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Lynns Beach Fantasy II

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I wake up from an incredibly deep sleep, naked and between two naked men and I am initially startled and had forgotten where I was. Once I got my bearings and remembered the incredible sex filled day the day before and reliving all the incredible sex in my head, I started getting incredibly horny again and could feel myself starting to get wet. So I slowly slid under the covers and started to lightly lick one of the guys' still sleeping cock. Before the guy even woke up his cock started to jump and move and I could tell he was enjoying the licking so I started to lick around his balls and back up his now hard shaft and once his cock was completely hard again, I swallowed the whole thing at once and he let out a loud moan. When he did the other guy woke up and he seemed a little startled as well until he got his bearings. Once he did and noticed me sucking the other guys cock he got out of bed. I was wondering where he had gone. But then I felt him grab me by my waist and position my hips so my pussy was up in the air waiting for him. He slid 1 finger in and then 2 fingers into my pussy as if to see how wet I was. Then he pulled them out and before I knew it he slid his full cock into my wet and waiting pussy, I lifted my head up and moaned so loud I feared I had woken the whole house. He started pounding my pussy with a rythmic fury that was about to send me over the edge and then I felt my pussy get filled with his warm cum. I got a little frustrated but tuend my attention to the wonderful cock I had in front of me and started sucking on that again.

I must have woken the house because I heard someone come into the bedroom, I looked back and it was the pizza guy. I looked at him as if to say what are you waitng for and turned back around arched my back and put my ass in the air and was inviting him into my pussy. He must have got the hint because before I could get my mouth around the guys cock again, I felt him deep in my pussy and pounding almost as hard as the first guy. I pulled up from the cock I was sucking and let out another moan and the guy I was sucking stood up, walked around to where the guy was fucking me. He stood me up and told the pizza guy to lay down. I knew what to do from there. I climbed on top of the pizza guy's cock and guided it into my pussy. Then I felt the other guy start rubbing my cum around my asshole. I knew right away what I was going to get. I felt him gently slide his cock into my asshole and start slowly fucking my asshole. The pizza guy then started thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy and I was in ecstasy and came and just as I did, I felt the guy in my asshole pullout and cum on my back and that must have been enough for the pizza guy because I then felt the familiar feeling of warm cum filling up my pussy again. We all just collapsed on the bed and all three guys started gently caressing every inch of my body. It felt incredible, so incredible I fell asleep again.

I woke up again and this time I was by myself. I looked around for cloths and remembered I really didn't have any, just my skimpy bathing suit. So completely naked I walked out into the living area of the house to cat calls and whistles. It was very flattering. People were sitting around, some had showered, some were waiting to shower, some were eating and then it dawned on me the two guys I slept with last night had wives and they were sitting there too. I got a little concerned and sat down and looked at them and said I was sorry. They asked for what and I said sleeping with their husbands. They told me not to apologize, they love it when their men find someone to play with so they can take the time to play together, just themselves and no men and told me I should join them sometime. I responded with a thank you but last night was my first time with a woman. They asked what I thought of it and I said it was great and they just said, well, there you go, come and join us sometime. So I said, sure, before the week vacation was over.

So we discussed our plans for the day. We decided we would all eat some breakfast, clean up and meet down at the beach in a couple hours. I asked what time it was and they said 10 AM. I thought to myself, wow, I must have been so horny I woke myself up early this morning. So I headed back to my house, had some breakfast and went into the bathroom to shower.

I got into the bathroom and noticed the tub was a whirlpool tub so I opted to take a bath instead and filled the tub. Once the tub was full, I climbed in and turned on the jets and noticed right away... a woman must have designed this tub. There was a perfectly placed jet. So as I lathered up, there was a pulsating jet on my clit, it was the best bath I had ever taken. I finished cleaning up and laid back to enjoy that jet and all the rest when a knock on the door startled me. I thought about not answering it but then realized it was probably the people next door changing plans. So to go along with my attitude for the week, I went to the door completely naked and dripping wet, I didn't even towl off. I opened the door and it was the cab driver and his friend from the alley. There jaws almost fell on the floor and I quickly apologized and looked for something to cover up with but nothing was handy. They said not to apologize they were enjoying the view. As I was starting to thenk them for the compliment, the cab driver put his hand behind my head and gently pulled me toward him for the most passionate kiss... I felt like I was floating and forgot where I was, my hand just automatically went down his shorts and started stroking his already throbing cock. When our kiss ended, I grabbed them both by the hands and led them into the house. I sat down on the couch and told them they had to undress for me but only when I told them to. They agreed.

They both had sandles on so I told them to remove their shoes. Then I looked at the friend and told him to remove his shirt. He was very muscular, he had a ripped chest, huge biceps, and a gorgeous six pack. I looked at the cab driver and said your turn. He pulled his shirt off. He wasn't as muscular but no less sexy, he was incredibly tone. So I stood up, walked to the friend and caressed his chest, biceps and ran my hand down his incredible abs and stuck my hand down his shorts until I felt the tip of his rock hard cock and then pulled my hand out. I walked over to the cab driver and did the same thing, I caressed his chest and biceps and ran my hand down his stomach and down his pants until I felt the tip of his cock and pulled my hand away.

