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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Lessons On How To Sell Real Estate In A Down Market".


Lessons on How to Sell Real Estate in a Down Market

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Lessons on How to Sell Real Estate in a Soft Market

I recently passed my boards and became a certified realtor in the state of Illinois. We live in a market where the average home price is over $1.5 million so we thought I could do a little work on the side. Also, if we ever sell our house we will save over $100,000 in realtor commissions. So, I do not really have to sell many homes to make some serious money.

I hung my license with the biggest real estate broker in the US and started my career. My husband has always suggested to me that sex sells and if I had to give a blow job or two it would be fine. One of the best ways for a rookie to gain clients is to do open houses on Sundays and pick up people who are in the market that are looking with no representation. So, we had done a few and I take my husband with me so that he can show people the sign in sheets when I am busy with a prospect. Ever so often he points out a single guy and tells me to go give him a blow job and I just shake my head, ?No.?

Well, one afternoon we were in this $3 million house and it was very slow with almost no traffic until this gorgeous guy comes in alone. He spends a lot of time looking through out the house and Mark, my husband grabs me and pushes me into the bath room and tells me to take off my jacket and bra. I am wearing a white chiffon blouse and without a bra I look like I am naked. So I tell him, ?I can?t go out like this!? He then gives me my jacket and tells me to keep it unbuttoned and if he likes what he sees to pull it over and expose a breast. He says, ?Trust me on this. I know what I am doing. I know this guy loves pussy just by looking at him. Please, trust me!? ? Okay!?

So, I take a deep breath because I was a bit nervous and killed a glass of the white wine we were serving and went to find him. He was in the master bed room when I found him. I went over to introduce myself and when I went to shake his hand my jacket opened up and I noticed he checked out my girls that popped out right away. In fact, I thought he would never stop shaking my hand. He started telling me that he was a single divorced guy that had been relocated to the Chicago area and had actually been there for six months but was ready to buy a house. We kept talking and I noticed he was not really having eye contact but was looking to see my tits so I pulled my jacket over so he could get a good look. When I noticed that he really liked that by the smile on his face, I said, ?It is hot in here. Do you mind if I take off my jacket?? As I was taking it off he shook his head no.

So there I was standing there as if I were naked talking to a guy who stopped in midsentence and dropped jaw wide open. He finally stuttered, ? T t t t t those look great! Those are the nicest breasts I have ever seen.?

He then walks over to me and starts to rub my already hard nipples with the back of his finger and moves up very close to me. This guy was about 6? 6? and built like a NFL quarter back with huge hands. He says, ?Do you like that?? I close my eyes and say softly, ?Yes it feels great.? I then unbutton my blouse very slowly and place his hand on my bare breast. He then leans over and runs his tongue down my throat as he removes my blouse with his unoccupied hand. He is a great kisser and we kiss for a long time. The whole time I unbutton his shirt and we start rubbing skin to skin. He then says, ?What about your husband downstairs?? I tell him that he will make sure no one bothers us. That was all it took and he had me naked in a second. I then worked his shirt off and undid his belt and pants.

As soon as I saw his beautifully big cock I knew that I was going to fuck this guy no matter what. We both dropped to the floor kissing feverously and it was not long until I felt the head of his cock pressuring on my vulva. He slid it in a little and before he did much I flipped him over and told him I want to be on top. As soon as I got that cock half way in me I was cumming. It felt so good to start climaxing and then having that big cock go up in me another six inches while cumming made me crazy. This thing was huge and I took it all. I fucked that cock for ten minutes and had at least ten climaxes because he kept playing and sucking my nipples then whole time and he really knew what to do.

He then says that it was his turn and he flipped me over. He then said that since you are such hot fuck that ?I going to cram this thing as deep and as far inside you to see if you can take it all.? I said, ?Yes, fuck me like a cum slut and give me ever inch of your huge cock. I have not seen the cock that I can?t handle!? I am a little worried because he is really big and I might be eating those words. This makes him really horny and he grabs my legs and puts my feet over my head so he can really go deep and he crams all he can get very deep inside of me. I thought I was going to have to tell him to quit because I had never felt a cock that far inside me and he was splitting me apart, but soon the pain subsided and it felt great. I whispered to him as I caught my breath, ?I had honestly never had anything that far inside of my pussy.? I told him that he was fucking virgin pussy.

