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Lynns Beach Fantasy III

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So as I am drifting in and out of sleep on the beach and listening to the waves slap up on to the beach, feeling my harem of men caressing my body and rubbing sun tan lotion on to me, I think to myself, I could REALLY get used to this. More attention than I've ever allowed myself to have. More sex than I've ever allowed myself to have. More free than I've ever allowed myself to be. I decide when I go back home, I know I cannot be as free as I am down here but I make a commitment to myself to allow myself some of these pleasures and to be more free when I am home. I also hear the neighbors making plans for the evening so I sit up. They notice I am awake and ask me if I am interested in going dancing that night. I said sure and ask if the men I am with can come with and they said sure. The cab driver, his friend and the stranger said they would love to come with but would have to go home to get some cloths to wear out and assured me they didn't live too far away and they would be back.

So as my harem of men headed out to get some cloths for dinner and dancing. I layed back down on my blanket but noticed the other women were naked. Their husbands started to give me a hard time for having a suit on (even though it wasn't much of a suit). So I took mine off. Even though it wasn't much of a suit, to take it off and being laying on the beach completely naked was pretty exhilerating and I felt pretty daring. So I laid back down on my back and enjoyed the warm breeze over my entire body. Then I felt someone gently lift my knees up and spread my legs. I didn't open my eyes or even think about stopping it, I just went with it. Then I felt the most sensual, slow licking of my clit and around my pussy lips. I knew it had to be one of the women, it was the most passionate I had ever been eaten out. Just as I was thinking it couldn't get any better than this, I felt a tongue start licking my belly and kissing my stomach ever so gently and passionately. And ran their tongue and lips up to my erect nipples and gently and passionately kiss and suck my nipples and tits. I again knew this had to be the other woman. It did get better, I was in complete ecstasy!!! I was lightly moaning in pleasure and I felt a cock touch my lips and just as I opened my mouth to accept the cock into my mouth I heard one of the women say nope, not this time, she's all ours. I was a little disappointed but I got over it quickly and realized the women were going to take me up on my approval of just women.

I realized the woman that said no to the guy was the woman kissing my tits. She then kneeled over my face. She was so wet she actually dripped on to my face before she lowered her wet warm lips on to my waiting mouth and tongue. I didn't even have to move my tongue, she ground her pussy on my mouth and tongue in a rythem that was slow but deliberate, she knew what felt good and she moved herself into an orgasm that made her quiver all over. She stood up and the woman that was licking my pussy so gently stood up and came over to my face and kneeled over me just as the other woman was. The other woman went down to my pussy. She was not nearly as slow or passionate, she was much more aggressive but it was incredible to have that change down there after the slow passionate licking. She drove her tongue deep into my wet pussy and I could feel her moving it around inside my pussy as if to taste every inch inside me. At the same time the other woman slowly moved on my tongue but my tongue was moving to the woman's rythem in my pussy. I licked her very fast and passionately. Before we knew it we both came in a spasm of juicy wet pussy's. It was an orgasm like know other I had ever felt. I wouldn't say it was better but it was certaily different and incredible!!!!

We all three collapsed on my blanket. We looked up at the two husbands and the pizza guy. They were all hard as a rock and we looked at each other and without saying a word, we were all on the same page. We would let them come over and fuck us, kind of an obligatory fuck for letting us play with out them. We didn't care who was with who and we paid know attention. We just knew each woman was going to have a cock in there pussy fucking with an animalistic fever after watching us women all play and cum. And sure enough they all found a woman and pounded us. Now I would not say it wasn't good, a good fuck is always good but it was fast. They had so much built up watching us they could barely contain themselves. It was almost as if they had a plan and when we let them they weren't going to waste any time. They all pounded us with their hard cocks until they came and they all pulled out and sprayed their cum all over us women. I had come on my pussy on my tits and on my face. It was the most animalistic sex I had ever had.

