She thought to herself as she pulled in the drive. One more day and she would have lost it. All week she long it seemed that every person she had to deal with was a complete moron. How can they even stand to get out of bed in the morning? Oh well, none of that mattered now. All she knew for sure was that she was going to relax and enjoy a nice long weekend.

She pulled into the garage and shut off the car. Stepping out of the car, she heard kids arguing about who was setting where and any other little petty things they could think of to argue about. The first thought she had was to yell at them to stop the senseless bickering back and forth, but then she began to wonder where it was they were going that they would be arguing over who say where.

?Hi Sweetie,? She said to her husband as he met her at the door and gave her a quick kiss. ?Where are you going??

?I?m taking the kids to their dads for the weekend.? He replied.

?Ok, but don?t forget we are suppose to have dinner tonight with Bettina and Gerald. I know you don?t care for dinner out unless it?s with our life style friends, but I really need a night out baby.? She told him as he was climbing in the van.

?I haven?t forgotten and don?t worry, I like them well enough.? He said as the kids climbed in the van.

She went in the house and sorted through the day?s mail. Nope, nothing exciting there, just a few more bills to pay. Wouldn?t it be nice to have one day where you didn?t get any bills in the mail? She headed to the bathroom to draw a bath and relax before dinner. It was just now 4pm and they weren?t due to meet with Bettina and Gerald until 8, so she had plenty of time to bath and relax and maybe even get a little loving from Roy.

As she slipped into the tub her mind began to wonder. She thought back on the years that they had been together and smiled to her self. They had had some really great times and made more memories then she could count. She thought about how lucky she felt to have him in her life and how glad she was that their love was one that nothing could compare to.

As she soaked, she began to try to decide what to wear to dinner. She knew Roy liked to see her dress all sexy, but since they were going to dinner with a couple who weren?t in the life style she thought that maybe she should dial it down a little bit. After all, people who aren?t in the life style wouldn?t think too highly of someone who was dressed like a slut. She giggled to her self at the thought of calling her self a slut. What would people think if they only knew the truth about them?

She stepped out of the tub and toweled her self off. She checked to make sure that she didn?t miss any stray hairs when she shaved, which wasn?t easy since she couldn?t see every bit of where she had done so. It had started as a surprise for Roy, but had turned into something that she did automatically anymore. She actually preferred her self to be shaved down there. It some how made her feel sexier.

She headed to the bedroom and decided to try to surprise Roy by waiting for him in the bed completely nude. She loved the look he would get on his face every time she surprised him that way.

The next thing she knew, Roy was waking her up and telling her that it was 7 o?clock and that she needed to get dressed so that they could get going and maybe try to be on time.

So much for a little loving before dinner, she thought to her self. Oh well, it shouldn?t be all that late when they get home since it?s only suppose to be dinner with friends.

?What do you think I should wear tonight, babes?? she asked him.

?How about that sexy black outfit. You Know, the one with the short skirt? That way you can go with out panties and I can play with you on the way there and on the way home.?

?Are you sure you want me to wear that? After all it is pretty revealing and people might talk. Not to mention that Gerald might have trouble keeping his eyes above my chest since it?s so low cut and shows lots of my cleavage.?

Roy took her in his arms and looked her deeply in the eyes. ?Tina, I don?t care if they talk. Hell I don?t care if they stare at you all night. Fuck them, you?re with me and they are just jealous. Besides, I?ve caught you checking him out and I know as well as you do that if they were in the life style, you would love to play with them.?

She smiled at him, kissed him and thanked him for always knowing the right thing to say. It was truly amazing to her that he always seemed to know just what she wanted to hear.

She dressed and did her hair as Roy readied their bags for the night and then got dressed him self. What did he have up his sleeve that he was getting their over night bag ready? After all, they had no kids for the whole weekend, so why wouldn?t they stay in and enjoy the time alone?

?Baby, why did you pack the over night bag?? she asked as they climbed in the car and headed for the Olive Garden to meet Bettina and Gerald.

?Well I was gonna surprise you, but I guess it?s ok to tell you now. I rented us the suite at the Holiday Inn. You know the one with the Jacuzzi hot tub? I figured we could spoil ourselves after dinner.? He said as they backed out of the drive and headed for the restaurant.

?Wow baby, thank you. How did you know I needed something like that this weekend?? She asked.