He fucked me very slow and methodical for over a half hour. Each stroke he would use every muscle in his body to stick this huge cock in me as far as he could while running his tongue deep down my throat. Then he moved his massive hand under my ass and started cramming his finger up my ass with every deep stroke. I was in cumming heaven. All of a sudden he tensed up with out warning and started unloading his cum in me. I screamed, ?Give me all your cum as deep as you can get it. Cum in me hard. I want it all?. He was on his toes using every bit of strength in his body to stick his cock into me as far as he could.

We laid there with his cock in my sloppy, cum filled pussy for a while with out making a move. For a minute I thought he came so hard he passed out. I then heard my husband?s voice talking very loudly to someone who was looking at the house and they were headed our way. We jumped up and ran into the master closet. In the master there was a small door that led to an attic space for the HVAC so we jumped in and shut the door. Here we were perfectly still and quiet as they came into the closet. We were still naked and I could feel the cum running down my leg. We heard a splat noise and we looked down and a big wad of cum ran out of me onto the plywood. It was all we could do to keep from bursting out loud with laughter!

As soon as they passed we put our clothes on and straightened up. After a big long kiss and I really though things were going to start up again, we went down stairs. He then signed an exclusive representative contract with me and made an offer for the house. He said that he would like to see the house tomorrow and possibly bring a friend that is a builder. I told him that that would be delightful and gave him a wink. Soon Mark came back and he told Mark that he was a very lucky and had a beautiful and sexy wife and he said he knew it. I walked him to the door and gave him another deep kiss in front of Mark.

When he left, I told Mark that I sold the house! I quickly calculated that I had made almost $150,000. Mark told me that he was outside the room listening the whole time and that family looking at the house almost busted us. He then said he was horny as hell and sat me on the kitchen counter, spread my legs, opened my blouse and started fucking me like a mad man. I said, ?What if someone comes into the open house?? He said that they would see us fucking and pounded me harder. We soon came and I went to the bathroom to clean up. Soon after that another couple came in and I signed them to an exclusive contract while my legs were shaking from weakness. So I had a great day and went home.

When we got home, there was a message on the machine that Doc, the guy that bought the house wanted to meet me there at 7 pm with his builder friend. My husband said, ?Hmmmm, are you going to fuck them both?? I said, ?I don?t know. But I am going to fuck Doc again. He was great but not as good as you!?

The next evening I wear a jacket and short skirt and nothing else. No blouse or panties to worry about. I go to the house alone and when I go to the door he has two guys with him and all three of them look like they came from the same mold and played on the same football team. When I let them in, Doc gives me a big deep throat kiss and runs his hand in my jacket to fondle my bare breast. The other guy?s eyes light up.

We walk around the house inspecting things. At the end Doc grabs me and gives me a deep kiss. It does not take him long to have me completely naked and I am soon on my knees taking turns sucking these three big perfect cocks. Doc is the first one to break the circle and move around me and start licking my pussy. Soon he is cramming his cock in me and I am cumming like crazy. One of the other guys gets me on top of him and Doc sticks his cock up my ass. I really thought they were going to split me down the middle. Then the other guy started fucking my face and I had three cocks in me at once. I really do not like getting fucked in the face but I love giving blow jobs. This guy was holding my hair and just cramming his cock down my throat and I was gagging and choking on every stroke. When he finally shot his wad, I thought I was going to drown in cum. I coughed and choked on it and cum ran down his cock and all over the guy under me. I then leaned over and licked his chest clean. I got DP, fucked and sucked for hours. These guys were insatiable and I thought I was going to have to fuck all night long. Never in my life had I had some much cum at one session before. It was wonderful and I was in heaven!

I finally said at three am that I had to go. Remember that we met at seven and that is about eight hours of fucking. Each of them had cum four times and Doc said he did six times. They said I did over twenty times but I was not counting. I was worn out but it was nice.

I asked them if either of them were really builders and they laughed. The one guy said that he really was and signed an exclusive representation contract with me but told me that he was happily married and we have to keep this quiet and since then I have listed two of his houses and had some good celebration parties after they sold, but that is a whole different story. The third guy just came for the sex. I then went home and got in bed with Mark and warned him not to touch me and went to sleep. He told me the next morning that he could see the cum running out my pussy.

So, this is the fun way to sell houses and make life long friends. I still go and visit Doc and his friends from time to time. The house had an indoor pool and Doc loves it when I pop in unexpectedly over for a naked swim. Doc is really a medical doctor and he takes me as his friend to social events on the North Shore when he does not want the hassle of a real date. He has really helped my real estate career by introducing me to new clients. Life is grand.

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