Us women just stood up, walked into the ocean and cleaned off. Walked back to the blanket and laid down again. Each guy had a woman to caress and thank for the fuck. So us ladies just layed back and enjoyed the attention. That was one thing I was learning about being so free and allowing the men to fuck me whenever; they were very appreciative of it. After every sexual encounter I was treated like a queen. So as I was being caressed, I drifted off for another little nap. After all, I had to get my rest for the evening.

I woke from my little nap to a guy kissing my tits, neck and passionately kissing my mouth. It was one of the husbands. I felt a little awkward but noticed both wives were enjoying another guy doing the same to them. As we woke up we decided we had better go in and get ready for the evening. So we packed back up and went into our respecitve houses. Just as I got back to my house, there was a knock on the door. It was my harem. They were dressed very nice, in dress pants, nice shirts and looking very, very sexy. I could barely contain myself so I walked along and kissed each one for a bit and stroked them through their pants to feel what they were wearing under their pants. Much to my enjoyment, none were wearing underwear and they all got hard as I rubbed them and caressed them and kissed them. I walked towards the bathroom to clean up and they started to follow. I said no we better not, we needed to get ready. I told them to help themselves to whatever they wanted in the kitchen or bar.

I knew I should hurry getting ready so I opted for the shower. Although I noticed the shower head came off so I was going to play a little with the shower head. I showered and shaved quickly and played with the shower head just enough to get myself worked up and wet. I thought what the hell, I'm teasing myself but it was fun... After my shower I put on make up and found a tight shirt and another short flowing skirt and put on my sexy heels. Again, to go with my attitude for the week, no panties and no bra. So my nipples were basicaly see through in the top and if I bent over my bare ass was going to show. I walked out into the living room to my harem. They all stood up and walked over to me and started caressing me. I could tell I was turning them on. It was very exciting to know I was tha sexy and turning these guys on like this but I was worried about going out dressed like this so I asked if it was o.k. They said they would take care of me and not to worry so I decided I would go out like this.

I found out the place we were going to eat and dance was within walking distance, just a block or so away. So we met my neighbors outside and I noticed the other women were dressed pretty much the same as me. We were "dressed to kill". We went to a nice place for dinner. The food was great and during the dinner conversation, I was informed we were going to a swingers party to dance. I had never been to a swingers party but what the heck, I was basically swinging anyhow so I was going to make the most of it. So we finished dinner and headed over to the party.

There was awesome music playing, kind of dark but not so dark you couldn't see people and awesome sexy dancing on the dance floor. People were all sexy and grinding on each other. I had never seen anything like it. My harem must have seen my nervousness and said don't worry, if you don't like something, just tell us and we'll take care of you. That made me feel much better and much sexier!!!

So we all went out on the dance floor and started dancing with everyone. I had men and women grinding on me and I was grinding back. I would ocassionally feel someone rub their hand on my bare ass or across my tits and every time I felt that, I got a little more excited. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. Then after about 30 minutes of dancing I started to notice people on the dance floor were doing more than just dancing. I could see women bent over railings and getting fucked while sucking a guys cock, or a guy with his cock out and a woman on her knees in front of him sucking or a woman up on a table with her skirt pulled up and a guy or girl eating her out. I was getting super horny and was dancing with my group when someone came up behind me and I felt the caress of hand on my ass again but this time it wasn't just a quick caress, the hand was still there and slowly moved down the crack of my ass and teased my asshole a little and then moved down to my dripping pussy and when this person felt my wet pussy, it felt like 3 fingers slid right in and I started grinding to the music on this persons hand. That must have been the queue because I had another guy come up to me and start caressing my tits and kissing me all the while dancing to the music. My harem of guys came over to make sure I was o.k. My indication that I was o.k. was that I unzipped the cab drivers pants and pulled his cock out and started stroking it. They all knew I was enjoying myself.

