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Limo Love

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I was sitting in the sun at an outside table in my favourite Soho café the other day. I was using my laptop computer, writing a new submission to Literotica, when a couple of young guys sat down at the table next to me.

After a while one of them interrupted my train of thought, asking me what kind of processor my laptop had.

"I'm sorry, I don't know," I said, shutting the lid. "My wife bought this for me. I'm a bit of an ignoramus when it comes to technology."

After a while we got talking. The conversation ranged from computers, to marriage and fidelity, to the weather, and of course football.

When they learned that I was writing an erotic story they exchanged glances.

"Hey, we've got a story for you. It's a true one. It happened last week. Wanna hear it?"

"Sure," I said, unenthusiastically, expecting some pretty mundane bullshit. I mean what do a couple of kids know about stories, or sex for that matter?

Well, I was wrong! After a few minutes I completely lost track of time while they told me the story of ?


# # # # # # # # #

It was Carl's stag night.

Carl didn't have any idea about the Limo we'd ordered for him, right up to the moment it pulled up outside the club.

Up till then he kind of enjoyed himself, on what was his last weekend of bachelorhood. We all got a bit drunk, toasted his health. But me and the others could see he was just a bit disappointed. That was part of our plan. We kept saying things like "Well, mate, I think we should call it a night and go home, some of us have got work tomorrow". So he's a bit deflated with the evening.

Then this HUGE white stretch limo pulls up right next to us. Before he knows what's going on we all say to him, "Night night Carl," and pretty much throw him into the back of it!

Then it speeds off with a screech, leaving us standing on the sidewalk.

So we only know the rest of this story from what Carl told us. But if you knew Carl, you'd know he's not a bullshitter. He never exaggerates. Really. Anyway, this is what he told us:

Carl gets up off the floor of the limo and finds these three GORGEOUS ladies all sitting in a row on the back seat. I mean SUPERMODELS.

On the left is TINA. She's blond and tall, with long, long legs ending with a pair of six-inch stilettos. Besides the shoes, all she's wearing is the tiniest red thong. That's it. Just a fucking thong! Her tits are to die for ? big, perfect, with the juiciest little red nipples. Her hair's tied in a ponytail.

In the middle is LENA. She's black, with long straightened hair. She's also tall. She's wearing even less ? just a pair of thigh-length black boots so tight they look painted on. Her legs are crossed, hiding her poonanny. But Carl can see she's shaved down there. She has big, dark brown lips. Her eyes are covered with wraparound shades. Her tits are also perfect ? big round, with huge, flat nipples ? four or five inches in diameter.

On the right is GINA, a redhead. She's wearing black fishnets, no panties underneath. And no shoes. She has a black lace brassiere that emphasises her beautiful cleavage ? not that it needs any emphasis. Her freckled face has a naughty-girl look.

Carl's jaw hangs open. Tina turns to Lena and says, "this one's not too shabby, Lene, I'll give him a 9".

Lena looks Carl up and down and replies in a husky voice, "Yes, he's quite promising, but I'm afraid he might not think that much of us girls yet. Maybe we ought to help him make up his mind."

Gina pouts and asks Carl, "Is that right Carl, aren't you happy with us?" she pushes her tits together and gyrates on the leather seat.

Lena slides off the seat to her knees on the floor of the limo and gently guides Carl, still speechless, into her seat between the two girls. She sits on the floor at his knees.

Tina undoes her hair. Her perfume wafts over him. She grabs his hand and places it on her tit.

Gina, to his left, does the same. Lena opens Carl's legs and feels his crotch through his pants, rubbing slowly. Carl's already hard. "Well, I'd hazard a guess and say he seems quite satisfied with us, girls."

Tina and Gina lean towards him. They help him off with his sweatshirt.

Lena, inscrutable behind her sunglasses, kneads away at his crotch while they kiss and nibble at his shoulders and neck, and slowly down his front, to his belly. Their hair tickles his chest. Carl starts to writhe.

Lena, who acts a little like she's the other girls' boss, says, "Ok girls, he's getting a bit excited. I think we might need to slow him down a little."

They back off, and leave him alone on the seat while they move down towards the limo's built-in bar.

This gives Carl a chance to check out their rear ends.

Three perfect asses.

Three filthy, magnificent, sluts. He whispers to himself, "Thank you, I love you guys," referring to us, 'cos he realises it was us who set it all up for him.

He can't choose his favourite.

Maybe Lena. That beautiful black bottom, so smooth and shiny! But Gina makes him really horny. She's like a kid sister. What a tease?but then again Tina, she's got EVERYTHING?