?Well, between the frazzled look on your face every night when you get home and hearing you talk about all the idiots you have to deal with at work, I just figured it would be a nice treat for you.? He replied.

?Well like I said, thank you baby. You always seem to know what to say and what I need. How did I ever get so lucky as to get to have you in my life??

?Shit babes, I?m the lucky one. In fact, I have no doubts that you saved my life. In fact, if it weren?t for you I would be nothing and have nothing. So I am the one who should be thanking you. Not the other way around.?

About then they turned into the parking lot at the restaurant. Roy checked his watch and grimaced slightly. ?Well, I guess 5 minutes late isn?t too bad. Good thing they know us and know we are almost always late.? Roy chuckled as they got out of the car.

?What?s so funny there Mr.?? she asked.

?Oh nothing. Just trying to remember if we have ever been anywhere on time in all the years we?ve been together.?

She looked at him and smiled. ?Obviously we were on time at least once. Other wise we wouldn?t have ever met and we wouldn?t be together now.?

?Good point babes. See, I told you I need you to keep me straight.?

As they walked through the doors they saw Gerald and Bettina sitting in the foyer waiting for them. They exchanged hellos and the usual hand shakes between guys and hugs between ladies. Then out of habit from being in the life style, they each hugged the others spouse. As they did so, Roy couldn?t help but notice how soft Bettina felt. Instantly he mentally slapped him self. Trying his best to remember that this was a vanilla couple and not a life style couple, he turned to the hostess and asked that they be seated in the smoking section.

The waitress was a short little Italian girl with amply large breasts and the sweetest disposition. Once again Roy had to stop him self short as he caught him self thinking like a swinger rather then just another man out with his wife and friends for dinner.

They all talked over dinner and as the evening passed, every one seemed to keep making little sexual jokes. Nothing so blatant anyone setting close by would be able to tell, but still pretty sexual all in all. Gerald asked if they would like to go have a few drinks. He mentioned having heard about the bar in the Holiday Inn from some friends and figured that since it was right by the interstate that it might be a good choice. Being agreeable to the idea and already having a room there, Roy figured that at least they won?t have far to go after wards.

They paid the check and headed for the parking lot. Tina slipped her arm in Roy?s and asked him if he minded waiting a little longer to get to the room. She told him that after the week she had had at work. That it was really nice to actually sit and talk with people who weren?t morons.

?No I don?t mind babes. Besides, I caught you checking them both out at dinner. You know I?m good at catching the things people don?t want me to.? Roy said as he started the car.

?Yeah I know. I also know you were checking her out too. I wonder about them though.?

Roy looked at her and smiled, ?I?m sort of wondering my self. I mean I know that vanilla people flirt too. But I thought it was just my over active sexual imagination at work again. You know how preoccupied my perverted mind tends to be with the subject.?

?Well either I?m starting to think more like you, which in and of it?s self is a scary thought, or there?s more to them then what meets the eye.?

?I?d be willing to bet on both babes. Besides, you thinking more like me wouldn?t be an all bad thing. And there being more to them then what meets the eye wouldn?t be all bad either.?

?I wonder if they are interested in the life style. I want to ask them, but not sure just how to. I mean I don?t want them to stop being friends with us if we ask them and they aren?t interested. You know how much I hate losing friends, especially girl friends. I just don?t have enough of them to want to lose any.? She said to Roy as they were pulling out into traffic.

?Well, let?s see now. We could always come right out and ask them if they wanna fuck us.? Roy laughed.

?I swear, sometimes I think you have absolutely no class. It?s a damn good thing I love you. Now be serious for a minute will you please.? She scolded.

Roy donned that little puppy look that she thought was so cute and pouted to her that he was sorry, but he just couldn?t help him self. She giggled and thought to her self that she couldn?t stay mad at him with that stupid look on his face. It was just too damn cute.

?Ok then, maybe we should just have a few drinks with them and see if they flirt more after wards. Like your self Tina, I haven?t ever approached someone about the life style unless I already knew they were into it. And I too like them and hate to think of losing them as friends. After all I don?t have a lot of friends to begin with.?

?You?re right we should just see what happens after a few drinks. I still think you shouldn?t have any alcohol though. After all, we still don?t know how it will react with your medicine and I definitely want some loving later. I wanted some earlier, but fell asleep waiting for you to get back from dropping off the kids.?

