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Lynn Loves Jamaican BBC

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I have been married to Lynn for a little over six years. It was a good marriage and we both were very happy. Our sex lives were super and we usually fucked and sucked every day and on the weekends three or four times. She was one of those ladies that if she is touched with a hard cock she gets so wet and horny she just has to fuck.

Lynn is 28 years old, 5?9? tall, 112 lbs., long dark blond hair, very blue eyes, long shapely legs, great butt and perfect tits with long suck able nipples. Her 37?25?36 body was breathtaking. When she walked down the street men and women would stop and stare at her. And Lynn knew what she had and loved to get and keep their attention. She loved to wear tight pants or short mini-skirts to show off her ass and there was normally an abundance amount of her big tits showing. Her tops were tight and form fitting.

Both of us liked to talk during sex. We varied from topics of her getting fucked by another guy, getting fucked by a big black cock, her eating her first cunt and on and on. We didn?t leave very many topics untouched. When I would talk about her getting fucked by a big black cock she would get very wet and just fuck with wild abandonment. When I say it turned her on it?s an understatement. I don?t think it?s the size of the cock, as I have a thick nine inch cock that fits very tightly in her hot wet little cunt. Once a month or so I fuck her up the ass. At first she said it was too painful, but over the past few years she has loosened up and now looks forward to it and usually cums a few time with me buried deep in her ass.

In January we decided to make a trip to Jamaica to the San Succi resort. We picked this location because they had a natural beach. We had never done a nude beach before, but wanted to experience it. We scheduled it for the second week in May.

When I got home from work two days before our trip Lynn said I have a surprise for you. She usually shaves her cunt with a narrow landing strip just above her cunt about six inches long. She took me in the bedroom, told me to lie down on the bed and close my eyes. I felt her moving around on top of me then told me to open my eyes. She had left work early today and had her cunt, ass and legs waxed. Her cunt was as smooth as a baby?s ass. I licked and sucked it until she came three times then she slid down and dropped her soaked cunt on my cock and rode me for about twenty minutes before I dumped a huge load of cum deep in her. She said a friend at work had it done and she thought it would be a surprise for me since I was taking her on vacation and that she would fuck me and fuck me on vacation. We talked and I told her she would be my slave the entire time we are on vacation, she would have to do everything I instructed to do and if not she would be punished. She agreed with a big smile on her face.

The first day we arrived in Jamaica and go to the resort about 11:15 AM. We checked in and went to look around to see what was there. The first thing we found was a place selling wood carvings of all type. I bought a wooden hand carved pipe and when I went to pay for it I said to the guy where do I get something to smoke in this. He pointed to a man standing by a shed a few hundred yards away and told me to see him. I went directly over and purchased fifty dollars in pot. I have heard the pot was good there and when the man brought back the large zip lock bag three quarters full I knew we hit the jackpot.

Next we found the nude beach, the three dining areas and the bars. Then we went back to our room and smoked a few bowls on the patio. When we were done Lynn said now I have the courage to go to the nude beach, so off we go. Much to my surprise the other people there were very friendly. There was a nice sized pool, huge hot tub and a swim up pool bar. We got a drink and were visiting with the other guests and within a half hour we didn?t even notice we were all nude. As the afternoon wore on we drank a huge amount of alcohol so between the pot and alcohol our minds were fogged.

On our way back from the pool two black Jamaican workers started talking to us, asking if we enjoyed our stay and various other questions. They were both checking Lynn out and liked what they saw as they kept the conversation alive to keep us there. When we finally got to our room Lynn said to me ?did you see the cocks on those two guys?. I told her I really wasn?t paying attention and she said they were ?huge?. She took me to bed and we fucked for an hour then fell asleep until about 5 PM. I woke before Lynn and looked down and saw she had two fingers wedged deeply in her cunt. I leaned over sucked on her nipple and she started to slowly move her fingers in her cunt. Slowly she woke and I rolled her over, ran my cock in her cunt for a few strokes and then put it in her cum covered ass. She started yelling for me to fuck her deeper and harder until we both exploded filling her ass with cum.

We got ready for dinner; she wore a blue short t-shirt material dress with no bra or panties. She was so hot looking. When we got to the restaurant everyone was checking her out and I was delighted I have the most beautiful woman at the resort.

We talked to several people during dinner and decided to go for a walk on the beach. We carried our sandals and walked a ways then on the way back stopped at one of the places where there was beach chairs and sat down. As the wind came of the ocean her nipples got real hard and I couldn?t resist touching them. In a short period I had her dress off and she was laying there naked and I was between her legs licking her smooth little cunt. She came two or three times and she pushed me back and bent down and started sucking my cock slow and easy. Two black men came up the beach behind her and was watching her suck my cock. The cock loving bitch she is you could hear her slurping a half mile away. Soon the older of the two guys moved closer and I could see he was rubbing his cock then he dropped his pants and this huge cock popped up in the air. It had to be as big around as a coke can and eleven inches long. He moved in closer, grabbed her hips, ran his cock up and down her cunt four or five times then slowly started to put it in. When his cock touched her cunt her eyes popped open and I just smiled at her and held her head down on my cock. The big black guy kept going in and out of her cunt, feeding a little more each time. When he was about half way in she started cumming and cumming. All that did was help lube the path to insert that huge cock all the way in her.