I went back over to the couch and sat back down. I looked at his friend and just said get naked. His cock jumped out when he pulled his pants down and was throbbing and waiting. I looked at the cab driver and told him to get naked. His cock was rock hard and dripping from the early stroking I gave it when they were at the front door. By this time, I could barely control my ownself. I motioned for the friend to come over closer to me. I ran my hand up and down his cock and caressed his balls. It was so smooth and so hard I just wanted it my mouth but I was trying to make them wait. Then I motioned to the cab driver to come closer and I started stroking him with my other hand. I couldn't take it anymore, I grabbed the friends cock and took the whole thing into my mouth and started bobbing my head and mouth up and down his hard shaft and to my surprise he came right away. As he was apologizing for cumming so fast I swallowed every last drop of his cum and looked at the cab driver and said let's see if I can make you cum that fast. So I took his entire cock into my mouth in one gulp and started bobbing up and down on his shaft and again, to my surprise I felt him fill my mouth. I swollowed his down too and sat back on the couch and looked up at them and said you get 5 minutes and then one of you better fuck me. Then there was another knock at the door and I thought what the hell. I got up and answered the door. It was some guy I had never seen before and I was standing there in front of him completely naked and it didn't even phase me. I asked who he was. He said he was the guy in the alley that finished me off over the hood of the cab. I remembered back to the alley and remembered I could see both the cab driver and his friend but didn't care, someone was fucking me. He must have came with the cab driver and his friend.

So I grabbed him by the hand and led him into the house where the cab driver and his friend were sitting on the couch stroking themselves trying to get hard for me. I looked at the stranger and ran my hand over his shorts and felt he was hard so I unzipped his shorts and pulled his cock out. He was huge but I didn't care, I pulled his cock out, sat him on the couch next to the other two men and climbed on top of him. I had to slowly guide his huge cock into my pussy and it was a good thing I was soaking wet. I guided him in and slowly started riding him. That must have turned the other two men on because I looked over and the cab driver had his cock in front of my face and without hesitation I took it into my mouth and started to suck him. His friend was behind me again and I could feel him fumbling with my asshole. I turned around and told him not to mess around and to get his cock in there. By now I had learned I loved to be DP'ed and knew once he was in I was going to have another screaming orgasm. He barely got his cock into my asshole and I screamed in ecstasy. But I didn't stop, I kept riding the stranger and sucking the cab driver while his friend fucked my asshole. The stranger was the first; I felt him fill me up and his warm cum seap back out of my pussy and all over him but I didn't stop. Then the friend filled my asshole with his warm cum and I came again. Then the cab driver went around behind me and slid his cock into my asshole and started pounding away while I road the stranger. I felt the stranger go limp and then back to hard in my pussy. That was incredible, I had never felt that before and with the cab driver fucking my ass, I came again and as I did I felt the cab driver pull out and cum on the small of my back. Then when the cab driver was done I started riding the stranger like I had never rode a guys cock before. I was slamming my pussy down around his cock to the base with incredible rythem and I felt him fill me up again and when he was thrusting deeper into me as he came, he pushed me into another orgasm.

I rolled off of the stranger sat on the couch and thought to myself. I feel so free and so pleasured. I also found out how much I enjoyed being fucked in the ass. Before we were done, I must have came 6-8 times and it was exhilerating!!! Again, all the men started caressing me and kissing me and I felt like a queen with a male harem. I stood up and looked at the clock and told them I needed to get cleaned up and down to the beach to meet my neighbors and invited them along. So we all hoped in the shower and all the men lathered me up and cleaned me up and it was incredible. The kept trying to start something by sliding a finger into my pussy or rubbing their hard cock on me and near my asshole and I kept telling them, no we had to get down to the beach. But of course it was hard for me to say no but I felt very powerful to tell 3 muscular men no and they listened. Of course the floor of the bathroom was a mess from the water being splashed out but what the hell...

After the incredible shower, I put on my skimpy little bathing suit, the one where it had patches to cover just my nipples and a patch to cover my pussy lips and a string in the back and sides. The guys are still drooling over me and I feel incredible having these men just drool over me. I see them all talking and then tell me that they will do as I say as long as they get one time at my discretion, where I have to do what they say. I thought about it for a few seconds and thought this could be trouble but I said I agreed as long as I can set some ground rules before hand. They agree so we get back to getting ready for the beach. We pack a cooler of beer, a cooler with some fruit and snacks and a blanket and walk to the beach where my new neighbor friends are already there and laying out tanning. I introduce the 3 men to my friends but all I can really say is this is the cab driver, his friend and a stranger and these are my neighbors. I realize I don't know anyone's name... but who cares, that's what this week is supposed to be about, letting loose. So my harem of men lay out our blanket and I lay down in the warm sun and listen to the waves crashing onto the beach and drift off for a little nap, dreaming about what could be next...

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