Again with the scolded puppy look, Roy said he was sorry, but was when he had gone and rented the motel room.

When they got to the Holiday Inn, Gerald held the door for every one. Roy noticed that as Tina walked by Gerald, he looked her up and down. Well at least he knew that Gerald liked the way Tina looked. Who wouldn?t like a woman in a Mini skirt and stockings? Even Bettina was wearing something similar and looking very tasty. Quickly Roy gave him self another mental slap to stop him self from thinking that way.

They all went in and for the most part, it was a bar like any other. Roy couldn?t figure out why any one would have recommended it to any one else, but decided not to think about it. After all, different people have different tastes in bars the same as every thing else.

After about an hour, and a couple of shots for both Tina & Bettina, every one was feeling great and a little courageous. Gerald headed for the bar to get another round of drinks and Tina leaned over pretending to kiss Roy on the cheek.

?Ok baby, I think it?s time to ask them. I mean all the flirting is driving me insane and I just have to know.? She whispered in his ear.

Roy looked at her, smiled and nodded that he agreed that it was time to pop the big question. Just then Gerald returned with their drinks and sat down next to Tina. Bettina had slid her chair over next to Roy?s and asked him for a light for her cigarette.

Gerald got a some what embarrassed look on his face and leaned in towards the center of the table. ?Now first I want to tell you that we really like you guys and we don?t want to lose you all as friends. But there is something we have wanted to ask you all for some time now.?

Tina looked and Roy and he back at her, both with a little twinkle in their eyes. ?We really like yall too. So shoot. What?s yalls question?? Roy said.

?Well, um you see, Bettina and I were wondering about you two. Ok, bad start I guess. We have a confession to make is more like it. Here it is we are swingers.? He said with what had to be a huge blush on his face.

Tina & Roy smiled to each other and let out a little snicker. ?Well we have a confession to make of our own. We are too! In fact, on the ride over here we were trying to figure out how to ask yall with out risking losing good friends.?

With a huge sigh of relief, Gerald smiled at them. ?So would you two be interested in playing with us sometime??

?Oh yeah, we would love to. When did you have in mind?? Roy asked as he took another drink of his Pepsi.

?When ever you two would like.? Gerald replied.

Roy looked at Tina and she nodded. ?Well, we do have a room up stairs that I we were going to use tonight for some get away time. So how about now? If it?s alright with yall.?

?That?s fine with us. Let?s finish these and head up stairs.?

They all finished their drinks and headed for the door. Tina and Bettina walked arm in arm to the elevator as Roy and Gerald brought up the rear. Once in the elevator alone, Roy figured it was as good a time as any to go over rules.

?Ok yall, here are our rules for playing. First one is the usual, no mean NO and stop means STOP NOW. Other then that, it?s no cumming on Tina?s skin, she hates that. You can cum in her, in fact she prefers that, but not on her. No Anal as that we save for each other. Kissing is only allowed between the ladies. Much as I like you buddy, I really don?t want to kiss you! And lastly, always play in the same room and at the same time.?

?Well, ours are pretty easy too. We always use condoms and anal is out. Other then that there really isn?t much else except the same ones about no meaning no and stop meaning stop. You don?t have a problem using condoms do you?? Gerald asked as the elevator neared the floor they were headed to.

?No, but I will have to go out and get some as I don?t have any.?

?You don?t have to go get any; Bettina has some in her purse. I call it my emergency supply.? Gerald joked.

They all laughed about that as the doors slid open for their floor. They walked to the room and went inside. It was a huge suite with both a living room type area as well as a bedroom and a large bathroom containing the Jacuzzi/hot tub. Bettina looked at Tina and said that she was really glad that they had asked them to dinner tonight.

?Oh me too sweetie. I really needed a night out anyway plus now we have something else in common. See, I knew we had to have more in common then we thought.? Tina smiled back to her.

The air in the room was charged with sexual energy just waiting to be freed. Tina moved in close to Bettina and moved to kiss her. Their lips touched gently for a moment as both began to stroke the others shoulders and hair. Their tongues began to probe softly into one another?s mouths as they caressed each other. Gerald and Roy decided to sit back and enjoy the show for the time being, content to let the ladies have some bi sexual fun first.

As their kisses became more heated and intense, Tina began to moan as Bettina moved her hand to Tina?s breast. She kneaded her full breast with one hand as the other found its way under Tina?s mini skirt.