As soon as he got his cock all the way in he pulled her back and spun her around so she was facing him with her on top. She started slowly moving up and down on his cock and soon she was going all the way out and back in at a very rapid pace. I could see her cream all over his black cock and it covered his balls and was running down his ass. Seeing her ass so open I moved in behind her and slid my cock slowly in it. I only stroked her about a dozen times and blew my load. The smaller back man looked at me and I nodded so he moved in behind Lynn and slid his ten inch thick cock up her ass. The both got a rhythm and she started cumming and cumming. When they both blew their loads she went limp. The got up thanked me and went their way down the beach.

After a few minutes Lynn started moving and finally regained her composure. She just laid there on the chair with her legs spread and cum running out in a steady stream. She said the big black man came more than five men and it felt like a fire hose in her cunt spraying her. We staggered back to the room where I thought we would go to sleep, but she had other ideas.

She lay on the bed and said you let them fuck me and now you should clean my cunt and ass. I smiled, dropped to my knees and suck her clean, making her cum four more times. I was hard again but she said she would suck it because her cunt and ass were a little sore. She proceeded to give me a fabulous blowjob, swallowed all of my cum and sucked me clean.

The next morning we woke up about 8:30 AM and Lynn sucked my cock again. She said she didn?t want to fuck because she was still a little sore yet and wanted to save herself for later. We had breakfast and about 10:30 went over to the nude beach. We sat in the sun, to a nap, had lunch and drank most of the afternoon. On our way back to the room we ran into the two black Jamaican workers and they stopped and talked again. However, today I was paying attention and they were really checking Lynn out. One kept adjusting his cock to bring Lynn?s attention to it and she was correct they were huge. I?m beginning to think just about every Jamaican man has a huge cock. The one that was rubbing himself worked his way to Lynn?s side and put his hand on her shoulder which finally slid down to her ass. Lynn didn?t say anything and I just stood there and watched. We talked for about ten minutes then we left. Lynn said she felt all tingly over her body when he ran his and down on her ass.

Back in the room we showered, smoked some pot and headed to dinner. Lynn dressed in a pair of short shorts and a thin halter top that showed her big nipples. Again she didn?t wear any panties. After dinner we went to a pool party at the nude beach. There was a lot of drinking and one time when I left to get us drinks I was surprised when I returned because Lynn was sitting on the side of the tub and another hot looking lady with a very nice ass was licking her cunt. Lynn?s eyes were closed and she moaned when she came all over the ladies face. She slid back down in the tub and the other lady got up on the side and Lynn ate her cunt through three organisms?. My cock got hard watching and as the lady got off the side of the tub she moved over me, reached down took my cock, placed it at the entrance to her cunt and slowly sank down until I was snugly fit in her cunt. She was riding me and when I looked over Lynn had a cock in her cunt and one in her mouth. When we all finished we sat around talking and smoking pot.

When it was time to head back Lynn suggested we walk down the beach. She never bothered to put her clothes back on, she just carried them. We passed several people but went to our room, fucked for about an hour and fell asleep in each other?s arms.

We ordered room service for breakfast and when it came I was shocked to see the two Jamaicans we had talked to the last few days brought our trays. Lynn was just coming out of the shower. She thought they had left and came out of the bathroom naked. The both looked at her and I could tell they wanted to fuck her. I told the one that at touched her yesterday that she wanted to fuck him. Both of them just looked at me with a blank stare. I looked in Lynn?s eyes and reminded her she was my slave and she had to obey all my commands. I told her to take his cock out and suck it. Lynn slid down to her knees, unzipped his fly, took out a big thick cock and started sucking on it.

In short both men were nude and she was being fucked doggy style while sucking the other cock. As soon as both came she sucked them both clean and hard again. She got back doggy style again and they switched places and did her again. She came several times.

When they were done we ate breakfast on the patio, smoked a little pot then headed back over to the nude beach. It was a quiet day and evening. Several people had left that morning and a new group would be coming in tomorrow. We sat out on the patio, smoked a lot of pot, drank five or six drinks and fucked her twice from the rear on the patio while she was leaning on the rail. When we went inside cum was running down her legs and she looked so sexy.

I woke the next morning with Lynn between my legs sucking my cock. When she saw I was awake she flipped around and put her cunt on my mouth. As I started licking I could smell and taste my leftover cum from last night. It excited me and I latched onto her large clit and just kept sucking on it until she came four or five times. She told me she could take any more and got back between my legs and sucked me dry.

When we got to the pool a new group had arrived, but they were very mild so we lay in the sun, drank rum and enjoyed ourselves. We left the pool late afternoon, went back to our room, smoked some pot and showered for dinner. Tonight we thought we might go to the nightclub to see if there was any action after dinner.

To our surprise the club was very busy, with a live band playing and the crowd dancing. We quickly got into it and soon were our dancing and drinking. We finally sat with three other couples that were friendly and the booze flowed heavily. As the night wore on the crowd thinned out. Lynn, who was dressed in a thin white sun dress with nothing under it, was dancing and occasionally exposing herself. The four Jamaican guys in the band kept staring at her, as she was putting on a show for them.