So the two guys from the party that I had just met, led me to a back room. I was a little nervous but my men all followed me. This back bedroom had a beautiful 4 poster bed with red satin sheets, something you would see in a porn. It was very sexy!! The two men laid me on the bed and slowly removed my cloths (which meant taking off my shirt and skirt). I was there in front of 5 guys completely naked and completely vulnarable. I felt very sexy. Then the 5 guys all got into a little huddle and were discussing something but I couldn't hear. When they came out of the huddle the cab driver said remember when we said we'd be your heram if you'd give us one time with you to do what we wanted? I hesitantly said yes. They said now is the time and they pulled out 4 satin wrist and leg restraints. I looked at them said you have to promise to stop if I say stop and no pain or anything gross. They promised so I laid down on the bed. The positioned me so my feet and legs were hanging off the bed but my ass was still on the bed. They tied my wrists to the upper posts and my ankles to the lower posts on the floor. Then they put a blindfold on me. My pussy was open and ready for anything and as I anticipated what was to come, I could feel myself dripping down my legs. I had never been this wet or this turned on.

It started off kind of slow. A lot of kissing and caressing of me which was incredible. I knew I was at their mercy but they were pampering me. Then while I was enjoying the kissing and caressing, I felt a big hard cock slam deep inside my pussy and I arched in pleasure. I had been waiting for that and now I was getting what I wanted. The guy fucking me got it all started. He was slamming my pussy with a passionate fury and then I felt a guy's cock on my lips. I opened up my mouth to accept his cock into my mouth and he immediately started fucking my mouth. All I had to do was lay there and enjoy my pussy being pounded and a guys cock in my mouth. It was AWESOME!!! Then the guy fucking me pulled out and came on my stomach. At which point the guy fucking my mouth stopped and went down to my pussy and started fucking my pussy while another guy started fucking my mouth. The guy fucking my pussy had a different rhythem than the first guy. He was more deliberate and passionate and he was hitting all the right spots and I let out a muffled moan as I came... for the first of many times to come that night. As I came the guy fucking me pulled out and he came on my stomach and the guy fucking my mouth pulled out and went down to my pussy. Then another cock started fucking my mouth. I figured out they had a rotation going. And as each new guy entered my pussy, they entered slowly and I could feel they were putting lube on. This turned out to be an incredibly smart plan. After each of the five guys fucked me and came on my stomach they took my blindfold off and asked if I wanted to continue. I emphatically said yes, as long as they could. they said nope, we have 5 more guys outside that want to fuck you too. I looked at my guys with a little concern and they said don't worry, we personally screened them for you, you will have fun. So I cautiously said yes.

They opened the door and five more very attractive guys came in. They were all already naked and hard. The first guy came up and slowly entered my pussy and cautiously started fucking my pussy. I could tell he wanted to make sure I was o.k. with it. As I arched my back in pleasure and for him to speed up his pace and as I came for what I believe was the 3rd time he pulled out and came on my stomach just as all the rest had done. Then two more guys came over; one came up and put his cock in my mouth and the other wasted no time and started pounding my pussy hard. I came again and they continued their rotation. After those five guys were done with me, my men asked if I wanted more. I said I don't think I can. I was exhausted and getting sore. So they all untied me, placed me comfortably up on the bed, cleaned me up and began to passionately caress and kiss me and thank me for an incredibly hot time! I looked at them and told them it was more than my pleasure!!!!

I put my cloths back on. It was about 2 AM and we headed home; me with my harem of men. We got back home and one guy ran a bath while another guy slowly undressed me and removed my heels. They lead me into the bathroom and gave me an extremely sensual bath. They didn't even try to have sex with me. They helped me out of the tub, toweled me off and the cab drivers friend carried me to bed. I felt so spoiled. They placed me in the middle of the bed, they all undressed. The stranger went out into the living room and the cab driver and his friend climbed into bed with me. They must have discussed this because at the time there was no discussion, they each knew where to go. The two men in bed with me gently caressed and kissed me all over until I fell asleep.

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