?Why don?t we move to the bed?? Tina suggested.

They both started toward the bedroom fully engrossed in the moment. They quickly disrobed and crawled up next to one another on the bed. Bettina?s hands began to move toward Tina?s already swollen clit. As soon as she touched it, Tina let out a moan of pleasure. Bettina was a little surprised to discover that Tina was already soaked. They began kissing again, more passionately probing each others mouths. Tina slid her hand down to discover that Bettina too was already very wet and more then ready. They gently caressed each other as the heat between them continued to rise. Oh how Tina enjoyed the touch and feel of a woman. She wished that there was some way of thanking Roy for convincing her to explore bi side. She still preferred a man, but truly enjoyed being with a woman who was true bi and not popular bi.

As if they both were reading from the same page, they moved into a 69 position. Tina, being the ever submissive one, positioned her self to be in the bottom affording the guys a lovely view of the beautiful Bettina beginning to rub Tina?s swollen clit. Tina couldn?t wait to taste Bettina. She had thought about enjoying these two people for some time although she hadn?t said anything to Roy about it.

Like a woman who hadn?t been out in years, Tina began to slowly lick Bettina?s clit. Both women in unison began moaning louder and louder. Licking and sucking each other ever faster and more passionately with ever minute. Until Bettina hit just the right spot, then Tina lost it. She began to groan loudly and raise her hips trying to get her clit even farther into Bettina?s soft sweet mouth. Just seconds before Tina was able to fully orgasm, she felt Bettina let lose of her clit and begin using her fingers to gently probe inside of her. Or so she thought it was Bettina?s fingers.

But it wasn?t Bettina?s fingers. It was Gerald?s fingers. He couldn?t wait any longer and had moved to between Tina?s legs. Bettina rolled off of Tina and lay down on the bed next to her. As she did so, Roy moved over to the bed and kissed Tina deeply. She knew he loved kissing her with the scent of a woman on her mouth. After wards, Roy turned to Bettina and began kissing her neck and breasts as he caressed her gently.

Gerald continued to use his fingers and began to suck at her clit. MMM there was that feeling again. God how she loved to be eaten, especially when the person doing so was good at it. She began to moan again as he sucked deeper and fingered a little faster. She could feel her orgasm welling up inside and she longed to let it out. She bucked her hips to match the thrust of Gerald?s fingers, grabbing his head and holding it in close and tight.

Then all at once it happened. She couldn?t restrain her self any longer. She began to buck wildly as she let lose of her first full blown orgasm of the night. Gerald could barely hold on as he tried to move in time with her. The rush of it all was over whelming and she went directly into her second orgasm. Finally easing down off her high, she told Gerald that he would have to stop and let it rest for a minute, that he should lay down and let her return the favor.

As he did so, she finally noticed Bettina?s groans of pleasure and she looked to see what was happening. As expected, Roy had his face buried deep between Bettina?s legs and was giving Bettina at least as much as Gerald had given her a moment before. For a split second, Tina wondered just how many women Roy could get off that way in one night. She knew that was one of his fantasies and she hoped some day to help him find out.

As Gerald laid down, she was finally able to reach his already fully erect cock. She smiled to her self as she thought that it was a good thing it wasn?t huge. The last really big guy actually caused her to be sore the next day and that wasn?t as much fun. Besides it?s much easier to enjoy sucking.

She began stroking his cock slowly while kissing the head of it. Flicking it with her tongue teasing him just a little before slipping it slowly into her mouth, she gradually took more and more of him into her mouth. She could taste the pre-cum on his cock and that got her even hotter then she was already. She couldn?t explain why, but the feeling of a guy cumming in her mouth got her off almost as much as him cumming in her. Just the thought of it was getting making her wet again. She began to suck him faster, using one hand to softly caress his balls while using the other hand to stroke him as she sucked him. He was a little bigger then what she could normally deep throat, but she was still trying as best she could. The combination was enough to drive any man over the edge. Gerald let out a small groan as he shot is cum deep down her throat, causing her to begin to have another orgasm, albeit a smaller one then the one he had made her have. He came so much she almost couldn?t swallow it all. Almost! He smiled at her and said thank you. She smiled back and said, ?You aren?t done yet. Recuperate and there?s more.?

Then she moved over and began kissing Tina again. Delighting in the heat of it all and wanting so much to make sure that everyone had a great time.