As if reading his thoughts, Tina asks him which of them he likes best so far. Carl says, honestly he can't decide.

"Oh, don't decide yet," she laughs. "Now. Lena has something for you. Come on, off with those pants!"

Carl strips. He's proud of his nice, firm, big hard-on. He's well endowed. The girls break into applause. Lena takes off her shades to get a better look. "My, my, my, we ARE going to have some fun tonight!"

She hands him a drink and couple of Viagra pills to take with it. She explains that this is for later on, "because you're going to be using that beauty just a BIT more than usual tonight."

With her cool long-fingered hands she rubs some white powder onto his helmet, almost making him come then and there. When she's done this, she holds her finger and thumb under her nose and sniffs up some of the white powder. "A little coke on the cock, Carl. That's a trick to slow you down a bit. All for OUR pleasure as much as yours, you understand."

Finally Tina, brushing away her long hair, sticks a condom on him. She rolls it slowly and expertly down his shaft. Once it's on she gives him a full, slow, 10-second kiss, holding his cheeks gently. "Aren't you a sweetie-pie," she whispers.

So there's Carl, sitting there, drunk as fuck, with a Viagra-maintained stiffie, on the back seat of a stretch limo, cruising around London with the three sexiest women he's ever seen on-screen or off. Then they all start playing Blind Date!

Carl makes up a question: "I'd like to shag a woman up the ass, but I'm scared, and have never done it. If I choose you, Tina, how would you help me conquer my fear?"

For answer, Tina stands in front of him, facing away, bending to show him her round bottom. She sways it teasingly in front of his face. She grabs her tiny thong and pushes it to one side, so he can see her starfish. He leans forward and licks around it. He can see the tiny blond hairs on her buttocks. She rocks gently, pushing his face cheeks against her bum-cheeks.

She keeps this up until Gina shouts, "HEY, come on Teen, my turn!"

So Carls asks Gina the same question.

"Carl," she says, "I think a picture is worth a thousand words, don't you? So why not take a look at THIS pretty picture and make up your mind!"

Gina pushes down her fishnets. One of her bum cheeks is tattooed with an arrow pointing towards her asshole, with some Chinese symbols on it.

"That tattoo says 'This is the Road to Heaven', Carl, and if you choose me, you'll be able to find out that it's not a lie."

Carl looks. He grabs Gina's hips and pulls them towards him. He pushes his tongue into her bum-hole.

She laughs. "Oh, doesn't that taste good?" She sits down next to him on his left.

She strokes his inside leg with her red-nailed fingers.

Next he looks up at Lena. "Now the same question for you, Lena."

"Well, Carl, I think there's only one way I can answer that?" She gets up and without any ado, sits on his lap. She lifts herself a little, grabs his shaft and sits back down, this time squeezing him into her "tradesman's entrance".

Carl, who really HASN'T ever done a girl up the shitter before, catches his breath. She's so TIGHT! Lena rotates her hips slowly. Carl's head lolls back again the headrest. He's suddenly realising that these girls will DO ANYTHING!

After a minute or so, while Carl is in pure ecstasy, Lena stops.

Carl watches his cock slowly emerge from Lena's asshole as she smoothly rises to get off him, sighing. He shudders as his bell-end pops out. She flops down next him on his right, resting her booted leg over his, swinging it.

Carl gets his breath back. The cocaine on his cock has stopped him coming, the Viagra has kicked in, keeping his woody as firm as ever.

"Ok, question number two. You can tell a lot about a girl by watching her wank. If she enjoys doing it to herself, you KNOW she likes sex. Gina: Show me how you get your rocks off when you're by yourself."

Lena, smiling, says, "You know she COULD show you, but seeing as she's NOT actually by herself, don't you think she could get a little 'audience participation?'

So they kind of gang-bang Gina. She lies on the floor, while Lena pins her arms to the floor with her knees. Carl straddles her waist, facing Lena. Tina is given the task of licking her out.

Gina struggles vainly. Carl and Lena look into each other eyes, almost like lovers, both of them prodding and tweaking Gina's nipples until they're sore. As Gina starts to moan and say they're hurting her, Lena stifles her by pushing down on her face with her bottom.

Tina, busy down in Gina's lower regions, pushes her thumb in and out of her starfish while she flicks her tongue rapidly back and forth over her little clit.

They hold her like this until her cries of pleasure and pain, muffled by Lena's shiny and sweaty ass, start changing into cries of orgasm.

