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Local boys help start vacation off right

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Last year, my wife Selena and I went on vacation to Florida. We arrived at Orlando airport around noon. Selena went off to the restroom to change and freshen up before collecting our rental car. When she came back I let out a low whistle. She looked fantastic. She had changed out of her long summer dress and was wearing a tight fitting blouse with an equally tight knee length white skirt which showed off her fabulous legs and black seamed stockings to great advantage. She had also taken off her bra and her prominent nipples, which capped her fabulous 34DD breasts, were clearly visible, straining against the thin yellow material of her blouse. As we collected the car, the agent made it clear that he approved of the way Selena looked - he couldn't take his eyes off her for one second. She was clearly enjoying the attention she was getting.

We had been driving down the highway for over an hour when we came across two kids hitch-hiking. Selena said "It might be a good idea to give them a lift, Billie." I stopped the car and they eagerly climbed in. Before I could pull off my wife told me to hold on, she climbed from the front to the back and sat between the two boys. The young, strapping boys introduced themselves as locals on summer vacation. Neither of them had a driver's license and hitch hiked frequently to get around. They were laid back surfer types. Al, who was the tallest and blond with an excellent physique, said he was 16. He introduced his friend in the back, who was more muscular, as Lee, aged 17.

After we talked for a while covering a wide range of subjects, Selena asked them if they had any girlfriends and the subject changed drastically to sex. I adjusted the rear view mirror to see the three of them while Selena described in detail the first time she had had extra-marital sex, reveling in the attention she was getting and I was savoring it too - and gently encouraging her from time to time. Some years ago she had given into the attentions of a young personal trainer at the gym and she gave the lads a step by step account of how she was fucked by him. Although I had heard the story before, I was amazed at the detail she went into when telling the tale this time.

Then I heard the sound of a zip going down and looking in the mirror, I saw Lee undoing the zipper on the side of Selena's skirt. He pulled it down over her sexy legs and then off. Al's eyes bulged at the sight of Selena's stockings and bare thighs.

It was clear that Selena was very much aroused by telling her story - her white cotton panties were obviously damp. Lee then eased her stockinged legs apart and pulled the gusset to one side her bright pink pussy lips (I like to keep them shaved) and began rubbing his fingers up and down the length of her slit. He stroked her stockings as Selena began to make soft whimpering noises with the pleasure she was so obviously deriving from from Lee's efforts. She obeyed willingly when Al asked her to remove her blouse and show them her huge tits. Al took his turn finger fucking her while Lee mauled her breasts.

My cock was now at bursting point, this was something I had always wanted to see. My gorgeous wife with two young cocks. I saw the two boys take out their cocks and place Selena's hands on them. I found it difficult to concentrate on my driving as I watched her gently stroke them. I noticed a 'Motel' sign and suddenly had the idea of booking a room so that we could take things a little further than the cramped confines of the car. When I voiced my suggestion they all agreed and Selena just about got her skirt and blouse back on when we pulled up in the motel forecourt. I told the boys to stay in the car while Selena and I booked the room. She could hardly walk after the session in the back seat with the boys and her nipples were poking out more than ever. She had just managed to fasten the first couple of buttons on her blouse, exposing her deep cleavage to all who cared to see. "Are you sure about this, Billie?" she said. "You know what's going the happen in that room, don't you?" I smiled at her, my heart thumping wildly, images of their cocks going into her. "I'm sure," I managed to stammer. It was a typical seedy motel and the owner was a sweaty bald man in his fifties. He gave us a family room of one double bed and two singles. Handing me the key, his eyes diverted to Selena's heaving breasts. Once the four of us got into the room the fun really started. Al and Selena went straight onto the main bed and Lee and I sat on the singles to enjoy the proceedings.

Al stripped Selena until she was just wearing her black stockings, suspenders and high heels, then he removed his own clothes. Al had an almost god-like physique with a cock to match, a veiny 8 inches. First they started to kiss passionately and as they moved their heads I could see their tongues darting furiously into each others mouths. Selena swallowed their mixed saliva lasciviously. Lee told them to take up the 69 position and they readily obliged. I could clearly see Selena lick Al's entire shaft and move her tongue around the dribbling end of his cock before the whole length disappeared down her hungry throat. Al had pulled her pink cunt lips apart and mercilessly rubbed her clitoris with his tongue, sending her into spasms of delirious joy.

Both Lee and I had our cocks out and were jerking off as we watched Al slip out of Selena's sucking mouth and move round on top of her so he could fuck her properly. She grabbed his tree like cock, her hands looked small in comparison, and eagerly guided it to the entrance of her cunt. Then, in one swift movement, he drove it powerfully up her cunt. He began to thrust in and out of her most violently. Selena was practically screaming with pleasure and wrapped her legs around his back so that he could get his battering ram even further up her.

I moved to the rear of them so I could get a better view of the glistening cock that was steam-hammering away at my wife's welcoming love-hole. He kept pounding away and then grunted a couple of times before shooting what must have been weeks worth of cum deep into my wife. I could actually see his balls pumping and the white sperm oozing out the sides of my wife's well fucked hole.

I hadn't noticed Lee getting undressed, I had been so engrossed by the action on the bed. Lee took Al's place beside Selena's glistening body. Lee was an overt tit man, losing no time in working on Selena's big breasts. He sucked on her mounds, sucking her nipples, they became longer than I have ever seen them before. He rubbed her nipples with the tip of his penis and told her to hold her breasts together so he could tit fuck her. It was an amazing sight watching Lee's fat cock driving between Selena's breasts. When he came he shot endless streams of cum all over her tits, face and hair. Selena cleaned herself up by wiping the sperm away with her fingers and licking them dry.

The two boys spent the night with us, lasting well into the early hours, screwing Selena in a variety of positions. When I awoke he boys were gone. My wife was face down on the bed with her pussy exposed. It was red, swollen, and glistening with cum then had leaked out and made a large pooling stain beneath her. I just thought how this was day one of a two week vacation!

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