We closed the club and as we left one of the band members came over to ask if we would like to smoke with them. Lynn said sure and around the back of the club we go. The guys were all sitting on benches smoking and drinking rum. The poured Lynn and I both a glass of straight rum and handed us a joint. We talked, smoked and drank for about an hour. During that time Lynn got really toasty and her dress slid up her legs. The guys sitting across from her could clearly see her smooth bald cunt. I move over with them and when I looked not only could see her cunt but could also see her lips were wet and swollen.

The Jamaican guy next to her put his hand on her leg. He looked at me for approval, I nodded, and he slid his hand up to her cunt, inserted two fingers in her wet cunt and finger fuck her until she came all over his hand. The next thing I knew her dress was off they were sucking her nipples and fingering her. She was moaning and her hips were bouncing from all the activity. I think she was so high from both the alcohol and pot and was ready for anything. One was sucking her hot wet cunt, another was rimming her ass and the other two were sucking her nipples. I pulled out my cock and when she opened her mouth to moan I slid my hard cock down her throat. She started sucking me so hard within five minutes I dumped my cum down her throat. As I pulled out she said I need fucked and the guy eating her cunt stepped back, dropped his pants and out popped an eleven inch cock. He rubbed it up and down her wet cunt then sank it to hilt. Lynn wrapped her legs around his back and they started to fuck hard and fast. One of the other guys pulled out his eight inch cock and put it in her mouth and she started sucking immediately.

When the first guy came in her cunt another with a ten inch cock slid into her and continued to fuck her hard and fast. The guy in her mouth started grunting and shaking as he came in her mouth. As he pulled out the last guy just sat there waiting. I was wondering if he was just into watching. The man fucking her started cumming and yelling for her to take his big black dick. When he was done he rolled off of her and she laid there with big globs of cum running out of her swelled red cunt. Taking a closer look her clit was so huge it stuck out from her lips. I was hard again and started toward her but the last guy got there before I did.

He told her to take his pants off. When she unbuckled his pants and pulled down the zipper his pants fell to the ground. Lynn and I just stared at the biggest cock we have ever seen. It had to be fourteen or fifteen inches long and as big around as her wrist. She reached out and put her hand on it, but her fingers looked tiny and when she went to suck him she could only get the head in her mouth. So she sucked the head then his balls. She told him it was too big and he said she might not be able to take it all but she should be able to take three quarters of it because she was well fucked by two good sized cocks already and her cunt was loaded with cum to lube it.

He put her on he hands and knees came up behind her, rubbed his huge cock up and down her cum covered cunt lips, spread the lips with the head and put his cock at the opening of her cunt. He told her to relax and enjoy. As he pushed the head in I noticed Lynn has a film of perspiration on her body. Finally the head popped in. He just let it soak there until he felt she was ready and put a few inches more in. Again he let her adjust then did the same. Now he had five inches in and it was a tight fit as I could see her cunt lips pulling out as he withdrew his cock and slide it back slowly back in. She started to shutter and yelled ?of fuck, I?m cumming on this monster cock?. He smiled and said that will help lube her for more. With that he pulled it out so just the head was in slowly slid about half his cock in her. He would pull out and each time put more cock in her. Much to my surprise he finally sank in to the hilt, putting all fourteen or fifteen inches in her. Again she started to cum and he started fucking her full strokes and hard. He fucked her hard for over thirty minutes and she went from cum to cum. Finally he told her he will going to ?fill her with my black cum? and said ?I hope you?re not on birth control so I can leave a little black baby in you?. She screamed ?give me your hot cum and if you continue to fuck me I will have your baby?. He started cumming and it was coming out around his cock as he continued to pump her. When he was done his cock slid out of her cunt.

Immediately one of the other guys slid in her cunt and the other in her mouth. She fucked them until the both grunted and came in her. I was so excited by watching that big cock fuck her I got her in the doggy position, ran my cock through her slimy cunt lip to get it wet then into her hot ass. She groaned ?fuck my ass, fuck it hard, oh please please fuck my ass hard?. I didn?t last long and unloaded in her ass.

I got her back to the room and we went to sleep immediately. In the morning when I woke she was still asleep. She was uncovered and her body glowed. Her cunt was and upper legs were caked with cum. Her cunt lips were still swollen and open. God she looked beautiful. When she woke we talked about the night before and she said she couldn?t believe she took that big cock and how much she loved it. I asked her if she wanted it again and she said as much as she liked it she didn?t because the more of it she got the more of it she would want. Lynn looked me in the eye and said if he fucked me again he would own my cunt and you?re the only one I want to own it.

We got up and went to the nude beach and had a very quiet last few day. We fucked several times and had oral sex at least a dozen signs. I asked her if she wanted any more Jamaican cock and she said she would love it but thought she was enjoying it too much for her own good. She said she feels if she lived her very long she would become a nymph. When we were flying out she asked me if we could come back for another vacation and I told her any time, as long as I?m with her.

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