At her climax, Lena grabs Carl's hard-on and tugs at it rhythmically, leaning forwards and kissing him sensually on his mouth with her big, warm slippery lips. He feels he is coming. But he remains hard, and the condom stays tight.

Tina, Carl and Lena crawl back to the back seat, leaving Gina to recover on the floor. They look down at her.

"She's pretty, isn't she, " says Tina to Carl.

"She's FUCKING BEAUTIFUL," Carl corrects her.

"She wants more, you know", says Lena.

"She wants a good FUCKING," says Tina.

"Isn't that right Gine," calls Lena to the still swooning Gina. "Don't you want a nice big cock inside you now?"

"Must?have?cock?must?have?cock", giggles Gina, still with her eyes closed.

Carl gets down on top of her and starts fucking her like a good'un.

His cock's big, and her pussy is small and tight. She likes the way he fits. She likes it big, hard and deep. He thrusts inside her, she just lies there. She doesn't move a muscle, and she's driving him crazy!

Meanwhile the other two are keeping up a running commentary, like they're soccer commentators.

"Nice move there, great foot action, spreading her legs there?"

"I must say I haven't see an ass like his since the 1998 World Cup?"

"Yes Lena, great to see young asses in action?"

"I see he's playing the old 'Missionary' position?"

"Well it still works for me, Teene?"

Carl and Gina come simultaneously with a massive shudder, Gina digging her nails into his back. He sucks her chin as the orgasm abates. Finally they relax.

"And it's a GOAL! And that looks like it's all over for Gina's 2002 hopes?"

Carl rolls over onto the floor. He and Gina lie on their backs.

Tina puts her hand on Lena's leg and says to her, "look, they're all shagged out after all that work. Let's you and me do it a bit, and they can watch.

Gina and Carl climb to the back seat. Carl lies across the seat, his head on Gina's warm lap.

Lena walks to the bar, pours a quadruple Tequila. Tina sits down on the floor. Lena grabs Tina's face, forcing her mouth open, and pours it down her mouth. Then she makes her lie face down, with her head towards the front of the car. She pushes her legs apart. Carl and Gina have a good view of her pussy.

Out of her boot Lena pulls a small leather whip. She runs it thoughtfully along Tina's back, from the nape of her neck slowly down until it nestles in her bum-crack.

She sits on her, facing back towards Carl and Gina, and looks at them.

"Isn't she a darling? Just look. Carl. It seems a shame to make her SUFFER so much."

At the word SUFFER she pushes the crop up her ass. Tina yelps. Carl is a bit appalled, but his cock gets even harder, if that's possible. He never knew about this side of him!

So Lena gives Tina the full treatment, poking away with the whip. All the time she carries on talking, telling her how it's for her own good, she's a naughty girl and must be punished.

"Now, Tina, Carl here says I'm not doing it hard enough. He's going to show you how it's really done. Carl?"

Carl slides off the seat and lunges on top of Tina, his cock ramming her ass hard. She lies there, passive. Carl shouts, "You naughty little bitch. Tell me you like it."

"I like it. Ow."

"You want more, don't you? You want it harder don't you?"

"Yes, please, I'm a naughty Tina. Please, master, please master?"

Well, all good things must come to an end, and suddenly there's a knock from the driver's partition and it slides open. The driver calls back, "Five minutes, ladies?"

Lena says, "Well Carl. You heard. Just time for one little blowjob. I'm afraid you'll have to choose just one of us. Unless we're quick."

Carl looks at the three of them and said "ladies, fight it out among yourselves". He sprawls on the back seat waiting, hands along the rear window-shelf.

The girls whisper.

Tina comes forward. "Carl, you LUCKY thing? you've got the best for last."

She kneels and bends over him, and puts her lips around his dick. Her hands rest on the seat either side of him. She licks him with a tongue that feels raspy as a cat's.

Then she suddenly goes down so low on him that his entire eight inches disappears in her mouth! He feels her lips on his balls. He looks up at Lena. "Oh, my GOD, How the HELL does she DO that??"

Lena laughs and says, "She used to be a circus sword-swallower."

She uses her teeth. She uses her tongue. She drives him totally fucking INSANE!

The car pulls up outside his home and he gets out. They wave goodbye and blow him kisses as the car rushes off, probably to their next customer.

# # # # # # #

"Well", I said to the guys as they finished the story. "I think that one's worth writing up. Do you mind?"

"Be our guest. Just change the names. Ok?"

"Ok! And thanks!"

As they left, I had a thought, and called after them. "Hey, what happened next week, after Carl got married?"

One of he guys called back, "He didn't. Called it off at the last minute. Can't think why!"

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