She tapped Roy on the shoulder and asked if she could have some more of that. With out skipping a beat Bettina told Roy to move up to her head so that she could finally see what she would be getting. It wasn?t as big as Gerald?s, but like Tina she didn?t care for really big ones. Before she could even take him in her mouth, Tina had moved into place and began licking and sucking on her clit. Tina was almost surprised by how much she was enjoying eating Bettina. Figuring that it was due to the friendship they shared before the sex, she just let her self get more and more into it. Bettina stroked Roy as Tina began to push her towards yet another orgasm. Tina licked and sucked her swollen clit and then began using her finger just inside of Bettina?s completely soaked pussy. Bettina was so into Tina?s oral talent that she almost forgot about the cock in her hand. She turned her head and began to suck on it slowly. In the position she was in, she wasn?t able to use both hands to help, but she discovered that it didn?t really matter. The heat of the moment and the ever mounting passion filling the room seemed to make up for it. He warned her that he was about to cum. Although she was surprised by how soon he was ready, she refused to stop sucking on it. As if from a story, she began to cum as Roy bucked and groaned that he was cumming. She normally didn?t swallow other men, just Gerald, but in that one moment it just seemed the right thing to do. During this time, Gerald had recovered and was now behind Tina playing with her soaked pussy. She had been laying flat on her stomach, but now had lifted her self to give him full access. Tina considered stooping and telling him to fuck her, but she didn?t want to stop Bettina?s orgasm. As if he had been reading her mind, Gerald move into position and started to enter her. Oh god how good that feels, she thought. She became even wetter then she had been a moment before. It was almost always that way when a man penetrated her. She loved that feeling, but then what normal woman didn?t.

Gerald began to push him self a little deeper inside her with each thrust, until finally he was all the way in. She tried to keep eating Bettina, but after a few minutes she just couldn?t anymore. She had to use her hands to keep her self up right and her breathing growing faster as she neared yet another orgasm. Being the instinctive man he was, Gerald began to pump harder and harder, deeper and deeper until she nearly fell flat. Bettina slid out from in front of her and over next to her. Roy took his chance and moved in to begin to enjoy Bettina?s drenched pussy even more. Licking and sucking like it was the one and only time he would ever get to.

Tina Could feel her self racing towards yet another orgasm, but she had no idea how big this one would be. Gerald thrust harder and deeper each time, pounding her just the way she liked. Filling her with his cock until she could feel it in her stomach. She began to cry out, moaning and groaning and pushing her self back to meet his every thrust.

Hearing all this and seeing Tina get fucked like that was all it took. Roy was hard again and ready to be inside Bettina. He put on his condom and moved up her body, slowly softly licking and kissing all the way up, stopping only when he reached her neck. Slowly he entered Bettina and gently slipped inside her. Once again she was glad that he wasn?t very big. Having no idea that Bettina didn?t like big guys, Roy made every effort to try to make sure she still enjoyed her self. He had no idea just how much she was enjoying her self. She became engulfed in the moment. Grabbing his hips and urging him in farther. Roy steadily increased his pace until he was nearly matching Gerald stroke for stroke. Both women started moaning and groaning even louder. Tina telling Gerald to fuck her harder, to make her feel it. Bettina grasping Roy?s hips and calling out that she was nearly there.

Both women could feel there orgasms welling up inside, threatening to explode like a volcano dormant too long. Building and building until all at once, as if a scene from a movie, they both became awash in ecstasy. Wave after wave of orgasm washed over them both as they screamed out ?YES YES YES!!!? The total excitement of the sight and sound of both women cumming was all it took. Both men thrust as hard and deep as they could, and in a moment, one beautiful, mind shattering moment, they all came together. Men grunting, women groaning, bodies heaving until they all reached their peak, and then slowly slid back down to earth. Reveling in the moment, basking in the passion, they lay there a moment or two the guys move to their own wives. Moved to the place where it all starts over, starts a new and is more exciting and moving then any would ever believe. For this is what is known only to those who enjoy this life style and that is the fact that no matter how good it is with someone else, it?s always better with the one you love after wards.

As the night wore on and morning approached, Tina convinced Bettina and Gerald to stay. They did after all have the room for one more whole day and night. And she had said that anything that good the first time could only be better the second and third and so on. But then, that?s all part of another story.

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